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The day was not unlike any other. Sed had a routine of being the life of any party. Down at Wolfe’s Irish Pub, everyone knew everyone. New ones that came in quickly felt welcomed. The one place that people could be so different and yet get along as if the same. It’s like 31 flavors! Different taste, some blend, some don’t, but all are in one place to explore. The one known as Sed was the favored flavor…

Sed was the kind of person that brought out the inner excitement in men and woman. Everyone loved her! She knew how to communicate with all types. To her, they were all interesting in their own unique way. One could feel as if alone, an outcaste of some sort, until it came to her attention. She would quickly bring their inner person out for all to get to know. This was how she came to know Michael.

The room was full. Everyone was having a good time. The usual gang was there. With her back to the door, Sed was laughing and joking as usual. She liked to create her own type of “shock n aw”. Her jokes usually were of the sexual nature. As the door opened, she glanced while telling her story. A stranger had entered. She continued her story, but followed him with her eyes as he cased the room.

He looked out of place. Not quite sure what to do next. He noticed Sed following his moves and went toward her as a good place to start. He tried to order a beer, but the room was so packed he couldn’t get the attention of the tender.

“What’ll ya have cutie?” Sed asks.

“A Coors, but I don’t think you will get his attention,” Michael says with a smile.

Standing from her seat, Sed whistles! ” Coors over here Bill!”

“Got it Sed darlen,” Says Bill.

Handing Michael the beer she introduces herself. “I’m Sed. How ya doing tonight?”

Michael takes the beer. “I’m good, thanks.” He goes on to say; “I was thinking there are no great places left to have a good time, with good people. Seems all are in their own little click with no room for someone new.”

Sed was every man’s fantasy! Not because there were none prettier or smarter. She had an aura about her. She was beautiful, witty, smart, and very sexy. Those who came in contact with her couldn’t help but have a good time, both men and woman. She was a friend to all and not a threat to other woman. They seem to draw from her to bring out their own sex appeal.

“Aw, just give them a chance here hon. The people are great when you get to know them.”

She invited him to have a private game of pool while they talked.

She asked…. “So darlen, what brings such a nice looking man in here alone?”

“Well, I just felt like getting out to have a look around. Nothing out of the ordinary about me,” says Michael.

Michael was very good-looking. It was his smooth quietness along with good looks that captured Sed’s attention. He was the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome. His dark green eyes captivate her, sparkling with such kindness. As he shot, she studied him. From his wavy hair to his well built chest and arms.

She thought to herself…. “Mm mm mm that is one of the finest asses I could ever find!” He caught her watching him. Giving her a sly smile, he flexed for her.

Then asked, “Are you here with anyone?”

“No,” she said. “I am never here with someone. I am here with everyone.”

Just then Deb came over to their area. She was one of Wolfe’s wenches.

Wearing her short black skirt and white shirt, she asked, “Hey Sed need anything?”

“Hi doll,” Sed replied. “Yes actually I could use another tap, another Coors for you Mike?”

“Ya that would be great thanks,” he replied.

Deb gave Sed her tap, and after giving Michael his Coors, she slapped him on the ass and said, “Let me know if ya need me sweetie.”

“Ya ya, just get on your way you ebol wench,” said Sed in a joking tone. “By the way, I thought Trina was working tonight?”

“Ya she was,” Deb replied, “but she asked if I would fill in for her. She needed to stay with her kid.”

“Oh, ok,” said Sed, as her attention went back to the good-looking stranger before her. As the night went on they talked, a lot. The sparks between the two could start a fire…Did start a fire.

Michael and Sed met at Wolfe’s Irish Pub many times over the next couple of months. When he entered the room her eyes lit up like sparkling stars. They talked about everything. There was no hiding the strong attraction between the two, with they’re playful flirting and even kissing.

It was near closing time at the Pub. The two were still sitting in their spot at a corner table.

“Hey you two, I’m sorry but I have to get this place closed up on time tonight. I göztepe escort bayan need to get home to my kid,” said Trina the bar wench.

