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Ellie’s stepmother was truly the bitch goddess from hell. All blonde hair and big tits, Ellie could see why her grief-stricken father was taken in by Karen’s physical beauty. True, Karen had been there for him as James went through the horrible ordeal of watching his wife waste away from cancer that was ravaging her body.

Karen had been a nurse in the terminal cancer ward, so Ellie figured it was part of her job to be nice to the family members of cancer patients. But her poor father took it that Karen really cared for him. As far as Ellie was concerned all Karen really cared about was his money as James was quite well off financially.

But now the time for revenge was at hand. Ellie, who had just turned 18 weeks ago, is a much worthier opponent now, as opposed to when Karen had first married her daddy back when she was only 14. She considered it to be no coincidence that after roughly three years of marriage, just as father’s financial fortunes were taking a major hit, Karen started to fool around with other men.

Subsequently, Karen divorced him, leaving James for a younger man. Ellie’s dad was devastated as now he had been hit with the double whammy of two women he loved dearly coming and going from his life. One from death, one from divorce; both equally painful.

Some time later, as it was apt to do, the stock market turned around, and once again James’ financial fortunes were on the rise, along with little Ms. Karen’s interest in him. All this Ellie watched with a careful eye. To this end, she was determined to keep Karen away from James and was quite prepared to do anything to achieve just this objective.

After the marriage, Ellie and Karen had fought like cats and dogs, to the point where, shortly after her 15th birthday, Ellie moved to the Philippines to stay with her grandparents. Her dad, much to her dismay, said little in the way of trying to stop her. She took this as a sign that he was siding with Karen over her.

Now three years have passed, and she is returning home for the first time since leaving. Ellie strongly suspects her daddy is still holding a torch for Karen, and since he has been desperately lonely this past year or so since the divorce, he will be vulnerable to her physical charms.

But just maybe, that is if Ellie is brave enough to really follow through with her plans, his desperate loneliness will play into her hands. Ellie’s daring plan is to relieve her daddy of his desperate loneliness, and hopefully his need to be with Karen, by seducing him.

If he gets back with Karen, it won’t be because he has not had a chance to fill that large hole in his heart with an intense forbidden night of passion with his young 18-year-old daughter. Everything is planned. Everything is ready. The only question is, in the end with the money on the table, will Ellie be brave enough to offer herself up for her daddy’s pleasure, and even then, will he take the bait. Ellie would soon find out.

Ellie arrives at her dad’s large house at around four in the afternoon. She is on spring break from her college in Manila, and will be spending it with her daddy in the fervent hope of securing his love and affections, hopefully before Karen worms her way back into his life.

They bring her bags in for her two-week vacation while chatting idly about her schooling. Finally, after spending a few minutes at the kitchen table continuing to catch up on things, Ellie excuses herself to take a hot shower.

“When I get back downstairs I am going to cook your favorite dinner.”

“What do you want me to do? Can I help maybe?”

“Sure go to the store and get some champagne.”

“Champagne. So what are we celebrating little girl?”

Ellie’s heart skips a beat as him calling her “little girl” brought back so many wonderful memories.

“My graciously choosing to spend my entire spring break with you, Daddy. I thought that would be obvious. Just pick out something nice huh.”

“Sure why not. I could use a good old fashioned celebratory drunk to help me forget about my problems.”

“That makes two of us daddy,” she says excitedly dashing up the stairs to the bathroom quite happy that the first part of her plan is going off without a hitch.

After getting out of the shower, Ellie wanders into her old bedroom, her mind is preoccupied with what she will wear for this evening’s fun and games. It has to be something sweet and innocent, yet seductive, all at the same time.

She goes through her suitcases looking at several different outfits, before rejecting each one for one reason or the other. She moves over to her dresser and yanks open the bottom drawer. This drawer would contain some of her older clothes she left behind when she moved away. One particular top catches her eye. It is a top that has the green face and body of Kermit the frog on it. Kermit is framed by a bright yellow background, and in big red letters, the words Kermit Rules is written. The top is both cute and innocent. Perfect even.

