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Autumn is absolutely stunning to me, with all the colors changing. I love that the air is crisp, but it isn’t heavy coat weather yet. I live in a larger city filled with theaters, restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and every specialty shop or new trend you can think up. Despite the fact that I have all this at my fingertips, I am ashamed to say that I don’t take advantage of it. At 24 years old, a time of my life I should be out enjoying myself fully, I am painfully shy. I’m not one to venture out on my own and explore and since I have no boyfriend, friends, or family around I have no one to go out with. I moved here 4 months ago and have been too busy with finding a place to live and getting a job to really put much effort into friend making, let alone making a love connection. I had lived at home before this, staying there while taking some online college classes. It never really went anywhere, I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I know at this age I should have it figured out at least to some degree, but I don’t. I was sick of hearing my mom’s nagging about goals and marriage and babies. So I went online and started looking up job openings anywhere I could think of and applying to any that I had at least most of the qualifications for. That’s how I ended up getting a job at a department store halfway across the country.

I was pretty happy here so far, but I stuck to my routine. Exercise in the morning, then off to work, afterwards running any errands like shopping or paying bills, then home for a quiet evening in. The weekends I tried to make myself get out more, but usually I just made it to the mall or park near my house and wandered around. It was a few days before Halloween when another cashier asked if I was going to make it to the company party this year. From the blank expression on my face she figured out I was clueless to what she was talking about. Soon I was caught up on the details and every other little gossip around work, she was definitely a talker! The company held a costume party each year on Halloween night right in the store after closing time. It was adults only and they had an open bar all night. Honestly who needs candy when gin and rum were offered instead. There was one major rule though, you were required to dress up if you came, and your costume had to have some sort of mask. It was a masquerade party and as I was informed by Miss Chatty next to me, it was half the fun trying to figure out who was who. That is a lot harder than it sounds, this is a big two story department store and employed a large amount of people. I smiled at her and nodded, when I had the chance I slipped away. I’ve never been one for a lot of talk and can’t understand why some people share every detail of their lives. I pushed the idea of the party aside, deciding I’d be more comfortable at home watching scary movies and passing out candy.

In no time it was closing time on the 31st. I headed home enjoying all the decorations put up in the area I lived. Some people had really gone all out. Soon I was home, in my comfiest pajamas and deciding what I wanted to pop into the microwave for dinner. For some reason though I started to feel a bit depressed. It was my first holiday by myself and the apartment seemed extra quiet this evening. I started to eat but just picked at my food. I figured maybe the trick or treaters coming for candy would perk me up. I love kids and enjoy seeing all the imaginative costumes each year. After more than an hour and only two kids coming by, I figured out I wasn’t in the main trick or treating route for most families. This didn’t help my spirits in the least. I sat on the couch and made a deal with myself. I’d wait fifteen more minutes, if no one came in that time for some of my full sized Snickers and Milky Way bars, then I would make myself go to this work party.

Fifteen minutes later, I was looking through my closet for something that would work as a costume. The best I could come up with was a make shift genie costume. I had a gauzy skirt and a tank top that showed off a good amount of my belly, I added some jewelry and sandals and threw my hair up in a pony tail. It wasn’t the best looking costume, but I decided it wasn’t too bad. It was definitely the best I could do last minute. To fill the criteria of some sort of mask, I wrapped a silk scarf around my face so only my eyes were really visible. One last look in the mirror and I deemed myself sufficiently dressed as a genie. It was a little more revealing than I normally wear, not because I’m in any way ugly or overweight, but because I feel self conscious showing so much skin. Ten minutes later I was walking into the dimly lit store.

The low lights set an eerie mood combined with the decor placed about. In contrast to this ambiance, the place was scattered with people dressed from Zorro to hockey players. The noise level was the thing most out of place, it was way too loud for the graveyard setting they were trying for. I thought about turning right back around and going home. Instead I gathered my resolve and marched directly into the throng of party goers. I slowly made a loop about. A few people tried to get me to dance, but I’m not very coordinated and kartal escort declined. Just when I thought I had made the biggest mistake coming, I saw my saving grace. Free alcohol to the rescue. I stood by the make shift bar sipping my third cocktail and scanning the room for anyone I might know, problem was the masks. Sure they might be a fun idea, but since I couldn’t tell who I knew and didn’t, I just stood there slightly awkwardly. I drank more, just for something to do at this point. Before I knew it, I had finished yet another glass. I set it down and noticed a small collection of cups by me. Had I really drank all that? I really couldn’t remember how much I’d consumed. I’m not normally a heavy drinker, so my body was not used to the amount of alcohol I had apparently downed.

