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In 2005 while my wife worked for an apartment complex for a month or so. While there she met a girl named Lana who worked for a totally different apartment complex owned by the same company. Lana was inviting as well, and was instrumental in the meeting of Mandy. Mandy who was a freaking gorgeous little minx, came over with Lana one night to watch a movie and we hit it off pretty well from then on out.

Mandy’s husband had just left for Iraq after her being in here for only a very short time. Mandy had several issues from a bad child hood and was also trying to build a bond with her father she had not seen in several years. It would not be long before I would find out that Mandy was a horny little slut, and loved sex. She was a beautiful but naïve young lady. Mandy had beautiful dark brown hair, short to the shoulders, but would later let it grow out again. Beautiful brown eyes, full lips and a mouth that could suck a cock nice and deep. Her breast were voluptuous and her ass was perfect. She had a tattoo of a heart to the lower left side of her abdomen and a second tattoo of a flower on her right ass cheek.

My first encounter with Mandy sexually was in September of 05. Mandy had sen some of the hot pictures I had taken of my wife and asked if she take some pictures of her for her husband. Now, my wife Angle was no strangers to the ladies. She had eaten pussy and had seen me fuck some of her friends. I guess you could say we were Swingers, but not that often. Of course, my wife being no stranger to the ladies thought she was gorgeous, but didn’t quite have the knack of getting people to pose sexy like I did. I jokingly asked if I could go, and to my surprise they both said yes. Mandy loved being the center of attention in anything and everything she did and after having a few drinks she would get rather risqué, horny and adventurous.

We started taking pictures at her apartment. It later moved to our Apartment and then outside in front of the apartment complex on a major road with traffic passing by every second. She seemed to start out kind of timid, but gradually warmed up and got into it rather well. Apparently there were some attacks on women in the area and she was scared to death. Within weeks, Mandy had moved in with us and to my surprise and likes, things would spice up quite a bit for me and the wife, as well as for Mandy.

The first night I really found out that Mandy was attracted to me was in October of 2005. My wife had been working at her knew job at the gym which kept her late. It was around 5 pm when Mandy called me at the office asking what time I was going to be off, to see if I wanted to go to dinner. I told her that I had a meeting and I would be home soon, and we could order a pizza or go to McDonald’s. Soon after I got off the phone the meeting was cancelled till Monday so I took off.

When I walked into the apartment, Mandy was wearing panties and a tank top, getting ready. Obviously she didn’t know I was going to be home that quick and it caught her by surprise. Mandy immediately grabbed to hide herself and realized it was too late. I told her she looked really good, and looked even better since the first set of pictures were taken.

She was happy to hear that and I then noticed the glass of wine. She said she had a rough day, wanted something to relax her before we went to eat. I was not going to let this opportunity pass and told her we could just eat here at the apartment and she agreed. I don’t know if she had a plan to seduce me, but to my amazement, she still had not put any shorts on and just walked around in her tank top and her panties. After a couple glasses of wine for her and me a couple beers, I asked if she wanted to take some more pictures for her husband and she surprisingly said yes.

We took pictures for damn near an hour and needless to say, my dick was pretty hard. Mandy was on her 3rd glass of wine and feeling pretty good and had changed clothes about 4 times for the pictures. She went back into the room to change when she returned she had put back on the lace boy shorts and the tank top. She came out and sat down at the foot of the leg rest where I was sitting, talking about this and that, and asked what I thought about the pictures. I told her they were nice, and that she looked lovely. She asked if it turned me on and I told her hell yes.

Mandy rolled her neck like her shoulders and neck were hurting, I asked what was wrong, and she said she had worked out earlier and her neck was tight so I started to rub them for her. She closed her eyes and rolled her head every so gently in circles and I massaged her shoulders deeply. She said she loved a good massage and the feel of my hands on her neck and back. I decided I would get adventurous, as I had nothing to lose, so I slowly moved my hands around to the front of her neck and down her arms slightly rubbing her breast with my arm. She leaned her head back and smiled at me. I couldn’t help myself, and leaned suadiye escort forward kissed her gently on the lips.

