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This story is graphic! If gay sex, public sex or forced sexual situations offend you please do not read this story. ***Spoiler*** this story is about a homophobic cocksucking man coming to terms with himself by gay sex in public.


Hi I’m a married cock sucker and no, my wife doesn’t know. It all started when I got turned out at a rest stop by a trucker. It’s a long story but you can read all about it. I wanted to talk about what happened a few months later when I got a chance the suck cock again.

So after having a taste of cock and cum I was hooked. I felt like I was straight and I had no desire to be with a man. I just wanted cock and cum in my mouth. I started to search online for ways just to get cock. I had never been homophobic before but after trying to get dick I realized I wasn’t into gay guys and I didn’t want to be gay.

I need cock, just the cock and nothing but the cock.

I wasn’t having any luck on apps or web sights or any of the other options that came up under gay personals. It would always be the same story I would turn on the app and I would see a bunch of man-selfies (That was a turn off. I couldn’t image my trucker lifting up his shirt, making a kissy face and taking a picture of himself in the bathroom). I would chat with guys who described themselves as “str8 acting” but I don’t think we were on the same page. Most of these guys wanted to be involved with anal sex. I don’t want to put my mouth on a guy if I know he likes to put his cock in some guys shitter, ewww.

I had issues finding guys that just wanted head. Most guys wanted to suck me too, I don’t get how I was so turned off by the idea of being with a man who sucks cocks when I myself was a cocksucker but if I could control what turned me on I wouldn’t be a cocksucker at all, so I didn’t bother tying to analyzes myself.

Everyone talked to much on the apps. They wanted to know who I was, how long I was in town, if I could send pictures of myself and a whole host of other stupid shit. I didn’t want to get to know a man I just wanted to extract some cum.

Sometimes I would get to chatting with guys and they would tell me they could meet up and then they wouldn’t

I was starting to get really angry about the situation. I hadn’t had a cock sense my first one and I desperately wanted cock but I didn’t want to start a big production just for cock. I was ready to give up. How ironic, I was forced to suck a cock just a little while ago but now I couldn’t get simple cock no matter how hard I tried using the internet.

I decided to let the gay thing go, it looks like there is no way to get cock without dealing with very complicated men. I ended up buying a cyberskin dildo to suck and it kept me happy.

When I was out of town I would connect to the hotel wifi and play verbal gay cocksucking porn from porn sites, (I couldn’t actually watch the porn because seeing two men would turn me off, again not homophobic just not my thing) I would stick my dildo to the wall and suck on it while the stud degraded the cocksucker, I pretended he was talking to me.

I did this for months until one day the solution to my cocksucker problem revealed itself.

I was in the hotel sucking on my dildo. In the past 4 mouths I had become quite the cocksucker.


I moaned on my play cock as I heard the voice of some black guy dominating some cocksucker.


“Fuck,” I wasn’t even close. So I walked over to my laptop to change the video and what I saw next was the most wonderful thing ever.

One for the thumbnails was of a guy sucking a cock through a hole in the wall. At first I thought he was sucking a dildo but I realized he was actually sucking a real cock. I clicked on it.

The video started with a hole in the wall. A man’s penis come through the hole and then a mans head comes into the shot. They don’t say anything, the cocksucker just starts sucking the cock and it starts getting hard.

I have never been turned on by gay porn before but looking at this guy suck a disembodied cock was great. It was easy to image myself as the cocksucker. There was no dialog at all from the cocksucker just slurping. I sat in my chair and started to jerk off. I was so turned on I came at the same time as the stud and even watched the cocksucker play with his cum.

I read the comments to find out more about what I was seeing.

Anonymous: good video I used to suck at glory holes in college its an art

ghsucker555: Nice! I like to let them cum in my mouth at the gh

I searched the term “glory hole” and it was a thing! Thousands of pictures of cocksuckers in worship of a cock kneeling on the dirty floor next to a cum stained wall with a hole in it.

“GLORY HOLE!” I said it out loud. What a wonderful name for such a wonderful thing. Glory hole a hole a man goes to for the glory of getting a well deserved cocksuck’in. A place for desperate cocksuckers to go and get there fill of dick and to worship.

