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Author’s Note: Welcome to my entry into the winter contest. Seeing as the holidays are supposed to be about family, I figure what better story to write than a mother and her son truly bonding at Christmas? So consider this my Christmas present to all you fans of good old fashioned clean dirty family fun. Lovecraft68

“Hey Danny, you awake?”

Mom’s voice from outside my bedroom door caused me to jump and remove my hand from my cock.

“Um, yeah, give me a sec.” I called out.

I was naked and reaching down next to the bed for a pair of pants when the door began to open. I quickly sat back and yanked the covers over my lap to conceal my still fully erect cock.

Mom came into the room and turning, closed the door behind her. I was grateful she had put her back to me to give me a chance to keep eyes in my head. Mom, who much to my dismay, always dressed appropriately around me, had on a red silk robe so short I swore if she even leaned over I would see her ass cheeks.

I took in her long legs from her bare feet up to the backs of her well toned thighs. This was a view I would occasionally be rewarded with in the summer when we would all go to the beach, but to get it in the winter? This was a treat!

I heard a click and realized she had thumbed the lock on my door. That was odd, but maybe she wanted to talk about what she was doing for dad for Christmas day. Dad worked a lot around the holidays so mom always tried to make the day extra special. Bet she made the morning special when he came home, I thought.

Even as she approached my mind filled with the visuals of how special mom could make things for my father. That thought caused me to focus on the most perfect blow job lips I’d ever seen. I wasn’t the only one that thought that, my best friend Steven had told me my mother had porn star lips several times; always adding it wasn’t just her lips that were porn quality.

Most guys would get pissed if their friends said things like that about their mom-and I did make a show of telling him not to be an asshole-but fact was it gave me a thrill to know my mother was an object of lust to guys my age. Then again most guys did not want to be the one experiencing their mother’s lips and sexy mature body.

“So Danny,” Mom came over and on the bed next to me. “I need to ask you something.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Looks like you are.” Mom placed her hand on the covers next to my cock, which was still noticeably hard.

“Jeez, I’m sorry!” I sat up, pulling away from her touch.

“Don’t be,” she laughed, “Why do you think I knock? I know what boys your age are always doing.”

I blushed and looked away, betting she wouldn’t be smiling if she knew I’d been stroking my cock to the thought of her on her knees with me fucking her doggy style and pulling on her long dark hair.

“Look at you blushing. I’d say you were cute, but you’re a man now and men aren’t cute are they?”

“Guess not.” I made sure I gathered the covers into my lap to cover my still hard dick.

My mother being here-and already embarrassing me should have caused it to shrivel, but her robe had ridden all the way up to her hip when she sat.

“What did you want to talk about, mom?” I changed the subject.

“I want to know what my baby wants for Christmas.”

“I told you, just gift cards for some clothes and maybe I-tunes.”

“No, that’s what you told your father and I.” she slid closer to me and putting her hand on my cheek said, “It’s just me now, so why don’t you tell me what you really want?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” I answered, trying desperately not to look down her robe.

“Hmm, I see. You’re sure there’s nothing at all you want, maybe something you couldn’t ask for in front of your father?”

“What are you talking about?”

I stopped speaking when mom pulled her legs up onto the bed and knelt next to me. Her breasts were level with my eyes and the robe was so loosely tied I could see the inner half of her creamy breasts.

“Come on, Danny,” Mom gave me a smile that seemed far from motherly, “There isn’t something you want from me, something special?” she leaned over and putting her lips to my ear whispered, “Something naughty?”

“Mom what…?”

“Yes, something naughty. Hmmm.” She sighed, her breath hot on my neck. “Something a good son would never want from his mommy.”

“I don’t know what you…you mean.” I stammered.

“No?” she was still speaking in my ear, “You sure? Because, honey, I’m more than willing to give my naughty little boy anything he wants from me.”

“You…you are?”

“Hmm-mmm” she purred in my ear, “A good mother gives her son anything he wants. Even if what he wants is,” I gasped when her tongue flicked across my ear, “His mommy to give him a blow job.”

“Mom!” I exclaimed, pulling my head back, “Why would you think I want that?”

“A mother knows everything.” She sat back on her knees and licked her lips, “Knows when her son wants her as a woman, not a mom.”

My cock was casino siteleri throbbing beneath the covers and looking down at her barely concealed tits, I asked, “You know?”