My body was feeling really warm by now and I couldn’t understand why I had been so reluctant to come out tonight. In fact, the longer I contemplated it, the less worried I was about talking to people I didn’t know or being in a situation that isn’t necessarily in my comfort zone. I started to mingle around, mostly smiling at people, which is a stupid thing to do with your lower face covered. This didn’t occur to me at this point, so i continued on. As I walked by a cowboy with a bandanna hiding his identity, he asked me to dance. At that moment I couldn’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t want to. As we swayed to the music I started to dance using a little more hip movement than was necessary for the song, my arms seemed to have a life of their own. Soon I had no clue where my cowboy had gotten to, but honestly didn’t care. I felt like I could do anything, at that moment I felt like the sexiest woman in the room. I was tired of being a wall flower, tired of not having a man in my life, tired of being scared of putting myself out there. Part of my mind knew it was the effect of the drinks, but I was in a state of total inhibition. The possibilities of what I could do seemed endless.

I saw a man standing by himself close by and made my way over to stand right in front of him. I pressed my body up against his and started to sway to the music again. My mystery man wrapped his arm around my waist and moved his body with mine. By this time of the party I was not the only who had drunk more than my share. The noise level had escalated to a new high as people let loose. I didn’t have a great perception of time anymore, but it felt like no time before our dancing had turned into an excuse to rub our bodies together. My arms were draped over his shoulders and I clasped my hands together, locking myself to this stranger. We were both feeling the effects of our body movements, I knew he was since I had a hard erection pressing into my belly. Soon our masks were moved and our lips were locked as we gyrated our hips. I was light headed and my legs were shaky. Most prominently on my mind was my pussy, which was getting wetter by the second.

I ground myself against the bulge in his pants, letting out small whimpers as I did so. This was all he could take, as was evidence in the fact that his body shuddered and then relaxed. I looked down, yes he had cum right in his pants. I was conflicted with emotion, pleased I had had such an effect on this masked man, but beyond frustrated and needing release myself. I walked away, he didn’t seem to care what I did now that he had gotten his. I searched the room with my eyes as I sauntered around. Bingo, I saw what I was looking for. Near a changing room,sitting in one of the padded chairs by the wall was tall thin man with sandy blonde hair. He had a large drink in his hand and his mannerisms suggested he had already had a few more. He wasn’t alone, another man was sitting nearby and they were in the middle of a conversation. I was drunk, horny, and beyond the point of caring about the consequences of my actions. I walked over in somewhat of a straight line, determined in my half baked plan. I sank down to my knees directly in front of my target, leaned in and started gently nibbling, sucking, and kissing this man’s cock through his pants. There was a shocked silence between the two men, but no resistance to what I was doing.

The object of my lust was getting hard quickly and before I could register it, his pants were unzipped and a thick veiny cock was in my face. My mouth opened automatically and enveloped it whole. The warmth of my mouth and the passion which I was sucking, made the man attached to this dick hard as a rock. He scooted his body forward just enough for me to have unrestricted access as my blow job continued. His friend sat in the other chair mesmerized and unconsciously stroking himself. I could feel my juices flowing freely, my body was in full fuck mode, just aching for a rough ride. Quickly standing up was a bad idea, I nearly fell on my face before I could steady myself. My clumsy performance didn’t phase me, my liquid courage had too strong a hold over my mind. My legs parted and I straddled the muscular legs and 7 inch rod, my breathing was erratic and my heart was racing wildly. It felt as amazing as I had imagined it would. My soaking wet snatch made sliding onto his erection a cinch. As soon kurtköy escort as he was deep inside of me, my body took off rocking swiftly back and forth. My hips lifted a little each time I moved forward, then I’d let my body come down fully on his throbbing cock as I rocked back. My body was on fire and I was oblivious to everything around me. At that moment I couldn’t even tell you if the man that was inside of me was enjoying himself or not. Although I assumed he was, that was not my concern. My concern was impaling myself on his pole as hard as I could and letting my body writhe with pleasure. I could feel the pressure building, starting deep and growing bigger and bigger. My breath caught in my throat and my hands clenched his shirt tightly, as I bucked wildly about. I let out a long loud moan as my orgasm hit me full blast. Waves of pleasure continued washing through my body, slowly subsiding as I continued to move on the now half limp dick in my pussy.

