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His rimming tongue had brought me to the point of deciding to do a hit of rush, for only the second time today. Several men in the darkroom had already sucked and played with me as I played with them, caressing nipples or stroking horny dicks, or fingering soft asses. After almost cumming a couple of times, it seemed a good point to return to the temptations available in the steambath. But when trying to maneuver a way out through the back opening, trying to move away from a stranger’s hand pleasuring my extended length, my ass and balls ended up near the face of a man that had already gone down on me.

He quickly took advantage of this position. Unable to keep from moaning while freezing in place as he began to rim me, his hand slid along my still slippery horny shaft, letting him know just what sort of slut was above him. This was the second time I’d been rimmed today, remaining as fantastically addictive to experience as an hour ago, or during my first bathhouse visit years ago. Except today, two different men had made me their anal slave, unable to resist their desire to lick my wanting ass.

Even after shifting several times, though only minimally due to how the dim space was filled with bodies, his tongue easily continued to find my obvious weakness, fully exploiting it, making me settle back down on his face helplessly after each attempt to move away. Of course I’d found his erect shaft, often stroking him in rhythm with his tongue kissing my hole, making it even more difficult to break contact.

Keeping track of the bottle, bag, and sodden towel played a role as a necessary distraction, slowing the unstoppable sinking into giving in to the pure pleasure of being rimmed by another man. For whatever reason, men have shown a much greater talent at anal/tongue games, separate from the particular reality of getting fucked in the ass by a hard cock, something that women can experience as a bottom, but never as a true top. Not that I had that much experience being rimmed by men or women. though this afternoon had added significantly to that knowledge, particularly when I was the one licking someone’s hot and horny ass.

Easily settling into a perfect position for him to tongue my hole after the 3rd or 4th ineffective time trying to get beyond his spell. Getting turned on by looking at his hard cock while jacking it off, time passing in the best way before getting enough determination together to open the bottle. In large part knowing that once the bottle was opened, there would be no way to resist one of the final bathhouse temptations. After the rush entered my lungs, the result would be going down on a man, putting a naked cock in my mouth.

Admittedly, I had sucked a bare cock once before, but that was in the whirlpool, with an entirely different framework. Then, a man had gone down on me underwater, a delightful experience, and we were well matched as partners. Meaning that in the end, I went down on him, still wearing my glasses, surprised at how long I could hold my breath while having his cock in my mouth. That time had been exceptional in several ways, including the brief comedy of losing my glasses underwater when the central jet was going. The only other time (of which there are pictures) was brief, being unable to keep from cumming as my lips encircled a man’s cock – picture taking is always an extreme turn on. Orgasm just overwhelmed me before an actual blow job could be properly performed, driven by awareness of how a stranger kept taking pictures as I came in the booth.

The only other time where the temptation to go down on a man had started to affect me at a primitive level, the stranger in the darkroom proved to be far to clumsy to deal with. Kneeling astride a cock sucker’s head, feeling his mouth surround my hard length, a third man stepped on the platform, soon standing in front of me. Possibly in his late 20s/early 30s, with an erect cock similar to mine, both in how turned on it was and its size and shape. The smell was fantastically enticing, causing me to lean in to appreciate it. However, seeming to think he was in charge, and clearly impatient, instead of letting me enjoy and then surrender to temptation, he reached down to put my mouth over his jutting rod.

Which simply made me push him away as he continued to try, futilely, to have me go down on him. An action that unbalanced him, resulting in him falling heavily. Thankfully, he missed the camera, but did damage my glasses when his knee went down on them. The titanium frame was fine, but a teflon pin was damaged on one arm, along with a lens being chipped. Something discovered in the dim light outside of the darkroom afterwards. The bathhouse is generally a civilized place, where a certain enthusiasm is to be expected, but no one forces me to do something I don’t want, especially when it comes to sex.

This latest visit had been filled with something very different than force, involving already having indulged güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in other temptations. It only took a couple of minutes after finishing my beer and going to the porn theater to have a man go down on my uncovered cock, right at the start of this Sunday visit. His mouth was exactly what I’d been looking for, and it did not take too long before he joined me on the top row of the theater space.