“I do know you want me, Danny. I know you think of me being your bad girl, sucking your cock, fucking you. Letting you lick my pussy.”

“Holy shit, you’re not mad?”

“Why would I be mad?” she asked, “Honey, I love that you want me.” She giggled, “I’ve been wet all night, thought your father would never leave!”

Grabbing the covers mom yanked them off me, exposing my hard cock.

“Oh, look at that! Is that your present to your mommy?” She asked, licking her amazing lips and taking me in her hand.

“Oh, yeah.” I moaned as she squeezed, causing my pre cum to ooze from the tip.

“Hmm, this is going to be a great Christmas!” she released my cock and taking the tie of the robe in her hands said, “Want to see your present?”

“Yes, please.” I said in a barely audible whisper.

Mom pulled her robe open, “Merry Christmas, Danny.”

“Oh, my God!” I gasped.

Mom was naked beneath the robe and my eyes widened at not just the sight of her full round breasts and their hard rosy nipples, but the patch of red hair between her thighs. Mom tossed the robe to the side and laying back on the bed stretched her long legs out on either side of me. She spread herself open, exposing the pink flesh of her pussy.

“How about you come over here and give your mommy a kiss on the lips?”

I pushed myself forward so I was kneeling between her legs and lowering my head, buried my face between her thighs. Mom cried out as my tongue plunged inside her wet pussy and I moaned at the taste of her forbidden juices.

“Oh, that feels so good!” Mom moaned as I worked my tongue through her pussy and sucked on her swollen clit.

I swirled my tongue around it and mom squirmed in my face, her pussy rubbing across my cheeks and tongue.

“Oh, honey, that’s so nice, but you can lick me all you want later. For right now how about you slide up here and shove that beautiful cock inside mommy’s pussy?”

After months of fantasizing about her, I didn’t have to be told twice. I slid up between her legs and as she pulled me down into a deep kiss my cock entered my mother’s hot tight pussy. Mom moaned in my mouth as she wrapped her legs around me, drawing me deep into her forbidden heat. I whimpered at how good she felt and moved my hips, plunging my cock into her wet heat.

“Yes, baby, just like that!” Mom sighed in my ear, “You take your mother, take her pussy, it’s your pussy, honey.”

“It is?” I managed in between whimpers of pleasure as mom thrust her hips into mine pushing my cock harder into her.

“Any time you want it, honey. You just tell mommy what you need and I’ll give it to you!” she moaned when her words caused me to fuck her harder.

“That’s it, fuck me nice and hard! Cum for me and then we’ll take our time and play. You can lick my pussy and make your mother come in your face then I’ll suck my baby’s cock nice and hard and let you fuck me some more then when you’re ready, I’ll suck you off.”

“Oh, mom!” I groaned as my balls tightened and cum raced through my cock.

“I’ll take every drop for you honey, I’ll be a good mommy and swallow my son’s cum for him!”

I gasped and fucked her as hard as I could and mom continued to egg me on.

“That’s right, take me! Claim your mother. Make her yours! Come for me, Danny! I want to feel my son fill my pussy with his cum!”

“Oh, fuck!” I cried out as my cock jumped and…

I jerked awake at the sound of a loud bang and rolled over so quickly I fell off the bed, landing on the floor with a thud.

“Don’t walk away from me, John!” Mom yelled down the hallway.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Dad called back to her, but didn’t sound as angry, “I’m sorry you’re pissed, but I’m doing the right thing.”

“Bullshit!” Mom yelled back, “We don’t need it!”

“The hell we don’t!” Was the reply, “We have a kid in college, Robin, and he works part time as it is, we need to be able to do more.”

“That’s the point!”

Mom sounded as if she was closer to my room and it dawned on me they had no idea I was home. I was supposed to go out with Jack after work, but plans fell through and when I got home mom was in her office and dad hadn’t gotten home yet. I’d started to read and must have fallen asleep.

My parents had always gotten along really well, but lately there had been a lot of tension, mostly focusing on Dad’s work hours changing and him working more and more. Dad was a truck driver for a local delivery service and sub contracted during the holidays with UPS and had been doing a lot of overnights hauling trailers back and forth to Pennsylvania.

Without having heard the beginning of the fight, I already knew what it was about; Dad was going to work Christmas Eve just as he had the last two years. Each year he promised he wouldn’t do it next year, but did anyway. Mom year was pissed last canlı casino year and sounded even angrier this time around.

