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Having had a wonderful afternoon in the sun not too long ago, I decide that it is time for us to meet again for some afternoon fun, this time the passion has been building for a long time, we can hardly contain ourselves every time we meet. We leave work early and meet at a local bar and as you enter my car, we kiss passionately, and embrace tenderly for awhile.

As we head out toward the small motel we selected, you can’t seem to keep you hands off of me, You are nibbling on my neck and tonguing my ear as you tweak my nipples and stroke my already hard cock through my jeans. All this attention is driving my right up the wall and I decide that it is your turn to be driven up the wall as you are starting to distract my driving.

I reach over and start caressing a breast, pinching the nipple lightly and as it grows even larger I begin to roll it between my fingers. This action brings a moan from your lips and your hands come up to grasp my hand and press it harder to your breast.

As I remove my hand from your breast, I place it on your knee and start moving it up you leg. As I travel higher and higher up your leg, pushing your dress up with my hand, you open your legs wider to give me access and begin tonguing my ear again.

As my hand starts to feel the heat from you I encounter smooth freshly shaven skin as my hand greets your pussy as my gasp and moan is greeted my your own as I run my fingers up and down your sopping wet baby smooth lips. I tell you “Oh baby, you shaved for me! That makes me so HOT!”

My finger splits your lips and starts tracing around your outer lips, you grasp my hard cock and begin stroking me again. My finger starts tracing around your clitoris, lightly around the edges and over the top, then down your slick lips till I find the source of the copious lubrication that you are making.

As my finger enters your hot sex, pressing into your vagina and causing you to shudder, moan and grasp me even harder. As I continue to finger your pussy, lightly dragging my palm over your clit, you become distracted and stop stroking me so much. As my ministrations to your sopping pussy begin to push you toward having a nice orgasm, you throw back your head and squeal out a loud moan and begin shuddering lightly.

You are so close, so very close to cumming, you can feel your nipples, rock hard and screaming for attention, your clit is a rock hard nub and is on fire, your pussy starts clamping down rhythmically on my fingers. You feel the warmth start radiating out from your pussy, your moans are almost a wail, your body is shuddering, your hips pumping back and fourth in an effort to bring yourself over the edge to a shattering Orgasm.

And at the very last moment, my fingers leave your steaming hot pussy, leaving you teetering on the very edge of a huge orgasm, your eyes snap open and you look into my eyes as I lean in to kiss you tenderly.

I tell you we have arrived at the motel, and I have to check in. As I kiss you again you begin moaning, and complaining, you are shuddering like you are cold, because you are so close to cumming and I tell you I will be right back, and also tell you that you are not to cum while I am gone! That is MY Orgasm, waiting for ME to release it and pleasure you, no masturbation allowed until I return.

A groaning Noooo greets my ears as I exit the car, Pleaseee Hurry baby, please, I am so close baby, please.

I quickly enter the office, register and get a room key and return to you, I know you will not try to bring yourself off while I am gone, but you cannot wait very long. As I return and enter the car, you grasp me and tell me how mean I am, and I had better get you to a room NOW.

Laughing, I pull the car over in front of the room and we quickly exit and enter the room. As I turn and lock the door, you press your ample breasts to my back and placing zeytinburnu escort your arms around me one hand grasps my cock, while the other snakes its way up inside my shirt and grabs a nipple and begins tweaking it.

As I turn and take you into my arms, we kiss again and quickly begin shedding our clothing for each other, our lips caressing and kissing the skin as its exposed.

As your bra comes off and your great breasts fall into my hands, I cup them together and inhale a nipple into my hot mouth, twirling my tongue around the hard nipple and eliciting a moan from you.

As you fumble with my belt trying to get my pants down to expose my hard hot cock to you, I switch over to the other nipple and start working on that joy button as I squeeze your breasts together and caress them. Your shivering with excitement as I work on your breasts, you finally get my belt undone and quickly drop my pants and underwear as you drag me back toward the bed with you by my hard cock. As we reach the bed, you drop your panties and step out of them and sit down on the bed, pulling me to you by my cock.

As I grasp your hair in my hands and guide your hot mouth to my hard cock, I spread your legs with my knee and can see your freshly shaved pussy glistening with its moisture. As your lips part and my cock enters your hot mouth, your tongue starts swirling around the underside of the head and down the shaft as you take me deeply into your mouth and start sucking me hard. You begin to shudder and moan again as you suck my cock as I twirl your nipples between my fingers.

