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Author’s note: I wrote the first story as a request from one of my sexting buddies. I am neither a son nor a mother, so I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out. This story was not meant to have a second part, but you all gave me such wonderful feedback from the first part, I thought I should give you what you want! Thanks for all the feedback, and keep it coming! I love it:) So here is part two:


I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again. I squinted open one eye slowly. The light was shining straight through the blinds directly into my eye. My room was on the other side of the house so I was not used to the morning sun. Sun glaring in my sleepy eyes was a distinctly less appealing wake up call than the day before. I sighed as I remembered the sensation of waking up to a mouth on my cock. I realized I was already hard. I moved my hand under the blanket to jack off, then I remembered I was still alone in the house with Mom.

We had spent the last week and a half fucking our brains out. I had never met such a sex hungry woman, and it was my own mom! The weirdness took a couple days to wear off, but now it just felt normal to be in a big house with my mom for days and days on end. I had not left the house once yet. Why would I? Mom cooked all the food I could eat and anytime I got the slightest thought of wanting to fuck, she was right there and more than willing to sate that appetite as well.

Just as often as I propositioned her, she would come find me and insist I satisfy her. Thinking about this blissful time made my dick even harder. That and the smell of bacon wafting up from the kitchen made me throw the blankets aside and head downstairs. I didn’t bother to put on any clothes and my hard cock bounced as I went down the stairs. Turning the corner into the kitchen, I smiled as I saw Mom standing in front of the stove.

She wore one of my dad’s button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up, but nothing else. I could see the swooping curves of her ass under the hem of the shirt. She was tall for a woman so the shirt didn’t completely cover her. I felt my mind thickening with the lust I had come to know so well since the end of my semester. I walked straight over to her, put my hands on her hips to slide up under the shirt a little and pulled her tight against me. My hard-on pressed firmly between us as an unspoken invitation. I closed my mouth on her neck and even bit a little, I had come to learn this was a quick way to make my slutty mom wet.

“Mmmmm.” She hummed appreciatively as she reached behind my head to grip my hair. “You have to eat something first son, then we can play…” I groaned and flopped down into a chair like a sulky teenager. “No attitude.” She said as she passed a plate in front of me. She sat down with her own plate next to me.

As I cut into my pancakes, I could see the slopes of her heavy breasts in the unbuttoned V of my dad’s shirt. I couldn’t look away as I automatically pushed food into my mouth. One hunger was dwarfing the other as all I could think about was burying my face between Mom’s tits while I buried something else between her thighs…

“Honey…” The sound of her voice snapped my attention back to her face. I paused with a bite of pancake halfway to my open mouth.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“We need to talk about a few things.” She sounded very serious. My heart sank. Had she decided that what we were doing was wrong and we had to stop? Fuck!

“Your sister gets home in a couple days. We will have to be much more discreet. I know the little routine we have gotten used to the last couple weeks has been… really nice.” Here she smiled widely. Then she reached out and touched my bare knee. My skin tingled at the touch of her fingers.

“But…” she continued, the smile fading. “After we enjoy the next few days, I we will have to keep this as a nice memory, OK? Your sister comes home the day after tomorrow and then your father a week later. Elise is only 18. This is too much for her. And your father…” She trailed off with a worried look on her face. I knew she was thinking about the contract. I was pretty sure there was nothing in there about fucking their son in their own bed.

“It’s OK Mom. I get it.” I couldn’t hide the fact that I was disappointed. What did I think was going to happen? My sister would get home and I would just continue to sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed? Duh! No.

She sat back in her chair, looking relieved. “Good. Now that that is clear, I have a surprise for you…” A devilish smirk came to her face now. That mere expression made my dick jump and get hard again. I smiled back, waiting for the explanation.

“So, Alan called me this week. He wanted me tonight. Now, that is a tough situation because he is my dom, so I have to come to him when he wants me. I had to tell him that you were home and what we were doing. I had to give a reason to say no.” I had a sudden stab of fear at the thought that someone knew what we were doing. Mom saw my anxiety and continued, casino siteleri “Don’t worry, he likes the idea. In fact…” she paused for effect she looked excited but also a little apprehensive.

