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The bells had just rung out signalling the end of the school day and the throngs of students at Madison Ashley Senior High spilled out from their classes and slouched their way across the campus.

The usual groups and social clusters began to assemble as the students filtered out to car parks, bus stops or stopping to loiter along the way. Everyone was in their school uniforms, but the expressions of that uniform seemed to range widely from polished and preppy to slacker and provocative.

Luke Goldberg burst out of class, rushing to his locker to grab his stuff and get going, almost forgetting to close the damned locker door behind him. His friend Jeremy was already waiting outside for him, looking anxiously at his watch.

“Shit, Luke, there you are!” Jeremy exclaimed. “What took you so long, man? We gotta hustle if we’re gonna make it in time.”

“Fuck, I know man, sorry,” said Luke, breaking into a jog to catch up as Jeremy almost took off as they arrived, “Rachel stopped to talk to me on the way out of class about something-“

“Rachel?” Jeremy asked, exasperated. “Don’t waste your time chatting with her, man! She’s already got that bonehead boyfriend of hers all over her, you’ll never get anywhere with her.”

The two eighteen year old school friends both took off at a brisk walk as they manoeuvred through students and out of the school grounds, breaking off to head down some side streets.

“I don’t want to get with her…” protested Luke. “I mean, I would, if I could, she’s fucking gorgeous, but I don’t have a thing for her or anything, I was just being nice.”

“Don’t be fucking nice, man! What have I told you about being nice? You’re never going to get laid if you’re nice! I’m never nice. I’m ice fucking cold.”

“Oh yeah, have you gotten laid yet?” smirked Luke.

“I got like a handie from Alyssa at Jake’s party last weekend,” Jeremy responded, slightly wounded at Luke’s jab. “That still counts, man! Not to mention, remember where we’re going to right now! I’m trying to look after you, set you up, you know! Don’t be giving me attitude just because I haven’t gotten laid yet… I’m trying, man, I’m trying real hard.”

“So do you know if Crystal’s going to be there today?” asked Luke eagerly.

“Dude, one hundred fucking percent she’s gonna be there today!” said Jeremy, nodding seriously.

“Are you sure?” asked Luke, squinting at Jeremy in doubt.

“I mean, pretty sure…” said Jeremy.

“Pretty sure?! Is she going to be there or not, man?” asked Luke.

“Relax dude, Brandon owes her pot or money or money for pot or something,” said Jeremy. “Crystal will be there to collect, she seems pretty desperate for cash at the moment. Then she’ll hang for a while and that’s when you’ll get your chance. Crystal fucking McLaren!”

“Crystal McLaren,” repeated Luke dreamily.

Crystal McLaren, a senior who had turned eighteen a few months back, was definitely on the slacker/provocative end of the spectrum. Crystal was socially a bit of an outsider. She mostly hung out with the slacker/stoner crowd, but was increasingly popular in senior year on account of both her natural good looks and her growing reputation of loose morals.

Crystal was of average height for a girl but very slender and surprisingly busty for her figure. Luke and Jeremy estimated she was probably a 32D or 34C in their many conversations about the girls in their cohort and figures, bust sizes and gossip of who was hooking up with who. Crystal stood out more than anything else for being a natural stunning redhead. She had fair, freckled skin, light grey eyes and delicate pale pink lips. Her silky, wavy copper hair tumbled down just past her shoulders. Sometimes she would wear it back with a school headband or tie it up into a high ponytail or bun. Regardless it would look amazing and effortlessly sexy.

Luke was obsessed with Crystal. She had a gorgeous girl next door look but at the same time styled herself as a bit of a wild, sexy rebel. Like many of the girls in her group, she would push the boundaries with her school uniform regularly; the blue tartan skirt hiked up and worn shorter like a mini skirt; thigh high black or patterned stockings rather than regulation over knee ones; white blouse tight with top buttons undone to show off a figure fitting tank top and knockout cleavage or the shirt tied off at the midriff over a crop top to show off bare belly and waist. It usually earned Crystal and her group their fair share of detentions and warnings, but the students would persist and for the most part the school put up with it.

“I still find it hard to believe the whole thing about the Blowjob Brigade,” said Luke.

“Believe it, Luke, it’s fucking A+, man,” said Jeremy. “Last Tuesday I got a hummer from Stephanie Summer – you know Stephanie, right?”

“She’s in my biology class,” said Luke. “Brunette, right? Petite? Green eyes?”

