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~I offer my forty-nineth story, at this, the close of 2007, for your discerning eyes. It has been a collaboration effort, after an offer of editing came my way. The “Crazy One” stepped forward, pointing out (in a nice manner) that I could use some assistance and made the offer – if I was willing. I was. I may have made this comment before but, it bears repeating. “No matter how many times a writer re-reads material even the obvious gets over looked.”

So, I offer my heart felt thanks for his editing efforts and give him full credit for his unselfish allotment of time. The latter being no small gift when one considers how busy our lives are any more. I also advised he should prepare himself. On that note, enjoy.~ MDF251


Chapter One

~It was the near silent click of my bedroom door closing that alerted me. The heat and humidity of that August night had kept me awake. I lay under a single sheet tossing and turning, my mind a blur of thoughts and visions, I shouldn’t have, and my body sweating. With the click, I jerked my head to stare into the darkness. My heart pounded inside my chest, as I dared to hope the unthinkable…~

Friday, 4:30 PM

I arrived home that Friday, after my afternoon workout. The day was as normal as any other I experienced and, as usual, I let the front door slam as I entered. Yelling out my arrival, I heard only silence. Then, moments later, the muffled voice of my twin sister called out from the second floor.

Umm, she’s home early, I thought and headed for the kitchen. Call me a creature of habit, or whatever you like, but I followed a, year’s long, set pattern and found myself standing in front of the open refrigerator door, chugging ice water directly from the pitcher, while I searched for something to eat. Wiping my mouth and sweaty head on the kitchen towel, I grabbed the one remaining apple from the crisper drawer and put back the near empty pitcher of water.

“Hey, where’s mom and dad?” I called out and couldn’t make out her entire response but, got the drift of it. The folks had left for the weekend. I was taking a large bite from the apple, leaning against the kitchen counter when Cassy, my sister, walked by the stairwell and yelled down at me.

Her voice was loud and clear. “Hey what are you making for dinner?”

“Like yeah, in your dreams — we can call for a pizza or something!” I yelled back, after swallowing a second bite of apple.

“Whatever, Jocko, but you’re buying.” She responded with a bit of an edge to her voice. I smiled and finished the apple with large bites and tossed the core.

I’m Jake and my sister, Cassy, was trying to push my buttons again — normal as normal could be. I loved her but she had developed a real bad habit, a demanding female sort of thing that she knew got to me if she pressed it. Of course, it was a game and I played my part – being as obnoxious as I could on any given moment.

I got a real whiff of myself on the second trip to the refrigerator, where I polished off most of the orange juice and returned the carton with a few drops left. I smiled knowing that sort of thing irritated Cassy to no end and headed off to shower. Bounding up the stairwell, I passed Cassy’s closed bedroom door and made an immediate right turn, pushing the bathroom door open with a quick slap of my hand. My second step never made it to the floor.

I jumped back, shocked, embarrassed, speechless, and slammed back against the doorjamb. My eyes blurred when my head hit the jamb with a, dull thud, but not enough to block out the vision of my nude sister. Silence ruled and, strangely, neither of us said a word. There was no scream and, curiously, she didn’t curse. For the longest time we just stared at each other — too long perhaps. Cassy stood with her left foot poised on the edge of the tub and left hand gripping the shower door.

My lower lip started to tremble, as I took in my sister’s full nudity; and my breathing went shallow and harsh like. Strangely, she made no effort to cover herself. Her blonde hair, put up on the back of her head exposed her long creamy neckline and she watched as my eyes drifted down her body. I saw tiny goose bumps of excitement cover her up turned breasts and I managed to swallow hard once, as her nipples responded by lengthening slightly, growing hard, and made a pointed, or poignant, statement.

I started to slide around the bathroom door to exit, feeling my cock hardening. My eyes dropped lower, as I eased from the room, to her tight, firm, belly and the fleshy, bare, mound exposed between her legs. I was reaching for the doorknob when I saw a smile cross Cassy’s lips and stopped to watch her place the fingers of her right hand against her labia and slowly draw them through her beautiful slit. Her final act was to blow me kiss with the same hand, as she watched me closed the door.

Feeling the heat on my face and knowing what Cassy was staring at, I tripped over my own feet and fell backwards into the hall, slamming the door casino siteleri closed in the process. In total shock, I was sitting on the hall floor trying to collect myself, breathing too hard, when Cassy opened the door, taking a half step to my left, and allowed her right breast to pop out from behind the door.

