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An erotic tale of magical romance spanning centuries in time, of a love lost and regained generations later, and the ultimate sacrifice for true love. MF-language-Romantic.


If you like the fast paced sex in your story line, this is probably not a story you should download. It reads like a slow wet kiss where the lovemaking is soft and un-timed.



Marietta Marie Sloan paused as she watched young Nathan Campbell make his way through the parking lot of the super market. She unhooked her safety belt and disembarked to follow the tall young man.

Marietta couldn’t believe his close resemblance to her beloved Johan, he was nearly an exact physical double, his hair a shade or two darker was the only discernable difference she could see.

Her heart now heavy as the memories of Johan took center stage in her mind. It was a mystery to her, that after all these years the loyalty of her stubborn heart would wound itself again in the flames of love. Evidence she supposed, to the unbreakable bond of true love, but God, what a cumbersome burden to bear alone for the rest of ones life.

She took a pushcart and followed Nathan through the store, careful to blend in as best she could and avoid notoriety. He was handsome, she observed, and highly organized for a male. She watched his movements, selections, and mannerisms for some time and at last determined to meet him.

He turned down an aisle and Marietta went off in the other direction circling her mark like someone in an old spy movie, she found the whole process exhilarating. She saw him immediately as she turned into his aisle her eyes never leaving him again. As she approached she caught his glance, he smiled and her heart did a summersault right there in the lane. She remembered that smile from long ago on the face of her beloved Johan.

Nathan had somehow become instantly aware of her presence when she entered the aisle; he had watched her approach and noted something familiar about her that he couldn’t place. She was a thin conservatively dressed woman very dignified in her physical presentation and very handsome despite her age, which he guessed to be early sixties.

“Sir, would you be able to direct me to the spice aisle I’m new here and in unfamiliar surroundings?” she pleasantly asked.

“The instant her voice found him, Nathan went still inside and he was no longer in the aisle of his favorite store. His head filled with the picture of this woman at a much younger age. Her arms embracing him passionately, her lips pressed to his, their arousal feeding the mutual love they obviously shared.”

“Sir are feeling well?” he heard her ask.

He was back now, but shaken, Nathan had never experienced anything like that before and it was a bit unnerving. He looked into her eyes and felt an unexplainable stirring in his heart. There was a genuine look of concern in the mysterious set of deep smoking gray eyes before him.

“I’m very sorry madam, please forgive my hesitation but something of a rather peculiar nature just occurred. Yes I would be very happy to show you.” Without even noticing that he had, Nathan slipped her arm through his and led her to the next aisle directly to the display of spices.

Their was a smile on Marietta’s face as he led her, her heart was light inside for she was young once more with her Johan was at her side again. She picked out a small jar of marjoram, which she really didn’t need and then turned back to him.

“Young man, thank you, you’re very kind. I would like to invite you over for tea I make a rather heady cup of spiced citrus I think you might enjoy,” she said smiling at him.

Under normal circumstances Nathan wouldn’t dream of accepting an invitation like this, but he somehow felt strangely compelled to accept hers.

“Madam, I think I might find that delightful, by the way my name is Nathan Campbell,” he responded. “Are you from this area?” he continued.

“No, I live in a small town by the name of Iowa Falls, about thirty minutes north of here,” she replied. “It’s a beautiful town, with high red stone bluffs that border the river as it goes.” She told him.

“It sounds very romantic,” he said smiling.

“Why don’t you drive up next Saturday and I’ll take you to lunch at the “Princess Café” its one of our local land marks, and one of the better eateries in town.

“I’ll accept if you give me your name,” he replied smiling.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry, my name is Marietta Sloan, and I’m very forgetful sometimes, please forgive me,” she said blushing, as her clear, sparkling eyes, danced away attempting to hide her embarrassment.

Something made Nathan take her hand then, and bowing kiss her knuckle; even though she was a remarkably attractive woman at her age that was not enough in itself to explain his strong attraction to her, it was enjoyable but something he couldn’t explain.

“I would be delighted to spend next Saturday in your pendik escort little town dear Mrs. Sloan and I’m looking forward to our engagement at the “Princess Café,” he told her smiling.