“Fuck, I don’t know what color her eyes were, all I could see was the top of her head!” bostancı escort joked Jeremy. When Luke didn’t laugh, Jeremy went on more seriously, “but yeah, that’s her. Hot little pocket rocket. Swallowed me to the base! I mean, I’m not that big or anything, but still! Sucked like a vacuum cleaner. Making me hard just thinking about it, actually.”

Luke thought of Crystal on her knees in front of him, watching the redhead as she swallowed him, and felt his cock stirring in his trousers.

“So, have you got to try Crystal yet…?” asked Luke, hesitantly. He would be insanely jealous if Jeremy had got to enjoy Crystal going down on him before Luke had, but at the same time, he was desperately curious to hear anything about Crystal’s involvement in the Blowjob Brigade.

“Nah, man,” said Jeremy. “Haha, don’t look too relieved, Luke! If she’s there today, I’m queueing up right after you! Everyone says she’s the best. I want to try her too. She hasn’t been around a lot lately though, I hear.”

Luke couldn’t help feel relieved, even though it was a strange thing to feel anxious about in the first place. It wasn’t even like he had a proper romantic crush on Crystal. He just had the hots for her. A gigantic boner crush. From the sound of things too, Crystal was already sucking her fair share of cock this year, so it wasn’t like she was a blowjob virgin or anything. Yet all the same, Luke was thrilled that he was quite possibly about to get the chance to get a blowjob from the girl he wanked off to thoughts about every night.

“We’re here,” said Jeremy. “Be cool. Let me do the talking.”

They had arrived at what was a nondescript back alley between an abandoned bakery and an old diner. It was a pretty secluded place, with a lot of crates and random things to sit or lean on, and no easy way to peek on what was going on. About a dozen senior students, boys and girls, from Madison Ashley High School from the slacker/stoner crowd were hanging out, some sitting on crates or the ground. Some were smoking – pot from the smell of it – while others were just chatting or or on their phones. It was a pretty ordinary after-school scene. The students must have been here for a little while already, as it wasn’t uncommon for this group to skip class. For a moment, Luke thought Jeremy was having him on about the whole Blowjob Brigade.

Jeremy, like Luke, was from the nerdier crowd in High School, devouring comic books and geek culture. But Jeremy was pretty outgoing and seemed to be able to make friends with anyone. He would hang out with seemingly any group with ease, where Luke would be far too socially awkward to go out of his comfort zone usually.

He was feeling pretty awkward already, standing mutely in the alleyway as the other students glanced over and ignored him, while Jeremy was catching up with a couple of the guys and girls.

A petite brunette sitting on a crate right near Luke looked up at him.

“Hey, Luke, right?” the brunette asked.

Luke turned to look at her properly and realised suddenly it was Stephanie Summer. Instant flashes of Jeremy’s earlier description of the pretty brunette giving head filled his mind and stirred his crotch.

Stephanie’s dazzling green eyes looked up at Luke with amusement beneath her ‘blowjob bangs’ haircut – named so because the guy wouldn’t have to hold the girl’s hair back off her face – and Luke shuddered with involuntary pleasure as he imagined himself wanking off onto the brunette’s cute face.

“You alright?” Stephanie asked as Luke’s expression hazed over.

“Huh? Oh yeah, fine. Sorry. Hey Steph,” said Luke awkwardly, trying to recover and hoping she wouldn’t notice the boner growing in his school trousers.

“You’re a weird one,” Stephanie laughed, before extending out a hand holding a smouldering cigarette shaped roll. “You want a joint?”

“Um, no thanks,” said Luke, before pointing to himself and saying, “it’s not good for my asthma.”

Luke instantly regretted how lame he sounded but it was too late to rescue the moment.

“Asthma, huh?” Stephanie laughed and took a drag of the joint. “You’re funny.”

Stephanie turned to shout out to Jeremy, “hey, Jeremy! Your friend is funny!” before turning back to Luke and saying “you should come hang out with us here. I guarantee you’ll have fun.”

“Hey, is Crystal here?” Luke asked Stephanie abruptly, unable to contain himself.

“Crystal?” asked Stephanie. “Yeah, she’s inside with Brandon. Why, you looking to hook up with her too or something?”

Luke went red in the face and was unable to answer. Stephanie’s bluntness was catching him off guard.

Stephanie giggled at Luke’s reaction. “Aww, how cute! I would hook up with her if I were a guy, she’s fucking hot.”

