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It was 3 am and I feeling my way blindly through the living room of my mother’s condo. I was a little shit faced from the party I had come from and to make matters worse I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of my nose. I had to be quiet, as my mother would be extremely pissed off if she woke up and found me drunk and coming home past my curfew.

Hell, I was fucking the shit out of my friend’s drunken sister. There was no way I was going to come home at 11:00 pm when I had that opportunity. I was the fourth and last guy to fuck her tonight. Messy, but I took my time and did some really nasty stuff to her.

She was lying on her stomach with her knees on her bedroom floor. She had her little nighty bunched around her waste. Cum was smeared all over her 18 year old ass and face. What a sight! I grabbed a washcloth out of the bathroom and cleaned her up. If I was going take my turn on her I would be damned if I would touch some other guys come. After I wiped the cum from her body I took a closer look at her. She was a blonde haired beauty who would get better and better looking the older she got. I remembered two guys earlier in the night talking about getting her shit faced after her brother Tony passed out. Then they joked about taking turns fucking her after she was wasted.

When the party had winded down I went looking for them. Hoping to catch a glimpse of them banging her. Or maybe finding the leftovers, which is just what happened.

I spread her little ass cheeks and took a closer look at her pussy. To my surprise it was shaved bald. I got more and more excited as I looked and decided not to waste any more time. I had taken a jar of Vaseline from the bathroom when I got the washcloth. Next I took my already hard 8 inches and greased it up. Her face was to the side and she breathed lightly in a drunken sleep. I stood there with my cock in my hand watching her face and thinking about what I was about to do next.

Should I? I asked myself. I pondered this as I continued to stoke my meat. Sure! I answered myself. Why not? You don’t often get the chance to fuck such a sweet young slut.

I got on my knees and positioned myself behind her. I slid my cock up and down her crack to lube her up and then plunged into her hot cunt. She let out a gasp as I bottomed out in her slick little hole. Her eyes screwed up and her mouth opened with a gasp.

“Oh!” she cried. “Mmpherg lsshhssher,” she mumbled and slurred something un-intelligible. I pumped my cock out and back in, sawing at her young pussy. I moved my hips around in little circles trying to find her sweet spot. She let out another little moan letting me know I had found it. I then began to work it in earnest. Pumping my hard cock into her snatch and then giving my hips a little lift. I wanted to make her come. After all, even at 19 I knew it wasn’t any fun taking all the time. You had to give a little if you know what I mean. This went on for some time with her breathing becoming heavier and deeper. Her little face was clenched up and her pouty little lips were open and inviting.

“Oh! Whewww! Oh! Yeah!” she cried.

“You like that you little slut?” I asked. I was surprised to hear her answer me. The answer was not what I was casino oyna expecting either. The words passed through my body like electricity. Exciting me beyond belief.

“Oh, yes Daddy! Fuck my little pussy Daddy!” she cried out.

Holy shit! I almost stopped when I heard it not quite believing what she said. Her dad was fucking her and she must love it from the way she was taking to my cock. Wow! Just fucking her was weird, but to hear her say that was even stranger. I decided to go along with it as it was making me very, very aroused.

“Are you Daddy’s little whore?” I teased.

“Yes Daddy! I’m a bad little girl! You have to punish my pussy Daddy… I’ve been very naughty!” she cried out slamming her ass against me.

I began to pound her harder and harder feeling her nearing and orgasm. I was on the verge of cumming but I wanted to do something I had been thinking about for a long time.

“Daddy has to punish his little whore daughter!” I told her. “Daddy wants you to spread your ass apart.”

She wasn’t responding very well. She kept bucking her drunken body against mine. I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her. I gave her a few good hard slams with my cock and then put her little hands on her ass.

“Spread them!” I barked. She quickly spread her ass apart.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy with a slurpy sucking sound and placed it on her virgin ass hole.

“Oh! No Daddy! You promised you wouldn’t!” she cried.

