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“So, Julie, can I come over to study tonight?”

Julie rolled her eyes and looked at her friend. “Steph, we have nothing to study for school. We graduate next week. Our finals are done.”

Both girls looked back at their small high school as they stood in the parking lot. “Who said anything about school?” Stephanie replied. “There is something else at your house I wouldn’t mind studying.”

Julie frowned at her friend’s sly grin. “Tom?” she asked sarcastically.

“Ewe,” Stephanie replied, reacting predictably to the mention of Julie’s annoying 15-year-old brother. “I was thinking of Charles.”

Julie sighed and rolled her eyes again. When her mother had remarried a younger man, her new step-dad had said the kids could call him Charles or Chuck, and Tom had taken to it quickly. Julie couldn’t get the hang of it though. He was still 14 years older than she was at 32, and she had been calling him “Dad” for the past 4 years. Julie didn’t want to know what Steph called him in her daydreams.

“What?” the friend scoffed. “Don’t get mad at me if your mom has good taste. I hope I look as good as she does when I’m 40 so when my husband dies I can snag a young hottie like Chuck.” As soon as she said it, Steph cringed at the casual reference to Julie’s father’s death.

It had been five years, and Julie had gotten over it a while ago. Her mom and she had fought for a while when she had started dating again, but when Julie saw how happy it made her, she felt differently about it. There had been the same age difference (8 years) between Julie’s mom and her natural father. And at 43, he had looked more like 63. He had been over weight and bald with tufts of gray hair over his ears and much more on his back.

Julie knew that her mom had still loved her husband, but figured the spark had gone out of their marriage a long time ago. Plus, they ended up hanging around all of her father’s friends, who were all also much older than her mom. She was 35 when her husband had died, but she felt much older. When she stared dating Chuck, who at the time was 28, she felt like she was in her 20’s too, and Julie couldn’t help but feel happy for her mom.

“It’s okay,” Julie said, assuring her friend she wasn’t mad. “You can come over.”

“You know, it’s okay to think he’s hot,” Stephanie said. “He’s only your step-dad.”

“It feels weird, though,” Julie replied.

“You know he checks you out.”


“Last summer when you invited me along with your family to go to the beach for a weekend. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you.”

Julie laughed. “You would know, once he took his shirt off, you couldn’t look at anything else. And he was more likely checking you out. That was the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen you wear.”

“You weren’t exactly wearing a parka,” Stephanie jabbed back. “He was checking us both out. And don’t blame me if your dad has a great six-pack.”

Julie was going to continue to argue but Stephanie caught her eye and looked over her shoulder. Julie turned to see her brother running from the school over to her car. “I’ll see you tonight at 7:30,” Stephanie said and jogged away to find her own vehicle.

Julie tried to think of a response, but her mind was filled with the idea of her step-dad checking her out. In a few moments Tom was yelling at her to snap out of it and drive them home. Julie shook her head and obeyed.


Charles Miner walked up behind his wife as she was preparing dinner. She didn’t hear him over the sturdy floors and jumped a bit as his arms snaked around her slim waist. “Chuck!” she cried, nearly flinging spaghetti sauce all over the stove.

“Hello to you too beautiful,” he said as he kissed her neck. His hands snaked up to cup her breasts through the apron.

“Down boy,” she scolded. “The kids are home.” His hands retreated reluctantly. “And don’t think you can flatter your way out of the talk you’re going to have tonight.”

Charles hadn’t even thought of that. He was just charged up. Elizabeth had been so busy at work lately that they hadn’t had much time to themselves. He had promised himself when he married this beautiful woman that he wouldn’t jerk off anymore. He shouldn’t have to, but it had been almost a week now, and nothing looked sexier to him than his wife in a kitchen apron making dinner.

“What talk, Beth?” His hands had moved down, but he still nibbled at her neck.

Elizabeth turned around with a spaghetti fork in her hand to wave at her husband. “You’re going to talk to Julie about boys.”

“You don’t think you should be the one to have that conversation with her? You are her mother.”

