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I watched…mesmerized by your beauty, you were literally glowing, your eyes flashed with desire as you reached down, taking hold of my cock and lining it up, I looked you up and down, noticed with pleasure that your body was flushed with sexual excitement, your hairline and neck and under your breasts all already glistening with a sheen from our exertion, your nipples erect and standing out from your jutting breasts, large and still oh so perky, calling to me and then I felt you slide the tip of my cock back and forth between your lips, spreading them, spreading your wetness and teasing your clit with my cock, looking up at your face, drawing your gaze to mine, I lifted my hands to your breasts.

“Do it Morgan, we’ve both waited long enough.”

I wasn’t sure how you would respond but found myself very satisfied that you took it oh so fucking tantalizingly slow at first. Letting yourself down ever so slowly, pausing every so often to squeeze me with your muscles, your hands on my chest to help you support yourself and to ensure I stayed still until you were fully lowered. I took great satisfaction in seeing your eyes widen when I used my own muscle control to force the head of my cock to expand and flare noticeably increasing the size.

“Oh you…I bet you think you’re really something don’t ya?”

“Maybe you haven’t noticed but I am kind of a big deal…emphasis on big.”

“Oh brother…don’t get too cocky…I’ve had bigger!”

The last was said lightheartedly but was a gamble…while we had really meshed unbelievably well this far, a male ego can be a surprisingly fragile thing. Fortunately for us both, my experience with group sex and years in the navy had let me know and get comfortable with the realities that I was bigger than most but not as big as some, that no matter how big, someone was bigger, that some women really valued girth over length and vice versa and that there were some women who were truly unable to take large cocks…and finally that I had never had a complaint about my size (not counting a time I didn’t use enough lube before taking a woman’s ass in my 20’s…hey, a guy has to learn somehow).

Making a snap decision to match one risk with another, I decided to go all out goofy:

“my paramour wounds

me to the quick insulting

my poorly sized cock”

“and yet she still rides

proving her a faux size queen!

Oh what shall I do”

“Think quick our hero

Lest she cast me aside now

Haikus save the day”

I see your face scrunch up at first wondering what the hell I am about and then at hearing the last line, you toss your head back and guffaw…a true belly laugh…which has me joining in but also struggling to catch my breath because your laugh causes your cunt to grip my cock like a vice.

Between that sensation and the visual of you astride me your head tossed back, your breasts thrust out, never had I experienced a more perfect mix of sexual union and humor. Feeling more connected to you and desire for you than I had imagined possible, I reached up and pulled you down to me, raining kisses on your face before kissing you properly like a lover and slowly moving my hips to thrust up and into you. You returned my kiss with an energy that amazed me and then you began undulating your hips.

In no time you found a rhythm that let you grind yourself against my cock and pubic bone on the in stroke and squeezing me as you pull away. You moaned into our kiss, then pulled away from the kiss and bit down on my shoulder. My own groan of pleasure let you know I hadn’t lied when I told you I loved having a woman bite my shoulder when the feeling of my cock leaves her too aroused to kiss.

Our bodies quickly found a rhythm, your hips began moving rapidly back and forth, driving my full length inside you and withdrawing almost to the very tip. Amazed at your ability to judge it perfectly or our just natural sexual affinity, my own groans increased and my hands dug into the soft but taut flesh of your ass. I used this leverage to set the pace and added additional force to the down stroke. Of course I couldn’t resist slapping your very exposed and irresistible ass as you ground down against me.

“James, I’m close, I told you I love cumming like this…grinding with your full hard cock inside me, every fucking inch…oh fuck it’s gonna be good oh oh oh fucckkk me James”

Your undulations slowed for a few deep full thrusts before you cried out as your orgasm began…and crashed over us…your hips suddenly shifted to overdrive and moved so quickly I couldn’t tell where the in and the out began. I only knew it was unlike anything I had ever felt…my entire crotch became wet, the sounds of our bodies coming together, the sounds of your moans so close to my ear, my own orgasm threatened to wash over me and I began to clamp down control and then your hips slowed as the orgasm faded and you ground slowly again but your next words ended any thought I had of control.

“oh fuck I am going atalar escort to cum again and so fucking quickly…oh fuck.”

Any semblance of control fled me and I embraced both your body and our coupling in that moment.

“Fuck yes my paramour, cum on my cock again…cum with me…I am cumming too…oh god yes baby…so fucking good!”

