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I was frustrated, in more ways than one. I was frustrated with myself for my actions the night before. And I was sexually frustrated, more than I’d been in my entire life. There wasn’t much for me to do to keep my mind occupied either.

By the afternoon I was bored. Everyone was outside and I was watching some afternoon talkshow on the TV. Since I figured no one would see me I let my hand trail down my stomach and settle between my legs. I began playing with myself through my jeans.

“You want more?”

I looked up pulling my hand away. Kevin stood in the doorway.

“No, don’t stop. Undo your jeans and pleasure yourself for me.”

There was no desire in me to disobey him and with almost robotic actions I undid my jeans and slid my fingers inside. He licked his lips as he watched me.

“God, I’m getting hard,” he said and my pulse started to race.

He strode over to me and grabbed my wrist, the one that wasn’t buried in my jeans.

“What ..?”

He very nearly threw me out of the living room into the kitchen. I bumped into the table. He was behind me, blocking my retreat. His hand buried itself in my hair and he pushed, forward and down. I had no choice but to bend at the waist.

“Kevin, this isn’t funny.”

“No. It isn’t.” He bent over me, breathing heavily in my ear. I didn’t want to admit it but it was turning me on. “I saw those side-long glances you gave me in high school and I’ve dreamed of fucking you ever since. I know you fucked my brother before you were dating him.”

“You got what you wanted.”

“Almost. I’m going to show you just what kind of girl you are, Amanda. I’m going to teach you to love this.”

He ground his already hard cock against my ass and I almost screamed. He grabbed my jeans and pulled them down to my knees, my panties going with them. He carressed my ass with his palm and ran a finger between the cheeks. I tensed.


Before I could react he shoved one finger up my ass, moved it around a little, and pulled it out again.

“That’s casino oyna a taste of what’s coming to you,” he whispered.

I could hear his jeans unzipping and felt the tip of his cock against my ass. It slid down until it was pressing against the opening of my pussy.

“Wet little whore,” he whispered and plunged into me.

I groaned and ground my ass back against his hips. I wanted release, I wanted an orgasm, and at that moment I didn’t care who fucked me as long as I got some satisfaction.

He finished quickly, and once again before I’d reached my climax. He pulled out as he was cumming, leaving a sticky trail down the inside of my leg and along the edge of the table.

“I don’t know when they’ll be coming in,” he said. “I have to get back to those chores.” He spanked me once, not too hard, and left me bent over the table with my pants around my knees.

After cleaning up the kitchen I spent the rest of the day upstairs and beg off from joining the family for dinner, claiming a sore stomach. I had fingered myself to an unsatisfactory climax and sat around, frustrated beyond belief.

I crawled into bed early and was almost asleep when the door opened. I shuddered and closed my eyes tight, hoping he’d see I was asleep and leave. Kevin crawled into bed, slid under the covers, and began touching me.

I tried not to react, tried to keep up the act of sleeping, but when his hand slipped under the waist band of my pants I groaned.

He chuckled behind me. “So, my little whore is awake.”

The word whore sent electric shivers through my body and I turned into his embrace.

Our clothes were off in a matter of seconds and I fought to take control. To my surprise he allowed me to roll him on his back and he seemed to encourage me to kiss and touch as I pleased.

I slid onto him, wanting a decent orgasim. He bucked his hips and a small sound of pleasure escaped my lips. I tried to pause, to listen for sounds of anyone stirring, but Kevin continued and I was soon riding him with wild abandon.

His canlı casino cock felt so good inside me. I couldn’t keep my hands off his body. Even his cocky grin had slipped away to be replaced by a look of pleasure and desire.

“Amanda,” he whispered and I fucked him harder.

We didn’t notice the door had opened until Drew said, “So this is where you’ve been disappearing off to.”

I grabbed the blanket and tried to cover myself. I could feel my cheeks growing hot with embarrassment and shame. I tried to stammer out an excuse but my mind was drawing a terrible blank.

But Drew was already dropping his pyjama pants. He crawled naked into bed and knelt beside me. “Don’t mind me. Keep fucking.”

Kevin grinned. “You heard him, Amanda. Fuck me.”

It was like the last few encounters with Kevin had never happened. I was shy again, afraid of what Mikey would say, intimidated.

“Hey!” he hissed and bucked his hips hard.

His cock hit my sweet spot and I melted. A few more thrusts and we’d found our rhythm again. Drew knelt beside us, stroking his cock with one hand and fondling one of my breasts with his other hand.

When he was hard he said, “Pardon the view Kev,” and stood. The mattress wobbled as he moved around in front of me, his cock now at mouth height.

I couldn’t believe how big he was. I stared at his monster cock as Kevin continued to fuck me. I heard him say, “Come on whore, take it in your mouth.”

I licked my lips as Drew grabbed a fistful of my hair to steady himself. As his fingers tightened I felt the heat spread through my body and I opened my mouth. After working my mouth around his shaft and getting him nice and slick I turned my eyes upward and gave him a wide-eyed begging glance.

He grinned and began fucking my mouth, both hands tight in my hair. I moaned around a mouthful of cock. I wanted to taste him but he pulled out.

I was whimpering as he moved around behind me. “Drew, wait,” Kevin said.

Drew chuckled. “Greedy bastart. Fine. Turn her around.”

I kaçak casino was practically lifted off Kevin and they turned me to face Drew. I whimpered, trying to get my fingers down to my pussy. Soon enough Drew’s cock slid into my wet, needy hole.

I should have been ready for the size of it. I’d already given him a blow job. But even after having Kevin inside me Drew still stretched me until I had to bite back another yelp. I was suddenly thankful Kevin hadn’t let Drew take me up the ass.

I’d let a few guys in high school fuck me up the ass but I’d never taken two guys at once. I knew it would be tighter and tried to stay relaxed.

I could feel Kevin moving around behind me and then I felt the head of his cock pushing against my ass, slick with my own juices.

Drew held me close against his chest and rubbed my back with strong fingers. I felt my whole body relaxing. Kevin pushed gently, working his way slowly inside of me. When he was all the way in he paused, letting my muscles adjust. And then the fucking started.

They moved together – one pulling out as the other pushed in. It was tight, painfully tight. I felt stretched, ripped, full beyond full. My body was on fire. I could feel the molten heat of my orgasim building in my stomach. I moaned and Drew began fucking me even harder.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to him with an animal desperation.

“Oh god. Drew,” I whispered.

He fucked me harder.

Behind me I heard Kevin growl. He too began fucking me harder, abandoning all pretense of gentility and giving my ass the roughest fucking it had ever received. But I didn’t care. It all felt good. So good.

“Drew,” I moaned. “Oh, yes. yes.”

My orgasim ripped through me with all the power weeks of frustration had given it. I felt Drew push further inside me as he grunted then climaxed inside me.

Behind me Kevin’s growl became a snarl. The force of our climax had sent him over the edge as well and he pulled out too quickly.

I bit back a yelp then collapsed, panting on the bed.

Kevin stalked out, muttering. But Drew stayed a moment. He tucked me in, grinning. “You’re welcome to stay over whenever you like,” he said. And then he too was gone leaving me to a most satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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