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This story starts when I was young. I found myself watching my Aunt Tonni and wondering what it was about her that I found so irresistible. I visited with her as many times as I could while I was growing up and only once did I have any sort of connection with her in all that while.

My mother died when I was only eight years old and my father took my sister and I to America, where he married again. This lady was so beautiful. She had reddish-brown hair that came below her shoulders, bright green eyes and a very voluptuous body; almost rubenesque. Her bustline was huge but well contained. She hadn’t had any children so she was still very firm. She dressed in very tight clothes and always looked so sexy.

One weekend when I went to visit some friends with my step mom, I was 18 years old at the time, nearly nineteen – they lived out of town and because it was a big family, we found that she and I would have to sleep in the same room; in the same bed actually.

I let her get into bed first and then I undressed in the bathroom and slipped under the covers and turned my back on her, laying as close to the edge of the bed as it was possible; so that I could give her plenty of room. I fell asleep but woke up some time during the night and found that I had turned over and was spooning her back.

Unfortunately, I had a massive hard on and realized it was poking into Mom’s lower thigh. I moved back but she moved at the same time and stayed curled up with her backside against my groin. As the night went on, Mom turned over onto her back and I decided to risk it and I lay my head near her breasts. I knew I wouldn’t get any more sleep that night so I just lay there. My mouth was about a kiss away from her nipples. I so wanted to reach up and take them in my mouth. I think I dozed after a couple of hours.

When we both woke up the next morning, Mom hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. I hadn’t realized that she only had on a flimsy nightie. I could see right through it when she was walking away from me. I glimpsed her beautifully rounded ass and thought of it pressing against my cock all through the night.

When she came back, I immediately jumped up, trying to hide my cock. I had to get away and relieve myself. Mom noticed the bulge as I walked swiftly across the bedroom and smiled to herself. When I came back, she looked at me and said, “How did you get that hard-on, Dirk.”

“Ummm……. Ummmm……. , Mom.”


“Well, Mom, you rolled over in your sleep last night and your backside was resting up against my groin and my cock just grew from the friction each time you moved.”

My Dad was a truck driver and wasn’t home too much. So after that Mom and I slept together many nights. We never did anything other than play around, but it was the beginning of the sexual fantasies I have for older women.

My Aunt Tonni was the younger sister of my biological mother who had died before we moved to the USA. She was a lovely looking woman who was built just like I had grown to love my women. A very statuesque lady with a massive bustline and hips. Plenty of flesh to grab on to. Her skin was very fair and she had blue-gray eyes that twinkled when casino oyna she was happy. Her lips were soft and sweet. In fact, I can’t think of anything that I would change about her.

Although I had seen her intermittently over the years, I hadn’t stayed with her except overnight occasionally.

I had joined the US Airforce and had traveled all over the world on assignments, but never to Holland. I took one of my leaves and decided to visit her. It had been many years since we had seen each other. Her husband had been killed in a work related accident a few years before and she was still feeling very vulnerable.

When I arrived she showed me to my room which was right beside her own. After dinner, I said that I would have an early night as I’d had a long trip. Aunt Tonni let me get into bed and then came and tucked me in. This had been her habit when I visited when I was younger. She kissed me goodnight, but not on the cheek as she usually did; but on the mouth. This was nearly my undoing. I felt myself rise up and tent the bedclothes. Whilst she was bending over and kissing me I noticed her cleavage, and when I think back on the incident, I am sure she meant for me to see her breast.

During the night, it was so cold that I crept into her room and asked if I could sleep with her. Remember I wasn’t used to the weather in Holland. She was a bit hesitant but then she lifted the covers and said okay, come on in then. At that time I was in my 20’s and she was over 40.

I cuddled up and spooned her, being careful not to touch her ass with my cock, ……..yet. I started to give her a back rub and she purred and commented on how good it felt. I then asked her to rub my back and turned onto my other side. I felt her warm hand rub up and down my spine, but all the while I felt my cock getting hard. She then put her arm around my waist and spooned me. I could feel her cunt hairs rubbing against my ass, through her nightgown.

When I woke the next morning, she was already up and had started to get dressed. The mirror on the wall gave me a great view of her naked from the front. She had a bushy crown of hair resting on that wonderful mound and I just lay there and stared. Auntie didn’t realize I could see her in the mirror.

She came over to the bed when she realized I was awake and kissed me on the forehead. “Time to get up, and good morning, schatje (Dutch for honey).

The following day I had to leave for Spain. I took her out to dinner and nothing untoward happened after that. From then on I have always had fantasies about what could have happened.

I am now going to turn the clock forward 41 years. I am now over 60 and nearly ready to retire. I decided that I would buy a home in Holland. I had lost contact with Auntie Tonni as I had not kept in contact with her regularly because I was moving round in my work situation.

I felt very guilty. My Brother in the USA called me and said the Aunt Tonni had heard that I was back living in Holland and wanted me to contact her. By this time I had met a lady who was living with me.

When I told her that I wanted to visit with my Aunt, she was quite happy for us both to visit her.