“He has instructed me to bring you with me tonight. I don’t know what he has planned, but he is a very imaginative man.” I was frozen. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t even know what this meant. Would he tie me up and ass fuck me or something? I was not cool with that. I could see the ratio of excitement to anxiety shift more toward anxiety in my mom’s face.

“He is completely straight, Honey. He won’t touch you, I promise. The thing is, he is very respectful and we always make sure everyone knows what we are and are not comfortable with before we start playing.” I was still dubious.

“You have a choice here. You can stay here, you can come and just watch, or you can let Alan bring you into his scene for tonight. Nothing will happen that you are uncomfortable with and we can stop whenever you want. Don’t make a decision now, just think about it today, then you can decide later, OK?” I just nodded.

She stood and swung into my lap, straddling me, her hands slipping up over my shoulders, up the back of my neck, gripping my hair. This woman was so intoxicating. Her bare pussy pressing against my cock, her hands on my body, her scent filing my head. My hungry need filled me completely. I wrapped my arms powerfully around her and stood up in one powerful motion, carrying her with me. She yelped in delight as she clutched my body to hold on as I walked us forward, my face buried in her neck, kissing, biting, inhaling. She moaned and my body reacted.

I had been heading for the living room couch, but made it as far as the stairs before I needed to be inside her. I set her down on the steps where she spread her legs wide for me to enter her. I pushed roughly inside and she grunted. I reached forward and ripped the front of Dad’s shirt open, buttons flying everywhere. There was something so satisfying about tearing clothes from a woman’s body. I had done it once with my girlfriend Andie, and she had chewed me out for ruining one of her shirts. Mom, on the other hand, cried out in pleasure and leaned back against the stairs. I descended on her body with my mouth and hands while I fucked her hard. Each thrust rocked her body up the stairs.

My morning wood never lasted long and I filled Mom with cum after just a minute or two. We stayed there on the stairs, the sweat chilling on our skin. After a few seconds to catch my breath, I went up the stairs to put some clothes on. My sweatpants and t-shirt were in Mom and Dad’s room so I went right there to get them off the floor. Before I could put them on though, my phone on the bedside table started ringing. It was Andie. I winced as I noticed there were a few missed calls from this morning.

“Hey babe!” I flopped back on the bed as I settled in for a long session of listening to her tall me all about her day before. She filled her time with visiting friends and family and ice skating and shit. I couldn’t tell her what I had been up to, so the conversations were a bit one-sided. She was laughing and telling an amusing story about her friend Stacy she hadn’t seen in two years. I was listening until I saw Mom standing in the doorway, arms crossed under her breasts and smiling at me.

She dropped her arms and stepped into the room slowly. She still wore the torn shirt as she took one step at a time, staring into my eyes with one of her devilish looks. I had to try and keep my breath even as she walked across the room and stood facing me, little smile still on her face.

Her hands started to slide oh so slowly up her body. My eyes were locked on them as they passed over her hips and up her belly, her ribs, then gently cupped under each breast, squeezed. I was definitely not listening to Andie’s story any more. Mom pinched and pulled her nipples, pushed her breasts together and wiggled them. Oh God…

Then she slowly, languorously, turned her back to me. She peeked at me over her shoulder as she let the shirt slide off her shoulders to catch at her elbows for a minute before letting it fall to the floor. She bent at the waist, showing me a nice view of her ass and a hint of her pussy before sloooooowly sliding her hands back up her legs, her torso, her neck as she straightened. Then her hands disappeared in her thick messy hair as she lifted it and sinuously slithered her spine side to side, rolling her hips in the most enticing way. I mumbled an expected response to something Andie said.

Then Mom spun to face me and leaned forward until her hands were on the foot of the bed. Her breasts swung underneath her as she lifted one knee to begin crawling, cat style, up the bed. The tips of her nipples just brushed my thighs as she stopped just where my legs met my torso… she leaned forward and planted a kiss just above my navel. Her eyes were locked on mine the whole time. I had to hold my breath so I wouldn’t canlı casino gasp into the phone. I let out a strangled “Yup.” To one of Andie’s questions.

