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This story was cowritten with Nemasis84. Thanks for reading!

Hey Elsa,

How are you?! I know it’s been a while since I reached out, but I’m designing for a new musical that’s workshoping in Manchester. That’s where you live right?

Anyway, if you’re interested, I’d love to see you and meet your husband. Maybe we can do dinner.

Hope to hear from you!


I read the Facebook message then read it again and then a third time. I hadn’t heard from Chris in over five years so to suddenly get a message from him wanting to catch up was a total shock.

Five years earlier I had been working as a costumer in Chicago when I had met Andrew on a vacation to Manchester and we’d been together ever since. I’d wrapped up my work in Chicago and moved to Manchester permanently in just four months. Once I thought about it, I don’t think I even saw Chris before I left. Had I even said goodbye?

I closed my laptop and collected my things to head to the costume design class that I was teaching next. Moving to Manchester, I’d been lucky enough to get a job teaching costume design and running the costume shop at the University of Manchester. I pushed Chris’ message from my mind as much as I could, but as I observed students sketching in class, memories of Chris kept popping up.

To call Chris my ex-boyfriend would be an overstatement. We met when we were both working on the Lyric Opera production of Sondheim’s A Little Night Music. I’d first seen him up in the rafters hanging lights before a dress rehearsal. He wasn’t overwhelmingly hot, but there was something about his quiet confidence that attracted me right away.

After being introduced and a couple weeks of flirting we had gone on a couple dates but we both knew pretty quickly that a future together wasn’t likely. We just didn’t have enough in common, especially in what we wanted in life. Chris was happy to keep doing his lighting work for the rest of his life, going from city to city designing and installing and never finding a permanent place to call home where as I knew that I wanted someone that would settle down with me eventually. But for as much as we knew that a relationship wasn’t right for us, neither of us could deny that we had a serious sexual connection.

It was primal.

And both of us had felt it from the first time we talked. The first time he kissed me it was like electricity passed between us and from then through the run of the show, every moment that we weren’t working we spent fucking. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other; the lust was uncontrollable.

That show had ended and since we’d already figured out that a relationship wasn’t in the cards, we went our separate ways. Chris went on to a ton of other jobs but every once in a while he’d be in Chicago for a few days on an interview or a tour or sometimes even longer on a residency or workshop. And every time he came to Chicago I got that same text from him.

“Hey, I’m in town. Wanna meet up?”

And I never turned it down. We had sex in hotel rooms all across the city and more than a handful of backstages in theatres too. Sometimes he’d come to my apartment and on one very desperate occasion, in a terminal restroom at O’Hare when he had a layover.

Thinking about it felt like a different lifetime.

Before I knew it class was over and I was done for the day. I packed my laptop up, but not before opening up Facebook to reread the message one more time. I considered a reply, but decided to give it more time.

I took the Metrolink across the city and walked the last few blocks from the station to home: the adorable three bedroom house I shared with my husband. Suddenly I felt a little guilty realizing is spent that last couple hours daydreaming about the amazing sex I used to have with someone else. But I reminded myself that there were some incredibly important differences.

I had loved the carnal, lust fueled encounters with Chris, but I had not loved him. Our connection was totally physical.

With Andrew it was everything else. We have mind blowing sex but it is a reflection of our love. Our emotional connection is unbreakable and in the end that matters more than any amount of crazy lust.

By the time I got home I’d decided to forgive myself for a little reminiscent daydreaming and as I started prepping dinner I couldn’t help thinking back on my favorite interaction with Chris.


He texted me one night when I was working on the costume crew of a preBroadway production of On Your Feet. Chris was in town with the first national tour of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and I’d seen him two nights prior for drinks followed by a good time back at my apartment. His normal text came through, “Show’s over. Wanna meet up?”

I was instantly turned on and would have loved to rush out for a quickie, but unfortunately it was my night to do laundry after the show. Every show has nightly laundry, but a choreography heavy musical needed lots of laundry done every night ankarada sakso çeken escortlar so I was in for at least four more hours of washing, drying, and ironing. I texted back my regrets and went to switch over the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

When I got back to the main room of the costume shop, my phone was buzzing with a call from Chris.