She looks at the bahis firmaları top and smiles, remembering how this was a birthday present from her father when she was only 13. “This is the one,” she thinks, excited to have finally found something both sweet and innocent.

She quickly tries it on; liking how it still fits her—just barely. She, of course, has filled out a bit in the past five years, which the cute little top aptly shows off. It’s rather tight across her perky little 32B breasts.

“Tight enough where he just might notice,” she muses to herself as she admires how the top looks on her in the bathroom mirror. “Especially if I wear my new padded purple bra that makes my tits look bigger,” she thinks with growing enthusiasm.

Now she would just have to pick out something to go with it. She digs through her dresser drawer some more and comes up with an answer in the form of a pair of old faded blue jeans.

Just as she suspected, her old jeans are a bit snug. Skin tight in fact. In other words, they are just perfect. It will be perfect combo–innocent top, with a super tight pair of blue jeans.

As a final touch, Ellie arranges her pretty, dark hair in the twin ponytails that makes her look so very young, sweet and innocent. The twin ponytails was a look that always had gotten his attention when she was younger, and she could only hope it still worked.

About an hour later, they are sitting in the darkened dining room enjoying a romantic candle light dinner. They talk quietly about all sorts of things as they eat their dinner, and sip on Dom Perignon. Ellie is waiting until the champagne starts to kick in for the both of them before she steers the conversation in the direction she wants it to go.

After dinner, working on their second glass of Dom, Ellie senses the time is right to have their quiet conversation take a serious turn.

“Daddy do you miss Mom?”

“Of course sweetie. I miss her terribly.”

He pauses, looking at Ellie seriously, before adding, “You know maybe I never noticed until right now how much you are beginning to look just like her.”

“As I recall you always thought Mom was so very beautiful.”

“I did.”

She gets up, comes around to his side of the dining room table, “So that must mean you think I look so very beautiful?”

“I do honey. I am afraid that you left years ago just a pretty little girl and now have returned as a very beautiful young lady. Indeed, just like your mom. You know she was 18 just like you when we started dating.”

“She was so lucky to find a man as sweet and handsome as you Daddy.”

“Ahh flattery, you must want something young lady.”

“Yes I do as a matter of fact, I do want something.” She holds her hand out, and with an easy smile, indicates her daddy should take it. He does and finds himself being led downstairs to the spacious living room.

She suggests he sits down while she prepares things. She moves about the living room with the grace of a cat as his eyes track her every movement.

He likes the way she is dressed. The combo of the cute, innocent little top he bought her so long ago and her tight little faded blue jeans work together rather nicely in such a way to fully garner his attention.

He especially notices how her ass is on full display due to the super tight jeans she is wearing; and what an ass it is, he suspects with growing admiration for his barely 18-year-old daughter’s youthful beauty.

Even more so, he can’t help but to notice how her cute little Kermit the frog shirt is so tight on her showing off what appears to be a rather luscious set of small tits.

As she leans down to insert a CD into the corner stereo unit, her tight jeans allow her ass to be put fully on display for his viewing pleasure as she seems to be spending in inordinate amount of time fiddling with the stereo trying to insert the disc into the player.

James takes the bait, staring at his daughter’s ass, memorized by its beauty. He has just enough time to contemplate how his “little girl certainly has grown into one very beautiful young lady,” before she turns and asks him for a dance thankfully breaking the spell that super cute ass of hers has woven over his poor eyes.

He hoped she had not somehow sensed his eyes crawling all over her butt as he was already starting to feel more than a little guilty for staring at his young daughter’s ass. He blames it on the champagne, which has made it easy for him to ignore what common sense would dictate doing in such a situation—that is not staring at her ass.

Just what James had desperately hoped was not happening though was, in fact, a reality. Ellie senses her daddy’s eyes crawling all over her butt so she pretended to have problems inserting the CD into the player, just so she has an excuse to stay bent over in this “oh so vulnerable” position a bit longer.

Then just for fun, right before inserting the CD she drops it on the floor, thus having an excuse to bend over, even more, to pick kaçak iddaa it up. He does not want to think about the consequences as it almost seems she is doing this on purpose.

