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Anissa Jolie

This is a parody story, no characters represent any real person, alive or deceased.

All characters are over the age of 18, including cartoon characters who have failed several years of school.


Thursday morning, sitting in homeroom, Steve’s mind was in sex-crazed fog as usual. Today though, he had every reason to be distracted. after all he had finally lost his cherry yesterday; to his sister Haley of all people.

Steve was so tied up in his day dreaming that he didn’t even see Mrs. Jacobs as she strolled up behind him. The sound of her throat clearing got his attention. She reached down and picked up a sketch, that until now he didn’t even realize he’d been absentmindedly working on.

It was a detailed drawing of a large set of naked breasts. Mrs. Jacobs looked away from the sketch and glared down at her horny student, one eyebrow cocked.

‘Oh shit!’ He thought with a sick look.

Later that afternoon, Francine Smith walked up the school hallway against the traffic flow, kids scrambling around her as the end of the day arrived. Her high-heels clicked against the floor as she searched for her son’s classroom.

“Hey sweet lady. Care to take a ride on the speed train.” came the sappy come on from Senior, Clint Speed. Francine ignored the boy’s ham handed pickup attempt, unaware that her son Steve had shown Clint her eroticly posed image on his cell phone a few days before.

Enjoying the gaze of the older boys, she none the less was annoyed by the amount of cranked up noise and commotion caused by the unruly bunch trying to leave the school for the day. Finally she found her way to room 125.

“Mrs. Smith, I appreciate you coming in to meet with me. I’m very concerned about Steve’s performance lately and felt you should be too.” Mrs. Jacob’s said as they sat near her desk.

“Well thank you for calling me. I wasn’t aware there was a problem.” Francine said.

“Along with his frequent tardiness Steve seems very distracted during class lately. I’m afraid he’s developing a very unhealthy obsession.” She said.

“What kind of obsession?” Francine asked, with a hint of concern

“This afternoon I caught him drawing this.” The teacher said, setting the boob sketch in front of Francine.

‘Tits? Steve is drawing tits at school. Big titties too. Oh my God. I wonder if they’re mine?’ Francine thought.

“Well; boys will be boys Mrs. Jacobs.” Francine giggled nervously.

“So you’re not concerned that your son was drawing female breasts during my math class?” The teacher asked with annoyance.

“Yes, of course that part does concern me, but if you’re also asking if I consider drawing pictures of naked women an unhealthy obsession for a boy Steve’s age? That answer is no.” Francine said defensively.

“Mrs. Smith, his grades are slipping rapidly. Something has recently happened to cause this slip.” Mrs. Jacob’s said with concern.

“Well then, that will be addressed I can assure you. But as far as this “obsession” is concerned, it will not be handled here at school. I will take care of it at home. Anything else Mrs. Jacobs?” Francine asked, with a grandiose little smirk.

As she left school, Steve’s little art project clinched tightly in her hand as she drove, Francine came to a decision.

At eleven o’clock that night Steve Smith lay in his bed, finally unwinding after what had been an extremely stressful and nerve racking day. ‘How could I have been so stupid and careless?’ he thought to himself. I can’t believe Mom didn’t bring it up at dinner. I’m probably off the hook tonight, but I bet my ass gets grounded when Stan gets back home.’

Completely exhausted, he turned out his lights and lay his head on his pillow, the white noise sound of a lengthy shower running down the hall, followed by the hum of a hair dryer slowly allowing him to peacefully nod off.

The sound of his cell phone receiving a text message awakened Steve from his deep slumber. Reaching out he fumbled blindly on the nightstand until his hand closed around it. Forcing his eyes open, he saw that it was a little after midnight.

“Who the hell is texting me this late?” Steve wondered as he looked at the phone and saw the avatar of his mom in her pink star tank top. “Why is she texting me? God, please don’t have her want to talk to me now about that drawing.” He pleaded.

TEXT FROM FRANCINE: “Steve, are you still up? I need to talk with you. Can I come to your room?”

TEXT FROM STEVE: “What’s wrong.”

TEXT FROM FRANCINE: “We need to talk about your school work.”

TEXT FROM STEVE: “Now? I guess…”

Shaking his head, Steve put the phone down and forced his tired body to get up. Soon after slipping on a pair of shorts and a tank top, he heard gentle rapping and walked the short distance to his door to open it as he turned on the light for the room.

