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I’m dressed in my ‘Fuck me’ backless platform pink six inch high heels, and nothing else, having stripped off the denim Daisy Duke cut offs, the sweatshirt and even the white string thong that was holding in my butt plug. I’m all made up with long lashes, mascara, and pink lipstick, whispering in my white bosses ear to please fuck me.

I had previously been fucked by some muscular stranger while I was sucking another young white guy’s cock. I realized then that I enjoy giving blowjobs and being anally fucked. I finally have admitted to myself that I am gay. That realization is so liberating.

I flash back on the joy of fucking my Black boss, David, twice, filling his ass with copious amounts of my cum, those images made my little prick wake up again and start to twitch.

We got back from my Ex’s place with all my stuff and I had started to beg Saul, my white boss and master to fuck me. That is when I stripped naked for him, trying to entice him to take me and fuck my ‘virgin’ ass.

“Not now, you’ve both have done enough playing for this morning, it’s time to work,” Saul says sternly.

Oh Hell! Here I am all hot and horny, knowing now that I am a fem gay boy. I want my white boss to fuck my ass right now. When I asked him to do it, what does he say? He says no! He must be making me beg for it. Well, I’ll show him. So, as they strip naked and I gather up their clothes, fold them and carefully put them away. I begin to plan how to seduce the two of them.

First off, I want to try on a new pair of shoes something really slutty and whorish. I find a pair of hot red backless shoes with exposed toe area. What makes them especially naughty is the huge platform on that pair of shoes. The platform is about four or more inches in height of shiny scarlet red leather, and that makes the heel about eight inches in length. The shoes have leather ankle and heel straps. . I have to sit down to adjust and close the straps. They feel so substantial and weighty with such a thick solid mass for the red platform on this shoe. I carefully stand up and notice immediately how tall they make me.

I feel like some amazon surveying her domain. I think I might even be taller than Dave and Saul in these shoes.

Speaking of my bosses, I gaze over at my two naked beautiful bosses who have settled in to their work.

As I admire my naked body in a mirror, I review my job priorities as they were explained to me.

My first priority is to obey them in whatever they tell me to do. Then my next priority is the managing of this home, keeping it clean, stocked with food, cook and clean. The reason I was hired was to deal with all that wife stuff that they didn’t enjoy doing, but was necessary. As related to assisting their work, I was to file documents back in place, tidy up, set up, and take down their laptops on the dining room table for them to work. After that, all is optional.

They did explain how to assist on the computer with intake for new jobs and some other minor secretarial like work. Which I realize leaves me with a lot of free time. Idle hands are the devils playground, and I now realize I was purposely hired to have plenty of time to play. Wicked thoughts form as I recognize that they are always naked, their cocks full exposed and just waiting for someone to come by and take advantage of that face.


Since the home front is taken care of at the moment, I will check out if there are any new intakes. Before I settle in to do some work, since I will be sitting for a while I head over to the toy chest and find a more substantial butt plug. I have to be very careful bending down, kneeling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and standing back up in these shoes! I manage to get on my knees and rummage through the toy chest. I find a nice pink one with a mushroom head and fake veins. It is about the size of Saul’s prick. Then I carefully stand up in my platform heels and reach down to some nearby oil.

I oil up this butt plug admiring its firmness and girth, slip it in my asshole and held it there with my hand. I’m enjoying the bit of pain as it needs to force my ass to accommodate its girth. I stride over to the other end of the room keeping my hand on my butt and the butt plug.

I like being naked for them showing off my body just wearing my new red whorish platform high heels with this silicon prick in my ass as I go over to the glass table and begin to work. Once I sit down, my ass on the chair and the weight of my body keeps the silicon penis buried deep in me. I put on blue tooth headphones and begin to process the incoming emails and calls like I was taught. With my butt planted on the chair and I can feel it push that prick deep into my ass as I sit, how painfully delightful.

I glance over at David and Saul, sitting naked and looking so hot and gorgeous, so muscular and manly. They are busy talking to clients and writing doing their thing. They look so relaxed and normal, as if everyone works naked and has a fem boy as their Girl Friday.