Soft romantic music fills the dimly lit living room ending the show, and any further complementation of her actions being strictly accidental, or maybe just a bit purposeful.

“Slow dance with me Daddy,” she whispers using her softest sweetest voice. Ellie has cleared a space in the middle of the living room so they would have their own personal dance floor.

He obliges her as to say no is out of the question. James, over the years after she left, has managed to store up a rather large amount of guilt over the way he just let her so easily walk out of his life. He knows he should have done more to try and get her to stay, even if that meant hurting his relationship with Karen.

He was slow to realize one simple fact of life –a daughter’s love for her father is forever while a wife’s love may come go as the fickle winds of fate blow to and fro.

James is determined to make things up to Ellie, and if she wants to dance then dance he shall. But before they begin their dance, they share another champagne toast, drinking it down quickly. The champagne is making Ellie feel both brave and quite audacious in her willingness to carry out her plans for the wicked seduction of her daddy.

She finishes her full glass of champagne, letting the warm buzz fully envelope her before she whispers as they come together on their small makeshift dance floor, “Daddy do you think I am as pretty as Karen?”

“Of course honey. Prettier even.”

“Of course, though you like her so much and are going to get back together with her aren’t you, coz you’re lonely and miss Mom?” Ellie looks up at him as they circle the makeshift dance floor blinking back tears.

If it was an act on her part she would win an award, but the truth is what she is feeling tonight is no act. She loves her daddy fiercely, boldly, and now as she consumes more and more of the delicious champagne, recklessly.

“Honey it’s really undecided if I will get back with her”

Ellie is quiet for a moment as she rests her head against her daddy’s chest. She is like most Filipinos short in stature, about 5′ 1″ which allows her to fit nicely in his arms.

She raises her face up to him, looking him directly in the eyes she says softly, “I know she wants you back and you will probably give in to her. After all, why would you not? I mean she is not stupidly short like me, she doesn’t have drab colored dark hair. Instead, she is tall and has that beautiful golden hair that all men love and then they are those God awful huge tits of hers that all men including you simply go crazy for. I guess once again I will be left out in the cold like before.”

Tears begin to well in Ellie’s eyes. Getting emotional like this was not part of her seduction plans, but the whole thing just sort of sneaked up on her. Her plan had been to play it cool and casual in a confident sexy manner, but instead, she begins to cry. All the planned cool sexiness she wanted so desperately to display slipping away.

James pulls his daughter closer to him as he lightly brushes away the tears from her face. They have stopped dancing and are now just holding one another in the middle of the living room. He lowers his voice saying to her quietly, “Listen little girl, honestly if I am to compare you to Karen, she will be the one crying.”

He gives her a tight hug before continuing, “You are the light of my life not her, maybe because are so very beautiful honey that you make the sun blush.”

He pauses smiling at her, “And I will take your cute little twin ponytails,” he reaches up and bats them playfully with his hands as he whispers, “Over her blond hair any day. As for her being tall so what!!! Honestly, I prefer short girls myself. Short and petite.”

“Really why?” Ellie says starting to feel better about things.

“Oh maybe because you can do things like this with petite young ladies.” He suddenly reaches his arms around her waist and lifts her up in the air twirling her around once, twice, and then a third time. It is easy as Ellie is not heavy at all, weighing in at only a bit over 100 pounds.

Ellie squeals in sheer delight crying, “Stop Daddy I am getting dizzy.”

“Just as I am dizzy from your absolute stunning beauty my dearest daughter,” he declares before swinging her around one last time, and then deftly setting her down on her feet.

“Great now I am too dizzy to dance anymore Daddy,” she pouts. “You will have to take me over to the couch and cuddle me until my dizziness goes away.”

“Hmm, maybe that was my plan all along honey. You know to get you onto the couch so we could cuddle some. Yeah, just like old times.”

He takes her by the hand, and leads her over to the couch, but before they sit down Ellie grabs the champagne bottle and pours them both yet another full glass of champagne. She proposes a toast, “To kaçak bahis cuddling with my handsome daddy that I have missed so much over these past several years.”