“It isn’t safe for you to walk out alone Sed hon. Let me see you out,” said Michael.

“You’ll get no flack from me darlen,” replied Sed.

The night was chilly it had been raining.

Michael stepped in front of Sed and said, “I feel so…alive when I’m with you. I hate when we say goodnight.”

“I feel the same way hon,” said Sed. “But, I don’t know what else we can do. You have your life and I have mine.”

Michael looked into her eyes and said, “Yes I know, come with me.”

“Where,” Sed asked?

“For coffee or just sit and talk. I just don’t want to say goodnight yet,” Michael said.

His eyes looked deep into hers and made her heart beat faster. The intense feelings of arousal stirred the butterflies in her stomach.

“Ok,” she replied. “I have some time left. You sure you can take more time?”

“Yes, it will be fine,” he replied.

They walked down the street to the local coffee house. The only one that stayed open after bar time. Sed took Michael’s hand into hers. He gripped hers as if never wanting to let go, feeling so overcome with emotion she stopped. She turned to him brushing his hair away from his face with her long fingers and gazed into his eyes.

” Michael, it is so wonderful to be with you,” she said.

He was in a daze, wanting her so much but then holding back. She bent him down to her and hugged him. He hugged her back. He inhaled her wonderful, intoxicating scent, both breathing in an irregular rhythm. She tenderly kissed his neck. When she moved to his mouth he could no longer hold back. They both fell into a deep kiss. Her breast heaved with a gasp andre43bv put her hands through his hair, and pressed close to him. He was holding the small of her back pulling her in tight, exploring the pleasures of their tongues meeting and sinking deeper and deeper into each other.

His hands fell to cup her ass, an upward squeeze made her whimper. Michael started to guide her over to the dark side of the building before them and Sed was taking his lead. Still holding her ass and kissing her with explosive passion, he backed her against the building. She felt his bulging pants pressing against her, and his hands running up her skirt sending chills up her spine.

Braking away from the kiss looking in his eyes she whispered, “Oh Michael.” Her eyes finished the sentence.

His hand found it’s way past her ass, and rubbed her the inner creases.

Sed unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her breast to the night air, not wearing a bra her nipples were hard. Capturing Michael’s eyes, she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper, pulling his cock out of them. It was so hard and throbbing, he shivered at her touch. She looked up and kissed him once again.

The fire of passion was burning in both of them. Michael lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her against the building spreading her ass moving his cock to find her entrance and pushed his massive erection inside of her in one deep thrust. They both released a sigh of pleasure being swept away in the moment. He moved his cock in long strokes, bending to suck her large breast with big nipples. Her breaths grew heavier as she moaned softly so not to draw attention to interrupt this wonderful feeling of passion, pleasure and ultimate connection of the two.

Michael was groaning softly as well. His eyes were glassy, full of aw for her. Pumping his cock deep inside her, he started rotating back and forth sucking and pulling on her nipples. Sed was running her nails up his back. His cock was banging against her clit as he moved faster and harder inside her, bouncing her up for a better grip. She sucked his lips in and kissed him deep, sliding her tongue over his and swirling around it, exploring his ever-loving mouth thoroughly. The breathing was intense! Her inner creases were hot with desire.

“O0o Michael,” she whispered.

His cock was building to blow his juices inside her. “Yes, Oh god Yes,” he groaned!

She began biting down on his shoulder trying to be quiet, but she couldn’t. Her clit was throbbing, her pussy hot, and she started to cummmmmm. He continued to bounce her, pushing deep with in her. He sucked her neck and also started to cum.

“OOOH, mmmmm,” they both moaned!

Their bodies were heaving and releasing all of what was inside. Giving to each other the emotions that have been felt for some time. Her arms were hugging tight around his neck. He still was holding her ass, halkalı escort bayan leaving his cock inside her. Feeling the splendor running down, She put her legs to the ground, careful not to let go of his cock. They leaned on each other, and began softly kissing shoulders, then necks, until they’re eyes met.

