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Pelaam© January 2011

“Are you ready yet?”

“In a minute, Dad.”

Ryan groaned as he looked at his watch for what felt like the twentieth time. Samantha had gone from a young girl to a young lady in the space of a month and it was all down to Jefferson. He had arrived at her school just before Christmas and with a couple of weeks after their return, Jefferson was constantly on his daughter’s lips.

He was yet to formally meet Jefferson, but it seemed they liked the same books, the same music and she was now interested in sport. Jefferson played rugby and she had gone regularly to support his team.

“Here I am. Plenty of time, Dad.”

“Not today,” Ryan said, checking his car key and picking up his briefcase. “I told you I had to be in work early. I’m only just going to make it.” His daughter’s face went from smug to crestfallen in seconds.

“I forgot. I’m sorry.”

“Let’s just hurry now, ok?” he asked, giving Samantha a warm smile. His daughter was the most important thing in his life and he hated to see her unhappy. He would still make it…just.

The pair grabbed at their respective bags and hurried out of the apartment and into the elevator, descending to the garage. They laughed as they raced to see who would reach the car first, bundled in their belongings and then drove quickly out towards Samantha’s school.


As they got out of the car and headed towards the school, Ryan could see Samantha scanning the yard for any sign of Jefferson

“There he is. Thanks, Dad.”

“No problem. So which is Blair?” he asked, deciding he should at least know them by sight.


As Samantha pointed, there was a beep from his cellphone and Ryan pulled it out and checked it quickly before glancing in the direction his daughter was pointing. Blair was bottle blond, tanned and voluptuous. The woman’s eyes alighting on his, a predatory smile spread across her lips as their gazed locked. She was attractive enough alright, but not to his taste.

Then he was certain he was about to drool.

A redhead bounced up in front of the blond. Despite the hair being restrained in a tight ponytail and the round framed glasses, the beauty was unmistakable. Deep oceanic blue eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Beautiful. In an entirely masculine way. The young man gave a shy smile and Ryan felt his shaft stirring as he imagined those full lips on his, on his nipples, on his…

“See you later, Dad.”

Pulled from his increasingly erotic fantasising, Ryan kissed his daughter goodbye as she raced to join Jefferson and then looked back for the object of his desire. To his disappointment, the redhead was already walking away, but it did give him a view of a tight, denim-clad ass. Ryan muted his groan. He wanted to see, to touch to taste. It had been a while since he last dated. Terry had been nice enough, but not ready for commitment and certainly not to take on a ten year old daughter.

Motion dragged his attention away from the disappearing young man and he gave a quick wave to Blair. Licking his lips, Ryan wondered if the redhead would be at the school again.

Moreover, he wondered how he could approach him.


To Ryan’s frustration and irritation, the redhead did not appear the rest of the week and he felt obliged to engage Blair in polite small talk when she ‘accidently’ bumped into him as he hurried back to his car.

To make matters worse, Samantha had begun suggesting that he and Blair should meet for dinner.

“You and Blair will get on really well, Dad. Trust me.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that, Sam,” Ryan demurred. “I hardly know Blair. Let’s wait a while. Ok?”


It was clear from Samantha’s sullen look and petulant tone that she was far from impressed by her father’s decision. The weekend was fast approaching and with it a sleepover with some girl friends. Ryan decided to see if Erik was available for a get together.


Smiling Erik looked at his friend as Ryan ran his hand through sandy-brown hair. They had met as small children and their friendship had strengthened through High School and College and now they worked in the same firm.

Erik had known from an early teenager he was gay and his family had been supportive. He was happily dating and was quite sure he had found his soul mate. Unfortunately for Ryan, his family was not only wealthy but strict and religious. Ryan’s father and uncle were church deacons and pillars of their local community and Ryan had never been able to confess his sexual orientation. Although they had never been lovers, he and Ryan had been very close.

Then Jennifer had come along.

Bright, blond, beautiful and a darling as far as Ryan’s parents were concerned. Erik had recognised her for the gold-digger she was, but had been powerless to do anything about it. Ryan had been swept along in his parents’ tide of finding the ideal wife-to-be. It had come as no surprise to him to be told by Ryan that he had somehow got drunk and ended up in bed with her and she was claiming she was canlı bahis şirketleri pregnant.

The wedding was arranged with speed and decorum as befitted the family. However, there had been no baby. A ‘false alarm’ Jennifer had simply shrugged the other off. He had been suspicious of the claimed pregnancy but Ryan had been totally bemused and his parents had simply taken care of all the necessary arrangements.

