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~Just a quick story featuring some of my favorite little kinks. Everyone involved in this story is of an appropriate, legal age to be doing this stuff… Yes, even Amber. Trust me, I invented her.~

“I’m going to be in town this weekend.”

The sound on the other end of the phone was just one of the countless reasons I loved hooking up with Vicki. It was somewhere between a moan of ecstasy and a squeal of girlish delight. She made a similar noise when she came, and I’ve loved hearing it since we were in college. “Oh, Damon, I can’t wait to see you! I wish you could have told me sooner, I could have found a way to get Jack out of the house!”

Jack was Vicki’s husband, and he was completely clueless. He was a decent enough guy; he enjoyed golf enough to not mind losing, and grilled a hell of a steak. I’d definitely have to say that his absolute best quality, however, is his ability to be completely oblivious to the fact that I was fucking his wife at every available opportunity, and have been for their entire marriage.

I was actually IN their wedding, if you can believe it. I stood on the bride’s side along with her female best friends; I was listed in the program as the ‘bridesman’ next to the bridesmaids. All of her relatives thought it was adorable. I still wonder how adorable they’d all find it if they knew that less than ten minutes before she was walking down the aisle she was desperately trying not to scream my name as I fucked her in her wedding dress. She went through the entire ceremony with my cum inside her, her panties sitting in my pocket.

“Yea, I know, it’s all kind of last minute. You can come out to my hotel on Saturday night, right?” I phrased it like a question, but we both knew exactly just how little choice she had in the matter. She’s been at my beck and call since we were freshmen. Before she even met Jack, she discovered that she was completely incapable of denying me anything I wanted, ever, no matter how depraved. I spent the better part of our freshman year testing her limits, and finding them completely non-existent. She was mine, to use however I wanted, whenever I wanted, however I wanted.

I suppose I could have made her my girlfriend, or my wife, but to be honest, I don’t think either of us wanted that. She was a plaything, a toy for me to amuse myself with. We both continued to date, but she was never happier or more satisfied than when she was pushed far beyond her comfort zone, doing something she never in her wildest dreams would have imagined herself capable of simply because I instructed her to do it. We’d both wondered over the years if it was specifically MY instruction that made her submission so exquisite, or if she was simply prone to it and I was just the lucky stiff that stumbled onto this particular kink of hers and managed to claim it for my own. Either way, this was who we were.

“Anything you want, baby, I’ll do it.”

I spent a few moments telling her all the things I was going to do to her, loving the image of her getting so worked up at her desk that she’d have to try to touch herself without anyone noticing. She had such a pretty, responsive little cunt, and knowing that her tasty juices were trickling through the fabric of her panties got me even more excited to see her and use her all over again.

When Friday came around, I was actually able to catch a midday flight and arrived in town even earlier than I expected. I picked up my rental car and drove to my hotel, pleasantly surprised that I’d been upgraded to a suite. I unpacked, took a shower, and rested for a bit, not entirely sure what I was going to do with myself. Finally, on a whim, I decided to head to Vicki’s place. We weren’t planning on seeing each other until tomorrow night, but if I was lucky I might catch her before her husband got home. Jack ran a pretty successful consulting firm, half the reason Vicki was still married to him after all these years, and he tended to work exceptionally long hours. Half the fun of these visits was the risk that we might get caught, and little midday romp was just what the doctor ordered.

I decided to park my rental a little bit down the street just to enhance her surprise a little bit. I’ve owned a key to their house forever; even when Jack occasionally changes the locks she was always sure to mail me a copy. I stepped into their house and slipped up the stairs to the master bedroom. I turned on the TV, switched it over to browse the internet, and found a nice collection of porn to watch while I waited, dropping back on their bed and idly stroking my cock through my slacks. Less than an hour later I heard the front door open. It was barely three in the afternoon; way too early for Jack to be home, but also a little early for Vicki as well. I paused the video on the tv screen for a moment, listening; the footsteps coming up the hall were light, almost timid…

The door to the bedroom opened, and I realized that I’d made a pretty dumb mistake. Vicki’s daughter Amber was home. I hadn’t casino oyna realized the school year had started again; I knew she spent her summers as a camp counselor and I guess I just figured she would still be there, but here she was. She smiled at me, clearly relieved. “Oh! Hi, Damon!” she said, her voice more like Vicki’s every time I saw her.