My fuck toy had cum as well and now was leaning back in the chair. His mask covered only his eyes so I could see the fully satisfied expression on his face. I backed up off of his lap, pulled my skirt back down and walked past a group of onlookers. I realized my underwear and been left on the floor by my recent conquest. Let him keep them, sort of a momento. I also realized I was still incredibly horny and my rough ride had been enough to just get me going. My legs were slightly sticky with the cum that had dripped down from my pussy, my outfit was slightly askew, my pony tail not so smooth anymore, and my scarf that was supposed to be covering my face had dropped down around my neck. I pulled the scarf off and let it drop to the floor, then I pulled my hair free and let it cascade down onto my shoulders. I was feeling good about myself, sexy and in control, on top of the world. Why couldn’t I feel like this all the time, why did I let my doubts get into my head and stop me from really experiencing the world around me. I passed through the crowd with my head in the clouds, in the middle of a full self examination. Everything seemed so clear in my altered state of mind. I should call my mom and tell her to get off her high horse and let me make my own decisions. I should call my old boyfriend and tell him what a slut I was being tonight. I should find someone else to fuck. That last thought was the one that won out.

I half stumbled into people as I went. My hands had a mind of their own as they groped bodies I passed. I got varied reactions to my boldness, but none of them registered in my mind. A woman in a fairy costume with a jeweled eye covering was passing by me. My arms shot out and wrapped around her shoulders, my lips pressed firmly into hers. She pulled away and pried my arms off her with a haughty look on her face. What a prude, well her loss. At this point I was at the escalator, it wasn’t switched on, so I sat down on the motionless stairs. I felt another ache between my legs and let my hand stray down there. I pulled my skirt up, so I was exposed to the world. My pussy lips parted as my hand went to work. My other hand was on my left breast gently squeezing my pointy nipple. I lay back, spread my legs further and closed my eyes. They were abruptly opened as I was roughly pulled to a standing position. An older black man stood there, a little extra weight around his midsection and a widow’s peak, not my type but I wasn’t being very picky at the moment. He was dressed up in a police uniform. I giggled as I thought about him cuffing me and using his ‘night stick’ in a couple of my holes.

To my surprise, he didn’t frisk me at all, instead he took me out and placed me in the back of his police cruiser. Oh crap, it dawned on me that he wasn’t wearing a costume at all. The ride to the station was very sobering. Although I was still smashed, I was starting to think a little clearer. It wasn’t like on tv, being in a cell and looking through the bars at all the other inmates, while someone persisted that they were innocent. I was placed in their ‘drunk tank’, a cell half filled with other people in a similar state as I was. I plopped down and tried to figure out what I should do next, but there wasn’t really anything to do as I sat there waiting. I thought back to the party and regretted not getting to stay. It was the most fun I’d had in a long time and honestly it was the first sex I’d had in almost a year. That thought alone had my legs pressed tightly together trying to calm the need that was building within me. No one was paying much attention to me, most of my fellow cell mates were sleeping it off. I moved my hand under my skirt in what I thought was a discreet manner, fingering myself to finish what I had started on the stairs. I noticed another woman looking at my actions, but neither of us said a word, I certainly didn’t stop. I climaxed quickly, letting myself enjoy my sensitive clit being rubbed even after I had finished cumming.

