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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Sunday, November 4th

Sometime after one o’clock I awoke and felt the bed rhythmically moving. Enough moonlight flooded the room to reveal a shadowyMax on top of Cathleen stroking in and out of her. His hips were pulling back at a steady rate and driving down hard, pushing his shaft forcefully into her depths. Her legs and arms wrapped around his waist and back were encouraging him to keep up his lustful work. Their quiet moans were muffled by their locked mouths. In the shadows it was clear that they enjoyed the pleasuring of each other’s mouth as they coupled together.

I pulled Veronica more closely to me and tightly spooned her with my erection between her legs against her labia. I moved my left arm which was over her hip upward to grasp her full breast. Finding it, my pointer finger circled her nipple several times in an effort to gently arouse her. Since she only sighed, shifted her ass backward into my groin but didn’t stir further any hope of pursuing that amorous line of thought ended.

I raised my head a little to watch the couple beside us. Though the moonlight still only revealed their shapes, the sight was still arousing watching my ex-wife being fucked at an increasing rate by a young man who was just months younger than her daughter. Their kissing had ended for the moment and their moans were more pronounced. Cathleen’s head turned towards me. While I couldn’t see her eyes, her sudden increase in her moaning and the increased rate her arms and hands were moving indicated that she was excited that I was watching her being screwed by the eager young man. Less than a minute later I fell back to sleep hearing Max gasping and Cathleen mewing as they apparently climaxed together.

When the early morning light illuminated the room I awoke lying on my back with the covers pulled to the foot of the bed. To my side Veronica was impaling herself on Max’s well used member. When she raised her hips the morning’s light glinted off her lover’s wetted shaft. The young man was in his glory with Cathleen settling her pussy to his face. Many a young man has dreamed of seducing a MILF but here he was being attacked and pleasured by two.

As I watched the three lovers for a few moments my morning woody got even harder. Seeing my erection grow my wife winked and grinned at me. Emerging from the bathroom, Carol without any ado climbed on the bed, straddled me, impaled herself on me, tossed her head to throw her red hair from her eyes and without any ‘by your leave’ began to ride me. It was all very erotic, I thought. I fondled her swinging breasts for a minute while looking into her brightly smiling face then I pulled her down to embrace her. As we embraced and I was kissing her, her hips kept a steady pace of undulating up and down as I firmly stroked in and out of her matching her pace.

When our string of long kisses ended, the second woman whom I had come to love more than my own life sat back up. She looked at Veronica who’d slowed her pace, she turned her shoulders and leaned towards Carol. The two of them kissed. “Good morning my love,” grinned Veronica when the kiss ended.

“Hmmm, good morning my dearest. It’s nice to go for a ride together first thing in the morning,” Carol replied. Veronica nodded as she picked up the pace again. Two seconds later Carol began emulating Veronica’s circular movements on Max. The two women enjoyed their ride for several minutes before Veronica took Max’s hand and put his fingers on her clit which he promptly began manipulating. Seeing what Veronica did, Carol did the same with mine. Both women’s breathing became more ragged and their movements sped up. As she’d done earlier Veronica began playing with Cathleen’s breast and nipples. Moments later with her chest and face becoming flushed, and a wild look in her eyes, Veronica leaned forward into Cathleen’s chest. No sooner had Cathleen embraced her, Veronica came explosively and loudly. When she caught her breath she and Cathleen embraced and engaged in a tongue dueling kiss as Max continued to thrust his hips and ram his cock into her. A moment later he groaned filling Veronica’s pussy with his sperm while at the same time Veronica pushed down and undulated her hips to milk every drop he was producing.

As Veronica raised up off Max, my eyes fastened on her swollen reddish pussy lips to see Max’s white cream oozing from between them. As she moved off him a sizeable glob landed on his thigh. When Veronica moved aside Cathleen leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth and licked his thigh clean. More of a reaction to the sight rather than by planned intent, my hips thrust thrice into Carol, who when I looked at her, winked.

As Veronica dropped between Max and I, Carol who had slowed down as we watched the show started ride me with gusto. She began rising up and down with greater intensity. In addition to her greater urgency her casino oyna hips danced in a circular movement. I felt my cockhead hitting almost every corner of her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles tightly grasping and massaging my cock. I began to feel my balls tighten and asked her between gasps of breaths, “Ready?”

