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My best friend and I have been married for some time. I suppose through the years we’ve put on some weight, but always maintained our youth-like approach to life. The one exception is that we haven’t had normal sex in some time.

I have been a NY Jets fan for as long as I can remember. In fact I can’t remember when I wasn’t a Jets fan. My honey has adopted them as well, and now she roots for them almost as hard as I do. This recurring dream began some time ago, but it culminated last night. Last night as the Jets lost their first playoff game, we both went to sleep, however I couldn’t fall asleep until well after 2 AM. When we first got married we used to fuck like bunnies, every chance we got.

What was on my mind, that kept me awake, was that sex has become a very small, seemingly a non-essential part of our life. In fact after having a great day of running errands, we both agreed that what would make this day complete would be a Jets victory. As I fell asleep, it occurred to me that somehow we’ve lost our priorities. Sure we’re both göztepe escort a bit overweight, but both of our sexual parts are in working order. How do we get each other stimulated? Then it dawned on me! A couple of weeks ago during our trip to the supermarket, my honey picked up some chocolate flavored ‘Ready-Whip’. She put it in our cart, with a devilish grin, and told me ‘it’s fat-free too’. My dream now begins!

I took a stimulating shower, washed extra well. My pecker was sparkling clean. I then shaved, using my mentholated shaving cream to shave, and my face felt like a million bucks. Almost like mental telepathy, my wife decided to shower as well. While she showered I got the ‘Ready-Whip’ out of the refrigerator and brought it into our bedroom. When my honey came back into our room, I was waiting and squirted some on her left boob. She giggled and I commenced to take as much of the tit into my mouth. The chocolate tasted so good, as I swallowed most, as licked and sucked on her waiting nipple. She then said istanbul escort that it was her turn, and waiting for the squirt on my pecker, she squirted some onto my left nipple. She playfully pushed me down, and devoured my nipple.

This exposed me to a new sensation that was so new, that I felt my pecker stir. I then squirted some ‘Ready-Whip’ onto her right boob, and gently pushed her down, and began to devour the nipple, playfully biting it, as she let out a quiet hum. She then put some onto my right nipple, and liked it off in a slow, but seductive manner. I then pushed her on her back, and squirted a generous portion onto her waiting pussy, and attacked her love canal. At first she giggled, but soon she began to swoon. I haven’t been this close to her love canal in months. I swallowed the chocolate, sucked, and gently bit on her clit, as I worked my two hands under her butt, which I squeezed them, and pulled her torso into my mouth. I moved my tongue in and out, careful to prod her clit. In a short ten minutes, kadıköy escort she started to buck, and started murmuring ‘oh-boy-oh-boy’, soon she started to move her pussy in rhythm with my eager mouth. I beckoned her, ‘fill my mouth hon’! I didn’t have to wait long for her to hum ‘ohhh-boooooooy-oooooh-boyyy’ as she trickled her love juice into my waiting mouth.

She then caught her breath, and said ‘you should dream more often dear’. She literally pushed me on my back and nearly emptied the can, covering my balls and my dick. She than slowly began eating the cream off my genitals. I felt myself getting harder and harder. She had slot to eat, but she decided to take her time. Taking each of my balls into her mouth, one-at-a-time, and lovingly looking at me at the same time. She then started kissing, and licking tracing my crown, my vein on the underside of my dick, worked her way down, and took most of my waiting organ into her mouth. She reached under me, and squeezed my butt, and pulled me toward her, almost as to attempt to eat me whole. I was in ecstasy, as I felt that I was getting close. I could not hold back as I bucked and I filled my baby squirt after squirt.

We took a shower after, watching each other. We laughed and joyful of our returned need for sex. “You will let me know when you want to dream again, won’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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