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“For God’s sake woman, don’t you ever stop nagging?”

“I’m not nagging! I’m trying to have a civilized conversation; there is a difference you know.”

‘Dammit Paula, I told you, the meeting was unexpected and I can’t do a goddamn thing about it, I have to be there. Christ the reason we are even here in London this week is because of my job…”

Chloe slammed the door to her room and turned the television volume up to drown out the sounds of her parents arguing. Her father was right; they were in London because he had business to attend to, but his rise up the corporate ladder to the corridors of power had turned him into a demanding workaholic. Her mother was correct as well; her father often overlooked the fact that he had a wife and a family, and the reason that they had accompanied him on this trip was because he had said he wanted to make up for the time he spent away from them. Now it seemed the planned trip to Paris with him was not going to happen.

She ran her hands through her sun-streaked blonde hair and stared listlessly out of the window. It was raining again, as it had been for the past three days. She and her mother had done all the tourist stuff, gone sightseeing and shopped at Harrods. A wry smile crossed her lips; mom didn’t have any problem spending her father’s hard earned money, but she sure objected to how much time he spent away from home making it. Stop being a bitch, Chloe, she chided herself, after all she benefited as well from the affluent lifestyle they enjoyed. The tuition fees to the university she attended were not cheap and very few of her friends got the opportunity to go abroad for sightseeing and shopping trips. Still, she thought, as the raised voices from outside continued, she could see things from her mother’s point as well, she had made sacrifices to become the perfect wife for her executive husband and she did deserve some quality time with him.

The door burst open and her mother stormed in, her deep brown eyes flashing angrily and welling with tears.

“I’ve just had it with him,” she choked, fighting back the urge to sob.

“Calm down mom, it’s not like this is anything unusual,” Chloe soothed.

“No, it’s not anything unusual, but I’m sick to death of it. He’s married to that fucking job and I’ve had enough.”

Chloe stared at her mother, slightly shocked by her language. It wasn’t that she never cursed, but she was usually more placid, more accepting of her role as the supportive wife. And she seldom used the ‘f’ word. But there was something about Paula today that made Chloe feel that this incident was not going to be easily forgotten.

“I told him, that if he can’t fucking tear himself away from the fucking company for the weekend, as he promised to do, to take us to Paris, then we will fucking go without him.”

Three ‘fucks’ in a row, she was pissed! “And what did he say?”

“I didn’t wait to hear,” she replied angrily, “But now that I think about it, let’s skip Paris.”

Chloe stared at her mother in confusion. Paula was in her mid forties, but still a good looking woman. Earlier in the day they had visited one of London’s top hair stylists and her mother had gone for a daring new look. Her natural blonde hair had been stylishly cut to fall well above her shoulders, accentuating her slim neck and smooth throat. It gave her a sophisticated but subtle sexiness, but now she had an expression of utter defiance that Chloe didn’t recognize. It seemed to make her look harder but somehow more strikingly attractive.

“Skip Paris? I don’t understand you mom. You go through all this crap and now you don’t want to go away for the weekend?”

“Who said anything about not going away for the weekend? I said let’s skip Paris,” Paula replied, her look of defiance intensifying. “We’ve been to Paris before honey, and I was thinking that since you’re studying art history at university…”

“Yeah,” Chloe said arching her eyebrows expectantly.

“How about we go to Amsterdam?”

‘Amsterdam!” Chloe whispered in excitement. Yes, it did have museums featuring some of world’s greatest masters of art, but there were other things she was just as interested in. It was the sex capital of the world, and she couldn’t wait to explore it. “Oh my God mom,” she exclaimed hugging her tightly. “It’s going to be awesome.”


During the short flight from London to Amsterdam Chloe watched her mother visibly relax as she sipped her second glass of wine and spoke excitedly of their trip.

“All that culture,” she enthused. “There’s the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gough Museum and Anne Frank’s house…”

“And the other culture mom,” Chloe giggled dropping her voice.

“Yes of course there is the red light district honey, and a trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at it.” A knowing look crossed Paula’s face as she took a deep swallow of her wine, “God, your father would die if he knew what we were up to.”