Marietta carefully drew out directions and provided him with her address and phone number as well. As she placed the paper in his hand she lingered there briefly and they both felt a faint stirring of primal passion. Marietta smiled as her young man walked off leaving her behind, she was happy again at last.

That night Nathan lay reading a novel a glass of sweet red wine at the night table by his side. He had been unable to lose the events of day surrounding his meeting with Mrs. Sloan. What had surprised him the most was the stirring he felt in his member, as her hand had touched his. She was a beautiful and very well built woman to be sure, but he was twenty-five, less than half her age he was sure.

Oh well he thought, it would all find its place. He would enjoy the trip to Iowa Falls, and if all went well at least make a friend in the process and if nothing else were gained by it, that in itself would make the trip worth its effort.

Fatigue covered him like a dark gray cloud swallowing his mind in sleep, as his eyes fluttered shut and he drifted away. He was restless that night tossing and turning just unable to get comfortable.

He felt a gentle hand on his forehead as someone called his name and then trailing fingertips soothing to his temples and there the trailed down the side of his cheek. He opened his eyes and she stood there motionless, a black and silver choker about her neck. Her hair was pulled high and gracefully piled at the back of her head with curling ringlets cascading down all about her face.

Marietta’s smoke colored stockings ran up her toned thighs, almost touching a scant triangle of sheer fabric that almost covered her vulva, which revealed itself as full, and well rounded, through the scant fabric. Her smile was seductively radiant as she hooked her thumbs under the elastic at the sides of her panties.

Then looking again in his direction she slowly slid them down her soft creamy thighs; she paused as her mound came into view to tease his vision with the soft warm shadows of her delicate junction. His mind reeled, as his spirit panted within, and his body became racked by a fevered hunger for her.

She gracefully raised her black high heels out of the sexy garment one at a time, then stood smiling, splendid in form. So enamored was he with her perfect physical form, that the whole of his being became one hot, radiant ember. His flaring emotions sparked the unbidden fires of arousal now beginning to burn in his racing blood with an acutely intense presence.

There was softness in the dark sparkle of her eyes as she lowered her mouth to kiss him. Her tongue entered his mouth and took command of his will, stirring the mysteries of his heart with its soft skilled manipulations there. His hands laboriously caressed her body, encouraging her exploitation of his hungry mouth. Where every movement of her tongue, brought a sharp sensation of pleasure that teased the sensitive underside of his raging cock.

She licked the side of his face on her way to his neck like a feline cleaning her cub, as his fingers seduced the heated dampness of her swollen cunt. She licked and suckled his flesh like some desperate feeding vampire, driving him to extremes of sensation that rocked his mind and body. He could smell the scent of her mating fluids now; the rich, spicy scent, pleasantly caressed both his nose and his cock.

His hand found her again and she moaned, her sounds a beautiful array of intoned color, as she quivered at his gentle probe. He teased the searing flesh he found there, creating an even more perilous need in her body. Marietta rocked her lower body shamelessly against the dark magic of her young wizard’s hand, lost in a world of beautiful sensation created by his spells alone.

“Use me Nathan my love, anyway you please, I have waited for this so long now my dear!” her whisper, broken and urgent.

Marietta kissed her way down his flat, hard belly, her hands continually trailing her lips, caressing their way to some distant union of the two. Her wet mouth found the head of his cock and whimpering softly the needy vixen began to consume him. She bobbed up and down on his hard shaft until it glistened with her thick saliva, her hands seductively working the warmth of his thighs and bag, as her mouth continued to lavish attention on his burgeoning dick.

“Marietta!” a single desperate utterance, that was more a plea for completion than anything.

“I am your mistress my love, your willing whore, and I will do whatever is necessary to win your love Nathan,” her voice, a soft seductive echo in his mind.

She slowly stretched her leg across his mid section the slick pink lips of her mons gaping before his eyes deliciously. Reaching down between her legs she caught his member suadiye escort and softly stroked the hot resilient flesh of his shaft. Her eyes reveled in its feast of his cock; her body hungering for the heavily veined, wide monster in her hand, the monster she knew would end her internal agony.