Then my mom slithered down enough to take my erection into her mouth. She didn’t use her hands, she just sucked it in. I had to look up and hold the microphone away from my mouth as a little moan/gasp came out of my mouth. I wasn’t looking, but I could feel her sucking hard on my dick. Fuck! This was so hot. I was being sucked off by my mother while I was on the phone with my girlfriend. This was so wrong my whole body was vibrating with eroticism and my mind felt like it was going to explode. Then it got worse.

Mom let my dick slide out of her mouth and she moved forward to straddle my hips. I wanted to say No, I couldn’t take it! Not and still be able to pretend I was talking to Andie. But I couldn’t. I wanted my dick in my mom so bad right then…

So I let her lower herself onto me. I drew in a shuddering breath as slowly as I could through my open mouth as my cock slid into Mom’s slutty cunt. She grabbed my free hand and placed it on her side as she mouthed, “Don’t forget lesson one…” She moved on me so slowly. I could feel every motion and muscle clench I could feel my orgasm building slowly all over my body. I could feel the panic underneath. I almost hung up on Andie to deal with the consequences later.

Then I came. Holy Shit, did I cum! I couldn’t stop the cry that ripped from my throat and a few moans after that as my mom continued to move me mercilessly.

“Eric! Eric? Are you OK?! Oh my God! Eric say something!” Andie’s nearly hysterical voice floated back into the shattered pieces of my consciousness.

“No.” I finally said breathlessly, “Babe, I’m fine, I just… Stubbed… my toe really hard…”

“Oh, my God Eric, I thought you were dying.” She sounded almost on the verge of tears.

“No, it’s fine, I’m fine. It just really hurt for a second then I dropped the phone so…”

Mom slipped off me with a satisfied look on her face and patted my stomach affectionately a couple times before heading to the bathroom for a shower. I finished my conversation with Andie. Giving her plenty of reassurances that I was fine before hanging up with a rushed ‘I love you.’ Then I chucked the phone down on the bed before rushing to join Mom in the shower.


The day passed quickly since I spent almost all of it on the couch playing Fallout 4. As the evening grew nearer, I realized I wasn’t nervous anymore. I was having the most incredible fucked up experience of my life. If I didn’t exhaust every opportunity, I would regret it for the rest of my life. So bring it on, Alan! I could take whatever kinky scenario you have cooked up!

So when I walked into the den where my mom was reading, I asked “So, how does this work, exactly? What do I have to do in this dom relationship thing?”

Mom smiled and put down her book. “You don’t have to do anything. Alan will have a scenario in mind. He will describe what’s going to happen to make sure you are OK with everything. He and I have our boundaries pretty well defined at this point, so he won’t be asking me, just you. And if there is anything you don’t like, he will change the scene. Simple as that. The idea is for everyone to have fun.”

I nodded. “OK. When do we leave?” Mom smiled and glanced at the clock.

“Well, in about an hour. I should start getting ready actually. Alan is pretty particular about what I wear when I meet him. You can just relax for a bit while I get ready.” The next hour passed so slowly. I was so fidgety. I was getting a bit nervous now, but more excited too. When Mom finally came down the stairs she was wearing tall shiny black spikey heels, dark stockings with a seam up the back and a long peacoat. I was dying to see what was under that coat… Her hair was a mass of huge messy waves and her makeup was both subtle and bold. All smoky eyes and popping red lips.

We got in the car and she drove me through town and we were there. An average-looking house. The door was answered by an average-looking guy. He was tallish, about my height, Mom was taller than him in her heels. As soon as the door was closed behind us, he greeted Mom with a casual kiss. My stomach clenched in sudden and unexpected jealousy before he turned to me, a hand outstretched. I shook the offered hand and forced down the nerves and jealousy.

“Hello Eric. Are you freaking out yet?” His smile was easy and genuine. Something about his calmly confident demeanor both put me at ease, and raised my hackles a bit, as though I should be ready to fight for dominance or something. We all went to sit in the living room. Mom sat next to him on the couch and had to force my eyes away from the casually possessive hand on her knee as I sunk into the armchair.

