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This story is best read in the order in which it is written for the sake of understanding, continuity and appreciation. Please read chapter one first.


The family function went off quite well and then it was time for the return journey. During those two days I tried to observe Swetha closely and detect any change in her behavior or attitude.

She was her normal self and did not give any indication that something had changed between the two of us. I had no clue to her thought process. We made the return trip the same way we had gone there — by an evening bus.

When we got into the bus, we followed the same seating pattern, Sujatha and her mother in the row ahead of us , I took the window seat and Swetha took the aisle seat. This bus was a deluxe bus and the seats better.

I noticed that the arm rest between the seats is the flexible type. You could use it or just push it back totally, so that the two seats become one. I made sure that she noticed it.

As the Bus started it’s journey , it was twilight and we made small talk.

” It was a good trip” I said.

She replied ” I enjoyed the gathering and function.”

I had this strong urge to make her say something about what had transpired between the two of us on the onward journey. Though she was a party to it at the later stages, she never uttered one word or acknowledged what had happened.

Also, I did not know whether she really liked it or merely accepted my advances out of curiosity. Both my conscience and my ego wanted a firm and positive confirmation.

So, I said ” I really enjoyed the journey. It was good.”

” yes. “

” Just good or very good?” I had to ask.

She smiled shyly ,lowered her head slightly and said in a low voice ” very good.”

I was absolutely delighted, because, I now knew that she enjoyed it as well, and that made all the difference.

Soon it was dark and the lights were switched off. I lifted the arm rest between our seats and pushed it back. Swetha moved a little closer so that our shoulders were touching and her right thigh was brushing lightly against my left thigh.

She took the shawl out and threw it over her front , partly covering me too. She then rested her head on my left shoulder and closed her eyes awaiting my next move. Though I was very eager to get started, I wanted to make this a nice and slow erotic game.

I covered her right hand with my left and started caressing her wrist and fingers. They were warm and smooth to my touch. I turned slightly to my left, away from the window, and pushed my right palm under her right palm.

I gently rubbed my palm against hers and entwined her fingers in mine and gently pressed. She responded by returning the pressure. After a few minutes, I lifted my left hand up and gently positioned my arm behind her head .

She understood and moved forward slightly so that I could lower my arm behind her to her waist level. Once my arm was in place, she eased back so that my left arm was now around and resting on her waist.

As I was in a half sleeved shirt ,my bare forearm was in contact with her silken smooth , warm waist and my left palm curling around her waist, shifted up slightly and found her left breast. My right hand went straight to her right breast.

I explored the lower edge of her blouse and found that the bottom hooks were already unhooked. The very thought that she wanted this as much as I, sent me into raptures.

As I pushed my fingers under her blouse, I realized that she did not have her bra on and my hand came into contact with her full, bare breast. As I took its fullness in my palm and gently squeezed it, I found that her nipple was already taut canlı bahis and hard and rubbed proudly against my palm.

What a glorious feel that was to have the full, rich young breast in my hand and squeezing it continuously!! I let my finger tip massage her areola and the base of her virgin nipple. I felt my self growing very hard.

As I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I imagined taking that young nipple between my lips and sucking on it and biting it lightly. Alas, that was not feasible in our current position. The very thought, though, was highly stimulating and I grew further.

I now had a strong urge to explore and touch more of her young and beautiful body. I slightly bent forward and whispered in her right ear to turn her back to me completely. I then moved close to the window ,thus making more room on the seat for her.

She then turned her back to me facing the aisle , lifted her feet off the floor, bent her knees and tucked her legs under her. In that position, her buttocks and bottom were pressing against my left thigh.

She let her head drop on the backrest of the seat as if dozing. She covered her self with the shawl once again and awaited my next move.

After a few minutes, I made my move. I turned a little left , put out my right hand and let my fingers find the bottom edge of her blouse.