Of course, Aunt Tonni was canlı casino over 80 years old now but still as sprite as ever. She still had her beautiful body and I was still in love with her. Unfortunately, she had had a mastectomy when she was 59 but still looked very sexy to me. Her son had married and now lived at the other end of Holland and she didn’t see him very much. She was still active in Bridge clubs and went on coach tours with her friends.

When we were leaving, Auntie asked me if I could come over and help her do some work in the garden. My partner was said she had no problem with that. So I arranged to go back the following weekend alone. She seemed very pleased with that.

When I got to her place the following week, she kissed me full on the mouth as she greeted me, even darted her tongue between my lips. This surprised me …… but I liked it. We did a lot of work on the garden that day and I arranged to go over again a couple of weeks later to bring some things down from the attic for her.

I went to Aunt Tonni’s place that weekend. Firstly she asked if I would mow the lawn and then we would get the things down from the attic after lunch. I worked for about 2 hours, in which time she bought me out a cool drink.

I finished the lawn but was very dirty and sweaty.

I came inside and asked her if I could have a shower before lunch. She agreed and said that she had just had one herself.

This was my moment ……. I got in the shower and had an idea. I called her and asked her if she would please wash my back. She didn’t answer but I noticed the bathroom door open and said she had never been asked to do this before. I had my back towards her and passed the sponge and soap back to her. She soaped up the sponge and started to rub it all over my back, proceeding down to my buttock …… she then slid the sponge between my legs and soaped up my crack and tight ass …… cleaning the area very thoroughly.

Tonni then told me to turn around ….. I got quite a shock …… she had been washing me without her clothes on. She stood before me naked. She then said something that floored me …. She said “I haven’t seen that since you were a small boy, when I babysat you.”

Meanwhile, I had started playing with one of my nipples and trying to concentrate in that rather than what was happening down below.

She smiled, “Ah, just like a woman, eh?” Then her hand was on my cock and she was pulling back the skin over the head of my uncut penis. It was heaven …. She soaped it up very nicely and then told me to rinse off.

She left the bathroom then and I dried myself and put on a robe that she had left hanging on the hook for me. She heard me and called me to come into her bedroom.

She was laying back on the bed with her dress pushed up to thigh level and two pillows under her head …… she smiled and told me to come sit beside her.

I did and leant over to kiss her …….she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue inside my mouth and I reciprocated……our tongues dancing…….with each other.

I then told her that I had fantasized about her for many years, from my younger years up until now. My robe fell open as I sat there kaçak casino and the head of my cock peeked out. Tonni reached out and caressed it lovingly, gently rubbing it up and down the shaft and over the head.

I got up on my knees on the bed with my robe open and knelt right beside her head. She knew what I wanted and was only too willing to oblige. She took the head of my cock between her lips and started to slowly suck my cock, flicking the underside with her tongue occasionally, I started to play with my nipples again, and they were long and hard by then. She watched me as I fucked her mouth slowly, in and out, she was moaning. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I slid down to kneel between her legs.

I slipped her panties down her legs and told her to relax.

“I am going to eat your beautiful cunt now Tonni, because I love you, so just you lay back and relax for me.”

I bent down and spread her legs as wide as I could. The hair on her pussy was thin and grayish and the lips were flaccid and quite large. I kissed the inside of her thighs and moved slowly upward. She was starting to breath heavy and caressed my head. I took both of those full pussy lips into my mouth and sucked them as deeply as I could. I moved to her clit, relishing the feel of that thick nub that I could twirl my tongue around and flick as I bit and sucked it intermittently. I then took 2 fingers and curled them up and slid them into her very wet cunt …… I curled them until I could feel that G-spot and started rubbing it with my index finger. This caused her to flail back and forth and I was a little frightened…….because of her age…….I stopped but she kept saying “Ja Ja.” While I was fingering her, I kept sucking and licking her clit….she surprised me as I thought older women were dry….. but she was sopping wet.

This went on for some time because I love sucking and the more she moaned, the more I licked and sucked. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her so that I could tongue her rosebud as well as the clit. She shuddered and said “enough”……..I moved up to her face and we kissed again.

As I lay holding her, she told me not to touch her breast area. She was ashamed because of the mastectomy. I told her not to worry as I still loved her and she should not feel that way.

We didn’t progress any further than that on that weekend. She did tell me that she had always wanted something to happen between the two of us, but was afraid because it was incest and she didn’t know how to approach me. I told her about all my thoughts of her over the years and promised that we would try and make up for some of them in the future.

Aunt Tonni then said that she like my partner and didn’t want to hurt her. I don’t know how far this will go from now on, we will wait and see.

We never did get round to having lunch!!!!

I went back to my house that evening and my partner asked me if I had finished all that I had gone to do for my Aunt. I told her I hadn’t and that I would probably have to go back again but not for a while.

After a couple of days, I confessed to my partner what had happened with Aunt Tonni. I must say she took it very calmly and then asked if she could come with me next time.

Well, I don’t know where this will end or when. Maybe it will go on till Aunt Tonni passes away. Which won’t be for a while as she is as healthy as mallee bull.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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