I slowly slid my hand across her breast and she sighed. She turned around, getting to her knees and kissed me fully on the lips as I slowly pulled her to me. I rubbed her back and she smiled as she started to bite my lip. I smiled back, she reach down and rubbed my bulging cock through my jeans. She said “you really are excited aren’t you”? I replied yes as she got to her knees and pulled me to my feet. Mandy reached up and slowly undid the zipper and pulled my cock out and placed her luscious lips on the head of my dick. Now I am not a huge guy, but she was surprised at the girth and length.

She slowly slid my cock in her warm mouth, ever so gently taking more and more till she deep throated my cock entirely. She stroked and sucked till I damn near exploded in her gorgeous mouth. The stoke and excitement of being with Mandy was almost to much. I wanted to be inside her badly, yet she refused to stand so I could penetrate her. I met her strokes with my thrusts, fucking her mouth and throat deeply. She moaned and sucked my dick like she couldn’t get enough. Just as my body tensed, she pulled it out and jerked my cock till shot my hot load over her tank top. I would later find out that Mandy had no problem sucking dick, but she would not swallow at all.

Mandy stood up and took my hand leading me over to the couch. She sat down, leaned back and pulled my hand to her. She slowly spread her legs and began to rub the slit formed by the puffy pussy lips of her pussy. I reached over, felling the blue lace and noticed she had soaked thru the lace panties she was wearing. I sat on the ground in front of her, lifting her legs and I began to kiss her inner thighs and slowly bite. I reached up and pulled the lace to the side and saw the wetness literally dripping from her pussy.

I slowly licked her inner thigh, biting gently and licking the pouty lips of her tight pussy. I spread the fat lips and licked the wetness away from her, I leaned back, and took in the view of the tightest pussy I had seen in along time. I slowly lifted her ass pulling the panties off. I lifted her legs, placing a foot on each shoulder. I slowly slid one finger into her hot pussy, turning the finger upwards to find the button inside her pussy. I added two then three fingers inside her soaked pussy.

Mandy moaned with delight, arched her back, and reached to pull my head into her pussy. I ate Mandy’s pussy and licked her asshole and she damn near screamed. She was in ecstasy as she writhed back and forth. Crying for me to fuck her, she reached for me pulling me to her. I stood up and she slid my pants down around my ankles. She grabbed my cock, looked up at me as she licked the head of my dick with her tongue. She leaned back, grabbing my by the waist pulling me to her. She told me to fuck her and she grabbed the head of my cock placing it at the wet lips of her pussy.

I slowly stuck the head of my dick in her pussy and she arched grabbing me and pulling my cock into her as deep as I could go. She moaned, asking me to fuck her harder and harder. I pulled her up, laid her back on her shoulders, lifted her legs onto my shoulders and started to pound her pussy for all I was worth. I fucked Mandy for about 45 minutes till she said she was almost too sore to continue. The fact that I had torn her pussy up, made my cock explode like never before. She started to cum again and soaked my cock as I squirted cum deep into her pussy. You could hear the squishing of cum in her pussy as out fluids mixed. I asked her how she felt and she told me she never felt so full, she then told me how little her husbands dick was, and he never satisfied her sexually and that she married him cause she felt bad for him. Apparently he was born with some physical issues and without something, lol…

About an hour later, my wife came home from work, drained, but after I told her what had happened and she was immediately excited, energized and wanted all the details. After eating, we retired to the bedroom have some fun. I some how drudged up the strength to satisfy my wife for quite some time. The next day, Mandy told me that “she lay in bed, masturbating to the sounds of us fucking”. How hot is that???????

About three weeks later, a friend of Mandy’s named Nessa came over for a few drinks. Mandy told her about the pictures we took and she seemed interested as well. Nessa was no stranger to the camera as she was apparently a stripper in the past. I took a few sexy snapshots of my wife, Mandy and Nessa together. About 30 minutes later things started to heat up. I told my wife to give Nessa a kiss, she did and Mandy sat on the couch watching. Woman on woman was not Mandy’s thing “Yet”, but Mandy was an attention hog and felt left out. We started taking all sorts of pictures and one thing led to another with all taksim escort of them naked on the floor kissing and touching and taking pictures.