Chloe smiled at their little secret but a sudden awkwardness came over her causing her to shift a little in her seat. casino oyna Her relationship with her mother had always been an open one. Being the youngest daughter and with her older brother and sister married and out of the house, they had developed a close bond. However since being at university and becoming sexually active, she was more selective about what she discussed with her mother. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed to talk about sex but somehow it had been easier to keep her relationships and her burgeoning sexuality private.

As if reading her mind, Paula spoke. “So why the breakup with Jason? I thought you liked him?”

Chloe sipped her drink thoughtfully. Jason had been her boyfriend for the last eight months and the one and only guy she had slept with. She recalled the night she lost her virginity even though there was nothing memorable about it. It had been anything but romantic. Nothing like the stupid love stories she had read. They had been at a party and stumbled back to her dorm a little worse for wear. Her roommate was away for the weekend, and it had happened. A lot of fumbling, Jason’s erect cock dribbling copiously at the thought of finally fucking her, one or two shoves to get inside, a couple of quick thrusts and it was over. Chloe sighed at the memory. She had hoped it would get better but it never did. Jason was sweet, but basically inexperienced and despite their efforts to refine and vary their lovemaking, she was always left unsatisfied and a little angry. Eventually she decided to end it.

“Chloe, did you hear me? I asked why the break up with Jason?”

“I guess we just weren’t right for each other,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“Were you sleeping together?”

“Mom!” Chloe gasped surprised at her mother’s directness.

Paula smiled and patted Chloe’s thigh. “I may be almost forty six, but I know how the world works. I was once young and at college myself, you know.” She smiled and continued, “There comes a point in a relationship when you have to sleep together. It’s just natural to take it further.”

“Yeah we were sleeping together. In fact, that was the problem.”

“Why?” A quizzical look crossed Paula’s face.

Chloe stared out of the window. The airplane had begun it’s descent for landing and the setting sun was a burning memory casting a purplish pink haze across the sky like a bruise on the horizon.

“Well, just because… It’s really not important.”

“Honey, he didn’t hurt you or do something bad did he?”

“God, no mom,” Chloe retorted, irritated by the questioning. “He didn’t do anything at all for me! Almost eight months into a relationship without climaxing. I figured that meant we weren’t right for each other. It’s really no big deal. There are other men out there.”

Chloe blushed at her intimate revelation. Shit did she have to say that?

“Well that does it,” her mother said in a determined voice as the plane touched down on the tarmac with a small bump. “Not only are we going to see the Red Light District, but I am going to buy you your first vibrator. There is no reason for anyone to go through life without orgasms.”

Oh Jesus, Chloe thought, rolling her eyes. It was great to know that her mother was so open minded about orgasms and sex toys but she wondered what mom would say if she knew that while dating Jason, she was having the best orgasms of her life from the skilled tongue of her room-mate.

It had been a strange time, coming home frustrated from Jason into the sweet loving arms of Sarah. But theirs had not been a relationship, merely a time of sexual experimentation. Sarah was a little wild; she said she preferred women to men and had a profound craving to eat pussy. One evening, after bemoaning her fate to Sarah about Jason, Chloe let her go down on her and discovered the joy of Sarah’s talented tongue exploring her needy pussy and sucking her fleshy clit. She, herself, had never returned the favor. Sure, she had touched Sarah’s pussy, slid her fingers inside the steaming wetness and stroked her clit until Sarah writhed in pleasure, but she had never brought herself to actually lick or suck the other woman intimately. And when Sarah had suggested that they rub their pussies together, she was more than willing to give it a try. Chloe felt an unexpected warmth flood her groin as she recalled the way Sarah would move between her splayed limbs, drape her leg around her hip and press her pubic hair against Chloe’s smooth pussy. They seemed to fit so well together, pussy to pussy, tits touching and then they would grind against each other. Juice flowing and squelching as they humped and moved their swollen clits plastered against each other as their rhythmic motion caused their pussies to explode in orgasmic bliss.


Standing in front of the mirror in a pale blue bra and thong, Chloe finished blow drying her lustrous mane of hair. Her hazel eyes sparkled at the prospect of their first night out on the town. During the drive from the airport to the hotel she was amazed to discover how picturesque and quaint Amsterdam canlı casino was with its ancient brick and stone architecture leaning at odd angles, overlooking tree-enshrouded canals and the arched stone bridges that crossed them. People pedaled along on their bicycles and the whole setting looked like something that would happily grace the front of a postcard you might send home to your grandmother. It was hard to imagine the contrast between the old architectural and historical ambience with the broadmindedness and tolerance that Amsterdam was famous for.