Not being able to speak, they just held on to each other and the moment.

Finally he said, “Sed! You are so wonderful. I have never met anyone like you. You touch a part of me I didn’t know I had.”

Looking up at him she replied, “You touch me the same way darlen. My feelings are so intense I’m shaking.”

“Don’t be afraid Sed,” said Michael.

“I’m not afraid Michael. I’m filled…with you; there is no other like you,” she said with a sparkle in her eye.

“Do you really mean it,” he said?

“Yes, I do,” she replied. “I’m excited every time I know you will be at the pub. When you come in, all the other people sort of…fade away.”

“I feel the same way babe,” says Michael. “And now… he held her head and kissed her, now I want you more than ever!”

Sed put one leg up on him, and ran her finger up her pussy filled with her juices and his that have become one, then put it in his mouth. He sucked it in, erotically licking it, and then kissing again.

“Yummmm, we make a great flavor,” said Sed.

Time stood still for the two. Every meeting was greater than the one before. Their lovemaking went many places. In the alley, the restroom, the stockroom, the motel down the street. Every chance they had to be together, they met. What they really needed was time to really unleash all of their passions.

One night Michael asked her if she could ever get away for the weekend, or even just a night? He had a place he wanted to show her. After discussing it for a length of time, a date was set. In two weeks he will pick her up at the old bridge down on Pike Road. He told her she could leave her car in the barn there, and they would leave in his truck from that point.

The day arrived and Sed was so excited. She couldn’t wait to see where he was going to take her. She told her husband she was going to spend the weekend at Trina’s house. She had done this before. He had no reason to question it. In her small suitcase she packed the necessary things, two sexy nighties, one kinky outfit, some of her favorite toys, a bottle of perfume, and toiletries. She also packed some things to throw her husband off from suspicion.

On her way out she left a note of instructions in the kitchen, with a menu of foods she has left to just heat and eat while she is gone. Michael was waiting for her at Pikes Road. He was right on time as always. She parked in the barn, threw her bag in the back of his truck, jumped in the seat and kissed him with excitement.

“I can’t wait to spend the weekend with you,” she said. “Mmm,” Michael replied. “I can’t wait either. I know your going to love this place.”

Michael drove her to a cabin. It was prepared for them. Lit with candles, a bottle of wine was chilling with two glasses near by.

“Oh Michael!” she said…”This is beautiful.”

She looked around the cabin as she took off her coat and gave it to Michael. The room has a beautiful bed with long romantic curtains hanging from it. Sed sits on the bed. The room was glowing from the candles and the fire. It was so charming and warm, just like Michael.

“Let’s block the outside world. It’s just you and me ok?” said Michael.

“Ok,” Sed replied as he handed her a glass of wine. ” What ever will we do she says as rubbing the top of the bed.”

Michael looked at her with a soft, sly smile and said; “I’m sure we will think of something.”

Sed put down the glass of wine, glanced around the room, looking at the beauty. The romantic setting he so carefully had prepared.

“Michael this is just…breath taking.”

Turning toward him, she slowly started to unbutton her blouse. It fell off her shoulders and onto the floor. She unzipped her short skirt. It also dropped to the floor. She stood before him in her pale pink thong, matching lace bra and high heals, and leaned him back on the bed and straddled him. She softly parted his lips with her tongue and kissed him long and deep exploring his mouth. He moved his hands up her body and across her large chest. He found the snap of her bra and released it. Stroking his hands over them, he took a nipple into his mouth, teasing with his tongue, pulling it with his teeth. She leaned her head back. Her hands brushed across his face and through his hair. Their eyes gazed into each other’s.

He moved ikitelli escort bayan to the other nipple, taking it into his mouth with more force, fondling the other at the same time. He stoked them, pulling them.

“Aaaaaaaah, I want you so much, Michael,” she said!