All the girls decided that they wanted to take a picture out front of the sign at the apartments. So, we all headed down to take the pictures and on the way, they all took there jackets off with nothing under them except boots to take pictures all over the building. We took the pictures and headed back to the apartment. Upstairs and back in the heated apartment, the clothes came off and all of the girls decided to pose for shower pictures. This was getting hotter and hotter by the minute. But that is another story (Angel and Nessa) to be told at a later time. ?

We decided to move to Eagle River, Alaska and Mandy moved with us thank the lord above. To my amazement things started to heat up between all three of us and with Mandy there it was nothing short of amazing. Things between Mandy and her husband were on the rocks as per usual and he was always thinking she was cheating on him, and SHE WAS!!!!!

After moving to Eagle River Mandy and I started messing around pretty regularly (about 3 times a week). Mandy loved giving blow jobs loved deep fingering and knew she drove me crazy. One day, while charging her telephone it rang, I took it downstairs to her and it was her husband calling from Iraq. Within minutes she was upset, he was accusing her of cheating again, which he was right, lol.

I felt bad for her as she was getting pissed. So, I thought. How could I cheer her up???? Hmmmmm, well, I was wearing a pair of shorts since I just got out of the shower. I walked up to her and pulled my shorts of and placed my dick at her mouth. She looked at me with a surprised look, but as I started to pull away she reached up and grabbed my dick. She told him to hold on, placed her phone on speaker so she could hear him while she sucked my cock. He was crying about this and that and I had my dick in her mouth. She was sucking me nice and deep. I could feel the back of her throat and was thrusting as deep as I could, moaning like crazy, all while her husband sat on the phone. The more he acted like an ass the harder she sucked my dick. She stood up, took off her shirt, dropped her panties to the floor and got doggy style on the bed where her face was to the phone. I lined up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy. She reached back and guided the head of my cock into her tight pussy. She started to grind her pussy, moaning and hoping her husband would not hear. He asked what she was doing a couple times and she told him she was folding clothes and playing with her dog Happy as I thrust deeper and deeper. The whole time I am pounding her pussy like crazy wondering if he could hear the slapping my balls against her hot wet slopping wet pussy. She was such an awesomely crazy slut and loved it anytime she could get it. I pulled my dick out, sat on the bed; she grabbed her phone, placing it on drawers in front of us, she turned, back towards me, sat on my dick reverse cowgirl. As she bounced up and down on my swollen cock, He would ask a question and she would reply with heavy breath. (I wonder what he would think if he knew that sometimes when he called, I had my dick inside her mouth or tight pussy).

Once again, I laid her on her back and started pounding her pussy hard, she put the pillow in her mouth so she could moan and scream. While I was fucking her tight pussy, he actually accused her of fucking cause, it sounded like she was moaning. She smiled at me, while my dick was inside of her saying no, she was not fucking anyone and it upset her that he would accuse her of such things. I decided to go ahead and shoot my load as she was really getting agitated by her husband and it was definitely ruining the mood. I stood above her on the bed, and jerked my dick till it squirted all over her chest. As I handed her a towel and she cleaned the cum of her chest, she looked at me, smiled, said she was sorry and blew me a kiss.

Two days later, we went to the store for some soup for my wife, the cool weather and working at the gym had given her a cold. While sitting in the car, I reached over and copped a feel of her breast. She smiled and reached and grabbed my dick. At this time, Mandy had a small GMC style jimmy vehicle of some sort. I asked her if she was feeling frisky and she smiled, I climbed over in to the back seat and folded the back seat down to make it bed style.

Mandy climbed into the back seat, pulled her shorts down, and told me to fuck her. I pulled my jeans down, bent her over some clothes in the back and put the head of my dick at her wet pussy. I fucked her tight pussy hard, the truck was rocking and we never saw the vehicle pull up next to us. She was screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder and as I looked up, there were a couple guys watching. The glass was tinted enough that they couldn’t see us tuzla escort in full detail, but they new what was going on in there. I told her about it and she told me not to stop and actually got louder while watching them and smiled.