“I’m almost done honey,” Paula called from the bathroom as she stepped out of the shower.

“That’s okay mom,” Chloe replied applying a layer of mascara to her long lashes and touching up the gloss on her lips.

Paula draped a towel around her body and walked into the double room that they were sharing. She was greeted by the sight of her daughter bent towards the mirror on the dressing table carefully applying makeup. But it was the curve of Chloe’s ass that caught Paula’s attention, smooth and bare, except for a flimsy string that stretched between the round cheeks of her buttocks. Paula looked away quickly. She hadn’t seen Chloe naked or in underwear for the last couple of years and she was astonished at how much her daughter’s body had developed. It reminded her a little of her own body before she had children, gorgeously smooth, taut and toned. Her little girl had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She moved towards the walk-in closet area which served as a small private dressing room and hastily pulled on underwear, a pair of pants and a silky blouse, suddenly a little self-conscious about the extra few pounds she was carrying and the small pale stretch marks on her stomach. Thank God there were relatively few, she thought, but they were there, a reminder of her three pregnancies.

“So where are we eating tonight? Chloe asked wriggling into a tight pair of jeans and pulling on a top that accentuated her firm breasts.

“I thought we might try the hotel restaurant tonight to be on the safe side. Tomorrow we can eat at one of the more exotic places after we know our way around a little.”

Chloe laughed at the cautionary, but winked cheekily and linked her arm into her mother’s. “Okay mom, you’re in charge. Lead the way!”

Dinner didn’t take long. With true Dutch efficiency it was served promptly together with a bottle of wine compliments of the hotel.

“Talk about Dutch courage,” Paula laughed draining her glass. The idea of venturing into the Red Light District on a Friday night filled her with some reservations, but she could see that Chloe was excited about the excursion and strangely, despite her own apprehension, so was she. Amsterdam’s nightlife was notorious and it would be a great story to tell her friends when they got back home.


Their hotel was situated close to the gothic Oude Kerk within walking distance of the cultural hub and the Red Light district. A shiver of anticipation rippled through Chloe as they made their way into the narrow crowded streets. The sounds of jazz and rock and music of other genres drifted out from the different venues and floated over the area which bristled with activity.

“Stay close honey,” Paula said surprised at the throngs of people who were wandering along the cobbled streets. It reminded her a little of New Orleans’ French Quarter, with lots of young men and women just wandering along, leering into the bars and shop windows. Only, instead of seeing liquor everywhere, the sweet and pungent odor of marijuana wafted freely out of many of the small coffee houses mingling with the occasional cloud of spices from Indonesian restaurants. There were single people and couples of all ages strolling along, their eyes filled with curiosity and Paula felt her initial apprehension ease as she realized that it was basically safe to be thronging along with the other tourists.

Among the coffee shops and bars, they began to see the famed red-lighted windows. At first they were scattered, just a flash of scarlet here and there between increasingly crowded porn shops and venues offering tawdry peep-shows or live sex acts. Chloe stopped and gasped at the display in one of the street- level windows next door to a tattoo parlor. The array of porn and fetish items was astounding. Whips, chains, nipple clamps, leather, swings, painful looking lingerie, outrageous sex aids, dildos and videos offering the most bizarre and extreme sex imaginable.

“My God,” she whispered, enthralled at the sight before her and the exciting seediness of the whole place. She had never seen anything like it, and as much as she hated to confess it, when it came to matters of base sexuality, she was sincerely and endlessly fascinated. All the talk among her friends back home about Amsterdam did it no justice whatsoever. It was like a pornographic fairy tale; anything your sick mind desired was available or waiting around the next corner. She glanced at her mother and then burst out laughing at the stunned expression on her face.

“Oh, kaçak casino look mom,” she said, jokingly nudging her, “Silver-studded, black latex assless pants! Just the souvenir to take home for Aunt Gertrude, and how about those whips and chains to keep dad from going to the office?” Paula’s eyes bulged at what she was seeing but she couldn’t help giggling at her daughter’s crazy sense of humor.