“God Jake you okay? I mean thanks for the compliment and all but you don’t have to hurt yourself!”

My face reddened even more and I stammered out I was fine and started to apologize. She cut me off and giggled. “Don’t — don’t apologize. I meant it, thanks. You’re an ass for just barging in but, it’s nice to know you think I’m hot…” She began and then paused before finishing her comment. “That is what you were thinking, right?”

I gave her a stupid looking Cheshire sort of grin and mumbled, “Yeah — hot.” I didn’t know what else to say and there was another period of silence as we looked at one another.

“I thought so, judging by that.” She said and pointed at the large, obvious, bulge in my crotch. Sweat pants don’t hide too much. I started to respond, to apologize, and stopped myself.

“I won’t be too long — you going to order the pizza or, are you thinking about joining me?” Cassy added, as she closed the door, giggling. I didn’t hear the lock.

“Oh God, the pizza, yeah I’ll get it ordered right now! Take your time.” I called out, feeling entirely stupid at that point. My day had taken a sudden turn from normal into the bizarre. I stumbled my way down stairs with a rock hard cock and unholy thoughts. Jesus, get a grip Jake, I thought to myself. I knew Cassy was just fucking with me but still, it shook me to the core. She’d never gone that far before and I was certain she was laughing her ass off right about then.

It took a little while but I finally got my head cleared and ordered the pizza. Some time later, Cassy called down to me that she was done and the bath was open, tearing me away from reliving what had happened. I stood for the longest time just staring up the stairwell, unsure if I should make the journey.

My initial steps were that of a man expecting an ambush. For the second time that afternoon, I felt foolish when I topped the stairs and Cassy was nowhere around, her bedroom door closed tightly. Just fucking with you moron, the single thought coursed through my head and I grinned to myself. My shower went without incident, as did my dressing. Normalcy had returned. I knew that years from now I would have a quirky memory to recall and actually started to laugh about the whole thing. Still the memory of her nudity was haunting.

Feeling better, I stepped lightly, bouncing and hopping down the stairs headed for the kitchen when the doorbell rang. “Pizza!” I heard the delivery guy yell out and I detoured to the den to grab twenty-five bucks from the house slush fund. Money in hand, I hurried towards the front door through the living room and stopped dead in my tracks. Cassy was there — wearing, only, a ribbed tank top and panties. She was sitting on the couch with her feet up and knees together.

Her legs made a Tee-Pee frame that high lighted the fleshy bulge of her labia, covered by her thin, white, silk panties. The vertical line of her slit showed perfectly through the panties – punctuated by a quarter sized wet spot, the wet spot producing what looked like an exclamation point.

Hearing me enter she slowly lowered her legs and the magazine she was reading. Her low cut tank top displayed a beautiful valley of cleavage and the worn out material looked pink in color, from the tight form fit around her breasts. Two, dark, patches showed through, her areolas, topped off by the twin, erect, buttons of her nipples. She smiled at me and noticing my stupefied look said, “Too hot for anything else — get the door silly, the guy’s waiting.”

Bizarre returned and I’m sure the delivery guy figured I was next to retarded by the time I got rid of him. If Cassy wanted to fuck with me I didn’t care any more. I didn’t care that she was my sister. She was right. She was hot, fucking hot and I for one was enjoying the show, no matter how short it might be. I all but ran back to the living room, hoping she hadn’t gone. She was still there wearing a smile and damn little else.

So, there we sat. My sister, near naked, eating pizza and me enjoying her body with a raging erection that she took noticed of and commented about. Bizarre ruled and we laughed, talked small talk and ate the entire pizza, as we danced around sexual issues like we were a couple out on a date or something. The end was a near let down. Cassy announced she had things to do early the next day and got up to leave. I felt crushed.

“Oh Jake don’t be so disappointed. This has been one of the most liberating and best times we’ve shared. Thank you.” She said and stood up. Before I could say a word of protest, Cassy yawned and stretched, tightening her leg muscles and belly. When she finished she slipped two fingers inside the edge of canlı casino her panties, pulled the material out slightly, giving me a flashing view of her bare mound and re-adjusted the material. I smiled weakly.