He began to suck me again as I watched the gay porn, playing with his stiffening rod. Porn is always wonderful, especially ofter indulging in a bowl (or more) and cold beer, but having a stranger go down on me made the experience essentially perfect. Stopping him before cumming into his clearly wanting mouth, he asked why. The simple reply being how it was very early in the day, with numerous chances to have sex involving a lot more men beckoning. His response was simply to slide his mouth over my cock again, forcing groans, helplessly starting to talk about how hot it was to look at the gay porn while getting head from a horny stranger.

Then talking about how the sauna is a place to have sex with lots of men, that being the major reason I was here. Different partners, group sex, getting cum on, finding still another willing partner in the steambath or darkroom. It was a bit of a surprise to talk so openly about my male desires and pleasures, but my cock approved as it remained within a man’s talented mouth.

He withdrew a bit, then had me lean back and open my legs wider. “You’ll like this” he said, his hand sliding along my slippery length as he began to teabag me.

“Oh fuck .. fuck yeah .. I love it .. tongue me.”

Words that rapidly led to his tongue sliding downwards. I began to pant as his tongue ran along my inner thigh, realizing that what I’d said about how good his tongue felt on my sack had been interpreted in a much sluttier, and desirable, way. Counting how many times I’ve been rimmed is easy, it being a still rare treat, even here after years of visits. Rimming is what I consider truly gay sex, even if the person that introduced me to it was my first girlfriend. The luck in having my ass licked that first bathhouse visit had been excellent and extraordinary, cementing a now years long connection between the bathhouse and irresistible gay sex.

He shifted position smoothly, making it much easier for me to play with his cock. After a perfect interval of pleasure, he took a pause, allowing me to find a condom, covering his cock before taking it fully in my mouth. Leading, seemingly inexorably, to being rimmed again. Now, we were evenly matched – as anyone who has been rimmed or blown knows, the true power flows from the mouth providing the pleasure, making the other a helpless sex slave.

Moaning and spreading my legs more, uncaring that anyone could see my ass being licked, erect cock clear proof of just how turned on a man could make me. Years of experience at the baths has pretty much removed all inhibitions concerning having sex with other men, yet this was the first time being rimmed where other people could watch, as at least two other men were, the one on the bottom row clearly stroking a sexy stiff cock.

My partner’s reaction to having his ass touched was delightfully slutty, prompting me to dive deeper into uninhibited gay sex, fully turned on by knowing that this was not a private setting. Pulling gently on his ass cheeks to roll up, it took little time to settle into my first male anal 69. I was greedy, pushing my tongue against his soft anus, beyond finesse, licking each other. The sensations of giving and receiving seemed to merge, as we became mutually and very orally involved, teabagging, rimming, and sucking cock without inhibition.

His finger pushed into my wet ass, soon moving in rhythm with his sucking mouth. Bringing me to the point of orgasm several times, only barely stopping him before falling over the edge.

“Why not cum .. fill my mouth .. just cum” he said, before returning to sucking me. That brief pause had been enough to settle down, starting to watch a male threesome on the screen while a man orally pleasured me. Just as good as before, porn being a perfect addition to sex – watching it with a turned on partner is truly addictive. Especially somewhere like the bathhouse, where the number of interested partners often ensures long running and mutual porn enjoyment.

As time went on, we kept each other hard. He took off the condom at some point, ending my interest in going down on him. A restraint that provided a certain amount of smugness in following my rules. Admittedly, I had rimmed him, which has been something only extremely rarely done in the past.

Something we soon returned to, my mouth finding his soft hole. After another endless interval of animal satisfaction between the legs of another person, he knelt over me. My refusal to go down on his bare cock was easily understood, as we sat güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri jacking off, talking about sex.

“Why not cum?” he asked again.