I can’t understand how they do it. How can they keep their hands off their cocks? Their all naked and it is so there begging to be touched. I can’t do it, I need to jerk off while I work.

So I oil up my penis as I take up the first of the intakes. I begin to one hand type and use my other hand to play with my cock. When I finish entering him into the system, I give him a call to get down the particulars for the intake. I follow the intake script as I talk with him, all the while I manage to keep a perfectly normal tone as I masturbate.

I see it is almost lunchtime therefore; I need to finish things. To keep my priorities straight I start by finish myself off. I work on bringing myself to that delightful point of climax all the while keeping an even calm tone while I’m talking to this potential customer. I don’t want him to realize that I have been jerking off while taking to him. I quickly reach the point where I really need to work at to hide that fact that I ohhhhhhhh….yessss…am about to CUM!

Thick cream spurts out of my erection and splatters onto my tummy in hot ropes that shoot out!!!! OHHHHHHHH YYYYEEES!!!!

“Ahhhhh…I’m sorry….could you repeat that…sir….something in the office caught my attention.

I apologize.” Ohhhh….yes….such a hot mess of jizz that I gushed out of my hot little cock. “Yes, sir. Thank you sir. Someone will get back to you shortly. We definitely can help you with that. Good day sir.” I one hand type and wrap up this intake with this customer.

I then carefully gather up all the cum to lick and swallow it, enjoying the warm flavor. I do my best not to spill a drop of that hot tasty creamy meal.

As I get up off the chair, I feel my ass slipping off of the butt plug and feel its emptiness as a longing. I look over at my chair with that erect silicon cock sitting there waiting patiently for my asses return. At least that’s one cock that is willing to get into my ass.

I then set about making my bosses lunch. I plan to give them cold sandwiches and a cold beer, while I contemplate having a hot lunch of my own; hot creamy delight from their hard dispensers; those very dispensers that have been hanging güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri out all day for me to see.

I set their sandwiches down near them and then go grab a cushion off the couch and get under that glass dining room table that we are using to work at. While they are eating lunch, I will be eating my own hot lunch from their bodies.

I crawl on the ground and make my way to Saul admiring his muscular bare legs and his soft manhood nestled between those legs. Since they are naked all the time with their hands occupied with their work, they are always vulnerable and available to me. I can take advantage of the situation anytime I desire, and I do find their lovely hanging naked meat very desirable. I imagine I could suck on them all day if I wanted to, what a wonderful way to earn my salary!

I begin to lick Saul’s balls. I just tease them and play with them with my tongue. I am going to make him squirm for not fucking me and making me wait. I will drag this out so that when he finally cums and fills my mouth with his cream it will be gallons!

I take one of his balls into my mouth and suck on it, and then I switch and suck on his other ball. I do that for a few minutes slipping back and forth on one testicle and then the other. I start running my tongue up along his erect hard flesh.

I flick my tongue at his cut cock head and enjoy the twitching of his prick from my touch. I then just wrap my lips around his cock head and flick my tongue at him. Finally, I take him into my mouth. I can feel the veins of his penis throb as

I lick and suck on him. He is a warm tasty piece of meat in my mouth. I bob up and down, running my tongue up and down the length of his hot shaft.

I play with his cut cock head with my tongue and my lips. Then I swallow as much of his shaft as I can get in me and just quickly tongue him as I bring my head back and forth to use my mouth like it was a hand jacking him off. I am enjoying this. I really am. I have his cock in my mouth and I don’t want to be doing anything else but licking and sucking on his cock.

I believe I’ve found my life’s calling.

“Ohhh….Friday….”Saul moans.

I take his cock out of my mouth to answer, “Yes?”

“What do you think you’re doing done there?”

“I thought it was pretty obvious,” I lick his balls.

“Ohhh…well yes it is…now stop that….some people…”

I take one of his balls in my mouth and suck on it.

“Ohhh….have to work…here….”

I abruptly stop and take his cock head into my mouth and tease it with my tongue.

“Ohhh….stop…..please……Friday….I need to work…you should….”

I suck on his cock while still using my tongue.”