Hadn’t they been over this already? “I taught her how to insert a tampon, buy a bra, put on make-up, and half dozen other things you don’t know about. You were in college 10 years ago and know exactly what a girl as pretty as Julie will be faced with. She’s got 20 guys in her graduating class, and they are all typical Wisconsin farm boys. All they care about is football and heifers. bahis firmaları Julie is neither, and they haven’t paid her any attention yet. That will change, and I want her to be ready for it.”

Charles frowned, but also knew she was right. Julie was extremely good looking, with the same great curves as her mother but much perkier. Charles had to remind himself on numerous occasions that he was this girl’s father now and he shouldn’t constantly try to stare down her shirt.

“It’s also a good chance for the two of you to bond. She calls you “Dad,” and I think she would respect you even more if you had this talk with her. I’m taking Tom to hockey practice tonight, and we won’t be back until after ten. I’ve got some stuff to do at the office while he skates.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Charles said, defeated.


As promised, Beth and Tom left right after dinner, leaving Charles and Julie a chance to clean up. They stood at the sink together, and as Julie washed and he dried, he had to keep dragging his eyes away from the scoop neck sweater she wore. She was very attractive with her blonde hair pulled up into a messy ponytail so that a few strands fell lightly on her smooth neck and shoulders.

College boys would eat her alive, he thought, and he agreed they should have this talk. As Julie brought the towels downstairs to the laundry, he went to the fridge for a beer. He needed to calm his nerves down first.

Julie ran up the stairs and stopped in the kitchen. “I forgot to tell you, Steph is coming over at 7:30.”

Charles glanced at his watch. They had an hour. “Good, I’d like to talk to you about something first if you don’t mind.”

Julie cocked her head at that. They never really talked. Their relationship had always been: You make my mom happy, and I won’t get mad at you for trying to replace my real father. So far, that arrangement had worked out just fine.

They sat back down at the dinner table, but instead of sitting at right angles like half an hour before, Charles rotated his chair so he was looking right at her. She did the same. He set his half finished beer on the table to his left and tried to think of what to say. The pause lasted almost ten full seconds, and he took another large swig before finally trying something.

“Have you dated before?” he finally asked.

Julie was shocked at the question. She had been paying attention to him for the past hour and recognized, as had Stephanie, that he spent a lot of time looking at her chest and ass. Was he now asking if she was available?

“Billy Kent took me to Prom this year, but I wouldn’t call it a date. He picked me up in his muddy pick-up and had me home by 11.”

“And how did that go?”

“It was fun, I basically hung out with Steph and a few other girls most of the night. I danced with him once.”

“Did he try to kiss you?”

She laughed at the idea. From his breath that night, Julie was willing to bet he had chewed tobacco before picking her up. “No, he didn’t.”

Charles downed the rest of his beer before venturing forward. “You are a beautiful young woman,” he started, his eyes instinctively going to the areas of her body that made her beautiful. Julie noticed and felt flushed. “The boys in your class grew up on a farm and don’t understand a lot of things yet. The boys at college won’t be the same.” His eyes finally made it up to her face. “Do you know what I am trying to say?”

He was nervous about this conversation, Julie could tell. She liked seeing him vulnerable like this. It was a soft side that her muscular dad didn’t show often. She tried to imagine that she was actually Stephanie right now and that the man she had a crush on was about to explain the birds and the bees. “No, what are you trying to say?”

“Most guys, well, all guys eventually, only have one thing on their mind when they are around a beautiful girl.” He paused, figuring that she had to know where he was going now.

“What’s that?”

Charles sighed as he wiped a drip of sweat from his forehead. She was going to make him go through with it, wasn’t she? “Guys only want to know what a girl looks like naked. They will say anything or do anything to get under your shirt, and they usually aren’t the same afterward.”

“All guys aren’t like that,” she argued.

“Yes, they are all like that,” he stated, chuckling as he did.

“Are you like that?”

What? Had she just asked him that? His eyes again went where they shouldn’t as he tried to lie. “Well, not right now, I mean, I don’t . . .”

“I mean with mom,” Julie was quick to say, though that hadn’t been what she meant. The more she looked at him, the more she was beginning to see what Stephanie had talked about.

“Well, I guess, but that is kind of what I wanted to talk about. A true gentleman will still have those thoughts and desires, but he will allow other feelings of affection and love override them until the correct time to release those desires.”