“I hope you enjoyed it too.” She added as she stepped towards me. I nodded my head, as she bent down cradling my face between her breasts and kissed the top of my head. I was stunned to silence. She held there briefly and gently rubbed her tits against my face before walking off. I heard her giggle softly as she neared the stairs. “God I’m such a cock teaser.” She commented, almost under her breath. With those six words, she sent me crashing. And so, on that hot August night, I found myself unable to sleep.

Chapter Two

Saturday, 2AM

“Jake? Jake, I can’t sleep — are you awake?” I heard Cassy ask softly in the darkness.

“Me either.”

“Jake I’m so sorry for teasing you, really I am. I’ve been thinking about it since I left you in the living room.”

Her voice grew louder with each word and then the bump into my bed. I felt her hands reach down and find the sheet. Lifting it, she eased down and whispered, “Can I join you?” I said nothing, fearing she was going to fuck with me one last time. “Please Jake, I want to.” She pleaded, and I felt the bare skin of her legs, as she slid onto the bed next to me.

“Look, I know how wrong this is — I mean it’s really fucked up and we don’t have to do anything but, I felt I owed you something.” She added and reclined, resting on one elbow, facing me. Her perfume was intoxicating. The heat from her body was like an open oven door and my heart pounded so hard I was sure she could hear it. Her legs weren’t the only things bare — she was stark naked!

“Cassy, please – you’re my sister, what are you…”

“Who’s to know Jake? I got really wet tonight. Tell me you didn’t want to touch me. Tell me Jake that you didn’t want to know what it feels like. Tell me you don’t want me to suck on your…”

“Jesus Cassy, are you insane! Fuck, you are hot I admit it but — but this?”

“Whatever Jake, I’m fucking horny and I know you must be too.” Cassy replied and I felt her fingers slide down my belly, sending an involuntary spasm through me. They paused briefly and then she plunged her hand into my boxers.

“God I knew it would feel good. It feels good right Jake?” She whispered, sliding her fingers up and down on my shaft. My answer was a long, low, groan and Cassy giggled softly as she placed her head on my chest. “Does that mean I can stay?” She asked.

I remained silent, wondering if my sister had lost her mind. Then, I lost mine and slid over, giving her more room. I rolled on my side and faced my sister. Our noses touched, when she lifted her face. Extending her tongue, she, lightly, licked my lips. “I’m really wet Jake, touch me — please Jake.” She said softly, urgently, and raised her leg, opening the gateway.

Still silent, I felt Cassy grab my hand and placed it on her bare hip, holding and, yet, not holding it there. She waited. Without any sign of stopping me, Cassy let my hand slide away to gently trail my fingers down – across her belly. The quiver that went through her felt delicious.

“Jake, that feels so good, please don’t stop.” She whispered breathlessly. I grew to full hardness in her hand.

She shifted her grip, lightly clutching my penis just under the, blood filled, sensitive ridge and gasped, surprised at what she felt. “My God your girl friend must love the hell out of you!” She said, excitedly.

“Cassy, I’ve never…”

“Oh you have got to be so shitting me Jake! She has no idea how big you are?” My sister giggled out, pulling away from my face. I knew she was staring at me in the darkness, as she squeezed my dick for good measure.

I clamped my eyes closed, praying to God that this would end. I didn’t care if she was fucking with me — it wasn’t right. I wanted to speak, to tell her that she had to go but…

“Jake, what are you waiting for?” She said softly and gripped my wrist – the wrist of the hand that was lightly rubbing her belly, in ever lowering circles. “Jaaake, please.” She pleaded and applied pressure, forcing my hand lower.

With her gentle urging, my fingers slid down, dropping only to rise up onto the soft flesh of her mound. She groaned. “A — a little farther, just a little Jake.”

I groaned when I felt my middle finger slide between her pussy lips and Cassy cried out, “Yes — oh God yes – there Jake, right there!”

My hand shook, under Cassy’s grip — a grip she wasn’t releasing. Gentle urging plunged my middle finger deep within in her slit to the wet abyss she spoke of. I curled my middle finger, feeling the muscular upper surface of her vagina. My thumb rested on her clit and she dug her fingernails into my wrist.

“Don’t move, don’t fucking move your hand!” She cried out.

With the urgent warning, Cassy dropped her leg, resting it on top of my hip. Still clutching kaçak casino my wrist tightly, she began to thrust her pelvis towards me. She moaned louder each time, as she humped my hand — wildly!