“Hey, I’m sorry, I really can’t leave before the laundry’s done. We have a matinee tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I get it. But I’m at the stage door, come let me in,” he answered.

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, and it’s cold out here!”

I jogged down the hall to the stage door and cracking it open I saw that Chris was there standing in a black pea coat holding a large to-go cup.

“Hey!” I smiled letting him in.

He handed me the coffee and kissed me on the cheek. “I know you don’t like coffee, so I got you a highly caffeinated tea since I know you’ll be here late.”

“Awww, that’s so nice!” I took a sip of the tea and we walked back down the hall to the costume shop.

“Listen, I know you’re working tonight, but this is my last night in town. We pack up and head to Detroit after tomorrow’s show,” had said.

“Oh shoot,” I said. “Another night together would have been really nice.” I gave him a wink and rubbed his arm.

Chris gave me a mischievous look, “Why do you think I’m here?”

He shrugged his coat off his shoulders and threw it on the work table before putting his lips on mine and kissing me hard. As his body pressed against mine I could feel his hard on through his jeans.

I pulled back, “Oh my God, you’re really ready!”

I grabbed Chris’ hand and pulled him into the laundry room where the two washing machines and two dryers were both whirring at full speed. We made out more while I undid his belt and the closure on his jeans. Slipping my hand into his boxer briefs I grasped his fully erect cock and sunk to my knees.

I blew him for a while until Chris pulled me back up and shoved down my own jeans. He hopped out of his jeans and underwear and grabbed a condom from his pocket. As he slipped it on to his cock, I hopped up onto the washing machine behind me. From the rhythm of the machine beneath me, I could tell the machine was in it’s first spin cycle and about to go into the “agitate” phase. Chris stepped up and entered me quickly and fucked me on that washing machine.

When I felt the machine start to really vibrate beneath me I yelled, “Let’s change positions!” and he let me down. I spun around and leaned over the washing machine, making sure my clit was right against the vibrating machine when Chris entered me again from behind.

He fucked me for what felt like ages while I came over and over with his cock in my pussy and my clit against the vibrating washer.


I was chopping lettuce and thinking about that night when I heard Andrew arrive home from work. I put down the knife and ran out to greet him, by this time I was pretty turned on and I knew Andrew wouldn’t turn me down for a pre-dinner quickie.

I pulled him into the living room to ride him on the sofa. We both came right as the oven beeped to tell us that our dinner was ready.

Over dinner of chicken noodle casserole and salad and glasses of white wine I came clean.

“So babe…I got a Facebook message from an old, American friend today and he says he’s visiting Manchester in a couple weeks,” I said, quickly taking a sip of wine.

“Oh? Which friend?” Andrew asked, munching his salad.

“…Chris Baldwin,” I said meekly. Andrew had heard enough Chris stories to know exactly who I was talking about.

Andrew wasn’t nearly as phased as I expected. “The friend-with-benefits lighting guy, right?”

“Yeah,” I was surprised at his calm reaction.

Andrew continued to eat, “What’s he up to?”

“Well he’s coming to Manchester for a lighting job and he asked if we wanted to go to dinner with him.”

“That sounds nice. I’m sure you’d like to catch up and see an old friend from Chicago.”

“Really? You’re totally cool with this?”

Andrew smiled and took my hand, “Of course. Did you think I’d feel threatened?”

“No, I guess I should have known that you’d be totally cool about it,” I laughed.

“Although, I assume the amazing little quickie on the sofa was due to some memories today?” he asked.

My jaw dropped open, “You know me way too well, Andrew Bennett.”

Andrew laughed and we went on with dinner and our night as normal.

The next day I messaged Chris and told him Andrew and I would love to see him when he came to Manchester and we exchanged a few messages over the next couple weeks to set up our dinner details.

When the night finally arrived I was pretty nervous. Before Andrew got home from work to pick me up, I changed outfits at least four times. Obviously I wanted to look good, but I didn’t want Andrew to think I was trying too hard to look good for an ex. In the end I settled elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar on a little black dress that made my boobs look amazing.

Andrew pulled up right on time and we headed to Piccolino. Andrew could, of course, tell that I was nervous.