“Just about there again darling, try to hold off,” she urged. I did my best. After five or six more of her rocking movements I was about to exclaim I couldn’t hold it any longer when she cried out, “just about there, … ooh, now!” As her pussy contracted even more tightly around my cock, to my relief I began splashing my come into her. Long after mine had ended Carol rode out her climax and then collapsed on my chest. Veronica cuddled against the two of us.

About three minutes later, Max left to go into the bathroom. Though our breathing had returned to normal I was still inside Carol who still rested on me and Veronica nestled against us. All three of us were basking in that sated feeling when Cathleen leaned over Veronica, gave her a quick kiss and then me before smiling, “Welcome to the lifestyle you two.”

There must have been a questioning look on either my face or Veronica’s because a moment later my ex-wife added, “After last night and this morning, there is no doubt that you’re officially swingers.”

I looked at Veronica and she me, and then we looked at Carol who had moved to my right side. With a big grin on her face she nodded. Carol guided my right hand to Veronica’s pussy where it was quickly covered in Veronica’s wetness and Max’s release. Carol also placed Veronica’s left hand around my growing erection before she whispered, “While we need to talk about all this, you two do love the lifestyle idea.”


It was seven forty as Mary Claire and Lauren were in the kitchen drinking their first cup of coffee when Katrina, Ashley and Cindy walked in and sat after filling their cups.

“Well Lauren, do you think you made the right decision to come work for mom and dad?” asked Mary Claire.

“God yes, what a rush Friday night was and then too last night with Katrina while watching the replay. Did you enjoy me as well?” asked Lauren looking at Katrina.

“Oh, I think we all did as much as you seemed to enjoy us. Are you staying for the day?” asked Katrina.

“No, gotta to run home, check my mail and dig out some tax reference books to discuss a topic with Scott. I’ll be back about noon and I’ll have to leave about two-thirty for a certification clinic for new basketball refs. I’m one of the instructors. Also, I’ll have a presentation at the rules meeting for spring college sports. By then it’ll probably be ten o’clock so I guess I’ll come back in the morning. I’m really gonna like it when I start living here,” grinned Lauren.

“So will we and all of you’ll have to put up with me as well,” laughed Cindy.

“Fucking you is hardly putting up with you’re my dearest Cindy,” said Mary Claire.

“In what spring college sports are you involved?” inquired Ashley.

“I referee some women’s Lacrosse but softball’s my game. I’ve umpired college softball for the last three seasons and prior to last season I was also an assistant coach for a high school team.” When all four women looked at each other and smiled Lauren asked, “What’s up.”

Trying to sound as innocent as she could Katrina replied, “It’s nothing. We’re just amazed at all the things that you do.” Then she thought, I’ll bet we could put together a select senior team with her as coach.

Lauren left a little after nine taking one of her new suit and blouse outfits.

“Y’know, Katrina began. I’ll bet with Dad’s sponsorship we could get a dozen of us together to form a team. We’d have tryouts that would include sexuality as well as softball ability. I’ll bet a side benefit for the players’d be Dad’s cock, or Mom’s mouth.”

“Might be of interest to the player’s mom as well,” mused Ashley.

Mary Claire with the help of the other three women cleaned up the kitchen and the den and made up Bryce Field with fresh linen. Mary Claire then went into the den, downloaded her camera to a laptop, then connected the computer to the large screen and began flipping through yesterday’s shoot. She stopped on one of Katrina and sat at Scott’s desk with her sketch pad and within an hour had a sketch to finish shading when the three other women walked in. “More coffee, lover?” asked Ashley.

“No thanks, but thanks for asking,” replied Mary Claire no looking up from her sketch pad.

By eleven thirty when Lauren returned she’d almost completed one of Cindy as well. Lauren asked, “Where are the other three?”

“Cindy is upstairs sleeping. She’s been working long days for the last month, partly to build her savings and partly because they’ve yet to fill two vacancies. Dad and Mom wanted to give her five grand to put into her savings but Cindy told them that she’ll not accept their money until she’s saved up two on her own . I canlı casino really respect her integrity and character. Katrina and Ashley, are at church to hear the Reverend Evie Graham. Though I’m not into those things I’d thought of going with them, but I wanted to get these done,” she replied in a flat tone without raising her eyes from her sketch. “What time is it?”