My words and the feeling of my cock swelling even more ended you as completely as you had ended me.

“Oh you fucking stud…you and that golden dick…yes cum with me…cum in me, yesssss, fill me damn you. I am fucking so close…oh fuuuckk…oh oh oh gaaawwwddd!!”

We were both gone, unreachable to the outside world, attuned only to each other…our bodies took over and all thought was lost as we thrust chaotically against each other, expending every ounce of sexual energy and release into those moments (seconds really) before finally you collapsed down onto me, resting your head on my shoulder…our chests both heaving, our hearts hammering and our bodies burning with sexual exertion.

“Oh my god James…I don’t know about you, but it had been built up so much that I wasn’t sure how reality would compare. Asked and fucking answered.”

Taking a moment to brush your hair aside and out of your eyes, I kissed your nose and laughed.

“No question my beautiful paramour…just wow…best orgasm ever!”

After a few minutes to let our breathing ease and our hearts slow, you eased yourself off me and lay down mostly beside me with your head on me between my shoulder and chest…your fingers toying with the sparse hair and tracing a couple of the scars still visible from my early 20’s.

I stroked your hair and just existed in a very happy place for a while. Hating to do it but knowing it was unavoidable, I said, “I need to get up…nature calls and all that”.

You kissed my chest and then my lips before letting me up. Remembering your goosy behavior from earlier, I kept my bared ass out of your reach. You noticed and stuck your tongue out at me.


While in the bathroom, I considered my great fortune at the turn of events. As I washed up, my mind wandered to the accessories that I had yet to bring out. I contemplated the order in which to use them and felt my cock begin to fill again.

Visions of you bound and blindfolded, then of you bent over, shoulders down and ass up taking and in fact begging for a deep rough fuck…knowing or hoping at least that you would truly be responsive to it. My cock rose enough to hit the front of the counter which shook me out of my daydreams. Taking a couple deep breaths and willing my cock down (knowing full well that my plans could go amuck if I walked out with a raring to go right now hard-on), I stepped out to you.

As I got to the side of the bed, you hopped up. “My turn” was all I heard before greeted with the wondrous sight of you, naked as can be, your ass framed perfectly for me for an instant before sexily swaying as you pranced to the bathroom.

I took the opportunity to tidy up a bit and get out a few accessories, putting them in plain sight for you to see upon your return…six very long silk ties, a blindfold, a feather, a can of whip cream, a fingertip vibrator and a vibrating ring.

I stood and began approaching the bathroom upon hearing you turn the water off after having washed your hands. Pausing to turn the temperature up for you given what I planned next. As you exited, I was standing in front of the door. “Ready for round three?”

“If its anything like rounds one and two, then hell yes”

“Good, I am putting this on you and as long as it’s on you, you are at my mercy…I will not hurt you but I am going to take you to a space you said you want to explore where I will control your movement and while not meant to hurt, I will not always be gentle. Now is the best time to tell me if you aren’t ready, but I hope you feel a level of trust and faith now that wasn’t there before and know here…” tapping just above your left breast, “that I am going to show you a great amount of pleasure and will allow no harm to come to you much less cause that harm.”

I watched your pupils dilate and knew that a decision was working itself out in real-time. You answered me by taking the blindfold and putting it on yourself.

“Lead on maestro…but no painting funny faces on me with a Sharpie.”

“Damn, I thought I’d left those out of sight.”

“Not! Funny!”

Knowing that you were trusting me but were also in a vulnerable space, I closed the distance between us and hugged you to me, leaned down and whispered in your ear.

“All joking aside…I won’t betray your trust. You’ve put yourself in my hands and my care. I’ve got you…you are safe to let go. Surrender without submission and I will take you on a thrill-ride of sexual sensation. Now take my hand and don’t be afraid, I’m gonna prove every word I say..” and grinned big when I saw you caught on to my ataşehir escort reference and began swaying your hips to the familiar beat of the Black Crowes “Hard to Handle” from the 90’s as you held out your hand and smiled your own smile as I took your hand and carefully guided you over to the bed.

I moved you into a seated position at first. The crinkling of your nipples into hardened points as the first tie was secured around your right wrist did not go unnoticed, but your breath truly sped up when I pulled you to a standing position and walked you toward the windows, still covered by the curtains. Looping the first tie over the curtain rod, I cinched it until your arm was raised but not so taut as to be painful. Repeating this again with your left wrist, your breathing was now ragged as your arousal climbed and your freedom of motion decreased.