“Shut up you little fuck slut! I am your father and I know how to punish little slut whores when they are bad!” I played. “Now spread your ass wider!” I commanded.

With a pop my cock plunged into her tight little asshole.

“Ow! Daddy no! No Daddy! Please don’t fuck my ass!” she whined. “It’s so big in my ass daddy!”

“Oh, fuck that’s tight!” I moaned. “I’m going to fuck your little ass good and hard you little whore!”

“Oh Daddy! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck my ass Daddy! Make it hurt!” she was banging into me harder that ever, swallowing my cock into her little shitter. “I’m cumming Daddy! Fuck me harder! I’m so bad!”

I grabbed her arms and pulled her into me as I fucked with all of my strength. I was banging the shit out of her!

“Whewww! Ohhhhh…ungh! Fuck! Unggh yeah!” she convulsed. Cumming with a bucks and heaves. I soon followed suit filling her hot ass with cum. I must have pumped a gallon into her shitter because when I pulled my cock out it starting leaking non-stop.

I got up and got dressed while she lay there with her eyes closed and a little smile on her face. Wow! I still didn’t believe it. Her dad! Shit! Mr. Parker was fucking that shit out of his little daughter Suzy Parker. Man what a weird experience.

I managed to find my way home and now here I was about to knock over a lamp or a vase at any minute. Shit. Bitch could have left the fucking stove light on at least. I felt my way to the arm of the couch and used it for balance while I took my clothing off. Thinking about fucking little Suzy was making my dick hard again. I figured I could beat off to relieve the pressure. As soon as I got my clothes off I leaned on the arm of the couch and flopped onto the cushions face first only canlı casino to plant myself right on my mothers exposed breasts.

“Ooof!” we both cried. “What the…?” she began.

“Shit!” I exclaimed getting my arm tangle into her robe as I scrambled to get off of her. This in turn brought me down again onto her body. This time the robe was open and my hips landed between her legs. I felt my cock drag across her pussy. This panicked the both of us and we further entangled ourselves trying to get up.

“Mark? What the fuck are you doing?” she yelled in a panicked voice. “Get off of me!”

“Shit Mom! Sorry! I’m trying to. Stop moving your getting me tangled in your freaking robe!” I responded a little drunkenly.

“Are you drunk?” she asked. For Christ sake! I am naked, pressed against my equally naked mother and she has the nerve to ask me if I am drunk?

“Yes!” I snapped, a little annoyed. “I think we have other things to worry about!”

“Don’t you snap and me boy!”

“Mom! Stop moving! You’ve got my watch tangled in your robe and the other is wrapped around the tie! Stop jerking around!” I cried out, trying to keep my rigid cock from touching her. Not that I had never thought about it. She was very attractive and shapely after all. Ooops. Don’t think about those thing you idiot, I told myself.

“You hold still. Let me get my legs up,” she responded. “Are you naked Mark?” she asked.

“Yes, and now so are you. Don’t move your legs Mom!” I cautioned. But she brought her knees back and opened her legs wider. The action resulted in me falling on her again. This time chest to chest with my hard cock flat against her warm mound. Oh, shit. I thought. This is not good and I think she must have been having a wet dream because she was still wet and her pussy was open.

“Mark!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing?” She bucked her body up and bounced me into to the air for a second. When I came down my rigid cock did the most unexpected thing. The chances of this getting any worse were astronomical. But with Murphy’s Law comes the inevitable. My cock slid right into her wet pussy, plunging with out resistance the full 8 inches. Her legs involuntarily pinned me in the embrace.

“OH!” We both cried, suddenly not moving the only sound was our heavy breathing. Her pussy felt incredibly hot and wet wrapped around my cock and I involuntarily pumped my hips, a purely instinctive reaction.

“Oh, Mark!” she breathed heavily. “D-don’t do that!”

“Sorry! I couldn’t help it.” My mind was in a fog. This was my mother. But my God what a sweet pussy she had. This couldn’t be happening.