Inserting a couple of fingers inside the loosened blouse, I slowly started pushing it up. By this, I could push her blouse almost half way up and exposing a considerable area of her naked back .

I first ran my fingertips lightly down her exposed spine sending shivers down them. I then let my full palm rest on her exposed bare back. The moment I made the full contact, she gave a light jerk and a very soft moan.

I now let my palm roam around the exposed, naked portion of her back, my finger tips caressing it all the time. Her young skin was taught, silken smooth, warm and soft. I looked around cautiously to ensure that we were not visible to anyone and all is quite.

I then bent my head lightly and brought it close to her back and kissed her naked back lightly. It was the first contact of my lips with any part of her body. I knew i was breaking another barrier with that kiss.

She reacted by pushing back even a little more into me. All the while my left hand was cupping and squeezing her left tit.

Swetha had a bottom that always attracted looks from everyone. Her ass was wide and her buttocks were well rounded and full. I now wanted to move into the new and unconquered territories.

I let my right hand drop down and touch her still fully clothed right buttock. My hand gently explored its fullness, its tightness and roundness and then gave it a gentle squeeze.

At that point of time her left tit was in my left hand and her right buttock was in my right hand and I was fondling both. I was literally in heaven.

I let my hand drop from her hip on to the seat and let my fingers move along the seat slowly to discover new treasures. It was then my finger tips touched her ankle. I let them travel along on the seat and explore her small right foot – from toes to the ankle.

When I caressed her toes, she responded by wiggling them. I let my fingers move in between them, hold and caress them lightly. I then let my palm curl around her ankle and hold it gently for a few seconds.

Then with a light squeeze I started the slow northward journey of my fingers- from her ankle to her knee, moving my fingers under her petticoat.

Her legs were very smooth and silken to my touch and her skin taut. My fingers enjoyed rubbing and moving up along the back of her legs, knowing that would be an erotic move. bahis siteleri

As her legs were tucked under her, my hand could reach only up to her right knee, and could not go beyond. I let my palm cup her knee cap and let it rest there.

It was at this stage that the bus started slowing down and , even as I quickly withdrew my hands, the lights went on and the bus came to a stop.

It was a virtual repeat of the onward journey- we got off, stretched our legs, visited the restrooms, had a cup of tea and Swetha chatted with her mother.

We did not speak to each other ,but, when we looked into each others eyes there was something different.

It was like I was sending my own erotic messages and she was receiving them , a bit shyly, but with some enthusiasm. May be that was my imagination. It was time to leave and we got back into the bus.

Even as I was taking my seat, I was wondering what was the best move now and how we could maximize the pleasure from the rest of this trip. I sat next to the window and swetha now sat on the aisle seat, but in a different posture.

Her back was now turned to the aisle, her front to me and her legs tucked under her as before. In this position she covered herself and part of me with the shawl. She looked into my eyes and smiled shyly, as if saying it is your move now and closed her eyes.

I felt a strong urge to tell her something explicit, erotic and sexual.I bent my head slightly and whispered to her ” I am going to play with your thighs.” She gave a light gasp, opened her eyes and whispered back “no.”

I knew she was a little apprehensive to proceed further and I did not want to rush her. I therefore whispered Ok , just took her hand in mine. I started caressing it to get her into the mood again. My feelings towards her very tender.

After a few minutes, I gently brushed the back of my right hand against her left thigh and waited for her reaction. There was none. So I let my hand rest there, its back lightly touching her thigh. The heat of her thigh came through the clothing covering it .

I moved my hand a little further up her thigh and waited again. Emboldened by the lack of any reaction, I turned my hand around slowly so that it was my palm that was now resting on her thigh. I gently pressed her thigh with my hot and damp palm.

She shivered a little. I now moved my hand slightly so that it covered a larger area of her thigh and squeezed it lightly. Then, I deliberately took my hand away from her thigh.

She was obviously surprised by my move and opened her eyes for a second, looked at me with some confusion and closed them again.