It canlı bahis şirketleri was an act of worship for me. I worship cock I need it. I decided to wast no time I had to find one of these glory holes and I had to suck a cock immediately it had been too long. My dildo seemed ridiculously inadequate now that I had this information.

I had already blown my wad but my needs to suck a cock were not even about getting off, this was a mater of fanaticism. I knew I wanted cock but I had no idea I was such a cock zealot. I dropped everything and got dressed in comfortable clothes. I was in sweatpants and a hoody. The first time I sucked I remember how restricting my clothes were. Tonight I was dressed to suck.

Just before I bolted for the door I realized I didn’t have a car or any idea where a glory hole was. My heart was beating fast but I sat down an did a Google maps search for glory holes…

No results

“That’s impossible!” Well maybe these places were not often listed as glory holes in the yellow pages. I did more surfing to find where glory holes would be located and I hit the nail on the head. Glory holes are on college campus’, porn stores, rest stops, porn arcades, night clubs and some people set them up in their homes.

I opened up a few more incognito tabs in my browser and did google searches for campus’ and porn stores. There were several colleges and universities and a few porn stores. It was too late in the evening for college glory holes so I started to cross porn stores with the term glory hole and I got an address 11 miles away.

Now all I needed was a way there. I was just about hungry enough to walk but I didn’t think I wanted to risk walking on such a bad side of town. I couldn’t have a cab drop me off to go suck cock, but I had to so I did.

I called the yellow cab and waited.

The cab driver pulled up and I got in, “I would like a ride to Main Street please.”

“I need a little more to go on.” He looked at me suspiciously. I was getting a ride at 12 midnight.

I didn’t want anyone to know I was a cocksucker and I was very paranoid that if I told him where I wanted to go he would put the pieces together.

“69 Main Street.” I told him the address of the glory hole and I saw a look for recognition in his eyes followed by disgust. My trucker this was the only other person who knew I was a cocksucker. I got a rush from the shame and humiliation.

He drove me to the location and it wasn’t discreet. The building was small and run down. It was in proximity to other building that appeared to be abandoned. There was a parking lot (with several semi-trucks and other cars). The sign on the front of the building said “Arcade $8” in neon lights. I was looking forward to going in, the parking lot was very crowded.

“That’ll be 45 bucks.” The cab driver scoffed, “I don’t suppose you need me to wait up.” He was basically confirming that this place was my plan for the night.

I would have to confirm that I wasn’t there to pick something up and leave like a normal person. “Umm no I am being picked up in a second.” I concocted a lie to save myself the embarrassment. When it came out of my mouth I realized how stupid I sounded. I tossed a 50 and ran into the building.

When I entered the bell rang at the door and I immediately felt like everyone was looking at me. Everyone was in fact looking at me. There were several rows of moves and they had a few guys looking through DVDs. The guys all kept within line of sight from the door so they could watch for who was entering the building. I got the impression from the thirsty looks that these men were mostly if not all cocksuckers waiting on a man who would give them the reward they needed.

The men started sizing me up as I walked to the counter and started talking to the man. I felt their eyes. The guy behind the counter was a real flamer. I was instantly more embarrassed to be judged by a gay man. Of cores he knew what I was there for, and he was judging me.

“What’s it gonna be?” The man asked.

“Glory hole?” I asked. I heard several men react audibility in the back ground. I turned to catch an eye roll.

“Umm no hun, I have no idea what you are talking about, try again.”

“Well I…” it hit me. “I would like to use the arcade please.”

“Better.” He started writing on a slip of paper.

“What are you writing?” I was paranoid was this guy a cop or something.

“Chill out, I need your information so I can print you an arcade card just in case you are still-” he made a coughing sound, “busy when I clock out at 2.” He made quotations in the air when he said “busy” and I thought it was a bit uncalled for but this was the man I had to get past if I wanted to suck cocks.

“What do you need?” I hurriedly grabbed my ID and cash.

“I need to make a copy of your ID.” He couldn’t be for real but I could smell the cum stains in the back room behind the curtain and at that moment a tall scruffy man walked out adjusting his belt followed canlı kaçak iddaa by a skinny gay who went into the bathroom.

