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I rolled around in bed trying to get comfortable, trying to get to sleep! I looked up at the alarm clock 2:15 god why couldn’t I get him out of my head? It’s been almost 2 years since I last saw Luke, but still thoughts of him and our time together continued to keep me awake at night.

We were only together for about 8 months but they were 8 very hot months! He was sexy as hell, his light brown hair fell in folds over his forehead and I used to love tucking it behind his ear so I could gaze into his gorgeous hazel eyes. His body was well toned with muscles in all the right places, and a cock that would make any girls eyes water!

He also has a tattoo, a small heart on his left shoulder, with my name in it, Jenny.

I do have a new boyfriend now his name is John and he’s nice, I’m not really sure it’s going anywhere though and I don’t want to hurt him but nice isn’t enough for me, I need more, I need heat, I need passion, I need Luke.

The more I thought about Luke the harder it was to get to sleep, I was reliving our time together over and over in my head and it was making me horny. I closed my eyes and imagined he was in the bed beside me, gazing up at me, giving me his sexy slow smile, the one that let me know he was going to touch me.

I was lost in my memories now, everything was real, my senses were heightened, I could feel his presence, and I could smell his aftershave, my hand was now his hand as it stroked its way down my stomach and rested just above my throbbing clit. I desperately wanted him to touch me and my hand sunk into my pussy, my lips were moist and I worked two fingers in and out, the way Luke used to.

I fucked myself gently, soaking my fingers in my pussy then drawing them out to work on my clit. Writhing around on the bed I worked myself into a delicious frenzy, tormenting myself, grinding my arse into the mattress as I gradually increased my own pleasure.

Moan after moan began to escape from my mouth as I struggled to control my own breathing. My climax was nearing as I feverishly fucked myself with my hand, with Luke’s hand, my other urgently rubbing at my clit.

I kozyatağı escort bayan could feel my orgasm building in my stomach, threatening to explode at any second, I saw Luke’s face, I screamed out his name, then I came, I came which such intensity that the room spun and my vision blurred, Luke always did give the best orgasms.

I woke up late the next morning, grateful of the sleep and the tingling feeling that still remained between my legs. Boiling the kettle for my regular morning coffee fix I remembered it was Saturday and I had a party to go to tonight. I had better call John and remind him to pick me up, we could both use a good night out and this party sounded perfect.

Later that evening after a very long bath and a very short black dress I was ready to have some fun. Sitting in John’s car, five minutes away from the party I began to get excited, it had been ages since I last went out. The car pulled up outside the club and I made my way to the entrance, John tagging behind.

As I walked in all eyes turned to me, I knew my legs looked long and luscious in my short dress, my tits firm and snug at my cleavage. My long brown hair hung loosely down my shoulders and glistened under the flashing lights. I liked the attention I was getting as I headed for the bar for the first of many drinks I would have that evening.

An hour into my partying and I was having a great time, drinking and dancing and really letting my hair down, I left John sitting in one of the booths, he wasn’t much of a dancer anyway. As my eyes searched the dance floor for any possible eye candy, I froze, our eyes met at the same time across the crowded dance floor. Luke.

My legs felt weak and my heart began to race, he was coming over to me and I had no idea what was about to happen, what I would say, I felt sick and excited and the tingle came back between my legs.


“Luke” I managed to breathe

“Wow, you look amazing, long time no see”

He still looked as gorgeous as ever, I knew then that something was going to happen between us küçükçekmece escort bayan and I was starting to regret bringing John. I knew I had to talk to him although I didn’t know if I could bring myself to talk, my power of speech had gone and all I could think about was how much I wanted him.

“Yeah, it’s been a while, how are you? Single?

Shit! Could I be more obvious? I followed it up quickly with

“I’m here with my boyfriend”

“Yeah I know, I saw you together earlier and no I’m not single”

At this point I knew I had to have him and started to batter my eyelashes and stick out my cleavage.

“I didn’t think you would be, let me guess you have 2 or 3 on the go right?

“Something like that, but their not here tonight”

“Well I didn’t think they would be, I guess you will just have to make do with me then”

He gave me that sexy smile of his that I knew so well, took out a packet of cigarettes and lit one for me; he leaned in close placed the cigarette between my lips and whispered in my ear

“Your boyfriends coming over, when you can get away come and find me”

Then he kissed my cheek and was gone in the crowd, I was so excited I wanted to touch myself right there on the dance floor, but I had to control my urges and look all sweet and innocent for my boyfriend.

I had to sit down for a minute, Luke was here, I could hardly believe it, but he was here and I wanted him more than ever. I found a table at the edge of the dance floor, 2 vodkas later and I spotted him again talking to a group of friends, this was it!

I told John I was going to the toilet and got up from my seat. I walked across the dance floor, he wasn’t looking so I brushed past him and nipped his cute little arse, when I was past him I turned, winked then gave him my sexiest come and fuck me smile, then walked in the direction of the exit.

I just kept walking and looking straight ahead; I didn’t need to check if he was following me, I knew he was. I reached the exit, walked outside and around the building, the next küçükyalı escort bayan thing I know he grabs me from behind and pushes me up against the wall.

Our eyes meet for a brief moment before we were locked in a hungry kiss, our tongues meet and passion overrides our bodies, my hands are up under his shirt, feeling his chest as his hand goes straight between my legs and starts kneading at my crotch.

He pulls my underwear to one side and starts rubbing at my very wet slit. God I was so hot by now, he was all I wanted and I was going to fuck him, I knew it was wrong but temptation was too much for me, I couldn’t resist him!

I unzipped his jeans and pushed them to the floor, taking his hard cock out from his boxers and running my hand up and down his shaft, feeling him shudder from my touch. He grabbed both my hands with one of his and pinned them above my head using his other to finger fuck my pussy.

The wetter I became the faster he worked my pussy and the harder he kissed me. My knees started to buckle as he took me to orgasmic bliss; the pleasure was overwhelming.

He freed my arms as he bent down to rip of my underwear; my best black thong lay on the ground as he worked his way back up to my mouth, kissing me ferociously, my hands flew around his neck as he pushed himself inside of me, penetrating me, consuming me completely.

His thrusts were deep and hard; his hands were under my dress on my arse pulling me into him, we were desperate for each other as we banged up against that wall; we were out of control, our bodies and lust taking over us.

His thrusts got harder and faster and I could feel another orgasm building up deep inside. My breathing was erratic and my cunt was on fire. I could feel him swelling and twitching inside me telling me he was as close as I was.

One final thrust and we both exploded into orgasm, I could feel him cumming inside me and my orgasm intensified making me shake. He held me close and kissed me softly as I regained control over my body.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, just kissing as he gradually withdrew himself from me.

“I really should get back to the party; my boyfriend will start looking for me soon.”

“I want to see you again”

“Oh god, I want to too, but it’s difficult, I’m involved with someone, I don’t know what’s going on”

“I want to see you again”


“Tomorrow, meet me back here; we can drive to my flat”

“What Time?”

“Seven o’ Clock”

“I’ll be here…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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