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Thanks for all the nice comments and emails.

This story is from the best of my recollection from an erotic tag match I had in California many years ago. This is as accurate account as I can give you. Things got pretty wild.


My partner, Amy, was a 6’0″ 165 pound strawberry blonde California goddess. She had big C tits with no sag and long killer legs. She was completely shaven for this match. At this time I was 6’1″ 185 pounds short brown hair and a 6 inch cut and thick cock.

Our opponents were a couple I had met at our gym and we had had a few tag matches when I was seeing a former girlfriend. Julie was 5’9″ and 175 pounds of solid muscle. She had her auburn hair cut very short and she had massive D tits with huge nipples. Julie had the thickest, and most powerful, legs of any woman wrestler I have ever faced. She had a small landing strip and had a beautiful face and body. Mitch was 5’10” 170 pounds but incredibly strong and agile. He had blonde hair and his cock was much bigger than mine. He told me it was 8 inches and he had huge balls. He had no mercy in a match for any opponent.

We had talked about the rules and the wagers for several weeks. We would wrestle nude. You had to win two falls against each member of the tag team to win. you had to submit them and make the cum. Once a wrestler had submitted and came they were eliminated and the remaining partner had to wrestle on alone. After a legal tag double teaming was allowed for 60 seconds. We had our friend Ann operating the timer for the match and she got into the spirit of the match by doing her job topless with a thong on. There would be a five minute rest period between falls. No punching to the head or power moves allowed. Claw holds to the balls, cock , pussy and tits were allowed. Knees were allowed to all parts of the body. No choke holds.

Now that covers the match but the wager was one for the books. We really had developed a hate for each other and we all knew this was going to be a rough match. The losers had to service the winners for 24 hours. In addition the losers had to come over and clean the other couple’s home every week for a month. cleaning would be done nude and they were subject to any sexual whim the winning couple had. We agreed to all the rules and wagers and set up the match for the following Friday.

We met at our gym after it closed. The owner let us use the ring in the gym for our matches sometimes. He was there with his wife to watch the match. We all got up to the ring and started to undress. The entire time the women were hurling insults to each other. I told Mitch I was going to tear his balls off tonight. He laughed and cupped his crotch and called me a pussy. We were now naked and stretching. Ann was already playing with herself and this was getting me hard by the second. I could see that Amy’s pussy was already a bit puffy and glistened with moisture. We were going to have a war and we were ready.

We flipped coins to see who would start the match. I started for our side and Julie started for their team.

I had wrestled Julie before so I would never underestimate her. Her legs are deadly and I knew I needed to stay away from them. We circled each other with our partners yelling encouragement to us. I took advantage of my better reach and got her hair in my left hand. I yanked her head down and pulled Julie towards me. up went my knee and I caught her full in her big right tit. I held her down and delivered a devastating knee to her left tit. I let her hair go as I knee lifted her and she stumbled back against the ropes holding her injured boobs and moaning in pain. I moved in and she had no beylikdüzü escort defense as I decided what to do to her next. I decided to work her tits some more and latched on to her tits with both hands and forced them up as far as I could make them go. I was rewarded with a screech of pain and Julie begging me to let her tits go. I started to add a twist to my hold but did not pay attention to defense. Julie rammed her knee into my balls and I fell over in a haze of pain. She got me so good with her knee that I thought I would throw up. I was helpless.

Luckily Julie was on her knees cradling her injured tits and did not follow up right away. I started to feel like I would not get sick and started crawling towards my corner to tag Amy. I was in so much pain I could not go very quickly. Then I felt Julie pull my hair and yank me back to the center of the ring. She had me on my back and started to kick and stomp me all over. I was getting the shit kicked out of me and she knew she was in control. After a really good kick to my ribs Julie dropped a flying elbow across my throat. I could not breathe. I struggled to maintain conciseness as things started to go black. Julie then hit me with a double knee to my unprepared stomach and I was in a world of pain and suffering. I was helpless and Julie was going to work me over to make their victory easier in later rounds. She sent home her hand and got me in a ball claw. I screamed and begged for her to let me go. Amy tried to encourage me but I was being taken apart by Julie.