Frankly, it wasn’t the only thing more like her mothers. She had her mom’s figure, but while Vicki worked constantly to maintain her perfect body, Amber carried it with the utter effortlessness of youth. Her skin was soft and flawless, her legs and stomach trim and athletic… but as she pushed the door wider, and stood there in her cropped jean shorts and tank top, I could see that she was also inheriting her mother’s curves. Her young breasts were already round and full, and started to actually look heavy, but they still sat on her beautifully, her pillowy cleavage creamy and delightful. And while she was facing me I couldn’t actually see the way her shorts hugged her backside, I was so familiar with her mother’s body that I could see that Amber had exactly the same perfect, round, ripe little bubble bottom.

“I didn’t know you were coming over.” She said, leaning against the doorframe, her book bag sliding off her shoulder to the hallway floor.

I smiled at her, unpausing the video I was watching as I leaned back again, letting my hand go back to my slacks, slowly stroking along the underside of my hard cock through the thin material. The sound from the TV was unmistakable. I watched Amber’s young mouth twist slowly into a shocked little smile.

I’ll be one hundred percent honest with you: I really don’t know if Amber is my daughter or not. I’ve been fucking her mother since long before she was born, and I’ve never once used protection. I’ve cum inside her so many times we don’t even think about it anymore. She’s actually gotten pregnant a number of times, but she’s always quickly gotten it taken care of since she uses protection with her husband. The only exception was a few years after they were married. Jack was talking about having a baby and they started trying to conceive. When she became pregnant, he obviously thought it was his, and there was a chance he might be right.

The fact was, however, that I was working in town for that whole month, and she and I were meeting two or three times a day. She spent whole days sloshing full of my cum. There were times she was sure she’d be caught because her husband couldn’t possibly miss the fact that she was gushing with another man’s semen, but like I said, Jack is incredibly clueless. So when they had Amber, Vicki and I both silently decided to just let the fact that I was almost certainly her father go unsaid.

Of course, that became more of a problem years later when Amber grew into such a perfect little duplicate of her sexpot mother. She flirted with me every time I visited, and while I managed to avoid going too far, she was getting much too convincing for me to manage to resist much longer. The last time I visited when I swam in the family pool she would cuddle her perky little teenage body against mine under the water, sliding my hands under her bathing suit so I could fondle her round, supple breasts or slide my fingers inside her tight little teenage pussy. When I stayed over with the family and watched a movie before we’d all go to bed (and I’d wait until Vicki slipped out her marital bed to join me in the guest room), She’d insist on sitting next to me so she could cuddle under a blanket and her soft hands could slide inside my pajama pants and gently stroke my thickening cock.

When I offered to drop her off at school on my way to the airport, she insisted that we stop on the way so that she could take out my cock and show me just what a good little cocksucker she was. She bobbled her pretty little head over my shaft, sliding her lips down over my length as her tongue wriggled cutely under my head, her saliva leaking down over my length and made it easier for her to stroke me right down to my balls with both hands. The idea that she was sucking a cock that spurted deep inside her own mother so many times certainly was working for me; I wondered if she had some inkling herself of just what my relationship to her mother was, or even that there was a more than reasonable chance that she was sucking off her own father. I couldn’t possibly know. When I finally came it was much more than I think she bargained for; it flooded her mouth almost instantly and made her gurgle as she tried to contain it, unable to take any more as I sprayed cum all over her pretty little face and hair. She cleaned herself off as best she could when I dropped her off at school and took off to the airport.

That was the last time I had seen her. Now here she was, standing in the door of her parent’s bedroom, watching me work my hands over the length of my still obscured cock, the sounds of the amateur porn playing on the TV in front of me. She bit the inside of her cheek. “Are you canlı casino going to be here long?” she asked softly, idly rubbing her long, naked legs together.