“What’s the point?”

Dad was right outside my door and I pulled myself back up to my bed and thought about going out there so they would stop.

“The point is Danny’s nineteen, John, we’re not going to have many Christmas’s left with him home and that means more than money!”

“It’s only Christmas Eve; I’ll be home by six Christmas morning. I’ll be here for breakfast and presents.”

“We were always together Christmas Eve.”

Mom still sounded a little further down the hall and was no longer yelling.

“Robin, the kid’s at an age he doesn’t want to spend the night with his mom and dad.”

Well, mom maybe. I thought, recalling the vivid dream their fight had woke me from.

“He does because he knows it’s important to me. At least one man in this house cares about spending time with me.”

If only mom knew the kind of time I wanted to spend with her. Damn my father was a lucky guy. If I were him I’d never want to leave the house at night.

“Oh, please.” Dad snorted, “Don’t be a drama queen, Robin. We’ll go somewhere nice with the extra money, promise.”

“Speaking of that,” Mom began.

“Oh, here we go.” Dad sighed outside my door.

“Yeah, here we go.” Mom retorted, “You promised me something tomorrow night. Something that shouldn’t have to be considered a gift, but these days I have to use any excuse I can.”

“Give me a break.”

“Oh, yeah, it’s so terrible to have a wife who wants to have sex more than once every couple of weeks, isn’t it?”

“Robin, don’t start.”

“If I don’t start you never will.” She laughed, but without much humor.

I eased close to the wall to be able to hear mom better and wondered what the fuck was wrong with my dad? I knew he worked a lot and wasn’t a kid anymore, but how the hell did he go to bed with my mother and not want to fuck her?

“I work a lot and I work nights.”

“I am well aware your truck is the only thing you’ve been driving lately.”

Oh! Ouch. I grimaced at that shot.

“Maybe that’s because it likes how I drive, it doesn’t tell me how to do it.”

That was an interesting comment.

“Oh, sorry, John.” Mom sounded anything but. “I’m sorry I think there’s more flavors than vanilla in life and like to have fun.”

Mom was cranking out the hits in this one. Her words caused me to think about them more than beyond it being a good dig. Mom was pretty much saying dad was a dud and she wanted to cut loose.

Damn! I smiled at the thought my mother was nowhere near the prim proper woman she came across as. Then again I knew that from those pictures, the ones that had started off my year long obsession with my mother as an object of lust.

“I’m not a kid anymore.”

“You’re not eighty either.”

“Enough!” Dad snapped, losing his patience. “I’m tired of this Robin. I work my ass off, I’m good to you, I’m good to Danny, excuse me if I don’t fuck like the people in those movies you’re always watching!”

Mom watches porn? This was becoming quite the informative conversation. Not that I needed anymore inspiration to get off to my mother, but the visual of her laying on her bed watching porn and playing with herself! Did she? Fuck, of course she did!

“You’re right, John.” Mom said quietly, “You’re a good man and I shouldn’t ride you…” she laughed, “About riding me, but…I want you, baby, is that so bad?”

“There’s worse things than the hottest woman I know wanting to jump my bones.” Dad agreed.

“I guess things change.” Mom gave a dramatic sigh, “It’s a shame it was only Danny’s toys I used to have to buy batteries for.”

“There you go,” Dad began, and then laughed, “Okay, that was a good one!”

“You mean what you said; you still think I’m hot?” Mom asked.

“Damn straight.” Dad said the words as that thought went through my mind at the same time causing me to roll my eyes.

“Even like this in my not so sexy workout clothes?”

“I know what’s under those baggy clothes.” Dad told her, “You’re as sexy as ever, even sexier that your older, a real tiger.”

“Cougar.” Mom laughed. “But speaking of pussies, seeing we’re making up, how about you come back into the bedroom and you can take my baggy clothes off.”

Hearing mom say pussy had my cock swelling as did just the idea of her about to have sex. Thanks to my find in dad’s drawer I knew what was under mom’s baggy sweat pants and loose t-shirts she wore all the time and dad was right, pure cougar material.

“I have to leave in an hour, hon.”

“Hate to break it to you champ, but you have no worries not finishing on time.” Mom laughed.

“Well that puts me in the mood, but really I…”

“Have time for a quick romp; come on baby, give me an early present.”