Next thing I know my head is trapped in her legs and something wet and warm is making my cock feel amazing. Julie had me trapped in her vise like legs and was sucking my dick like no other. She powered the head scissors long enough to keep me helpless and started to power suck me and to make my predicament worse she started to use her free hands on my shaft and balls. All I could do was caress her ass and back and hope I was turning her on for later as unless she made a mistake she was going to make me cum. I was close to orgasm when she pulled off my cock and powered the head scissors to her maximum power. Julie was a smart wrestler. She knew I was really close to cumming so she wanted to get the submission and then I would be easy prey in the later rounds. Julie told me to give it up or she would pop my head like a balloon. I was going out when I slapped her thigh and waved my hand. I submitted to Julie. My neck felt like it was broken and my ears were ringing loudly. At least Amy would start the next fall for us. Julie went back to her corner and she and Mitch exchanged a passionate kiss.

Amy hurried over and helped me back to our corner. I was woozy and knew I would be no help to Amy for a few minutes of the next fall. My balls were on fire, my neck was killing me and I was having trouble breathing. All to soon the rest period ended and Amy went out to face Mitch.

They met and each tried to power the other back. Slowly Amy backed Mitch to the ropes and put her forearm under his chin and pushed his head back over the ropes. This left Mitch wide open. Amy decided to get Mitch like Julie had gotten me. I saw her knee draw back and she plowed a great knee right into his package. It was a beautiful shot that made Mitch scream and clutch himself and fall to his knees. Amy looked almost ready to cum as she delivered another powerful knee to his chest. Mitch bounced off the bottom rope and rebounded to land face down on the mat. Amy stomped his lower back twice and then lifted one of his legs off the ground into a single leg Boston crab. She had him screaming in bostancı escort pain and she bent him in ways the human body was not meant to bend. Amy started asking him to give but Mitch held out.

Amy dropped the crab and Mitch lay motionless and moaned. Amy grabbed his hair and pulled him up and threw him towards our corner. I got my knee up and caught him in the small of his back as Amy came barreling forward and hit him with a double forearm to his throat. He fell in our corner gurgling and spitting. Amy tagged me and I grabbed his arms and pulled him into the corner. Ann stared the timer and I noticed her thong was now gone. Amy was on his cock and sucking away hard. I started to lick and kiss his neck and ear and telling him to cum or I was going to really fuck him up. Julie was screaming at him to hold out. Amy was power sucking him and I was working him as well. Ann called out that there was 15 seconds left. Amy pulled off and grabbed a ball in each hand and crushed them. Mitch howled in pain and was begging for mercy. Ann called time and Amy let go and got up and kissed me deeply and told me to finish him off as she wanted Julie in the next fall.

I entered the ring and Mitch was moaning and clutching his balls. I grabbed his legs and dragged him to the middle of the ring. He could offer no resistance and I decided to take his legs out. I dropped his legs and kicked them apart. A went back a few steps and ran and delivered a power elbow drop to the inside of his knee. He shot up in pain and I delivered a forearm to his chest to knock him down again. I got up and delivered an elbow drop to his chest. He was having trouble breathing and I got up and set up his other leg for a running elbow drop to the inside of his other knee. He was now begging me to stop. I told him to shut up and kicked him in the ribs. It was time to finish him. I picked him up by the hair and he struggled to his feet. I got him in position and dropped him over my knee in a back breaker. Mitch screamed in pain as I pushed him harder down on my knee. I then went for his injured balls. I grabbed his sack and twisted. Mitch held out for about half a minute and screamed his submission. I pushed him roughly off my knee and we had tied the match. The next fall would be Amy starting against Julie.

Mitch had trouble getting to his corner even with Julie helping him. I knew we had a great advantage and Amy and I planned our strategy for the next fall. Julie was screaming and swearing at us and she said she was going to rip Amy’s tits off her body. Ann gave us the one minute warning until the beginning of the next fall. Mitch was going to be no help to Julie at least for a while.