“ohhhh…..David…can you make…..him…..stop…..ohhhh…your boy is becoming a nuisance.”

“He seems to like you, maybe he’s become your pet now,” David responds.

“Ohhhh….yess…..he is a naughty boy….doing naughty things to meeeeeeee…I neeed to work….make himmmmm…..”

David just laughs.

“He is very ohhhhhhh…..fuckk….Gooddddd……maybe….we shouldn’t ….be naked….then….he’d leave us…..ohhhhh God….he is …..I’mmmmm going to blow!”


I stop and let his slick dick pop out of my mouth dripping my saliva and wagging in the air begging me.


I just grin and stare at his erect saliva slick cock and I can imagine it calling to me to resume giving it a blow job.

“Ahh…there. I can compose myself. Now that’s better….Good boy. I need to work here and can’t have you playing with me like that…I have güvenilir bahis şirketleri serious work to….ohhhhh”

I cut him off by taking his cock back in my mouth and working on giving him his blow job.


I’m enjoying having him in my mouth…keeping him on the edge….working his hot throbbing meat….boiling him till he bursts….and I get all his juices to eat… hot lunch….very soon…


I grab his cock with my hand and hold his head in my mouth to lick that hot top with my tongue. I can feel him about to burst.

“Oh….Friday….you…..are….a….wicked…..boy……baddd….boyyyyy….Ohhhhhhh! Now!”

I feel the hot cum ejaculate out of his throbbing meat and it spurts deep into my wet waiting mouth. Oh God…he is tasty. I control his meat with my hands… controlling the flow by squeezing him…ohhhh…like a dispenser…letting him shoot off into my mouth controlled bursts of his gushing creamy goo…to swallow and enjoy. He moans and moans as he spurts and spurts. I swallow all his yummy jizz up.

Finally he is done. His cock begins to go flaccid and I let it flop out, just lick it up the last few drops and his body twitches as if I was touching him with an electric prod.

“Ahhh…” Saul’s voice tenses as he twitches. “ more…no more…please…”

I let his cock alone; the smaller delicate thing nestles between his legs on the chair. I crawl away and make my to David’s black meat. He’s been waiting so patiently for me.

“Now it’s my turn…” David whispers. “Good girl…enjoy. Take as long as you like.”

I settle in between David’s legs and see green oil drip down along his brown meat. The scent of chocolate is in the air from the oil.

“Now try some desert,” David whispers.

I blow on his black meat and my breath warms and tingles his shaft. The scent of chocolate is in the air from the oil. Soon his black sausage glistens from the oil and I lick the drops off oil along the edge of his hardening shaft to prevent the oil from getting on the chair. Yummy chocolate taste.

Drops of oil splatter onto his testicle sack and coat his balls. I blow on them, and begin to lick them savoring the taste. I hear David moan in response.

“Oh yes….enjoy my chocolate balls and meat,” David moans. “Make me beg…..take your time to get that cream out…ohhhh.” He settles into the chair and spreads wide his legs giving me easier access to him.

He is such a large thick treat I just look at that long solid piece of chocolate meat and my mouth begins to water. I want to taste it. I begin at the base of his dick and slowly lick the length of his hot black member savoring the sensation. Finally, when I made my way to his cock head and finish tonguing it I open my mouth wide and take his cock into my waiting mouth.

Oh my yes! He is so big and so hard and he just fills my mouth with his solid piece of hot meat.

I settle into licking and sucking his wonderful mouth filling cock.

“Oh by the way,” Saul says trying to sound nonchalant, “One of our customers will have his computers dropped off for upgrades and repairs, just thought you should know. I’m going to put something on before they get here, but you two just carry on with what you’re doing.”

I couldn’t care less. I’m happy. I’m the office fem slut, looking just like I should. I’m all made up with long lashes, mascara, and pink lipstick, though I think by now most of the lipstick has worn off. I’m perfectly happy showing off my naked body just wearing red slutty 4 inch platform shoes while I do my fem submissive thing and suck on my black bosses cock.

As for David, right now I’m doing my best to make sure he doesn’t care either that he is naked. All I hope he is thinking of is how good it feels to get his cock sucked off by me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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