Fighting the sudden light filling the room, Steve sleepily had the impression that his mother was a little taller than normal tonight.

“Thanks.” casino oyna She whispered as she slowly walked past him to take a seat on his bed. His mother was wearing her thick, extra-long terrycloth robe, cinched up tightly by the sash, and pulled tightly together on top.

‘Oh shit.’ He thought to himself. ‘She’s gone back to the frumpy look. That can’t be good.’ In the blinding light of his room he noted that despite the granny robe, her hair and makeup were giving her a glamorous and wild appearance.

“Have you been out tonight?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about where I’ve been Steve; we need to have a serious talk.”

Steve looked at her miserably, knowing she was about to lower the boom over his school grades and conduct. Since he knew she had been called to school that afternoon, she was probably going to also jump him about the drawing.

“Yeah, Mom, I know…”

“You’re failing some of your classes, honey.” She started. “Your behavior has got to change. You need to tackle your studies like you used too.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Steve hung his head. Francine reached in the pocket of her big frumpy robe and pulled out the sketch his teacher had given her, and handed it over to him.

“Here…I thought you might wanna keep this.” She said.

“Huh?” He gasped, taken by surprise that his mother had the confiscated drawing.

“Although I don’t think we can put it on the refrigerator.” They both laughed lightly to themselves at the thought.

“You’re getting to be a pretty good artist Steve. Those are very realistic.” She said.

“Thanks.” He said sarcastically, still embarrassed and confused.

“Are they mine?” she asked, catching him off guard.

“Uh… no.” He lied.

“Too bad.” She said, glancing over at the picture. “They look a lot like mine; except the nipples are wrong. You know my areolas are much bigger…or were you not paying attention when I took my bath the other night…because I really thought you were focused sweetie.”

Steve just looked sheepishly at the floor. “I’ll do better, Mom.”

“Yes you will, Steve. The bad grades and acting out have got to stop. Your studies are so important, we’ve got to do something to get you turned around, honey.” she took a deep breath.

“So let’s talk more about our “incentive” plan we briefly talked about the other night” Francine turned and walked to the door. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, as she shut the door and turned the lock.

“We wouldn’t want to have anyone walk in unannounced would we?” She smiled.

“No, Mam.” he replied in a voice that cracked with emotion.

He stood, looking down as she passed again in front of him, gently grazing the back of her hand over his tenting cock as she walked to his bed.

“Come sit here Steve.” Francine requested as she patted the bed with a smile.

“Um, okay.” Steve said, gawking at her cleavage as he made his way over.

He started to sit at the foot of his bed, when she pointed to the headboard. “No, get on the bed, like you were going to lay on it.”

“What?” he asked, as his mom patted the middle of the bed. With a confused shrug, Steve climbed onto the bed and sat in the middle, facing her.

“Take your shirt off Steve.”

“My…take my shirt off?” Steve shook his head, “Mom?”

“Steve! I said take your shirt off.” Steve quickly obeyed, removing his shirt and tossing it onto the foot of the bed. Francine grinned as she reached out and ran her long red nails across his shoulder and down his chest.

“You are looking good, Steve.”

“Uh, thanks mom.”

She sighed and continued trailing her hand up and down his chest. It was no longer her nails, but her fingers. When she dropped down and caressed his stomach, Steve jerked away.

“Shy, are we?” she asked. “You have nothing to be shy about honey. You’re a good looking young man.” She gave him a strange smile. “I’ve always thought that, but tonight you look better than ever.” She slid closer to him, her robe hiking up, opening to expose one leg up to her knee.

Steve felt his cock stirring as he lifted his head, forcing his eyes not to stray down to her concealed tits. He could tell she was being more authoritative than she had been over the past few days, and it was a bit intimidating to him.

“Steve, it’s time to lay all of our cards on the table dear.” She gave him a nasty smile. “It’s okay to look at my tits Steve…It’s not like you haven’t seen them before. You were okay watching me take my bath the other night when I invited you, right sweetie?” She asked pleasantly, pulling his chin up to force their gazes to meet.

An awkward smile formed a look of embarrassment on his face.

“And you’ve seen way more of me than just during my bath the other night, right?” A look of astonishment and fear crept across his face.