Julie came charging out of her corner and took Amy by surprise. She caught Amy in the tit with a right hook that made Amy shriek in pain. Amy was standing there and not paying attention to defense. I saw Julie’s leg go way back and come up in a giant arc between Amy’s legs. The kick landed so hard it lifted Amy off her feet and then she collapsed on the mat and was sobbing uncontrollably. Julie looked at me and told me that Amy was not going to be able to fuck for a month when she was finished with her. Julie turned Amy on her back and roughly removed her hands from her injured pussy. Julie came down as hard as she could with her knee and the knee dug deep into her crotch. She put all her weight on her knee and crushed Amy’s pussy. Amy got up and tried to push Julie’s knee off her pussy. Unfortunately this brought her tits into Julie’s reach. Julie reached out and grabbed Amy by her nipples. She stretched them to their limits and twisted çekmeköy escort as well. Amy was crying and screaming. Julie said give up or I will tear your nipples off. Amy screamed her submission. Julie twisted her nipples once more and let her go. We were in real trouble as we had both submitted and Amy was barely conscious and drooling on the mat. I ran to Amy and picked her up and carried her to the corner. I knew I would have no help in the next fall. She told me she would be OK and told me to take them apart.

Now I had recovered some but was still not able to walk well as my balls were swelling and painful. Mitch looked worse than me and we both were cautious to open the next fall. If either one of us lost we were eliminated. Julie and Amy were busy calling each other every vile name they could think of. Amy kept telling Julie that she was going to fuck her hard with a strap on after we won. Julie said that Amy will have to eat her ass after the match. Mitch and I circled. Neither of us wanted to get worked over by the other as we knew there would be no mercy.

Suddenly Mitch screamed “motherfucker” and charged. I must have blinked as before I could do anything he had rammed me in the chest with his shoulder and I toppled back on the mat with Mitch on top of me. His hand shot out like lightning and he had found my balls. He squeezed my sack for all he was worth. My brain was short circuited by the pain. It seemed like he had me in this hold for an hour but Amy told me later it was less than 30 seconds. I felt like throwing up. I had no idea what was going on. I had stars in my eyes and I felt like the pain would never end. Just then Mitch let me go. I was a shaking screaming mess. Clutching my balls and retching. I felt my hair being grabbed and I was being pulled to their corner. The pain in my scalp was intense but a mild inconvenience compared to my burning balls. I heard a slapping sound, this was Mitch tagging Julie, and I was sat up in the corner.

Mitch laughed and said I was done for this match. Julie started sucking my cock and despite the massive pain I was in I got hard in no time. Mitch had my arms behind me and I was helpless. Julie was deep throating me now and my cock was responding and I was feeling an orgasm build. I heard Ann yell “15 seconds” and I was sure I could hold out. Then Ann yelled “time” and I felt Mitch let me go with a push that sent my head onto Julie’s knee. I was stunned enough for Julie to grab a ball in each hand and dig her nails into my balls. I screamed and cried and and was almost out. Julie let go and I curled up in a ball and sobbed. I am not ashamed of this as the pain was the worse I have ever felt in a match. My balls were on fire.

Julie wanted to end the match for me in style. She positioned me on my back. She could have done anything to me as I was completely helpless. She sat on my chest her ass right in my face and then started to jack me off slowly. The entire time Julie was yelling as Amy. Telling her she was a worthless slut and look how a real woman handled her man. I was close to the end and Julie knew it. She stopped jacking me and quickly turned around and mounted my cock. Before I knew what was happening she had me deep inside her and she was milking my cock with her amazing pussy and taunting me. I was done and I did not want to risk more ball torture. I started to power fuck her and she knew I was done. “Give me your cum baby. I need your cum inside of me” One more stroke deep into her pussy and I came with a yell. I emptied my aching balls into her and she milked me for every drop. She yelled in victory and stood over my face as my own cum kept dripping on my face from her pussy. It was so humiliating. I had been eliminated and Amy would have to fight on alone.


This is the end of the first part of the match. The rest of the match, and the post match action, will be quite a long and I will finish in another post. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement in your comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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