My eyes where transfixed on the man as he left the building walking right past me. I could tell he was a feeder (one of the terms I had learned that night) and I wanted to suck his cock bad. I almost bum-rushed him and begged for his cock. He looked at me, huffed and he was gone. I have no Idea how long I had looked at him. I put my head down. The rest of the men who had been looking at me gave me one last up and down look and then started to go back to watching the door. They knew I was a cocksucker and now I was just noise in the background, nothing of interest to them.

“So you gonna give me your ID?” He asked. I have no idea how long I had been thinking. I couldn’t go back to sucking rubber and there was no way I would ever get cock on the internet. This was my only hope.

“What do you do with the copy?”

“We store it.” He gave me a condescending look. He knew I needed cock. “Give me your ID for the video arcade, buy something or leave.” He popped his eyes at me and tilted his head.

I gave him my ID and watched as the light from the copier made a copy of my name, face and address. Everyone in the room thought I was a faggot, the cab driver too and now this flame would have a copy of my ID that proved it.

Just then I heard the gay cocksucker in the bathroom gargle and spit. He went back into the arcade to suck more.

I hadn’t even seen a cock and I was already feeling guilty. I should have quit while I was ahead I got away with sucking the first cock without anyone finding out. This time everyone would know and would watch me clean my mouth in the washroom knowing I sucked.

He gave me my video card and I almost walked out but just then a feeder came in and stood behind me to talk to the cashier. I could tell he was a feeder his cock was already hard. Oh my God did I just fully turn around to stair at another mans bulge. I darted off the to Arcade.

As I was leaving the counter I noticed the guy working behind the counter was much nicer to the feeder. I guess that is just how it is. He didn’t even ask him for his ID.

Once I was in the back there was a smell of bleach and cum. It was really dark with a red lights here and there. The arcade didn’t have any video games just doors. It was a room filled with booths that had doors and above the doors were softly glowing green LEDs. Some of the doors had red LEDs. Men were standing my booths. The doors marked with red LEDs had men in them. There were a few men walking around not looking at each other for the most part. Some gay boys were having a conversation. Everyone looked at me. I could see them looking me up and down. Feeder or cocksucker? Some of them didn’t have to look long before starting to ignore me (how could they tell?) and a few men grabbed their belts and looked at me.

I wanted to know what kind of guys this place had so I started walking around. I could hear slurping and sucking everywhere I walked. I could make out men telling other men to lick this or suck that. Men were gathered around the doors that had the most activity.

I decided to get it over with. I came for cock and I was getting cock. So I got into a booth and swiped. The video started to play. It was a man sucking a cock. I didn’t want to see this so I turned to watch some girls. My cock was starting to get hard. I pulled it out and started stroking. I was getting very turned on watching girls but she just made me think about sucking cock.

I head the door next to me open and close. A movie started playing. I was so turned on. I forgot about the fact that everyone saw me come in, I put into my mind that I was in private, and free to explore.

I looked into the hole and saw a mans crotch. I put my fingers in the hole like in the video. Once I did that he unzipped and I was face to face with a flaccid cock and balls.

I was done with shame and being treated like some kind of a faggot. I wasn’t going to care. I came to suck on a man and that is what I was going to do. I got his balls in my mouth and started humming. I could hear my noise fill my booth. I could hear him on the other side.

“Yeah faggot lick those nuts” I would have preferred he didn’t talk (I didn’t want a lot of people around) but he was turning me on and his cock seemed to be quite large.

Once his cock was hard I moved it around to give it a good look. It seemed thick and about 7 inches. It wasn’t as big or uncut like my first cock but it was bigger than mine. Come to think of it, every cock I had seen on the internet was also bigger than mine. Guys had big cocks.

I started licking and sucking the head. I used my hand to jack the dick at the same time. I had to do some fine tuning to get him moaning on the other side of the wall but it didn’t take long before he was humping the wall. My cocksucking skills were on point. This was the first cock I could try out my new skills on.

He did pre-cum but canlı kaçak bahis nothing like the original guy. He also didn’t last as long. I was deep on his cock when I felt him get really swollen. He didn’t warn me at all but I knew he was about to cum. I put just the head in my mouth while I jerked on his slimy cock.