As you bottom out on my cock, my pubic hair tickling your nose, you begin shuddering and moaning loudly around my cock. Unbelievably, as

I look down at your pussy, I can see it spasm as you begin cumming from just sucking me! I press my knee into your pussy and you start humping it hard as you wail out your orgasm around the hard cock in your mouth.

As you come up for air, your moans turn into sobs as you kiss my cock and tell me how you have never cum without being touched! As you lick and kiss my hard shaft, running your tongue up and down the shaft, it is my turn to moan and I press my knee into your pussy harder. You grasp me and pull me down to the bed and roll over on top of me. I grasp your head and draw your lips to mine, kissing you hard and feeding you my tongue as you run your sopping wet pussy up and down the hard shaft of my cock, pressing your clit against the shaft.

As you slide down my body, your hard nipples dragging along my chest until your breasts are flanking my cock. You press the large orbs around my cock and start rising and falling, my cock is drenched with your juices and slides easily between your hot tit flesh. As my cock head emerges from the top each time you lick the head and suck it quickly into your mouth before rising and watching it disappear again into the valley between your breasts.

I begin to shudder and moan out your name, I have never felt such feelings and I moan out that I will cum soon. Hearing this you plunge my cock deep into your mouth and begin sucking hard as you rise and fall, taking me deeply each time and torturing me with your tongue and lips. I groan again as I feel the semen start to boil in my testicles, the pressure rising to the breaking point at your expert blowjob.

As my orgasm overtakes me, you plunge hard to the bottom of my cock and suck me hard as I shudder and moan as you suck the cum directly from my balls and swallow all I can give you.

I am completely drained for the moment, and I pull you on top of me and kiss you sweet lips, tasting the mixture of or juices on your lips. As I hold you in my arms, resting after having my balls drained completely by that wonderful, talented mouth of yours. I decide it is time acıbadem escort to repay you for treating me so well and draining me so completely.

We snuggle for a while as I caress your hair and back and occasionally reach down to roll a nipple between my fingers (of course you absolutely love this, and moan every time I do that). I roll you over and begin kissing your neck and down your back, kneading and kissing every square inch of you, down your back to your buttocks I caress and lick and kiss my way. As I move down each delicious leg in turn, paying special attention to the backs of your knees, your calves and then to you feet.

I take each foot in turn, and caressing them firmly start a foot massage. This relaxes you greatly and as I am massaging your insoles your legs gradually drift apart, giving me a nice shot of your tight pussy and cute ass as I go about my work. I hear you almost start to Purr as I work on your feet, your hips undulating ever so slightly up and down as I caress each foot. Looking down I see that your pussy is drenched again and realize that my simple touch is again turning you on!

As I tongue and kiss my way back up your thighs, I stop at your beautiful butt and begin caressing those wonderfully full globes. As I cup your butt cheeks in each hand and caress, your legs open wider and I can see the juice running out of your pussy, you are soaked with excitement, and I caused it!.

My tongue travels down your crack, caressing your anus and one to your pussy where I lightly flick my hard tongue over your swollen and very hard clit. This brings a shudder and moan from you as I pull you up into a kneeling position so that I can better pleasure you. As I return to bringing you pleasure, I run my tongue all around your outer lips of your pussy before plunging it deeply into your pussy. As I feel you squeeze my tongue tightly I make snake a finger up and run it over and around your clit making you squeal and moan in pleasure. As I continue to manipulate your clit and tongue your pussy you scream out a very nice orgasm, your hips rising and falling and trying to get more of my tongue into your pussy.

As I rise up behind you I take my hard cock and begin running it up and down your pussy lips, caressing your clit on every pass and ask you what you want now.

I hear you softly mutter. Please Fuck me now, take that hard cock and put it in my pussy and make me CUM HARD NOW!

I run my cock up and down your lips again and ask if you are ready. and then I place the head of my cock at the entrance to your tight hot pussy and push the head just inside you, spreading you and making you moan. As I continue pushing deeper and deeper into the very tight, hot depths of you a low shudder begins deep inside of you and ad I bottom out I feel you clamp even harder down on my cock as you scream out my name and begin cumming.