However she had got pregnant on their honeymoon. She had hated pregnancy, bemoaned the loss of her figure and effectively whined and complained for nine months. She had insisted on a Caesarean for the birth and had never bonded with her child.

Samantha had been ill and Jennifer simply had no time for a crying infant. It had led to rows between her and Ryan as there was no love between them. In her rages, Jennifer had cruelly taunted Ryan about his skills in bed and finally, laughingly, admitted she had lied about being pregnant just to marry him.

From that day Ryan had moved into the spare bedroom, taking the baby with him, caring devotedly for her and stayed there.

It was a couple of months later after more increasingly furious rows that Ryan had found Jennifer in bed with one of her work colleagues when he had come home unexpectedly. He had immediately demanded a divorce. Thanks to his parents it had gone through with even greater speed than the wedding.

Once divorced and settled in a new apartment close to Erik, Ryan had finally decided to accept his sexuality and begun dating. Jennifer had shown no interest in Samantha and was now happily remarried to a man twice her age and it was as though her marriage to Ryan had never happened. Samantha never got cards or gifts from her mother, but the little girl seemed not to care. She was as devoted to her father as Ryan was to her.

“I explained to her, Erik. I thought Samantha understood I didn’t want girlfriends.”

“Maybe it’s all to do with Jefferson. Maybe he wants a dad and a sister,” Erik replied. “Samantha certainly has her head screwed on and if you and she sat down and talked, I can’t see her misunderstanding.”

“She keeps saying Blair would be perfect for me. It’s like she has her heart set on it. I’m thinking of having another chat with her.”

“Not yet. Leave it a bit. You’re planning on a holiday in a couple of months or so. Leave it till then, when she’s away from Jefferson.”

Returning the smile, Erik held out his beer bottle and they clinked the glasses in a silent salute. It was a shame that Ryan remained single. Erik knew the other man deserved to find someone, but a gay, single father was not easy to find a match for.


“You did what?” Ryan bellowed, looking at Samantha with incredulity.

“I invited Blair to come for dinner here on Saturday. It can’t be Monday, that’s a school day. This way Jefferson and I can have a sleep over. Trust me, Dad.”

“Trust? Samantha you shouldn’t have done it without asking me.” Dinner on Saturday, February 12. Monday was Valentine’s Day. He knew exactly what Blair was going to think and it was furthest from his mind. He had designs on the beautiful redhead when he could catch him at the school and muster courage enough to go and speak to him. He just hoped the glances he had received did mean what he thought. That the redhead was interested in him, too.

“It’ll be alright, Dad. We’ll do your three cheese lasagne and a green salad. Blair likes basketball. You can watch the game together after dinner. Trust me. Please?”

Ryan opened his mouth to argue and then gave up. Let Blair come and let Blair go. She could eat and then he’d throw her out with some excuse or other. Migraine maybe.

“Ok, sure, fine,” he said with no enthusiasm.


Ryan retired to bed early Friday night. It had nothing to do with the lack of a date for the night and everything to do with nervousness about the following night. He had decided that Jefferson could still stay over so as not to upset his daughter too much. But after dinner he would claim onset of migraine and call a cab for Blair and send her home.

He would then have a long talk with Samantha on Sunday about not making any such arrangements again without his permission as well as not lining him up with prospective girlfriends.

His mind slipped to the enigmatic, redheaded young man that had so caught his fancy. He had seen him just a couple of times since and there was just something. Ryan didn’t have the words to explain it. The last time he had tried to get to speak to him, he had been intercepted by Blair who had chatted away and the redhead had gone by the time he’d extradited himself.

His lips curled into a smile as he visualised the attractive man. He pictured him naked, wondering whether if the body would be smooth like his or furred. He liked the idea of furred. He peeled off his sleepwear of boxers and t-shirt, leaving them on his pillow. Opening the drawer of his bedside locker he pulled out a towel and lube.

Lying on the towel he poured a generous squeeze of the gel into his palm canlı kaçak iddaa and reached for his thickening shaft. He stroked slowly, his hand tight around his length. His other hand reached for his sac, rolling his testes. Running it back up his body he circled his nipples before pinching each in turn. The hand working his dick began to increase in speed. Looking down he could see the head darkening as blood suffused the area. Moaning softly as he gave in to the pleasure his hips began to rock.