It was hours later that I awoke. My head was starting to really hurt and the high flying feeling from last night was gone. I was sober, hung over and sitting in jail. Well just perfect. I closed my eyes to keep the light out and maltepe escort concentrated on not throwing up. I felt someone sit down next to me. My eyes peeked open and there sat a woman around my age, maybe just a little younger. She seemed familiar, but I was having trouble remembering anything. Her next words helped bring the memory flooding back, as she told me that watching me masturbate was the only interesting thing that had happened last night. My face turned a shade of red as the shame and embarrassment hit me. To my surprise, she laughed and told me I had nothing to be sorry for, that watching me was sexy as hell. I looked at her in disbelief, but was starting to feel better. We ended up talking for a couple hours till a bored looking officer opened the cell and let all of us out. Once we finally made it out into the crisp morning air, I wasn’t sure which way was home from here. I just started walking in a random direction. I wasn’t alone for long, my new found friend joined me and we walked in silence for a while. I liked that she wasn’t talking my ear off and I felt we had shared something this night. Even if it wasn’t life changing, it was still a big step to me. I never misbehaved, never stepped out of line, I was the goody two shoes in any group. So last night was a big deal to me.

As we walked past a diner, the smell of eggs and bacon wafted out, making my stomach growl loudly. My walking buddy laughed out loud and the sound was almost musical. I had no money on me, no pockets to even put it in, but she offered to pay saying she had a little cash on her. I accepted gratefully. We went inside opting to sit in a corner booth to avoid the looks being thrown our way. I’m sure our disheveled appearance was the reason for the attention, plus we were both still in our costumes. My new companion was dressed in a tight fitting Pocahontas dress and moccasins. I couldn’t help but admire how it fit her so snugly, showing off every curve. As she studied the menu I took the chance to look her over fully for the first time. Her straight black hair feathered around her face and fit in perfectly with her costume. She had a tight little body, being maybe 5’2″ and 110 pounds. Her lightly tanned skin was smooth looking and I had a sudden urge to caress it. The most stunning feature she had though were her dark blue eyes that contrasted with her jet black hair. I felt very plain in comparison. My hair was much shorter than hers, it fell down to my shoulders. My eyes and hair were both the same shade of brown. My skin was paler than hers, a milky white really. My one feature I prided myself on were my full ruby red lips, they stood out against my paler complexion and often got me compliments from the opposite sex. I was 5’4″ and weighed 120 pounds. My breasts were smaller, nothing compared to the beautiful perky c cups sitting across from me, I just wanted to suck on those big beautiful breasts. Wow wait a minute, what was I thinking, where had that come from? I had never had tendencies that way and although I could appreciate a woman’s beauty, it had never been more than that.

My cheeks reddened as she looked up and caught me staring. Her only response was a full smile that lit up her face. We fell right into conversation after that, we had talked at the jail but nothing substantial. In fact we hadn’t even exchanged names till now. I introduced myself officially which felt odd since I already considered her my friend. I told her my name was Samantha but I never went by that, just Sam. Her name was Olivia and she had lived here her whole life. After high school she had started working in her parent’s deli, but she was more interested in enjoying her youth than working. She definitely didn’t want to work there forever. She often thought about moving away, getting a little house of her own, maybe starting her own business someday. Olivia loved photography, taking pictures was her passion. Her parents thought it wouldn’t amount to much of a career and tried to get her to go to college to become a nurse, a dental hygienist, or some such thing. Our conversation flowed naturally all morning long. We left the diner around noon. We grabbed a cab and headed to my place. She didn’t want to face her parents judging looks yet.

All afternoon we hung out, watched a movie, raided my kitchen and really got to know each other. I had never talked so much in my life. There was something about her that made me feel relaxed and I just opened up. I shared things I never thought I would, but for some reason they poured out of my mouth without a second thought. It wasn’t until later that evening when I blurted out that she was one of the sexiest women I had ever met, that my mouth snapped shut and the realization of what I said fully hit me. Without missing a beat though, Olivia leaned in and let her lips brush lightly against mine. Her eyes never left mine and I felt my body relax. I couldn’t help it when my eyes teared up, I had never felt such a connection to anyone and I felt overwhelmed. The strangest part was that I felt a fear of her leaving and not seeing her again. Irrational as that was I couldn’t help it. I closed my eyes to try and push the tears back and concentrated on my breathing, but that got more difficult when I felt her arms wrap around me. She meant it as a comforting gesture, but the end result was my heart skipping beats. I breathed in her scent, she used a mango shampoo that smelled amazing. My arms came up slowly and wrapped around her, we sat there holding each other without feeling the need to say a word.

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