“M-m-mom? What do I do?” I stammered. My hips gave another twitched.

“Mark… OH! D-don’t please! Don’t move. Just don’t move,” she groaned.

“I can’t help it. It feels amazing. Your so hot inside M-mom…I feel weird.” I was just going to get a few more quick pumps in before she rolled me off of her. I had to. It felt incredible. Her large breasts were smashed against my chest and her body radiated heat like a furnace. I could feel her wet pussy leaking warm fluid down my balls.

I pumped into to her with a little more vigor than before. I could feel and hear reaction kaçak casino to it. Her hips gave a jerk and she met my thrust with a moan.

“Ohhh… no… no… this isn’t right baby!” she moaned saying no to each upward thrust of her hips.

“Mark. please stop. Don’t do this,” she begged as I began to fuck her with hard deep thrusts.

“I can’t stop Mom. It feels to good fucking you.” I replied.

“Mark!” she responded with astonishment at what I said. “Mark please I’m your mother… oh… God… Please Mark… no… oh… stop!”

“Gosh Mom. Your pussy is so wet and warm. I have to fuck you.” I resolved. I was going to finish fucking her. My fevered brain would not allow me to stop. Even if she is my mother!

“Mark… NO!…God! Mark!… Fuck it… do it then!” she cried out. “Fuck Mommy Marky baby! Oh yeah! Fuck Mommy good!” She bucked, wrapping her long legs around me.

“You like my cock in your pussy Mom?” I teased. “You like it when your son fucks it?”

“Oh forgive me! Yes… I love it. Fuck me good and hard Mark!”

I pounded her wet snatch with my rock hard cock. Banging her with everything I had. Her wet pussy was sucking onto my cock like a vise. Milking it for all it’s worth.

“Oh baby! It feels so good. It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked good and hard! Come on baby! Give it to me! Make me come baby!”

“Oh! Fuck Mom. I’m going to make you my whore! You want to be my whore Mom…huh?” I growled and her. “Your gonna be my fuck whore Mom. I’m gonna bend you over and fuck you when ever I want.”

“Yes!… Oh! Yes…ewwww…ungh…yes…fuck me like a whore baby…make Momma your whore…oh yes…fuck me hard…Oh…I’m gonna come… yes… ungh… oh… God!… fuck… ungh…!” Her body convulsed in orgasms. She thrust her hips upward with each of my strokes while her body jerked and twitched in an orgasm.

I slid my cock out of her creamy hole. She moaned for me to keep going but I had other plans for my new whore. I managed to get my arms free and I flipped my mother’s body over onto her hands and knees. Her ass was high in the air and I positioned my cock over her asshole. Two in one night was not bad at all.

“Absolutely not!” My mother yelped and tried to scoot away. “No one has fucked my ass and your not going to be the first!”

“You forget pretty quickly Mom. You’re my slut now and if you want more cock in the pussy your going to do anything I want you to! Now hold the fuck still whore!” I ordered her like some cheap slut. She tried to pull away but I was having none of it. I forcefully pulled her back to me and rammed my slick cock deep into her ass.

“OHH!!!” she cried.

“Fuck it’s tight. Mom, Gosh your ass is tight.” I pumped into her making ass bounce with my relentless thrusts.

“Mark! Fuck! You’re fucking me like a cheap slut! Is that what I am to you now?” She moaned. “God! It does feel so good though. So big and hard in my ass!”

“Fuck Mommy’s ass baby! Give it to me good. Fill Mommy’s asshole with your hot cum baby!”

“Here I come Mom… Fuck! I’m gonna fill your ass with cum!” I screamed.

“Fuck… ungh… yeah… take it slut.”

“Oh yeah. Come in my hole baby. Come in Mommy’s fuck hole. Yeah! Fill me up!” She responded eagerly as I pumped ounce after ounce of cum into her ass.

We collapsed in a tangle heap. Our bodies stuck together in a sweaty mess. Sleep soon claimed us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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