After a few minutes, I put my right hand under her petticoat and moved it up and let my palm cup her smooth knee cap, a return to status quo before the break in journey.

In that position, I just tapped the area just above her knee lightly with my finger tips. The message I tried to convey to her was – I want my hand to go up her bare thigh and would she please allow that?

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then there was a small movement . She moved and shifted her legs slightly. Her petticoat, which was earlier squeezed between her thighs tightly and blocking my upward journey, came loose from that position.

When I moved up my hand a little now, I found that I could go easily under her garment and my fingers came into contact with her bare, hot, silky smooth thigh. It felt so good that my cock became very stiff and rigid and jerked a little .

For two days, I had been fantasizing this moment of touching her thigh. I now rested my hand completely on her smooth thigh and gripped it lightly with my fingers.

My hand was hot and damp bahis şirketleri as it gripped her hot thigh. In the position that she was , I was able to access both her thighs. I thought the time was now ripe for some quick action.

I turned a little more to my left and put my left hand too under the shawl and her petticoat. I now took possession of both her thighs , one in each hand. Swetha opened her eyes now and her breathing quickened, as my fingers started massaging her sensitive inner thighs.

They quickly reached the edge of her panties. In the position she was seated, this was the farthest I could reach, so I spent a little more time moving my hands up and down her smooth thighs, discovering their fullness, massaging them, pressing them and tickling them.

I then took my hands away and whispered her to sit in the normal position and I too did the same.

I now asked her to move closer to me, took the shawl and rearranged it over us, such that both our laps were covered by it. Once that done, I put my right hand on her thighs and whispered her to open them a little.

She immediately complied and I moved my hand further up and squarely rested my palm on where I expected her mound to be.

I was almost spot on and my palm rested on her damp, hot, pantie covered mound. With a slight wiggle of her hips, she made sure that I had it fully in my palm.

I was so excited that I immediately pressed my palm against her hot and wet virgin pussy. I took her hand and covered the huge bulge in my pant with her palm.

I was now highly excited and so was she. I wanted to excite her further with some talk. I moved my lips close to her ear and whispered ” I am playing with your pussy.”

She just shivered and gasped and her breath quickened further. I told her ” hold my cock.” Her fingers cupped my bulge a little more.

Pressing her cunt further, I asked ” Are you wet? Is your cunt open?” She shivered more and put her left hand on top of my right hand and pressed it further on to her cunt.

I asked her ” do you like my cock?” . For the first time she answered ” nice.”

I hurriedly unzipped my pant and pushed her hand inside so that she could hold my cock now covered only with my underwear.

I reached under her petticoat and firmly pressed my full palm against her wet and hot pussy.

In this position, even as my fingers found her nether lips and just started a finger fuck through her panties, her orgasm started.

Swetha shut her eyes tightly, gripped my cock even more tightly and had her first wonderful orgasm with a male contact.

Her pantie got very wet with her juices under my hand. I held her tightly with my left hand around her and her face buried against my shoulder.

Her fingers somehow managed to get inside my underwear and she had her lovely young fingers curled around my shaft and started jerking me.

I whispered in her ear and said ” I want to fuck your lovely virgin cunt with my cock.”

She shuddered at my words which started her on yet another orgasm.

She then whispered back saying ” fuck me good”, while stroking my cock fast. When she said those wonderful words , I shot my load into her lovely palm, even as she shook like a leaf with her second orgasm.

We were both in heaven – uncle and niece.

A few minutes later, the lights came on as we entered our city and we were back to our normal positions.

We just looked at each other lovingly and smiled, knowing that something had changed forever between us , but, not really sure where that would lead to, or what was in store for us in the future. * Note : Dear Reader, This is the end of that journey but not our story. We had other encounters, later This story is my first submission . I hope you will receive it well and give your feed back.I hope to tell you more stories and soon. Leave your comments here or mail me.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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