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She brushed her lips against his neck and whispered in his ear, “I want to feel you inside me baby.” He looked at her and smirked. “You know we can’t.” He whispered back. They were both home, sitting on the couch enjoying a movie. The only issue was that her best friend, Daena was in town. Naturally they had offered her to spend her weekend as their guest. Which meant no sex on the couch, especially since the guest bedroom Daena was now sleeping in was twelve feet away, the first room on the left of the corridor that was exactly behind them.

“She’s sleeping she won’t hear us,” she insisted as she began rubbing her nose against his. She moved over to sit on his lap, letting her hands grip his shoulders. As her fingers moved slowly over his chest and down his stomach, she could tell he was getting excited. Kari looked into Sebastian’s brown eyes as her hands grabbed the mound in his pants. She bit her lower lip and said, “I know you want me too.” He could feel her mixture of sexy sweetness taking him over.

He smirked and laughed in a low chuckle. This was as much of a green light as she needed; before he could even pretend to protest she easily dropped her knees to the floor and released his throbbing erection from inside his pants. He moaned in pleasure avrupa yakası escort as she began to lick his shaft from base to tip, massaging his balls gently with her free hand. Gripping it tighter, she put her lips on its head and looked up at him. She knew he loved what always came next. His dirty knowing smile and the hand that he lodged in her hair fueled the fire inside her. She felt the moisture between her legs and it drove her crazy. She cocked her head to the side sucking one half of his head, followed closely by the other. She traced around his little head quickly with her tongue, while the anticipation to get it all in filled her. Without warning she shoved his shaft into her mouth, working it up and down with her mouth and hand.

There was no more teasing as she couldn’t wait to have his cock — all of it– in her throat. He moaned some more, as he always did, throwing his head back on the couch and putting his other hand in her hair too. This was one of the things she enjoyed so much about her husband, he would grip her hair as she sucked him, but never did he try to force her head on his shaft. He always gave her free reign, and knowing that while feeling him grabbing her hair always turned her on.

She bağcılar escort pulled her mouth away and stood up. He watched amusedly as she turned around and gingerly pulled her pants off. Again she got on her knees, but this time she bent over as she peeled her panties off. She gazed back and him and smiled naughtily. There could be no better invitation than this. Her body was the most gorgeous one he had ever seen. Something about the way his wife’s curly brown hair fell onto her caramel colored skin, the way her waist and hips seemed to dip and rise like sexy mountains and the way her pussy looked naturally swollen between her ass cheeks, never ceased to impress him. He jumped off the chair and took hold of her ass as he licked her pussy feverishly. Her smell, her wetness was intoxicating, he felt like he could just rub his face in it… And he did. She giggled softly and he gently put his cock against her pussy lips. He rubbed it against them, thoroughly enjoying her sharp intake of breath before thrusting inside her.

Sweet inhibition filled them both. He pumped his hard shaft into her pussy, grabbing her hips to pull her into every thrust. He could feel her pushing herself onto his cock, obviously loving bağdatcaddesi escort every moment of it. She tried to keep quiet as his thrusting grew faster, but as he turned her around still fucking her, she moaned into his shoulder. Her arms wrapped around his back and she began raking it with her fingers before grabbing on to his shoulders.

Her moans were just so insanely sexy, he couldn’t help but pull her closer. He needed to hold her, to smell her, to taste her in his mouth. He fucked her as hard as he could, sucking her ear and biting it gently. Kari threw her head back as waves of pleasure flooded her body. She noticed in the semi darkness that there was a shadow on the wall near the end of the hall. It was a person’s shadow. The thought hit her, maybe they did wake Daena. She smiled in realization that Daena had either been listening to or watching them make love. Sebastian jerked her out of her thoughts as his thrusting grew faster and faster, pushing his hard cock deeper in her pussy. The air was thick with the sounds of their love making, and to each is was like an orchestral symphony. Tears leaked from her eyes as the familiar feeling of infinite euphoria flooded her senses. “Yesssss.” An emotional sigh ran away from her lips, while he made a loud grunt as they came together.

When she finally got a hold of herself again, she made a quick glance the corridor. Daena’s shadow was still there. She went close to his ear and in a tiny voice laughingly said, “We had an audience.” He kissed her passionately and replied, “I told you that would happen.” She looked at him and they laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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