At that moment Jeremy came to Luke’s rescue and pulled him aside while flirting audaciously with Stephanie, who seemed to be happy to flirt back outrageously too, even simulating a blowjob expression büyükçekmece escort with her fist and her tongue pushing out the inside of one cheek, before breaking into a fit of laughter again.

“Have fun in Crystal’s mouth, Luke!” Stephanie called out cheerfully as the boys hurried away.


Meanwhile, inside the small confines of the abandoned bakery, Crystal McLaren was trying to negotiate with a desperately horny Brandon.

“Crystal, I’m so hard, can’t you just take care of me real quick?” asked Brandon hopefully as he pointed to the bulge in his school trousers.

“Do you have my money or not?” asked Crystal impatiently, hands on her hips.

“Chill babe, of course I do!” said Brandon, “I just don’t have all of it on me…”

“What the fuck, Brandon?” exclaimed Crystal. “You said last week you had it all.”

“Oh, come on Crystal, you know I’m good for it! I just need a little more time,” Brandon whined.

“I need that money now, Brandon!” said Crystal, her cool grey eyes wide, trying to keep her voice down so she wouldn’t be overheard and trying not to show how desperate she was.

Crystal felt like she was either going to scream or cry. She was counting on the money Brandon owed her and she needed it soon.

“Whoa, easy there Crystal. Look, the money is all there, it’s just going to take me a day to get it all together for you. But I can get you all of it and more by tomorrow. See I’ll throw in extra just for you if you do something special for me, ok?”

“How much extra?” asked Crystal.

Brandon sensed her desperation was as much about the amount of money she needed as how quickly she needed it. He seized the opportunity.

“I can throw in another twenty dollars if you blow me right now,” said Brandon.

“A twenty? Fuck off!”

“What? You normally blow for a twenty.”

“You already owe me! I need more than my usual fee if you can only get me the money tomorrow, ok?” protested Crystal.

“Ok, ok, how about fifty dollars then?” Brandon relented, before adding quickly, “But you gotta swallow as well. Don’t worry, I’m so hard already, it won’t take long.”

“Fine. Fifty dollars on top what you owe me and you get it to me tomorrow or you can forget about any of the Brigade ever blowing you again!” Crystal said, her grey eyes narrowing.

“Jeez, I get it, don’t need to threaten freezing me out, Crystal,” muttered Brandon.

Being frozen out by the Blowjob Brigade was like social suicide for their clique. In addition to having access to the sex perks of the Brigade cut off, anyone cast out was pretty much persona non grata at school and beyond among their peers. It wasn’t used often but the threat was enough to keep their otherwise notoriously unreliable group in line.

Crystal had never threatened to freeze someone out before but she needed the money badly to make the rent by the end of the week. Besides, she had still agreed to blow Brandon so he wouldn’t be too sour on her. And an extra fifty dollars would really help. She barely scraped enough together to meet the rent last time and she was cutting it way to close again. After school tricks were fine for extra pocket money for the other girls, but Crystal needed much more serious and reliable income if she was going to keep up financially. Blowing horny eighteen year old boys after school (or sometimes during) wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Students just didn’t have the kind of cash she needed, not at her school anyway.

Crystal had come up with a Plan B. Though before she could even think about that, she needed to deal with Brandon first.

Brandon was clearly desperate to get his rocks off too to agree to pay fifty dollars for just a blowjob, and he seemed keen on getting it on as fast as possible, unzipping and dropping his school pants and boxers to his ankles right away.

Rolling her grey eyes as Brandon grinned and started wanking his cock in front of her, Crystal crouched down on the dusty floor of the abandoned bakery, her already short blue tartan school skirt riding up her legs as she did so to reveal more of her creamy thighs. May as well get this over with quickly, thought Crystal.

Crystal had her white school shirt unbuttoned far enough to show off her perky tits and cleavage in her black tank top underneath. Brandon enthusiastically felt Crystal up through her tank and shirt while she tugged at his stiff cock with one hand. Brandon wasn’t lying about how hard he was.

Crystal considered tying her flowing red hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face, but before she had time to do anything Brandon already had his needy hands on the back of her head and urged her face forward towards his red and swollen erection.

The sexy eighteen year old redhead barely had time to open her mouth before Brandon’s raging hard on pushed between Crystal’s glossy pink lips.

“Bllmmmfhh!” mumbled Crystal as her mouth suddenly çağlayan escort filled with cock.

“Oh yes, that’s it Crystal! Your lips feel so good on me!” moaned Brandon in delight as his dick was enveloped in the embrace of Crystal’s wet, warm mouth.