“You mean once you are married,” Julie kaçak iddaa clarified.

“Right,” Charles breathed a sigh. “A true gentleman will wait until you are married or at least until you are ready too. If a man tries to force himself on you or pressures you to have sex with him, then he doesn’t really love you, he is just letting his desires get the best of him.”

“So you don’t have those problems anymore because you are with mom?”

“Right,” Charles couldn’t believe it was almost over.

“So you don’t desire to see any other women naked?”

“Well . . . I . . .” the hesitation killed him.

“I mean I’ve seen you look at Stephanie before, and I’ve noticed how you’ve looked at me recently. I don’t know how to think about it though. I mean if all guys are like that, then I guess I will live with it, but how will I know which guys like me and which ones just like my body. And when I find the right one, what do I do about it. I mean I’ve never seen a guy’s penis before, I mean not really, and I don’t know what to do and . . .”

“Whoa,” Charles said, holding his hand out, fearing she might start crying soon. But at the same time, he didn’t know where to jump into her rant to comment.

“Are there guys who don’t look at other women once they find the one they want?”

“I . . . don’t . . . know . . .”

“Meaning you still look at girls sometimes?”

“I love your mother very much.”

“I know that, Dad, but like you said, all guys are like that, and just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you think all the other women are now ugly.”

“You are very right,” Charles stumbled, wondering how this conversation had gotten derailed so badly.

“So if every guy wants to see girls naked, but there are only a couple guys that truly like the girl, why not give the guys what they want, but only go all the way with the right one.”

“What do you mean?”

“Take you for example,” Julie started, gaining courage by the minute. “You aren’t that much older than me or my friends, and when we parade in front of you in bikinis it must be tough not to look. It’s not like you want to have sex with us, but you look because of that desire all guys have. So what if you did see us naked. It would satisfy your desire, and you wouldn’t have to keep looking. It must be torturous for you.”

“I don’t think that is what I am talking about,” he said, but his eyes betrayed him as he stared at her chest through her sweater.

“I’m glad we are having this talk,” Julie said, “but I want us to be honest with each other. Do you want to see me naked?”

“This isn’t appropriate.”

“My real father changed my diaper and gave me baths. Yes I was young, but it created a familiarity between us that allowed him to occasionally see me in my underwear later and it was okay. We don’t have that kind of familiarity. Do you want to see me naked?”

“Julie, we shouldn’t be talking like this.”

“That’s not an answer,” Julie said, and without warning, she reached down to the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head in one smooth motion.

Charles did nothing other than stare. She was wearing a bra, of course, which showed no more than a bikini would, but Charles stared none-the-less. Still, according to her earlier comment that he wanted to see her naked, this only got him a little closer. When it looked like he might begin to protest, Julie reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She shrugged it off her shoulders so it fell in her lap. Charles’ eyes nearly popped out of his head.

She was a full C, if not more, and her breasts were just as upright as when they had been in her bra. This must have been what Beth had looked like when she was 18, but after breast-feeding two kids, hers were more elongated, and the nipples and areolas were stretched out. Julie had perfect tiny nipples that stood proud in the cool air.

“See,” she replied, barely containing a giggle at Charles’ reaction. “That isn’t so hard.” As her eyes moved down his body she saw that IT actually was very hard.

“Julie, put your sweater back on!” Charles finally found his voice, but he could see she was distracted. He looked down and saw that his slacks were doing a poor job of restraining him. He dropped his arms suddenly and tried to cross his legs.

“What does it look like when it is hard?” Julie asked innocently.

“This has gone too far,” Charles said and started to get up. Julie slipped from her chair quickly and knelt before her step-dad, her tiny erect nipples nearly touching his knees as she held him down gently with her hands on his thighs. “This is not what I intended.”

“You wanted to talk to me about sex. You wanted to teach me what I should expect in college. Well, I expect that eventually I will have opportunity to handle someone’s erection, whether on my wedding night or before. I would at least like to know what one look’s like. All I’ve seen have been cartoon drawings in a textbook.”