I shrugged. “I’m in town for the weekend,” I said simply, not stopping my slow stroking over the outside of my slacks, making it clear that it wasn’t the movie I was watching anymore. “I just thought I’d surprise your mother.”

The revelation didn’t seem to shock her. Just how much she knew of her mother’s status as my pathetic little fucktoy I couldn’t begin to guess, but she clearly had at least some familiarity with the nature of our relationship, and had made her peace with it. She stepped into the room, glancing at the TV briefly to watch a trio of college girls all working together to get off some lucky guy, before she looked back at me, her hands sliding to the hem of her tank top. “Do you think you have a little time for me to show you something?” She asked.

I exhaled. I knew it was only a matter of time before this little slut found a way to get me inside her, but I still felt a twinge of hesitation. The very real fact that I might wind up fucking my own daughter still seemed like something I should at least try to avoid. Still, as I watched the way she crossed toward me with something halfway between innocent hesitation and wanton desire, I couldn’t help but want to see more. “depends on what you want to show me.” I answered, not wanting to seem too eager.

She pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her in a green satin bra with black trim that seemed to be struggling to contain her luscious tits. She looked even better than the last time I had seen her. Her arms and shoulders were sculpted beautifully, and her middle was trim and fit, her abs well defined and her pelvic muscles standing out over her tiny little denim shorts. “I’m much better at sucking cock now, I wanted to show you how good I am.”

I had to smile at that. “You’ve been practicing, have you?” I asked her, still sliding my hand over the front of my slacks as I watched her unfasten her belt and pop open the buttons of her shorts, pushing them down her legs, revealing the pink boy short panties she wore underneath. “giving all those boys at camp a good time?”

She nodded coyly as she reached behind her, unfastening the clasp on her bra. She pushed the straps off her pretty shoulders, letting them fall down her arms as the cups fell away from her breasts. I couldn’t help but groan softly at the reveal. You just never saw tits her size that looked so GOOD. They sat high and proud on her teenage chest, perfect globes of soft flesh, swaying gracefully as she lifted her knee up onto the bed, crawling up to drape herself along my leg. I could feel the heat of her skin as she reached up, brushing my hand away from my slacks. I lifted my hands up behind my head, leaning back on them as I watched Amber work my slacks open and tug them down, reaching her hands under my hips to work my pants and underwear to my thighs, letting my cock spring upward as it cleared my waistband. She caught it in her little hand, working her thumb over my head and smearing the slow trickle of precum down over my length as she licked her lips, getting herself ready.

Amber scooted her almost naked body a little higher up next to mine and caught the tip of my dick against her tongue, her hand starting to work evenly down my cock. Just like the last time, she started to suckle cutely, her pert little mouth reminding me so much of her mother’s, bobbing her head up and down, her mouth slick and wet, leaving trickling little trails of her saliva. She slid her hand upward through the wetness, smearing it down my length, continuing the cycle, getting my cock nice and slippery. I could feel her squirming little tongue wriggling along the underside of my cock.

She was excellent, no doubt about it, playful and sloppy, she sucked like an eager little cumslut who knew exactly what she was good for… but she was also good when she sucked my cock when I dropped her off at school. I wasn’t sure just what she wanted to show me, until she took a deep breath through her nostrils, and plunged herself down over my shaft, taking a big pronounced swallow and pushing my cockhead right through her mouth to plunge back into her throat. In one swift move, she pushed her nose right into my pelvis, my entire cock buried inside her. I could feel her swallowing over and over, her tight teenaged throat undulating around my shaft. I was somewhere midway down her neck, her pretty little tongue licking hungrily at my balls. I exhaled, gasping at the intensity of it, my eyes rolling back in my head. I’d never been so completely inside someone’s throat before.