They both drain their respective glasses teasing each other to see which one can finish first before he strikes a formal tone in his voice as he addresses her.

“So let me get this straight. You need to sit down because you are dizzy, but yet just finished off your what? Your third glass of Dom Perignon, which by all accounts should make you dizzier still. Yeah makes sense to me.”

“It only makes sense to you because you are drunk, and trying to get your little girl drunk daddy.” She shoots him a sly smile before adding playfully, “What so you can take advantage of me maybe?”

“Right it was your idea to have yet another toast. Better sit down and be quiet before I change my mind about cuddling with you, lest you think I am trying to ‘take advantage’ of you,” he says deciding to answer her teasing charge with a bit of sarcasm.

She plops down on the couch, holds her hands out to him saying, “Never happen. You cannot say no to me, especially not tonight of all nights since you are trying so very desperately to get back in my good graces.”

“So true,” he replies sighing as he settles down on the couch next to her. She quickly wraps her arms around him snuggling up to him so very close.

“This is nice” James whispers to her as he snakes his arms around her pulling her close. They sit quietly for a few minutes enjoying the silence of the house, disturbed only by the distant rumble of thunder.

The silence between them is finally broken when, without warning Ellie pulls back from him and gives him a long serious look.

“It’s time for a history lesson and for you to beg me for forgiveness”

“Ok,” he says wondering just what his history lesson would be about. As for the begging part, he already resigned himself to the fact he would do anything to try and make up for the way he treated her after he married Karen, and if that included begging so be it.

“You once asked me why I hated her so much. Remember.”

“Yeah I remember.”

“Well, now I am mature enough and confident enough to tell you exactly why.”

“Go ahead honey I am listening”

“I was 14 when you married that bitch and then we stopped having a close relationship. By close, I mean physically Daddy. No more hugging, holding hands, cuddling like just now, no more sweet words exchanged, no more teasing fun and games.” She sighs heavily as she pauses letting her words sink in.

“And worst of all, no more good morning, good night, or even goodbye kisses. No more kisses whatsoever like we once shared. I was both hurt and jealous as I seen all the affectionate I used to get from you go to Karen.”

“You are right Ellie. I am guilty as charged, but you must understand I was on the rebound from your mother’s death and honestly Karen was just there for me to lean on. And she got upset when I showed you attention so. . . .”

“So you bowed to her desire and cut me off from your love and affection. And then let me run off to the Philippines and stay with Grandma and Grandpa for all them years.”

“Sadly yes. Can you ever forgive me, baby?”

“I can try if you are willing to make it up to me. Tonight, starting here and now.”

“I will do whatever it takes Ellie. Just tell me what you want.” He moves closer to her, and in a frantic attempt to convince her his words are true he gives her two soft kisses—one on each cheek.

“That is a good start as I do miss your kisses, Daddy.”

“I missed giving them to you baby,” he whispers into her ear as he draws her into a tight embrace. What happens next changes everything.

He moved his lips over and planted two gentle kisses on her forehead, and then started to pull back. He was going to once again say he was sorry and then tell her it was finally time they went to bed. But as it turns out, he never quite got the chance.

“Daddy can I give you a kiss back,” she murmurs shyly, her voice dripping with utter sweetness.

“Of course baby.”

As she moves her lips closer to his face he instinctively turns so she could plant her kiss on his cheek. But she uses her hand to turn his face to hers instead. Her kiss lands firmly on his lips. She gives him one, two, and then three light butterfly kisses that send his poor heart racing as does the words she whispers to him next.

“I just love you so much Daddy and want this to be a night for us to remember forever.”

It was only with a tremendous effort that James was finally able to pull his lips from his daughter. Thus far he had been able to ignore the alarm bells going off inside his head telling him this was so very wrong.

The fact he was by now more than a little drunk made it not easy mind you, just easier, to ignore those annoying bells. He abruptly jumps up from the couch announcing in a firm voice, “Ellie it’s time for bed. I am tired, you are a bit drunk, and this is getting out of hand.”

He half expected Ellie to protest, but instead, she says nothing. She gets up from the sofa, crosses the room briskly towards him, and then floats past him, ignoring him completely.

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