Cassy climaxed, humping the hand she’d forced to her pussy. She climaxed hard, or it seemed to me, not that I was any expert.

“Jesus Jake, I’ve never cum way before. What was that? I mean was I that horny – was it because you did it — man oh man, I want that to happen every time.” She moaned out.

“We’re in real trouble if it was because I did it.” I replied nervously, forgetting for the moment I too had an urgent need.

“Yeah, no shit.” Cassy answered back, releasing my penis, and rolled off the bed. Lying there, in the dark, I heard Cassy’s footsteps fading, as my heart thumped heavily in my chest. I throbbed with unreleased passion. She’d done it again, only this time she’d gone too far. Just as I was about to scream out, Cassy opened my door and silhouetted herself in the doorway. I saw her pause and then turn back towards me.

“Heaven help us Jake, I think it was you.” She whispered out and closed my door softly. I closed my eyes and stifled the scream welling up in my throat. I did the only thing left to do and cursed my sister.

Chapter Three

Saturday, 8AM

Thankfully, the next day nothing pressing was scheduled. I had time to think. As good as the shower felt, hot and steamy, I felt the coldness of dread wash through me time after time. We had done the unthinkable and there was no way to undo it.

When I finally started down the stairs I tarried for a minute, listening. The house was quiet and I raise my head and mumbled thank you, to just who I wasn’t quite sure. I made my way down slowly and stepped into the kitchen, only to find my sister sitting comfortably at the table reading the paper and drinking coffee.

Hearing me approach, she lowered the paper she was reading and smiled warmly at me. “Coffee Jake?” I nodded and she eagerly got up and poured the cup.

“God I slept so good — what about you?” She asked, setting down my cup. As an after thought, she gently touched my cheek with her hand and I flinched, giving her a disdainful look.

“Jake – what’s wrong?” The concern in her voice would have been comical had it not hurt me, as much as it did. I answered that I was fine and picked up my coffee. Cassy was dressed in her housecoat, a tattered rag of comfort, and I watched her take her seat once again. Following a curious look, Cassy returned to her paper.

“Cassy, what the hell was that about last night?” I finally asked, interrupting her reading.

“Ah, so you’re pissed — is that it? I told you I felt I owed you something, remember?” She replied, after slowly lowering the paper.

I held my tongue briefly, not wanting to scream at her and through gritted teeth I said, “Owed me something? Seems to me the only one that got anything last night was you!”

“Man, like excuse me! Seems to me you had your hand where damn few guys have ever been — right? Look, I know it was wrong, bizarre even, but no one but you and I know and never will. Besides it’s not like you’d ever want to do it again right?”

“NO — I mean no, no I wouldn’t…You either, right – a one time thing.” I replied, a bit on the terse side, growing exasperated with the conversation.

She laughed and it made me uneasy. Her eyes never left mine as she picked up her coffee cup. Just before tipping it she replied, “No, at least I don’t think so. I doubt those circumstances would ever happen again.” Her words hit me hard. They weren’t the positive words I expected. Instead, they were open ended, as if she still, perhaps, entertained the idea.

I stared into Cassy’s eyes, trying to read her mind. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, sparkling almost and behind the coffee cup she held, I saw a grin forming. I wanted to speak. I wanted to put an end to the dangerous game but could find no words. I took another sip of coffee instead, apparently giving Cassy the opening she wanted.

“Look, all I’m saying is that even if you were sitting there with a raging boner it’s not like I’d just push my panties down and jump on it — or give you a blow job or anything. That would be way sick, right? And just how many times do you think you’re going to catch me butt naked anyway?” She replied with a casualness I found, all too, alarming.

Our little dance around a mythical sexual relationship was having an affect. An effect I felt she wanted and I squirmed in my chair. Cassy lowered her cup unveiling a broad smile and winked at me. “Jake, are you getting a bon…”

“Cassy, for God’s sake, are you nuts!” I responded, suddenly feeling my cock make the jump to full erection. She calmed some at my comment but, there was no mistaking the look in her eyes, it was lust. I wanted to leave the room – run even, escaping the room and the conversation, but I froze in my chair.

“You were wonderful last night, you know that right? I was just thinking that after what you did for me last night the least I could do for you would be…”

“Cassy, that’s not what you just said!” I cried out and started to stand. She grabbed my arm, stopping me. Her eyes dropped to my crotch.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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