He fantasised that it was the redhead’s hand learning his body; pinching his nipples, tugging on them. Dropping lower, scratching through his sparse, almost ginger, pubic hair and fondling his sac once more. Ryan closed his eyes as he reached for the lube, absently coating his other hand as he stoked with growing urgency. He hips were thrusting forcefully as he imagined being buried deep in clinging heat. A finger traced his entrance and he groaned louder.

He preferred to top but enjoyed light penetration and his back arched as he pushed a slick finger inside himself. He moved it shallowly as his other hand became a blur. His mind envisioned a partner begging for more, moving as if they were made for each other. He pictured the redhead looking over his shoulder as Ryan took him on his hands and knees. The pouty lips moved; ‘Love you’.

Biting back the cry, he came hard, his come dancing across his stomach and chest. He milked his shaft until there nothing left and he lay panting, sweating and drained. He released his length, letting it lie damp and spent on his thigh. Slowly, he reached into his drawer and removed the handy wipes, cleaning himself and throwing them in the bin at his bedside. He eased the towel from underneath himself, scrunched it into a ball and dropped it on the floor. It could go in the hamper in the morning.

He pulled on the t-shirt and shorts just in case Samantha needed him in the night and lay looking at the ceiling. ‘Love you.’. The words came back into his mind. If he was honest, it was what he wanted. Someone to love him, just like Erik had found his life partner, Ryan wanted the same. A part of him was happy for his dearest friend, but another knew it would mean less time for him.

Samantha was growing up so fast. It didn’t seem like eleven years. Soon she would have make-up, boyfriends, going to the mall and clubs. He gave a silent sigh. Was it too much to ask that there was someone out there for him?

Sleep was a long time coming.


Ryan started at the sound of the doorbell. He had only just finished showering and shaving and only wore snug, black boxers. He hurried out of the bathroom to make a dash for the bedroom just as Samantha opened the door and let in the visitors.

Eyes of sky blue opened wide with shock and met those of ocean blue reflecting the same emotion.

Instead of the blond woman he had expected, the redhead of his dreams stood before him, a bottle of champagne in his hand. Hope began to war with shock as the younger man seemed to be looking at his physique with appreciation. Without thinking he turned to his daughter and her guest.

“I was expecting Blair, Jefferson’s mother.”

“She’s not Blair, Dad. This is Blair.”

“What?” Ryan turned back to the young man whose face had fallen. “But…but I asked you and you pointed out the blond. You said Samantha didn’t live with his father.” Part of him registered that the man before him was too young to have a son Samantha’s age. “I’ve been talking to her,” he added.

“It’s ok, Ryan. The kids obviously made a mistake. The blond is our aunt, mum’s youngest sister, Belinda. She mentioned you and she had been talking. I listened to the kids. I’m sorry. I’ll go.”

“No!” Three voices rang out in unison

This was Blair.

This was Blair.

The civilised, intelligent part of Ryan’s brain knew that the misunderstanding needed to be cleared. The primitive within, however, only registered that the beautiful male, the male he had being having erotic and triple-x rated fantasies about, was edging away from him.

Act first, words later.

“No!” he repeated. This time he took the two loping strides it needed to bring him level with the younger man. He hooked an arm around a slender waist, his hand cupping perfectly around Blair’s hip. “No. I want you here. Please,” he whispered, his eyes devouring the stunningly-attractive masculine visage. He hoped he had read the situation correctly as Blair’s eyes widened in surprise.

And then they heated.

Almost immediately Ryan felt his groin tighten. He grinned receiving a smile in return.

“I could stay. If it’s what you want.”

“I want. Good, great,” was Ryan’s heartfelt response. Although his body relaxed knowing Blair was staying, he left his hand proprietarily at the younger hip. “I’m confused,” he added, turning slightly to look at his daughter and Jefferson who were both smiling smugly.

“I told you, Dad,” Samantha replied with a sigh to emphasise his apparent stupidity. “I told you Jefferson’s parents were divorced and canlı kaçak bahis you asked if he lived with his Mum and I told you he lived with Blair. Blair’s his older brother.”

“Dad was involved in a bad car crash. It’s going to take months, maybe a year or more for him to be fully back on his feet. I’m a lawyer. Between us, Dad and I ensured I got joint custody of Jefferson and arranged for him to come up here. Aunt Belinda’s a gem and when I can’t take Jefferson to or from school she does it for me.”