Repeating about wanting the fun to last for a while, for example looking at explicit porn while talking about sex with another man. He seemed to understand the point, though there is often an undercurrent of some competition involved, almost as the men wanting you to cum are collecting notches. Nonetheless, just having sex with one man is rarely my goal at the baths, especially when several hours are available. “Sometimes, I don’t even cum here, it turns out,” I explained as we slowly began to wind down.

He left, a certain wryness contained in his parting words, talking about my stamina.

After resting a moment longer, I put everything but the poppers bottle and 2 condoms into the mid-level locker, noting that 3/4 of an hour had passed. Quickly getting clean in the 4 person entrance shower room, followed by lightly towelled off before going downstairs. The bathhouse was full, but not crowded. Walking into the steambath, the sounds of sex were coming from several directions. There were two pairs in the front section, prompting a hand to go lower to touch myself, unable to resist a swelling cock when encountering the sight of open sex.

Walking towards the wall opposite the entrance, I turned into the rear section, passing two men, one already hard. Cautiously advancing into the dimness, a hand touched my thigh, soon finding my cock, making me stop while sighing in contentment. It took only a couple of seconds to find his dick, allowing us to make each other rigid.

He bent down, taking me into his mouth, making me moan helplessly while sinking deeper past his lips. A man tried to pass us, pausing long enough to allow both of us to find his willing cock. He turned towards me, his hand pulling my head to his mouth, quickly feeling his tongue enter my mouth. The cock sucker shifted his attention, causing my new partner’s kissing to turn totally slutty, my tongue pushing far inside his now slack mouth.

Undoubtedly he felt the same effect when our mutual cocksucker returned his attention to me, his tongue quickly and greedily filling my mouth, head starting to turn up as I sank deeper into a wonderfully promiscuous cocksucker’s hot mouth.

The cocksucker straightened, leaning over to kiss the new man, our hands fondling each other’s cocks and balls. Soon, beginning to touch cocks together, the pre-cum and spit and sweat mixed in perfect measure on our naked rods. A couple of other men were starting to add their hands and bodies to our threesome, which broke up when the first cocksucker left the heat, though we quickly reformed into several different groupings.

The steambath had grown increasingly filled during the time I’d been intimately involved with a couple of strangers. After taking a half step to the side, clearing the way, a new man’s hand found my cock, with another new set of hands beginning to slide over my chest. I gasped when a mouth covered my cock, sinking deeper into its wanton wetness as my nipples were caressed. The sensations were so good that contradictory thoughts arose – the first being this was a perfect time for poppers, the other, slightly more rational, thought being that I did not want to cum yet.

Which isn’t the same as to say that going cock to slippery cock was exactly a break, particularly as the new cocksucker rose and began to kiss me forcefully, his mouth having the unique smoothness of someone who’d swallowed cum as my tongue explored freely past his. Other hands began to run over my ass, the feel of a questing cock following their path. I turned away to the right, making a lack of desire plain, only to have another man begin to go down on me, one whose cock I’d been playing with for a bit.

Now, it was distinctly time to take a hit, thoroughly surrounded by equally horny men. Breathing in deeply, determined to hold the hit as long as possible, losing control just from the initial scent rising from the bottle, knowing what would now inevitably follow. Looking around as the poppers began to take hold, the scene was one of a wonderfully abandoned orgy, an orgy encompassing all of us.

Including most definitely myself, feeling one man stroke a sensitive nipple while another man took me deeper into his wonderfully welcoming mouth. Someone’s hand was playing between my thighs and balls, matching the increasing rhythm of my face fucking in a room full of other men having sex. The rush reached my horny cock, creating a feeling of ever growing immenseness, turning it into a gigantic rod of pure sexual sensation. A hand turned my head to kiss before I’d even breathed out.

This brought back memories of how my first girlfriend and I used to share poppers while having sex, letting the rush flow into his mouth as he kissed me. Except here, a man was sucking my turned güvenilir bahis şirketleri on cock and hands were running over me as I pumped a stranger’s stiff rod. Orgasm approached, causing me to delay its arrival by withdrawing from the cocksucker’s lovely mouth. Only to feel a stranger’s hand begin to close over my slippery length, soon sliding up and down in an ever more tempting motion.