Charles fought his inner turmoil, but melted as he looked kaçak bahis down at his pleading daughter, her ample breasts showing clearly at his knees. He thought back to when his father had this discussion with him. It ended with Charles getting a couple Playboy magazines. While he had videos in the master bedroom under the bed that showed cocks and how they worked, he didn’t feel comfortable admitting to his daughter that he had them.

“I will show you,” he finally said, “but you have to sit back in your chair.”

She did so with a smile on her face, her bare breasts bouncing as she moved. Charles’ eyes glanced down at the low-rise jeans that hugged her slender hips, wondering if he would get a chance to see more. He blinked away that fantasy as it came into his mind, knowing he was going too far already.

Slowly, he reached down to his fly and undid the front of his pants. He easily worked his erection through the fly of his boxers until about half of it poked through. He heard Julie breath in sharply and looked up at her. Her right hand was at her mouth, pressing her breast together and against her body. The great view sent a shudder through him and his cock peaked out a bit more.

“How long is it?” she asked.

Charles sighed, but figured he had already gone this far. He lifted his hips and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees.

“Oh, my,” Julie replied to the full 8 inches. She had both arms up now, her fingers splayed against her cheek as her forearms pressed against her breasts. Charles felt another shudder go through him, but this time felt moisture on his dick. He looked down in horror to see a drop of pre-cum oozing out. He quickly reached to the center of the table for a napkin and covered his crotch.

“No, no, what was that?” Julie cried. “What did it do?”

Didn’t they teach these kids anything in school anymore? But as Charles thought about it, he figured there probably weren’t too many high school lectures on pre-cum. “It is pre-cum. It lubricates the passage before sex.”

“It produces a lot more during sex, though, right?”

“Yes, it does.” Charles pulled the napkin back so she could see it again.

“Can you show me?”

Charles knew he had already crossed the line, but the real first hand knowledge of the male body he was giving Julie couldn’t be denied either. Truth be known, he wanted desperately to jerk off right now. It had been far too long.

Without answering verbally, he began to stroke himself as he sat in the chair. With his left hand he splayed the napkin out on his thighs. Julie watched intently, and the almost clinical way in which she examined the process, helped to take a bit of the eroticism out of it. That soon had a negative impact, though, as Charles felt his libido begin to fall.

“Play with your breasts,” he heard himself say before he could check it.

Julie complied, squeezing each breast in her hands and rolling her small nipples between her fingers. Charles stiffened right back up, and felt the orgasm building. She smashed her tits against her body and rolled them around. Finally she lifted one breast up to lick her nipple and Charles lost it.

“Uh, uh, ungh!” His white fountain arched nearly two feet straight up in the air and then landed on the napkin in front of him. He angled his cock forward after the initial burst and then soaked the napkin with two more thick streams before it was over.

“Oh, my,” Julie gasped. She maintained the hold on her breasts, as if she were on a ride and gripping to stay on. Charles couldn’t help but smirk at the several ounces he had deposited on the napkin. It usually wasn’t that much, but it had been a week. “That was a lot.”

Charles didn’t tell her the truth and just spent a couple seconds squeezing the last of it out. He lifted the suddenly heavy napkin up and waddled back into the kitchen to throw it away. Before he went back to the dining room table, he pulled his pants up and zipped them.

“I think that is enough of a lesson for today,” he said when he walked back in front of his topless daughter. She was still clutching at her breasts, rubbing and playing with them as her eyes stared absently ahead. “What is it?”

“What does it feel like? I mean an orgasm. What does it feel like?”

“It’s hard to explain, but I know it is different for men and women. I think you should ask your mother.”

Julie seemed to wake up from her trance, her hands falling to her lap and her eyes riveted back on her step-dad. “Never. I don’t think I could talk about these things with her. I’d be too embarrassed. I feel more comfortable talking about it with you. You are as much my friend as my father.”

“Well, I can’t tell you what it feels like for a woman to have an orgasm, because I am not a woman. Haven’t you masturbated before?”

Julie shrugged. “I don’t know how?”

“Have you played with yourself at all?”

“Not really. Is that normal?”

Charles didn’t know the stats for how often girls masturbated, but he didn’t want her to feel like a freak or anything. It was probably going to be a topic of conversation among the girls at college, and he would be surprised if her roommates didn’t bring vibrators or dildos into the room.

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