He started kissing between them, and then trailed down her stomach. She took a deep breath as the excitement moved through her body. His hands moved over her nice firm ass, spreading her cheeks. He slipped his finger through her lower lips, to find soft smooth skin, moist and warm. Her breast heaved as she dragged her nails over his back, and down his arms.

He licked her clit and down to her sweet pussy opening. The wonderful musky aroma was making him wild. He dipped his tongue inside her, swirling it around her pussy.

“Ohh Sed,” he said. “You beautiful woman!”

He delved his tongue deep and started to fuck her hole with it. She grabbed his hair and pushed him into her closer, moaning and begging him not to stop. “Yes baby, there! MMMMMichael!”

Her legs started to quake! He held her down and continued without let up. Sucking her sweet juices, lapping them up with his long tongue. “Please Michael, please she said, let me have u too!”

He took her clit into his mouth and sucked it, holding her tight into place. “O0o Michael please she begged!”

He continued without let up, sucking and licking over her clit until she pissed in his mouth!

“Damn baby, you sucked so hard I couldn’t help it,” she exclaimed.

He looked up at her and smiled. “You did exactly what I wanted you to do darling,” he said.

She replied with a sigh of relief in her voice, “I did?”

After saying “yes”, he continued to suck the cummy piss from her clit. He slid up to kiss her mouth. She tried to pull away at first, but he held her face and kissed her putting his tongue in her mouth, giving her a taste of her own piss and cum. She stopped fighting when she found it wasn’t offensive like she thought.

She reached for his cock. It was hot to the touch. She tugged and squeezed it. stroking it, loving the feel of it. She leaned him back, he with his legs under him, and started licking his cock with the tip of her tongue. Paying great attention to his little opening. Then she spit on it and stroked it, getting it slick. He leaning back on his feet, and was holding her head to his cock, pushing her to go down more. Long deep strokes down the back of his fuck vein with her tongue.

He pushed her more, and harder, telling her ” Oh honey suck it!”

He moved his hips to push into her, holding her jaws gently. Her head started to bob.

“Oh god woman,” he blurted out!

Bucking into her harder he blurts again, “oh yeah!” She could feel his cock throb and build to release his hot cum.

His cock filled her mouth. He bent toward her and ran his hands down her back, taking juices from her wet pussy and rubbing it on her tight little puckered asshole. His finger slipped in and started moving deep inside her hot hole, another started to fuck her pussy.

Feeling on fire by his fucking her ass and pussy, she licked down his cock ant sucked his balls in to her mouth. She stroked his cock at the same time. The moans and groans were loud and many! The two bodies moving in unison with each other until they could hold back no more!

She stroked his cock and sucked the head and slapped it on her face until his hot cum spewed all over her. Hitting her face, neck and tits. She kept stroking until every drop was spent. Then sucked his little piss hole until he was dry! At the same time she was cumming all over his fingers and he drew them to his mouth and ate her pussy juice like fine honey!

She lay on her back and he straddled her face and she sucked his cock and balls clean. He spread her legs and licked from thighs to pussy, to ass! When he finished he rolled over next to her on the floor and pulled her in his arms. Both were out of breath and bodies drained of all energy. The lay there and tongue fuck with their mouths, mixing the sweetness of each other together.

When they regained strength they took a shower together. Yes, they fucked there too! Also two more times in the night, and in the morning when they woke, in the hot tub before lunch, and before dinner that evening. They fucked so much both had to make up stories when they returned home about why they were so sore.

Eventually, either they could not hide their passion any longer… or something tragic happened. The two were never seen again. Some say the children here from their parents, but…nothing conclusive. Some say…they ran off to California and live a wild life of sex and drugs…There are even those that say…When Sed came home from her trip, her husband knew she was with another man, and he followed them from Wolfe’s bar and killed them both. Many believe they are buried in the bottom of stone creek somehow. But me… Ya, I think they are living happily in California. Where the sun is warm, the people always active…and Sed…always flirting…

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