He started to fill my mouth with cum. He fed me a lot of cum and I had to swallow down a few times to clear my throat. “Mmmmm,” I moaned on his cock as I swallowed his load. This is it, what I subjected myself to the humiliation and judgment of gay and straight men. It was so easy. I put up with some humiliation but I got the cock how I wanted it. I am a gloryhole cocksucker. I would always love the gloryhole.

The dude I was sucking pulled his cock back and started wiping it off in the booth. I put my tongue on the dirty hole to show him that I would clean his cock but he just walked out leaving me wanting.

Well that was well and good, I was in the right place, I could always have more cock. I still had the taste of his cum in my mouth so I decided to wash it out and get a soda. As soon as I came out I saw a bunch of men disperse including the man behind the counter who had decided NOW was a good time to sweep the floor near the booths I had been in just a second ago.

The cashier nodded his head and winked like a proud Morpheus welcoming me to my new life.

Okay, I nodded back though I was a bit annoyed that so many where spying on my cock sucking job.

Once I gargled in the bathroom and got my soda I returned to the glory holes. I decided to take a few sips of my soda but not to drunk the whole thing. I knew I would want to suck a few tonight and I didn’t want to go the the bathroom each time.

I decided to find a new booth. Some were larger and had a little stool as apposed to a big awkward chair. I got into one of the bigger booths and put some money in the booth to advertise my presents.

The machine clicked and the red LED went on.

One thing I didn’t notice was this booth has two holes. One lead to an empty booth and one lead to a booth that had another cocksucker on his knees. I decided to peek in and see what was going on next door.

The cocksucker looked very masculine, like a scruffy guy. This challenged my idea of cocksuckers. I guess style wasn’t a function of sucking cock. He seemed just as excited and happy to suck as I was. He noticed me and licked up and down the shaft showing off, “MMMmmmm”. He moaned on the cock. I could get a good view of the cock. It was wet and shinny, uncut, big and fat. The cocksucker looked at me and sniffed from a little bottle. Was he doing drugs. He must have been. He closed his eyes and exhaled. The bearded masculine cocksucker dove down on the cock with renewed vigor.

He was gagging himself, slurping and gagging. He didn’t care that I was watching. He seemed to somehow have total concentration on the dick in his faggot mouth. It was a real turn on watching such a stud suck a cock. I looked down to watch him tugging on his big dick. He jacked his cock as he whored himself for the cock in his sucking mouth. He pulled the cock out of his mouth to lick the side of the shaft and look at me. He unlocked his door and gave me a nod.

I back away from the hole. He wanted me in there with him. I couldn’t go in there and fuck around with a man. I just wanted cock. I started to think about the great cock in the hole and the one my fellow sucker was sporting. Both cocks looked delicious but I didn’t want to have gay sex.

Sharing a booth or sucking another cocksucker was going too far. I am a straight cocksucker, I don’t want to cheat on my wife.

I looked back in the hole and the fag was licking the balls of his glory hole stud. These balls were great even better than my trucker’s balls (but the strangers cock was smaller and less hairy). I didn’t have a choice I had to have them.

When I opened the door to the booth next door the cocksucker locked it behind me without taking the man’s balls out of his mouth. I was able to get a better look at the man on his knees. He was a stud himself and jerked a big cock. He had a beard and large muscular arms. He grabbed our feeders cock and jerked it a few times in my direction.

He wanted me to suck a cock that was wet with his spit. At first I thought no way but I got on my knees and when I was inches from this cocksucking stud and the fat cock he was presenting to me I couldn’t hold back.

I started to lick up and down the cock before putting it in my mouth and sucking. As soon as I got my mouth around it I could taste the unmistakable taste of pre-cum. It was more clean and sweat than my trucker. I was the best I had tasted.

My eyes widened as I felt his piss slit for more pre-cum. I met the eyes of my co-sucker he had stopped sucking balls and was looking at me. We were on the same level, he knew I was tasting, the cum, and I liked it. He had given me a wonderful gift and I was grateful.

I wanted to show off for him to show him how grateful I was. I started to really whore myself on the cock and he watched me and jacked, I was in the zone with my eyes closed when I felt the spongy tip of a hard cock rub my face. My cocksucker friend was trying to make me suck him now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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