“My love, there’s no reason to be so anxious. This is going to be fun. I can’t wait to meet a man that used to bring my wife so much…pleasure.”

“You naughty boy,” I giggled. “I bet you’re enjoying seeing me squirm like this.”

Andrew laughed, “It is nice to have you as the one being tormented for once.”

We got to the Piccolino right on time. As we waited a moment our table Andrew stepped into the restroom which is exactly when Chris walked through the door.

“Elsa Larsson…Or I suppose it’s something different now?”

“Elsa Bennett,” I smiled and we hugged. “It’s so good to see you Chris.”

Chris stepped back and looked me over, “God Elsa, you still look great.”

“Thanks, Chris.” The way he looked me up and down felt exactly like it used to and I felt a little flutter in my chest. Andrew reappeared to save me from the awkwardness.

“Ah, you must be Chris. I’m Andrew, Elsa’s husband.” They shook hands and we were taken to our table.

The waiter asked for our drink order.

“I’ll have a hard cider…and I think the lady will have a vodka cranberry. Is that still your preferred drink, Elsa?” Chris asked.

“It is,” I smiled.

“And I’ll have a bourbon on the rocks,” Andrew added.

The dinner went well; the three of us chatted and caught up. My anxiousness was almost gone when halfway through the meal I felt a shoe-covered foot caressing my bare leg. I glanced at Andrew wanting him to cool it, but he was taking a bite of fettuccine alfredo and not paying any attention to me at all. It was looking at Chris, that I realized it was his foot against my calf. His eyes were sparkling with excitement and the old chemistry that had pulsed between us all those years ago was back just as strong as ever.

I knew I was being uncharacteristically quiet over dinner but Chris and Andrew had plenty to talk about. As we finished dinner I was feeling very ready to get home. I was definitely anxious to get to bed with Andrew and release the pent up sexual tension I was feeling. Chris, however, had a different idea. He ordered another round of drinks for the table and sent his card with the waiter to pay for the meal.

“Wow, thanks Chris. You really didn’t need to do that,” I said.

“It’s my pleasure. I’m really really glad you agreed to meet up. And since I have no idea if work will bring me back here again I’m gonna shoot my shot.”

Andrew and I exchanged a confused look.

“Andrew, I’m sure Elsa has told you that we have quite a history.” Andrew nodded slowly indicating he did indeed know.

“It was pretty obvious to me the moment I arrived that the sexual connection between us is still as intense as ever. I’m at the Hotel Gotham just around the block and I would really love it if we could go there together…for old times sake.”

Andrew and I both sat silently.

“Andrew, obviously Elsa is your wife so you’re welcome to watch and even join in if you’re up to it,” Chris threw back his drink and emptied it. “I’m going to head to the restroom and give you two a minute to discuss it. If the answer is no, it’s no hard feelings, but I think it would be a really great time.”

Chris stood and strode away leaving us shocked.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe he just ‘Indecent Proposal-ed’ us,” I said, shaking my head.

Andrew didn’t reply.

“We should go,” I said, reaching for my purse but Andrew stopped me.

“Elsa, let’s talk about this.”

“Are you serious? You think I should go with him?”

Andrew spoke slowly, carefully considering his words.

“On my birthday two years ago, you brought in another woman to fulfill my fantasy. Chris is someone you have a clear connection with. I could feel it this whole time. If you have any interest at all in being with him one last time, this is your chance.”

“Andrew I don’t need anyone else but you,” I assured him.

“I know, but he did say we could both go along…it could be a threesome focused on you.”

My stomach tensed in horror and excitement at the possibility. If I was honest, I did want Chris; it was like my body was still addicted to him after all this time.

I looked down at the table and tried to think clearly but the craziness of the idea was hard to grasp. Chris reappearing made me look up and in that moment I had to make a decision.

“Alright Chris, we’ll go with you.”

Part 2: Andrew

Before we even left the restaurant I could already feel the sexual tension building, and I think I was feeling just as excited about the prospect of what Elsa had agreed to as she was. Okay that’s probably not true, because just from the expression on my wife’s face as we made our way to the door sincan gece kalan escortlar I knew she was both surprised at herself for agreeing to Chris’ proposition and incredibly turned on by the idea.