She held it tenderly in both hands and then raising up placed the mammoth head at the entrance of her hot cunt. She slid down a little and the head immediately stretched her lips to the limit of their endurance. She backed him out and took small, well metered strokes, against the unusual length and girth of his beautiful cock. Before long Marietta smiled, as she felt at least half of his cock now at home in her body.

“This is a dream,” he whispered.

“Yes my Prince, its all just a very sweet, sexy dream,” she reassured him.

Nathan felt the slick, tight warmth of her passage, slide down his impatient shaft sealing it to her, as her cunt lips contacted his pubic mound. Her long gentle fingers made love to the skin of his chest, thrilling him there with a tingling heat. He captured her nipple between his lips and nourished himself suckling the smooth flesh of her breasts, pleasant food, his ravenous spirit lusted for.

Marietta moaned deeply above him, as he fed at the alter of her body, fortifying that desire for her, now wild within him. His teeth and tongue were merciless in his rush to sate his overwhelming greed for her flesh, as wicked hands cast his spells of lust all about her body.

Marietta began a tight gyrating motion against Nathan’s body, flexing the walls of her passage as she moved with deliberation. Her lover arched beneath her, his fingers pleasant at her nipples now, coaxing her spirit passed all her barriers of shyness. Nathan stroked, and played, squeezing the perfect flawless globes before him, suckling the eye of her nipples like a helpless nursing child in need of sustenance.

She closed her eyes and rose upward on his mammoth cock, her body now accustomed to his presence. Nathan laced his fingers beneath the shapely buttocks of his ladies ass, to assist her with her effort. He watched mesmerized by the sharp quick movement of her inner thigh muscles, as she rose and fell on his cock in pursuit of her pleasure.

“Oh God, it feels so good this way,” Marietta breathed.

She was very wet now; her eyes were shut, as her mind remained locked in with the pleasure she felt between her legs. Nathan was fast approaching the crisis stage of his arousal, his mind tormented with the tease of her scent and the colorful sounds of her desire.

Marietta screamed when Nathan reached up and squeezed her hard breast, her heat exploded as her cunt began to tightly grip his cock and milk him for the seed of life he carried. Her body stroked, gulped, and suckled him, swallowing the fountain of lust his fiery passion had borne to her heart.

She collapsed when the explosion of her release began to subside, her consciousness shattered and her body temporarily exhausted. She rested atop her lover seeking refuge in the comforting warmth and security of his presence.

He was still inside her when she found his lips her probing tongue was sweet and confident as she entered his mouth. There was no rushing urgency this time, only admiration and gratitude for the glow she now felt. She knew this instant with the fires of her passion receding that she loved this man beneath her.

“You will sleep well my Lord, the dream is now over. I am yours my heart,” she whispered before she rose from his bed.

He watched as Marietta pulled the delicious little panties back up her legs and finished dressing. She stood beside his resting place and bent down to kiss his lips once more and drink from the wine of his soul. Her loving fingers smoothed one lock of wayward hair as she smiled down at him…and then she was gone.

Nathan rolled over and drifted to other places in his mind, and began his rem.

Nathan woke the next morning, remembered the dream with his new friend Marietta in the starring roll, and smiled inwardly at the absurd foolishness of it all.

But when he was shaving that morning he noticed scratches on his chest and what might be teeth marks on his lower lip. Nathan paused to reflect with furrowed brow, “It was a only a dream…wasn’t it?”

Unable to garner a ready solution, Nathan dismissed the entire episode as nonsense.

The rest of his week passed without incident and he was genuinely looking forward to his excursion to the little Iowa town. That Friday he cleaned his Ford truck up inside and out, he amused himself at one point wondering what it would be like to date an older woman.

Then it occurred to him, would he kiss her good night at the door, and here he smiled. She wouldn’t be that difficult to kiss after all she was very attractive and well built. Then it hit Nathan, as he finished, that they hadn’t really settled on a time of arrival. He decided he had tuzla escort better call today and find out what time would best suit her schedule.

When Nathan finished with the truck he headed indoors stopping at the refrigerator to pour him self a glass of lemonade. He then moved to the living room and sat down by the phone, he was about out of hours on his cell and needed to save the time for another week.