“Very interesting place but nothing we can buy there,” Paula said, dragging Chloe away. “We need something a little less risqué, some place more mainstream.” She smiled to herself. Despite what she had just said to her daughter, there didn’t seem to be anything tame or conventional anywhere. The atmosphere around them was thick with sexual tension, humming with carnal vibrancy. She felt it deep inside her core. And she wasn’t sure if it was the wine she had drunk combined with the contact high from the smoky aroma of pot, the outrageous merchandise displayed in the windows, or the multilingual barkers trying to entice patrons in to watch live sex acts but she was beginning to feel strangely aroused.

They snaked their way with the groups of gawping tourists through the winding street and turned into a narrow alleyway. Here the scattered flashes of red blurred into a steady ruby glow. There were dozens of windows everywhere with living breathing women in all shapes and sizes inside them. Some were scantily dressed in lingerie and bikinis; others were plain or school girlish looking. A stunning Naomi Campbell look-alike, in a leopard skin mini lingered outside her open door negotiating with a customer for a ‘suck and fuck’. In the next window, a young Asian girl in a pair of purple assless pants, similar to those Chloe had joked about, bent over to show off her round globes while peeking over her shoulder alluringly trying to make eye contact with the passers by. Before, they had seen the pants in the window for sale; here the pants were being used to sell the woman.

A shiver of excitement coursed through Chloe as she gazed at the visual display before her. She had been transported into another world. A world where men and women were fucking and engaging in God knows what kind of perverse acts, behind the drawn curtains of shop windows a mere two or three feet away from where she was standing. A happily disheveled man emerged from one of the doorways, his face still flushed in post orgasmic glow as he melted into the mass of people swarming along. Chloe felt her mother grip her hand and tug just as a sultry whore deliberately made eye contact with her and maintained a simmering expression while slowly licking her lips and stroking her hand over her scantily clad pussy.

“Jesus Chloe, don’t stare at her like that! She thinks you’re interested.”

Chloe blushed, thankful for the dim red glow that bathed the street. Her mother had been closer to the truth than she realized. The whore reminded her a little of Sarah and suddenly the idea of an experienced tongue lapping away at her wet pussy seemed most appealing. Fuck, she was horny. This place had really gotten to her.

“Mom, let’s get off the street for a while and browse in the stores,” she said, eager to get a glimpse of what delights lurked inside.

The sex shop they entered was one of the larger ones. The sign outside boasted that ‘private cabins’ were available and that they had the biggest video and DVD collection available in the city. They both let out a small gasp as they stepped through the narrow entrance into the dimly lit world of hard-core pornography. Sex was blatantly displayed everywhere. Triple XXX magazine covers lined the shelves with their vivid and sometimes shocking depictions of every type of carnal connection and the array of dildos, vibrators and devices with studs, spikes and other attachments screamed for attention. Towards the back they could see rows and rows of videos and DVD’s on display and against one wall there were booths or private cabins for viewing.

“Good God,” Paula said wide-eyed as she absorbed the first shock of their surrounds. Chloe giggled softly at her mother’s reaction and guided her towards the wide selection of toys.

“Ahem, I think we are here to buy something, aren’t we?” Chloe said, feeling less self conscious than she thought she would have, given that she was about to choose a vibrator with her mother.

“Oh my God, honey,” Paula gasped, “How does one choose with so much available?”

“I’ve heard the Rabbit Pearl is good,” Chloe replied nonchalantly, “It’s a combination one that penetrates while the rabbit ears stimulate the uh… um clit as well.”

Paula grinned, “Sounds like you are somewhat of an expert.”

“Nah,” Chloe laughed self-consciously, “But some of the girls at university are, and they do talk.”

They looked across the display taking in the extraordinary sizes, shapes and colors when suddenly Chloe heard her mother catch her breath sharply. As if in a trance she reached out and touched one of the phallic shapes letting her fingers trace the heavily veined latex shaft. It was one of the largest vibrating dildos with a length of around ten to twelve inches and advertised as having a starting diameter at the tip of three inches but thickening out along the shaft to around five inches in circumference.

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