Though a little put off by Brandon’s urgency, Crystal went to work dutifully on his throbbing erection. The redhead student bobbed her head on the cock at a steady rhythm. Her soft lips slid smoothly over the taut flesh of the erect cock, eliciting moans of pleasure from Brandon on each stroke.

Crystal looked up with her grey eyes at Brandon while she sucked and slurped busily on his dick. Brandon was staring back down at her, jaw hanging open as his breathing grew heavy and quick as Crystal’s head bobbed faster.

Brandon’s hands were busy too, no longer just encouraging the sexy student crouching before him to swallow his cock deeper. As Crystal licked, sucked and slurped with increasing vigour Brandon’s hands clamped down on her head and pushed and pulled in shallow but increasingly frantic face fucking.

A few times Brandon would cheekily try and thrust forward a little, his cock head surging toward Crystal’s tight teenage throat to try his luck. Crystal would bear with it just until the throbbing erection would press against the entrance of her throat before backing off, about to gag.

Not many of the girls could deep throat yet, though a few were trying their best to practice. Crystal was one of the better ones but Brandon didn’t want to push his luck when she was already angry at him.

The blowjob had only been going on for about two minutes but already Brandon’s pleasure was about to peak. The eighteen year old boys were still a long way from developing stamina in sexual encounters. While disappointing for sex, this did make for much easier and faster blowjobs for the girls, allowing them to perform on a lot more guys before becoming fatigued with aching jaws and sore lips.

Crystal sensed his nearing climax and deciding not to waste time, worked her small hands on his shaft and balls. One hand wrapped firmly around the base of Brandon’s cock while the other gently coaxed and fondled his swollen balls as they rose and tightened in preparation for release.

The redhead kept bobbing on the trembling pink head of Brandon’s cock, her soft lips keeping it in a firm embrace in her salivating mouth. The underside of the cock head was resting perfectly on her tongue as she began to accelerate her wanking on the base of the erection.

Brandon began to moan in shuddering awkward gasps, their pitch rising as his climax built. His hands were no longer directing Crystal. One balanced on her shoulder for support while the other gripped her red locks tightly as he simply tried to hold on as she blew him.

“Arrggh- oh, god. Shit, fuck, gaah-!” Brandon sputtered uncontrollably, right before he ejaculated forcefully into Crystal’s ready mouth.

“Mmmmn mmnnfhh! Hmmnfhh!” moaned Crystal, stunned by the deluge of semen suddenly flooding her mouth.

Crystal didn’t stop pumping Brandon’s cock however, even as his cum threatened to escape her lips and dribble down her chin. Luckily her lips were locked on tight as Brandon unloaded a serious build up of man juice into her maw.

When he was finally drained, Crystal pulled off quickly and spat the load of cum onto the ground beside her.

Brandon looked a little disappointed she hadn’t swallowed. Nevertheless he put his cock away with a grin on his face.

Crystal got to her feet, a little out of breath from her exertion, cheeks red, a small sliver of cum still trailing from her lips and onto her chin.

“Thanks Crystal, you’re the best!” said Brandon as he hurried outside. “I’ll get you your money tomorrow, promise!”

Crystal wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she watched Brandon go. She wasn’t sure she would see the money in time. She needed a better plan. There was something she had been putting off trying that could solve her problems, but now she was out of time. It was now or never.

She had better get moving now in that case, Crystal thought, if she was going to make it to the shop in time.

Crystal grabbed her bag and reapplied her lip gloss before heading back out to the alley.


Luke felt his heart beat faster and his crotch stir as Crystal McLaren finally emerged from the abandoned bakery. The gorgeous redhead was still wearing her school uniform. The blouse was half unbuttoned to reveal a black tank top and showed off her perky rack. Her blue tartan skirt was short and hiked up to become basically a mini skirt. The black stockings ended just over the knee to show off plenty of slender and creamy thigh between them and the skirt.

A minute or so before he had spotted Brandon leaving, red faced and looking very pleased with himself. Luke couldn’t help but be both jealous and aroused at the thought of Brandon being pleasured by Crystal just moments earlier. With any luck, he would be next to enjoy her services.

“Hey Crystal!” Jeremy called out, dragging Luke behind him like a salivating puppy as they made their way over to the cute redhead. “Luke here wants to ask you something!”

Luke cringed in embarrassment as Jeremy literally pushed him in front of Crystal, who seemed to have an anxious look on her face.

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