My hands started to work into her hair, entwining my fingers with her long loose chocolate locks, finding my grip, and tightening. She seemed okay breathing through her nose, so I started to thrust, gripping her by her hair and jamming my cock into her, pulling back just the tiniest bit so I could feel what it was like to thoroughly kaçak casino throatfuck her. She made tiny little gurgles as she struggled to take it, her great big eyes watering over as she looked up at me. I could feel her struggle to continue like this, her throat spasming as she swallowed over and over…. I could feel the bursts of air against my skin from her nose as she forced herself to breathe…

My hands tightened in her hair as I pulled her tight to my stomach. I could feel my orgasm coming, and I wanted every bit of it to be inside her. I’d never in my life had someone take me like this, and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity. With a groan, my cock shuddered inside her, the forced tightness inside me making me cry out as I thrust one final time, my cum jetting deep down her throat. She squealed, her hands pressing into my thighs but not pulling away. I could feel the gush of cum flooding her. Twin little droplets of cum dripped from her nostrils. I’d completely filled her sinuses. I grit my teeth, holding her firmly to me by her hair, throbbing another thick burst of cum down her throat, and another.

Her hands pressing against my thighs became more insistent and I relented, letting my grip on her hair loosen so she could push herself up and away… as my thick, spurting cock slid out of her widened throat she gasped, and torrent of cum pouring out of her. She coughed briefly, wiping sloppily at her mouth and nose at the streamers of sloppy cum dribbling out of every orifice of her face. She gurgled, trying to catch her breath, her face a mess of tears, saliva and cum. She smiled at me, sitting back, her whole chest a sloppy mess of spunk.

She smiled at me. “How was that?”

“Fucking amazing,” I said honestly, sliding my hand over my still-twitching cock, feeling how completely soaked it was with cum and her saliva, “Where did you learn THAT one?”

She grinned, blinking the sex blur from her eyes, still wiping at the mess on her face. “I practiced on the boys at camp, like you said…” she offered. Her hand slid out and met mine, softly wrapping around my shaft, her fingertips sliding up and down ,tracing little trails through the goo that covered it. “none of them were as big as you, though…”

Full disclosure, I’m not that big. I LOOK big, because I have narrow hips for my size, and because I’m thicker than seems to make sense for the shape of my body. Also, the way my length stands up and away from my body when I’m hard gives the impression that I’m longer than I actually am. No complaints, though. I looked behind her at the tv, where the college girls were all taking turns being fucked from behind by either the college guy, or the cameraman. I must have gone to the wrong college.

I checked the time display on the bottom of the screen. There was a bit of time before Vicki would be getting out of work. Feeling the way Amber’s little teenage hand slid up and down my cock, her thumb sliding over the vein along the bottom, any possibility of me losing this erection was quickly drifting away. Might as well put it to good use. I reached down and slid my hand over hers, encouraging her to really start stroking me. “You only working those boys dicks with your mouth? Or did one of them get a real crack at you?”

She bit her lip at that, turning on her hip to face me more directly, reaching up with a second hand, stroking me with a little more urgency, her succulent tits bouncing softly with each movement. “I had sex with one boy… but only for a minute. He pulled out and came on my knee”.

The fact that she somehow knew that information would be relevant was more than a little intoxicating. It was always a matter of time before I wound up inside her, possible daughter or not. I reached back, and tugged one of the pillows into position, folding my arms behind my head and laid back, watching her. I nodded at her body. “You should take off those panties.”

She made a tiny inhale, and reluctantly let her hands slip from my cock. I replaced them, continuing to stroke, if a little bit slower. She lifted herself up onto her knees, her hands resting on her narrow, athletic hips. She hooked her thumbs around the tops of her underwear, her eyes dancing with excitement and mischief as she eased them past down, exposing her round butt even though she was facing me, and then leaning down, pushing them down her soft, beautiful thighs. I could see the tiny tuft of her wispy pubic hair, but it was barely visible in the little crevice between her clenched-together legs.

She bit her plump bottom lip, adjusting herself to sit on her hip and lift up her legs to push her panties down past her thighs to her knees. She lifted up her calves, her long, skinny, pretty legs on full display as she slid the panties down to her feet, and pulled them off. She tossed them down with the rest of her clothes, and turned to look at me,stretched out on her side. The leg under her curled upward, exposing her. I could see the barely-there fluff of soft brown fur, just a tiny bit lighter than her beautiful chocolate hair. It stood out because they were darkened by the wetness of her pussy, her pale skin glistening in the lights of her mother’s bedroom.

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