“So.” Alan said, looking at me. “This is what I have planned for tonight. Anything you are not comfortable with, just say so. Nothing is set in stone and I want to make sure kaçak casino we all have a great night. This is a unique opportunity and I think we can all enjoy it.” I nodded and Alan continued. “So this will be a slave scenario. Your mother is very comfortable with these, we have done them many times before, so don’t worry about her, just tell me if you are not willing to do this. What will be involved is I plan to restrain you while I fuck your mother.” He looked hard at me, clearly reading my expressions. Then he continued. “Then I will force her to play with you. Of course, if you are actually uncomfortable, we will immediately stop and figure out how to make everyone happy, OK?”

I had expected something like this, but now that it was so close, my stomach was clenched tight. I looked at my mom and she was so comfortable and relaxed that if it weren’t for that damn hand on her knee, I might even feel an inclination to like this guy. So I nodded.

“Sounds good. I guess I won’t know if I don’t like something until we do it so…”

“The safe word in ‘Miami.'” Mom said. I nodded again and we all stood up.

“Let’s get started then.” We went down the hall, Mom in the lead until we came to a closed door with a lock. Mom reached to her neck where she was wearing a sort of collar that I hadn’t noticed with a key attached. She unhooked the key and unlocked the door with it and we walked inside. Alan flicked on the dim light and I couldn’t help but say, “Woah!”

The room was filled with all kinds of stuff I could only guess at the uses for. There was a chair with a big hole cut in the bottom with leather restraints on the arms and legs, there was a big wooden X with restraints on it too. There were chains and ropes attached to the ceiling and walls and a sawhorse with a leather pad on top and restraints attached to the floor. There was a bed too, almost like an afterthought in the corner and a huge old fashioned wardrobe type cabinet filled, no doubt, with more kinky paraphernalia. This was a proper sex dungeon you would see in a movie or something. There was a door to the side leading to a nice bathroom. Clearly this was the master suite of the house, devoted to kinky sex. Who was this guy?

“Ok Eric.” Alan started. “This will be an easy one for you. All you have to do is stand right here.” He gestured to a place near the wall. There were chains anchored to the wall with thick leather cuffs dangling at the end. I moved into place and Alan gestured my Mom over. She knelt in front of me and fastened the cuffs on my wrists. Her hands were shaking just a little and I had to quell another clench of nerves. Then she stood, smiled and winked quickly at me and turned back to Alan.

He smiled and took her face gently in his hands and kissed her long and deep. The jealous stab sprung back to life, but now there really was nothing I could do about it. Then Alan released my Mother and he spun her around to face me. He was standing behind her and reached his hands around to unbutton the jacket. Then he gripped it at the shoulders and pulled it open and then down her arms where he tossed it aside. My mother was revealed to me as if for the first time.

The stockings were attached to a garter belt over a black leather corset that cinched severely at the waist and pushed her breasts into round full globes high on her chest. I had never seen her so made up and slutty looking. Just the sight made me start to get hard and my breath quicken. Then I saw him put his mouth on her bare shoulder and kiss up to her neck where I could see him bite her skin. She moaned and closed her eyes, arching her back and letting her head roll back. MY rage was instant and irrational. The chains rattled as my hands jerked forward slightly. Alan looked directly into my eyes as he smiled and kept kissing and biting Mom’s neck. His hands slid up the corset to where her breasts bulged up and fondled her. The way my emotions of lust, rage, jealously and uncertainty mixed together was a new and erotic cocktail. I could feel my cock bulging in my jeans and my face was shot.

Alan’s right hand moved farther up to grip Mom’s neck firmly and he looked back at me over Mom’s shoulder.

“So it seems this filthy whore has been fucking her own son.” Alan continued to look me right in the eyes and his hand clenched hard on Mom’s throat. “Not once..” Alan continued, “But over and over again. This dirty slut fucked her own son without my permission and she liked it.”

He turned his head back to mom and spoke into her ear, “Now that kind of behavior does not ear a whore a reward, does it?” Mom tried to shake her head and speak, but his hand was too tight around her neck. I could see little ridges of flesh bumped up between his strong fingers.

Then he stepped back from Mom and he walked over to the cabinet. He came back to her with a piece of cord. He pulled her arms behind her back and secured them at elbows and at wrists. Her shoulders were forced back, making her breasts strain against their already precarious encasement. He looked again at me as he gripped my mom’s hair and forced her to her knees in front of him he turned so they were in profile from my view. He continued to look right at me as he maneuvered my mom by his grip in her hair.

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