He fished out the piece of paper she had given him the day they had met and dialed her number.


“Hello, this is Marietta Sloan.”

“Hello Marietta, this is Nathan Campbell in Des Moines,”

“Well hello Nathan, I’ve been expecting your call.”

“I was getting ready for the trip up in the morning and I remembered we never decided on what would be a convenient time for you.”

“Anytime it pleases you Nathan, actually the earlier the better that way I’ll have all day to bore you,” another girlish giggle here.

“Oh, I doubt that you’ll bore me Mrs. Sloan,” he assured her.

“I was wondering if you would really come, I’m so very much looking forward to your visit Nathan,” her voice very soft at this point.

“I really can’t wait to see you again either Marietta,” he paused, sorry he had said that, and didn’t know why he had.

“May I ask you something Nathan,” again, her voice very subdued as she spoke.

“Of course Marietta,” he said.

“Do you think I look to old Nathan?” she asked shyly.

“Well, no Marietta…I think you’re a very attractive woman, with a killer body,” he was feeling stupid again.

“Oh my, thank you, I’ll bake you something special for that Nathan!” she said, giggling again.

“Thank you that’s very considerate of you Mrs. Sloan. So, if I arrive around eight am I wont be an inconvenience then?” he inquired.

“No Mr. Campbell I would welcome you anytime,” her voice had gone soft again.

“I will see you in the morning Marietta,” he told her.

“Please drive carefully Nathan, goodbye,” she smiled, as she hung up the phone.


That was odd he thought, she said she’d been waiting for his call…well maybe she had remembered, as he did, that they hadn’t set a time.

Saturday, six am, Nathan grabbed a stout cup of Joe and a glazed donut after attending his morning hygiene. He started the truck and let it run a couple of minutes to get the oil circulating.

Six thirty am, on the road and headed north on Interstate 35 it wasn’t really a long drive so their shouldn’t be any problems with fatigue. The old ford V-8, hungry as always, ate up the white line and beat out a deep throaty cadence, as she ran with her ears flat back, pushing the wind and raising hell.

Nathan arrived a little ahead of schedule, which was a good thing because he still had to locate the house. He stopped at the edge of town and purchased another very small cup of coffee at a convenience store, more to kill a few minutes and get his bearings than anything.

When Nathan had finally found Marietta’s house he was truly impressed. The house was an old two-story Victorian style mansion. The grounds and structure were immaculate and very well decorated. He nosed the old ford into the red brick drive turned off the key and gave the old gal her ease.

Nathan walked to the front door and used the ornate brass knocker to announce his arrival to his friend. The door opened and there stood the handsome smiling face of Mrs. Sloan.

She ushered him in with genuine glee and then throwing her arms around his neck stretched up to kiss his cheek. She was wearing one of those sheer house gowns with a tie around her waist. She felt warm next to him and her breasts were firm at his midsection he could even feel the sharp rise of her pubic bone against his leg.

“I am so glad you’re here now Nathan, I was worried something might go wrong on the road,” her concern was genuine, as was her smile.

“Good to see you Marietta and the trip was a good one,” he told her, hoping she wouldn’t notice his slight stirring below. He looked closely at Marietta’s face and thought, “sixty or not, she was a fox.”

Marietta’s heart was full of wonderful music, as her eyes ravenously devoured the image of her young man. She was so enrapt with feelings of joy that she spontaneously stretched up again and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Without thinking and on physical impulse alone Nathan drew her body firmly to his and pushed the tip of his tongue into her mouth. That, opened the fire gates of Marietta’s passion, as her tongue dueled with Nathan’s, she ground her warm pelvic region hard into his inflamed organ, rotating it around his firm cock.

Nathan’s hand found the edge of her gown and slipped under the sheer fabric searching for her mons. She wore no panties and when his finger grazed her skin she moaned into his mouth and shivered. She broke the kiss then, placed her cheek at his chest, and sighed.

“I’m so sorry…I didn’t me,” he was cut off by her statement.

“Oh please Nathan…please don’t stop. I have thought of nothing but you since we parted. God how I blush to think of the unspeakable things I did to myself as I entertained my memories of you,” she was rocking her body against his hand again now unable to hide her urges for him.

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