If she’d surprised herself, Elsa hadn’t really surprised me. I had heard plenty about her past with Chris Baldwin and their lust-fueled hook-ups to know that she still had lasting sexual desires for him, and even as we’d spent time together at dinner I could feel the simmering tensions between them.

It had come initially as a shock, that even after years without seeing each other the chemistry was still there, but not something I felt threatened by. I was secure enough to know Elsa was with me because she loved me and nothing could break that bond, we’d proved that to each other in our first threesome, and truthfully after we’d opened up our marriage that time the idea of maybe one day doing it again had been a source of excitement between us. I had just never thought we’d be doing it with another man. Now it was going to happen I found I was not repulsed by the idea, nor was I feeling jealous or anxious that very soon my wife could well be fucking another man while I watched. If anything I was feeling a strange sense of intrigue as to what it would be like. It was the same feeling I’d gotten at the beginning of each of our many adventures together.

“The Hotel Gotham is only a short walk away, we can be there in no time if that location is okay with you two?” Chris asked as we stepped out of the restaurant into the warm night air.

I couldn’t help but remember that the Hotel Gotham was the setting of our first – and only threesome to date – with a woman called Kira who Elsa and I had enjoyed some fun with as a birthday present to me some two years previously. It only seemed right that our second threesome take place there too, only this time I’d be sharing my wife with her former fuck-buddy.

I gave Elsa a brief glance before I answered and saw that her beautiful blue eyes were sparkling in the light given off by the streetlights, and I could see in them just how much the anticipation was building within her.

“That’s fine with me,” I said to Chris who was looking at my wife with a knowing smile curling his lips.

“Yes!” Elsa said quickly, giving her approval of Chris’ hotel room as the location of our latest triste and I saw her blush a little at how eagerly she’d spoken.

“Perfect, shall we get going then?” Chris asked, although it was more a rhetorical question as he set off walking down the street before either of us answered.

I knew Elsa wanted this, as I said I had felt the sexual tension all through dinner, and in truth the more I thought about it the more I was getting turned on by the idea of seeing Elsa fuck another man. We’d talked about it as a fantasy before, watched videos of others doing it, and had some mind blowing sex ourselves afterwards, now it was time we stopped watching and experienced it. In an instant an unspoken agreement was made.

I put my arms around my gorgeous wife and pulled her close to me, holding her tight and kissing her lips to seal our pact before we separated and went to catch up with Chris who had moved away from us but had then stopped to watch our moment of silent interaction. I think he was relieved that we hadn’t backed out.

All three of us walked together, Elsa and I side by side with Chris on the far side of her. There weren’t many people around which I was thankful for, there was so much sexual anticipation between us all that I was afraid others would have been able to pick up on it. For the most part we journeyed in silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts and feelings. I know from speaking to Elsa about it later that she was getting more and more aroused the closer we got to our destination. She told me her pussy was soaked even before we went in, and all she could think about was the potential things we could do.

I was thinking about the same things. As we walked toward the hotel I felt my stomach tighten as I imagined what it would be like to watch my wife fuck another man. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t nervous at the idea, but I was excited by it too. I kept imagining sitting in a chair with my eyes fixed on Elsa’s sexy naked body as she wrapped her legs around the man she’d once upon a time fucked out in the open on top of a tower on a hill back in Chicago and almost got caught doing it, and was now taking her to his hotel room to fuck again.

It caused my cock to jerk in my pants, and any lasting doubts that may have been lingering in the back of my brain were pushed away. We were going to do this, and it was going to be enjoyable for all three of us.

As we walked I took her hand in mine and squeezed it gently, and I was delighted when she returned the gesture. We stayed that way, hand in hand, until we arrived at the hotel, it was just a small thing but it reassured me that whatever happened, however much she enjoyed the experience of fucking her ex again after so long, it wouldn’t change her feelings for me and neither would it change mine for her.

“If you two want to go wait at the elevator I’ll grab my room key from the receptionist,” Chris suggested as we finally stood in front of the huge Hotel Gotham building.

“Sounds good,” I replied, and took a long look up at the building looming over us.

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