Taking my right hand away from a hard cock, I placed it over the hand jacking me off into paradise, trying to slow it down. When that did not work, I turned to the side, breaking contact.

For only a few seconds, as another hand found my jutting erection. This time, I tried to slow the new man down by playing with his cock, which helped at least long enough for me to indulge in the pleasure of having a nipple be lightly stroked, right on the edge of orgasm. The rush had me in its full grip, though decades of experience has provided a certain ability to not be overwhelmed too quickly.

But what happening now was something entirely different, a merging of hands and cocks and bodies into a sea of irresistible pleasure, all of us turned on and available. A hand came from the left to replace the hand that came from the right, prompting me to turn a bit, reaching out to find another cock in the dim dampness, hopefully from the man pleasuring me. Though at this point, it would make no real difference. A mouth began to perform new magic on my nipple, soon accompanied by a finger sliding up and down my ass crack.

However, it became necessary to turn again when a cock began pressing against my ass cheeks, since as tempting the thought of getting fucked was, unprotected anal sex using poppers in a bathhouse is like riding a motorcycle in rush hour traffic without gloves and a helmet. Hands and mouths continued to pleasure me for a while longer, leading me to touch another half dozen cocks, though a couple may have already been familiar. The sheer satisfaction of such utterly uninhibited sex was entrancing, far beyond rational thought. Forcing the more than unwelcome realization that if I did not leave now, it would be impossible to resist turning into a total slut, like so many of the other men already were. The attraction was undeniable, leaving me mentally reeling while physically staggering to the door.

Cooling off in the shower, the clock showed that more than a half hour had passed, a period far too long compared to the time assumed spent in there. And except for the reality that the clock on the next level said the same thing, my firm belief in how little time had passed was more easily explained by assuming the lower level clock was wrong. After several decades, an awareness that the very best sex creates timelessness is not a new discovery. Yet the combination of so many late 70s elements creating an ocean of bliss meant now experiencing something then mysteriously appealing, part of the background of my youth. Starting, in major part, looking at a hard cock when mutually orgasming with a high school friend after getting turned on looking at the finest of late 70s porn. Porn that provided the hints and half revealed truths of another world of sex entirely – including a Playboy Advisor column which first discussed the mysterious attraction of a particular ‘locker room scent.’

Today, it was possible to be fairly confident about not diving in far too deep, regardless of temptation. Glorious and fantastic temptation, knowing that visiting the baths is something no longer capable of being resisted. And a touch shaken at just how fantastic that interval in the steambath had been, knowing the bathhouse visits would continue, even if such perfection is not a daily occurrence.

This visit had actually started with an experiment, when I went upstairs to the darkroom, carrying a larger bag than usual. A fan is found at the back corner, using one of only two outlets available upstairs. The darkness proved to make the entire process of plugging in and using the coil vibrator cumbersome – taking pictures did not make anything easier. Leaving the fan unplugged, putting everything else away, deciding that a vibrator here was just a bit too much effort to be rewarding, stowing it away in the locker before drinking a beer.

The darkroom had stayed fairly empty, apparently, after returning to it – no one at the gloryholes, and only a pair on the platform. As so often happens in the dark, our hands soon discovered new skin to explore. Getting more turned on, I joined their games, feeling a mouth began to slide over my horny cock. Time slowed as the pleasure spread, only occasionally becoming aware of how the space was filling with other naked men. Sometimes due to the sounds, sometimes from being touched, sometimes from seeing dim forms.

The more distant man of our threesome moved off, prompting the man that had sucked both of our cocks to shift direction. It was becoming hot in the space, feeling another sweaty stranger move against me as I jacked him off, starting to be hemmed in by other bodies on the platform. Not to mention being sucked into another horny mouth, making me moan. Trying to keep my things together was becoming a challenge, in part because for increasingly intense intervals, no thinking was occurring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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