Being that the wife didn’t feel all that well, we cut it short and I shot my hot cum load into her pussy. As we walked into the store, she reached and held my hand. The two guys that were in the parking lot saw us and smiled giving us the thumbs up. Mandy smiled at them and grabbed my ass as we walked to the check out line. As we were standing in the line to pay for the soup and other items, she whispered for me to look at her leg. I looked down and the cum I shot up into her pussy was running down her leg in plain sight of everyone to see. She was not wearing any panties and there was nothing to hold the cum in her shorts. She wrapped her leg around me to wipe it off but it’s was still up high on her thigh. We went to the vehicle, grabbed a t-shirt in the back seat and wiped the remaining cum off. She smiled and kissed me deeply. Later that night Mandy told me she had often wondered what our children would look like if we had them. She was wanting to have kids, but apparently the hubby was more fucked up than she thought or knew. I was totally surprised as she knew I couldn’t have them anymore but I would have considered getting a reversal for her.

One night in December, a blizzard hit. Mandy had met another guy at the mall earlier that day and went to the movies with him. We warned her about strangers and all, but she was not a very bright person. She finally called and told us that she was on the way home. When she pulled into the drive she got out and looked up at the window to see me. She smiled and I smiled back. I was sitting on the couch and the wife on the loveseat, when Mandy came in she sat down. My wife was feeling frisky and we had already fucked earlier that night. After a few glasses of wine, the conversation had once again turned to sex. Mandy was talking about how horny she was and wife told her about earlier that night. Mandy to know surprise said she would have rather watched u than the movie. Angel told Mandy, the night was still young and she was still a little excited.

Angel winked at me and I pulled Mandy to her feet. I slowly unbuttoned her pants and slid my fingers into the waistband and pulled her pants down as my wife walked up behind her and cupped her breast. My wife started to kiss her arm and turned her around and kissed her on the lips. As my wife was kissing Mandy and grabbing her breast, I was behind Mandy biting on her neck. I removed her shirt, unfastened her bra and dropped it to the floor. Mandy stood on the living room floor in full view of the window and those that drove by.

As I slid my hand inside the back of her thong, my wife bent over and started to suck on her tits. I slightly bent Mandy over and slid my finger into her hot soaking pussy. As I fingered Mandy’s pussy from behind, my wife got on her knees and licked her swollen clit. Mandy had one hand behind her grabbing at my cock and the other hand pulling my wife’s head into her hot wet cunt. As Mandy started moaning, my wife stood up and led her to the bedroom..

Mandy lay back on the bed and spread her legs, reaching for my wife to come and finish the job she had already started. My wife climbed onto the bed, slid between her legs, and began to lick her from asshole to her clit. Mandy moaned in ecstasy reaching for me. I moved up beside her to kiss her gorgeous lips and she reached out and grabbed my dick and pulled it to her mouth. She sucked my cock with an intensity unlike before, while my wife licked her hot pussy. My wife added finger after finger into Mandy and licked her hot clit.

Mandy’s back arched in pleasure, and she writhed at every thrust of the fingers and lick of the tongue. As Mandy swallowed my cock, she moaned and moaned, telling my wife not to stop. My wife leaned up, licking her breast and asked Mandy if she wanted me to fuck her. Mandy’s eyes opened surprisingly as she had not known that my wife and I talked about everything. She said “oh yes” please let him fuck me. Me and my wife switched places and I slid a couple fingers into her hot box, angling them upward to hit her love button. She arched her back and began thrusting her hips forward reaching for my hand, pulling the fingers into her harder. I asked if she wanted more and she told me yes, I wet my pinkie finger, and slid four fingers into her with ease. She writhed in slight pain, but ultimate pleasure. After her pussy was nice and wet, stretched and ready for a good pounding I turned her and my wife over onto their knees doggy style.

As the two of them, leaned towards each other and kissed, I took my cock and put it at the lips of Mandy’s swollen pussy. I slid my cock into her as I finger fucked my wife’s pussy. I pulled out, moved over and pushed my dick into my wife. I did this a few minutes. My wife, turned over with her head hanging off the bed. I moved Mandy over to straddle my wife in the 69 position. I Moved over behind Mandy’s pussy, and felt the hands of my wife grab my hot swollen cock. I felt her tongue lick the pre-cum off of the head of my dick and then slowly guide my dick to Mandy’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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