“Eleven thirty.”

“The service started at ten. So they should be back shortly,” Mary Claire said as she put the finishing touches to her drawing of Cindy. Lifting the drawing pad asked, “What do you think?”


“I’ll bet you’ve really got to piss don’t you?” asked Carol as we broke our kiss and Veronica began to pull her hand off my still erect cock.

“I think Carol and I wanna shower with you handsome,” smiled Veronica. Before waiting for an answer they climbed off the bed. Her statement was evidently not a suggestion but a ‘let’s do it’ so I followed.

Max returned to bed a short time before and was now occupied with Cathleen, or was it the other way around? Cathleen had turned around and was now prone on top of Max and they were eagerly sucking face. I laughed quietly to myself that what had been a get-away for Cathleen and I to reconnect had turned into a connection alright, but a connection between Max and Cathleen.

As Carol stepped into the shower pulling me behind her I said, “Wait, I need to go.”

“Piss on us in the shower, I won’t turn it on until you’re empty. I’ll bet our wife needs to go as well, want to be on the receiving end too?” grinned Carol.

With Carol’s hand around my cock she pretty much ‘hosed ‘herself and Veronica down. Neither one of them seemed particularly pleased with it but they were probably doing the golden shower more for my benefit. The event left me pretty ambivalent about the whole fetish and I decided that I wouldn’t pursue it in the future and tell them such at the first opportunity. Ah, well, thought of, tried, discarded I concluded.

After the shower and dressing we had a late breakfast delivered to the room as Max and Cathleen showered. After breakfast I gave each of them $50 to have fun on the way out playing the slots for thirty minutes. Veronica lost the most. She had all but $7 left. Cathleen and I were slightly in the red while Carol finished in the black by $19. Cathleen played for Max and was the biggest winner, he was down $12 when she hit a $2,238 jackpot. He was smart enough to tell her not to try anything more and to say that he was going to put the winnings into his college savings. He offered to give my $50 back but I told him to keep it as well.

Veronica and I drove home together and Carol took Max and Cathleen. When they got to Max’s condo he invited Carol and Cathleen in for a sandwich, but Carol knew it was mainly for his Mom to see Cathleen. Cheryl was more than surprised to find her son in the company of Cathleen but welcomed them. Beth and the three of them had a delightful lunch with Cathleen and Cheryl catching up. Carol later told me that Max became very quiet at one point when he realized that Cathleen was my ex-wife and Katrina’s mother.

After eating and staying a ‘proper’ amount of time Carol and Cathleen left. On the drive to Cathleen’s she remarked, “Well that was interesting, meeting the mother of a young man I’ve just fucked. I remember when he and Katrina were in nursery school with Beth. I’m sure Cheryl remembers it too,” said Cathleen ruefully.

“Aw, don’t beat yourself up. He fucks both Cheryl and his sister, and he seems to be getting better every time. You weren’t experiencing any guilt pangs that I noticed last night when he was in your ass, or this morning either,” laughingly said Carol.

“You’re right, his eagerness is nice and refreshing. So no harm, no foul. We’ll fuck again another day.”

“You’re right. No harm, no foul,” nodded Carol.

“Hmmm, I wonder if he’s free to go with me to Hedonism for New Years,” grinned Cathleen.

“No harm in asking. By the way you’re invited to dinner tonight at our house, Scott’s high school girlfriend and her kids’ll be there. She’s the realtor on a house purchase they’re making.”

“Kids? Little kids?” asked Cathleen.

“No, you know them both from our social circle. The Warrens, they come every other gathering or so ….Anne, Sue and Tram. You know the young stud who’s an amazing fuck, his cock has that delightful curve in it.”

“Oh yeeah, and a mom and a sister who really know how to suck pussy too. I’ll be there for sure,” enthused Cathleen. “Scott’s high school girlfriend, eh. Did they fuck?”

“Yep, that’s what I’ve been told,” smiled Carol.

“What time?” asked Cathleen

“Anne and the kids are coming at about four, but Tram and Sue have to leave around five for some kind of formal event. Anne’s the only one staying for dinner.”