As I pull out and thrust back in, my balls swinging forward to bump against your clit you continue to CUM and scream out my name. I grab on to your ass and begin pounding you in earnist, your orgasms and your hot tight pussy have me very close to blowing my load, and I want this to last for you.

As I continue thrusting into you, you are in a constant non stop orgasm, your hands are cupping your big breasts and caressing the nipples as you scream out in pleasure and emit babbling moans as you CUM! And CUM again and again

As I feel the cum boiling in my balls, I quicken my pace and slam one more time into your hot pussy and I erupt! My orgasm is gigantic, My heads swoons, I moan loudly and call out your name as I empty myself into your clamping, steamy pussy. As you feel me start cumming you squeal even louder as your orgasm gets even more intense and you clamp down on me and shudder uncontrollably.

As I lean forward anadolu yakası escort to hug you, you roll over onto your side and hug and kiss me deeply, after we rest for a bit, you head off to the bath and I run out for some quick take out to satiate our appitites.

As I return, I hear humming coming from the bathroom and enter to find you taking a bath, laying back against the tub with your breasts sensuously peeking out of the water. I lean in and kiss you passionately, caressing your nipple lightly as our tongues duel back and fourth.

You try and drag me into the tub and I resist, being fully clothed yet, as I back up and start to remove my clothes, teasing you as I shed them quickly, just out or arms reach. I dim the lights and slide into the tub behind you, kissing your neck and wrapping my arms around you and grasping both wet warm slippery breasts as you turn to kiss me again. As we kiss you can feel my cock getting hard and pressing into your back, it is almost as hard as your slippery nipples are right now.

You lean back into me as one of my hands travels down your tummy and over your mons and splits the lips of your pussy, traveling over your clitoris and entering your sopping wet vagina. As I gently finger you, and caress your breast, I begin nibbling on your earlobe, and tonguing your ear, listening to your sighs and moans as you start to get hotter and hotter.

I ask you if you have even been in a jacuzzi before and you answer no, so I tell you that I am going to show you how to fully enjoy a good soak. Reaching over and turning on the pump, the jets start to pump the hot water toward our bodies, allowing a relaxing and soothing calm to come over both of us.

You sigh and tell me that it is wonderful, and I nuzzle your neck and tell you there is more. I them turn several knobs and instantly thousands of bubbles fill the tub, massaging and tickling at the same time. You sigh again and s tell me how wonderful this feels, my hands on your breasts, my finger in your pussy and teasing your clit and me nibbling on you neck.

I increase the bubbles to maximum and adjust the 2 front nozzles to my liking with my toes, when I am satisfied, I lean back and you resume leaning back into me and start enjoying my wet finger slowly circling your clit. I ask if you are ready, and you say that you would like to just lay here with me for now.

I nuzzle your ear, and whisper that you don’t understand, and you say what?

As I encircle you with one arm and take a breast into my hand, the nipple boring into my palm, I remove my finger from your pussy and open your pussy to the hot bubbly jet of water my hand has been blocking, immediately you gasp and moan deeply as the bubbles cascade over your clit and titillate it with a feeling you have never felt before.

The hot bubble relentlessly cascade over your clitoris, feeling like a thousand feathery tongues dancing on your most sensitive spot all at once, your moan deepens and you begin to shudder slightly as I hold your pussy open to be caressed by the jacuzzi. As I caress your breast, paying special attention to your nipple, you are suddenly overcome by a sharp orgasm, being taken by surprise, you squeal as you Cum so quickly and unexpectedly. As I continue to hold you open to the feathery touch of the water jets and caress your breasts and nibble on your ear, you begin cumming again and again, almost to the point that I cannot tell when one orgasm ends and another begins, shuddering and screaming out my name you cum and cum like you never have before.

I close you up and cover your pussy with my hand as I turn off the pump and we lay there for many minutes as you slowly come down from one of the most massive orgasms you have ever had.

As the water has cooled too much, you stand from the tub, and exit grabbing a towel as I follow, we carefully dry each other off and you take my hand and tell me to follow you to bed, it is now time for me to be repaid for such a wonderful experience.

We head to the bedroom, your hand firmly grasping my hard cock and leading the way.


Enough for now…till next time

I hope you enjoyed this story, leave me feedback to let me know!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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