“She didn’t correct me when I called her ‘Blair’,” Ryan muttered darkly, earning a blinding smile from Blair as his hand tightened its grip.

“Actually, she intimated you had approached her and things were looking good. Jefferson told me she was wrong. Boy was she wrong.”

“Actually, I said she was barking up the wrong tree.”

The kids dissolving into giggles at Jefferson’s confession melted any remaining ice from the mix-up. Ryan gazed proudly at his daughter. She’d been right all along. He was even more pleased to hear Blair’s soft laughter.

The ring at the doorbell stopped the laughter as Ryan fixed his daughter with a panicked stare.

“Who…?” before he could finish the sentence, Samantha was already springing into action.

“It’s ok, Dad. This’ll be Sophie’s mum. Jefferson and I are sleeping over there. You know, to give you and Blair some privacy. It’s all cool. Grab my bag, Jeff. It’s right by my door.”

“Don’t open it yet, I’m nearly naked here,” Ryan said, his voice a strangled whisper.

His eyes widened as Blair put the champagne down, deftly removed his leather jacket and pulled off his t-shirt. Ryan resisted the urge to moan aloud at the sight of the furred chest and peaked, cinnamon nipples with a glint of silver in the left. He accepted the shirt, but remained unmoving until the delectable sight was hidden behind leather once more.

As Blair picked up the champagne, Ryan yanked the t-shirt over his chest, grunting a little at the snugness of the fit. He pulled Blair tight against him, the younger man’s back to his chest as Jefferson opened the door with a wide smile.

“Hi, Mrs Hillman. Samantha and I are good to go.”

“That’s good. Hello, Ryan. And this must be Blair?”

“That’s right. How do you do?”

“I’m well, thanks.”

“It’s going to be so cool, Dad. Mrs Hillman’s friend is going to do facials and manicures and we have DVDs, too. The boys have computer games, so they won’t bother us. You and Blair can relax and enjoy the game tonight.”

“And the adult girls are having bubbly and chic flicks and the adult boys have beer and will also watch the game. In Mike’s den. Something for everyone. I see you’re having champagne, too.”

“Ah, yes,” Ryan said, he silently cursed his brain seizing up as he wondered how to explain the expensive drink in the younger man’s hand.

“My firm’s thank you for a job well done. Our team wins, we have a drink to celebrate, our team loses we can drown our sorrows.”

“And we win all round,” Ryan added with a smile.

Blair’s hair tickled at his chin, the warm scent of Joop was in his nostrils and his lower head was very pleased at the feel of taut buttocks pressed against it. All he wanted and needed was everyone gone so he could get to know the man in his arms.

“Here we are, Sam.” Jefferson said handing over the small overnight bag in his right hand. “Have a good time, Blair. You’re the greatest.”

Ryan swallowed as Jefferson hugged his older brother, the look of love still in the boy’s eyes as he looked up at him. “You, too, Mr James.”

“Thank you. I’m sure we will.”

“Bye, Dad. I told Mrs Hillman she could bring Jefferson back here tomorrow as Blair was staying over.”

“It won’t be too early. Probably around ten-ish.”

“Thank you,” Ryan said smiling at the older woman. “That’s very thoughtful of you, Samantha,” he added to his daughter. He then frowned as an envelope was pushed into his hand and he was pulled down towards Samantha. As she kissed his cheek, she whispered;

“That’s for you to give Blair. Bye.”

Ryan stared after the retreating forms and slipped the envelope into the waistband of his boxers. It took a minute or two to realise everyone else had gone. Reluctantly he released the younger man.

“Thirty second guided tour,” he said with a grin. “Sam’s bedroom is first left, then a cloakroom-cum-storage cupboard, then bathroom and toilet. On the right we have a shower-room and toilet, spare bedroom, and then my den. Straight ahead we have the through lounge, kitchen to the left, dining room to the right. Now you know the place make yourself at home.”


Ryan guided the younger man through to his living room and onto the settee. Blushing, he handed the younger man the envelope and watched as a handmade card was revealed with a drawing of a heart on the front. As Blair opened it, they both read the words; ‘Be mine, Valentine.’

“Yes,” Blair said with a smile that Ryan returned.

“Kick your shoes off and relax,” he exhorted and quickly went to put the champagne on ice. Returning to the living room, he switched on the lamps and the main light off to create a more appropriate setting. He located a CD of easy listening and, as one of his favourites came on, went to stand in front of Blair.

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