‘Please God…don’t let her have found the pictures and videos! PLEASE!’ Steve prayed to himself.

“Remember the day you fell by the garage and canlı casino hurt your ankle?” She asked as Steve continued to look down at his toes. “I came upstairs to get the cane from the hall for you. Your room was such a mess that I started to pick a few things up. I was picking up your dirty clothes when I found your photo club camera lying on that chair by the window.” She pointed towards the chair still sitting by his window.

“Did you know that is the only window in the entire neighborhood that looks out over our garden?” She continued, smiling.

Knowing the images that were on that camera memory card, the color drained from his face as Francine continued.

“I looked around the garage the next day to try and understand why you were up on that ladder in the garden.” Steve looked at his mother pleadingly. “Honey, I found your ‘loft fort’ in the garage.”

Steve felt his heart begin to pound and his stomach sink. He thought he might vomit.

Seeing her young son visibly shuddering and looking anxious, Francine reached her hand out to his knee, caressing it softly. He continued trembling softly with fear from having probably been caught spying on his mother and sister.

His mind churned as he clung hopelessly to the hope that he might still be able to get out of this ordeal. Only two nights ago it had looked like he was going to soon be taking erotic photos of his MILF mom; and only last night he had fucked for the first time, with his sister.

Suddenly things were getting desperate. He knew he was going to vomit now.

“Here is the thing Steve…” Francine smiled sweetly and spoke with fondness as she once more pulled his chin up to force his eye contact. “I think you have pictures and videos of me on your computer…and I want to see them”

He gulped awkwardly. “I think you were looking at pictures of me last Saturday when I brought your laundry in.” She looked at him openhearted, but with intention. “I could have just come in here one day while you were at school and looked through your computer…but I didn’t want to do that.”

Steve started to tear up and hyperventilate, overcome by equal parts embarrassment and shock from being caught, and disappointment and sorrow at the awesome erotic experiences he was now going to miss out on.

The expression on Francine’s face turned quickly to compassion as she hastily kneeled on the floor in front of her son and grabbed his shoulders. “Honey…it’s okay…Really!” She said enthusiastically.

Grabbing his chin once more, she looked in his eyes and smiled. “You don’t think you’re in trouble do you?”

“I’m not?” he chocked.

“Steve Smith! I know I raised a brighter boy than that.” She laughed, forcing a nervous smile to his lips as tears streamed down his face.

“Think about this,” she continued. “You fell and hurt your ankle two Fridays ago, right.” Steve nodded as he began working the time over in his head.

“I just told you a few minutes ago that I found your camera that afternoon…” she reminded him. “And I found the fort the next morning…right?” she continued as he nodded.

“Think back…did anything interesting happen that afternoon after I found your fort and camera? I wonder…let me think? Do you recall anything memorable Steve?” His eyes began to open wider as he realized where she was going with the conversation.

“Well, if you didn’t know it at the time, I seem to recall that I was in my garden that afternoon working VERY hard on my tan.” She continued, raising her eyebrow’s to form a friendly look of acknowledgment.

“Maybe you didn’t know I was tanning that afternoon; in the nude? That would be a shame really, because I spent a lot of time and effort rubbing tanning oil all over…and I mean ALL OVER my naked body that afternoon”

A magnificent smile crossed her lips. “And I thought I put on a REALLY hot show. I was really wishing that someone with great quality camera equipment and with great photography skills was capturing that.” She smiled sexily, nearly purring her comments.

“After I found that camera and fort, do you really think I would have knowingly lain out in my garden nude, rubbing oil all over myself unless I wanted to be seen and photographed? Would I?”

Steve sat dumb struck before squeaking out a low “Uh, no?”

“Let’s think about if any other significant events happened after I found your camera and fort.” she asked, resting her chin on her fist like the thinker.

“Oh wait! I remember something else.” She snapped off a little too loudly, startling Steve. “Sorry about that.” She apologized as they both laughed. “We don’t want to wake your sister, so I’ll tone it down a bit. Anyway, I will admit that you seeing me in the hallway in my sexy little robe the night before your dad left was a real accident, but what about the next night when I went out with my friends, and came back to the house with my clothes a little out of control? Maybe you noticed the picture I texted you in school on Monday was from that kaçak casino night?”