As Carol stopped the car in Cathleen’s driveway, Cathleen turned to Carol. “We’ve known each other for over four years now. I’m going to ask kaçak casino you a personal question and if you answer don’t tell me what you think I want to hear.” When Carol nodded Cathleen continued, “Are you interested in Scott because you’re lonely or are you in love and if you are in love, how much do you love him?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, “I’ve been surprised by how much I love him. I was ecstatically happy for Veronica when I saw how much she loved him and when he proposed. Only days later as I came to know him better I became jealous too. He fills my dreams. I desire nothing less than to please him.”

“You love her that much too,” replied Cathleen.

“I do,” she replied, nodding with a broad smile.

“The best of marriages take work. You realize yours will be a very complicated relationship and’ll take a lot of effort to make it work. Are you sure you want to do this?” Cathleen asked with concern.

“Remember that night we spent shortly after we met when we went to Chicago?”

“Don’t remind me. That was a horrible trip. Feeling a lot of self pity I got hammered before we even went to the club we were all there to visit. We never joined the others because I cried and blabbered on all night. I can’t recall much of what I said,” Cathleen said with sadness in her voice.

“Several of the things you said that night left an impression on me. The thing that I remember most is that you had taken your marriage and husband for granted and wished you could go back in time. I remember you saying, ‘Carol if you ever meet a man who captures your heart and wants to do nothing less than make you happy and fulfilled, don’t walk away. Seize the opportunity and do whatever you can every day to make your relationship work, to make him happy. Don’t take him or your marriage lightly or for granted. Treat it as a precious jewel. Don’t make the same mistake I made.’ Well, I’ve met such a man who loves me and I him, and I have the added blessing of him being engaged to the woman whom I love as well. Yes I’ll fight for my marriage every day. I want Scott and Veronica to be happy and fulfilled.”

“Are you going to keep attending the parties?”

“I ‘ve told them that I’ve attended my last party,” Carol smiled.

“You love them that much?”

With tears welling in her eyes, “I do. I won’t do anything that’ll put our marriage at risk. I’ve found love, true, deep abiding love.”

Cathleen with tears in her eyes nodded and then hugged her. “I’m very happy for you. Out of the ashes of my marriage is rising a beautiful one. It’s my desire that you and Veronica love him from the depths of your soul and with every fiber of your being. He deserves to be loved and adored by women like you two.”


As Hazel rolled from the edge of the bed towards the center, in her half awakened state her arm reached out for her husband. Instead of finding him, she only grasped air and a cold sheet. She raised her head and forced her eyes to open to look at the clock on Emerson’s side of the bed. It was only seven forty-three. Or was it six forty-three she asked herself trying to recall if Emerson changed the clock last night.

Whatever time it was, it was too early to be up on a Sunday morning. She threw on her monogrammed cotton robe over her silk ajamas before searching for Emerson. Instead of finding her husband she found half a pot of freshly brewed coffee along with a note on the table saying he’d gone to the equestrian center for a ride and would be back by the time she returned from church. She knew he was off thinking about what transpired last night.

After fixing a bagel and pouring a cup of coffee Hazel sat down in the den and sighed as she recalled the prior evening. It was a bad night to say the least. She hated arguing with Emerson. Last night became particularly testy that ended with Emerson walking out of the room and closing the door to his home office.

While tempted to pursue him, she didn’t. Shortly before they’d married Hazel read an article about the value of establishing fair fighting rules for a marriage. Shortly after that she and Emerson established just such rules, one was the lowering the volume of one’s voice when angry. Emerson had done just that and then some the prior evening. Another which he exercised, the freedom to walk out during an argument to avoid losing one’s temper and saying something that once said would be regretted by one or both of them. The disengagement rule allowed them to calm down and suspend the matter for no more than twenty four hours.

As she looked out the window she replayed in her mind how it all started. They were cuddling on the sofa watching a college football game that had become uninteresting because of the score and the fact that neither team interested them. Emerson feeling amorous guided her hand over his crotch and then encouraged her to take his erect cock out. Once it was out he tried to guide her head down to his cock, but she refused. Her puritanical nature had flared once again. When he tried to guide her head downward a second time while at the same time asking if she was interested in watching an adult DVD he’d bought Thursday, she’d said it was sinful and disgusting.

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