What was wrong with him? I’d been stroking it to mom until my balls ached and here he was turning her down…and all the time it seemed.

“You kaçak casino what?” Mom was getting the edge back in her voice.

“Nothing, tell you what just let me print the directions for tonight’s trip.”

“The computers downstairs in my office, do it afterwards.”

“I’ll forget.” I heard him snap his fingers. “I’ll use Danny’s, his printer is better anyway and it’s right here.”

“You know what John, forget it.” Mom raised her voice again, “Christ at this point you probably need directions to find my tits.”


“Don’t Robin me, I am not going to stand here like an idiot and beg you for sex, go print your directions and I’m going to do what I should be telling you to do.”

“What are you…?”

“I’m going to go fuck myself!” Mom shouted and a moment later their door slammed.


I stood there wondering; was she really going to pull out one the vibrators she had in their nightstand? My eyes widened as I tried to remember if I put the blue one back in the spot I’d found it in this morning when I’d gone in there and sniffed it as I did more mornings than I should want to admit.

“Sick puppy, Danny.” I muttered and glancing at the clock and saw it was only six.

I thought about calling Jen from work. After weeks of flirting at Starbucks, she had given me her number and we had gone out a couple of times, but with other couples. Today she had mentioned she wasn’t doing anything tonight. It was the night before Christmas Eve and after tonight it would be a couple of days before either of us would be free again.

I looked at my phone on the bed and told myself to call her. Jen was sweet and cute and seemed pretty interested. She had also gone out of her way to tell me several times how her parents were at a party tonight. I took that as a sign I would have a good chance of getting some and it had been awhile and I had the feeling Jen would be a fun girl.

But for some reason I couldn’t get into the thought of her. Even when I lay in bed and started thinking about her and her long blonde hair and those perky little tits and long legs I couldn’t stay focused on her. I would be in mid stroke and the image of Jen looking up at me with my cock in her mouth would change.

Her blue eyes would shift to a pair of big soft brown eyes and her lips would be much fuller and softer. It would be my mother on her knees and doing what every law of society would say she shouldn’t be, sucking her son’s cock.

Once mom crept into my fantasy it was all over. I would think about her until I exploded in my hand wishing it was her mouth, or her large breasts, or plump little ass.

Both mom and dad had raised me to respect girls and to never have sex for the sake of sex. I didn’t have to be madly in love with a girl to sleep with them, but my parents had instilled it in me that they should at least be someone I wanted to be with for awhile and for more than sex.

That advice served me well as I had a reputation as a decent guy and the few girls I had slept with had all liked that quality about me. I was sure Jen was into me because, Sandra, who also worked with us knew another girl I had dated and told her I was a good guy.

So it wouldn’t be fair to use Jen as a way to relieve some stress, especially when I was fixated on someone else. It was getting to a point where I was no longer thinking of any woman, but my mother. Even all the porn I watched was step mother fantasies or milf videos featuring brunettes that resembled my mother. It wasn’t the same as real incest, but all I could find online. Well, at least for free.

I smiled at the thought of the Christmas gift I had bought for myself, a video from Germany called Loving mothers and featuring real moms with their sons. Granted they were not as sexy as real porn stars, but it was the real deal!

Best fifty dollars I had spent this year! It most likely wouldn’t show up until after Christmas which made me nervous as I would be working every day and then back to school after New Year’s.

I’d have to tell mom and dad not to open it in case they were home. I’d lie and tell them it was a present and didn’t want them to see it. I leaned back against the pillows and felt something hit my arm. I picked up the book I had been reading and grinned at the title, “Oh, Mommy!”

The book, which I’d stumbled across in a used bookstore, was from the sixties and the author listed as anonymous. The cover was a lurid black and white photo of a busty brunette riding a young man while pushing her tits in his face.

For an old book the stories were as hardcore as anything you could find today and in a sense it made me feel good to know these fantasies I’d been having were obviously if not popular, at least shared by others over the years.

I glanced at the page I’d left the book open to and read the first couple of sentences.

“Oh, yes honey,” Mom called out as I squeezed her hips and drove my cock relentlessly into her warm wet slit, “Fuck me! Fuck your nasty mother like the whore she is!”

“You are a whore, aren’t you mom?” Jimmy asked, shoving a finger hard into her ass causing her to squeal, “My mother’s a fucking pig! A fucking pig that swallows her son’s cum and lets him fuck her!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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