Steve nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

“Notice anything unusual about that photo Steve? Maybe something interesting about my clothes?” a sly smile formed on his lips as he shook his head positive.

“Well Steve? What was it? I thought we were able to discuss these things now like adults?”

“Your bra was pulled down and your nipples were showing through your blouse.” He answered with eagerness.

“Now would I have sent that text to you if I was mad because you were taking pictures of me?”

“No!” he answered happily.

“And would I have put that super flirty, super short negligee on to come back and look for magazines that night?”


“And would I have left my door cracked open while I paraded around my bedroom, admiring my hot body in my mirror; and posed on my bed if I was mad?”

“No” Steve nearly yelled.

“Before I go on, remember we agreed we can be honest, right Steve?”

“Right mom!” he beamed.

“If I was mad, would I have “accidently” texted you the photo of me in my negligee that night…and laid on my bed with the door cracked open…pounding my little pussy with a big dildo…” She looked deeply into his eyes, her voice becoming huskier.

“…and would I have hoped…no; would I have prayed that you were in the hall watching me; and taking pictures of me on your cell phone as I enjoyed myself?”

Steve gulped loudly before responding softly and deeply “No.”

“And If I saw you looking at those pictures on your computer the next morning, would I have come back to your room that night, longing for you to show me the beautiful pictures you had taken of me…so we could look at them together?”

“No.” he responded softly, his breathing increased greatly.

“And what about the X-rated photos I “accidently” sent you Tuesday? Do you really think I didn’t know where they were going? So…” the blonde mother asked her son, licking her lips lightly, her eye lids slightly slitted “Do you want to tell mommy anything?”

Gathering his confidence, and sitting up tall, Steve began. “Mother…I have been taking some really sexy pictures and videos of you for a while. Would you like to look at them with me?”

“Oh Steve…” she purred, “More than anything. Can we look now?” she responded, melting against her son like wet sugar.

“Sure mom.” He said standing up and pulling her with him.

“There are a lot though. It’s going to take a VERY long time over several days to see everything.”

Francine’s eyes lit up and sparkled. “Yummy…I can’t wait! Can we look for a little while tonight and talk about what we are going to do to get your grades up while we look?”

“Sure thing mom.” Steve responded as he wrapped his arm around his mother’s waist and guided her to his computer desk.

As Steve prepared to sit down Francine smiled and her hand dropped back down to his chest and started rubbing it. Wrapping her other arm around his waist, holding him in place, she stood in front of her teenage son in her thick terry cloth robe, “So I have to know…what do you like the most about taking pictures of me Steve?”

“I know that it is hard to believe, but I just think you’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen!” Steve blurted out. “I…I like to look at mature women and…You’re the sexiest woman I have ever seen. And lately you have been dressed really provocatively…” Steve trailed off, his eyes focusing on her frump gown.

“You said that so wonderfully. That makes me feel really good Steve.” She said as she slid even closer to him. Steve became painfully aware of her tits grazing his chest through the thick material of the robe.

“It does?” Steve stuttered.

“Yes, because I decided a long time ago that I was flattered that a good looking young guy like you thinks I’m hot.” She gave him a little smile and leaning forward, kissed him. The kiss was a quick peck, but directly on his lips.

“I was a little worried that if you saw me in nude photos and videos, and maybe got excited by those images…I was concerned you might think of me as a porn star first and as your mom second…but I decided that was okay.” She said with a huge smile.

As Steve sat there stunned, she went on. “But better than that,” she leaned over and sighed in his ear. “It gave me an idea, a really fun idea.”

“What’s that?” Steve breathed as he felt her lips caress his ear. Again Steve felt his cock stiffening as she stepped back and looked at him.

“First of all, I can see the disappointment in your eyes in the way I’m dressed tonight…”

“No Mom; you look great.” He interrupted, trying to put his mother at ease on her appearance. He noticed, now that he had his head up, that his mother’s hair and makeup looked like she was preparing to step on the runway as a Mrs. America contestant.

“I mean, your hair looks fantastic, and your makeup…WOW, what can I say? You look really hot. Did you go out tonight?”

Francine stepped back and undid her sash, letting the big thick unfashionable robe fall off her shoulders onto the floor. “I didn’t go anywhere tonight Steve. I did ALL of this just for you.”

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