Pausing for a moment to enjoy it, I circled you slowly, giving feather light touches all over your body, stopping in front of you, wrapping your hair in my hand and kissing you with a firmness and hunger that left no doubt what I was about and that you were that “what”. I used my tongue as a faux cock to penetrate and take your mouth, my hand holding your head firmly in place. Your whimpers and the clenching and releasing of your thighs let me know that you were all in.

Breaking the kiss, I continued circling you, letting my hands explore your body, occasionally leaning to lick, kiss or even lightly bite your exposed flesh. Stepping quickly to the bedside table, I retrieved the fingertip vibrator and placed it over my finger and grabbed the feather as well and moved behind you, my back brushed against the curtains and my front pressed against you, my cock pressed against your lower back and angled downward toward the sexy upper cleft of your ass.

My lips brushed your right ear, kissing it gently before whispering “recognize this sound?” and turning on the fingertip vibrator next to your left ear. Your reactive flinch combined with a moaned whimper was delightful…my cock responded by pressing with increased force against you. I let the vibrator blaze a trail of sensation slowly down your neck and along your collar bone, diagonally across your chest to your nipples as I whispered, “are you ready?” When I felt your trembling nod, I knew you expected my hand to go lower still…not to feel the delicate and unavoidable touch of a feather against the exposed and oh so vulnerable flesh of your triceps.

“Oh my fucking god…oh shit James…so good…so different”

“Focus on that difference my sweetness…feel how the vibrator demands your attention loudly, driving your nerves with amplitude…and how contrasted that is by the whispered but irresistible touch of the feather…not loud and demanding but just as impossible to ignore.”

Only then did I allow the vibrator to move lower. As it reached just above your clitoris, I shifted course and teased your upper thighs.

“Spread your legs now or I will have to secure them too…and if I have to do that, I may just open the curtains to let the night lights illuminate My paramour for the city to see and be witness to her taking.”

Your gasp, then moan combined with the closing of your legs (yet with a hint of mischievous grin) told me I had correctly guessed an excellent way to feed your public thrill-seeking.

“Oh no, no, no…that won’t do at all…we can’t have our beauty hide her treasures away.”

Pulling the cushioned ottoman over, I loosened the ties holding your wrists slightly.

“Kneel…feel the ottoman beneath you…it’s sturdy and will hold you…remember I will not harm you.”

You knelt but with your legs together. Only when you felt the ties go around your knees and your ankles and tighten to spread them did you fully realize what I was doing. Securing both points on your legs had you fully spread for me, your cunt and ass easily accessible now and the bottoms of your feet exposed and unprotected as well.

Once secured, I reset the ties to ensure your arms were up but not harmed. Next, I used the feather to tickle the inside of your thigh and was pleased when I saw you try to press in against the tickle and realize your legs were truly limited in their ability to close. A groan of frustration mixed with arousal escaped your lips.

“Now sweet GG, where was I? Ah yes, I remember now.”

I stepped behind you and between your now spread legs. I used the feather in one hand to move your hair away from your neck, exposed it to be kissed…leaned in and wrapped my arms around you. I began kissing your neck from collarbone up to your ear and back again.

After my second circuit, I turned the fingertip vibrator back on and brought it up to your left nipple and brought the feather to your right nipple. I let each play their contrasting sensations upon your sensitive flesh while my lips and tongue and teeth teased the perfect flesh of your neck. My own arousal grew as you avcılar escort fought to stifle your moans and failed, fought to stifle your body’s reaction and failed as you thrust your chest out seeking stronger sensations.

“Are you enjoying yourself beauty?”

“Damn James, this is so different…so good but not being able to see or control my movement…I am not used to it and can’t believe I’ve let you have this level of power but like several things today you just somehow have made it work.”

“That’s right my sweet paramour, but you know why it works…you said it yourself weeks ago…you like a man who can take charge…and right now there is no question as to that.”

Upon starting the sentence, I reached back and drew open the main curtains leaving only the see through white-laced curtain in place. At six stories up, you weren’t visible to the world, but if there were any voyeurs in the taller buildings around us, they would get the best view they’d ever had. Your ass was perfectly framed and the angle of your hips was just enough to expose your dripping pussy and now slick thighs. For any who enjoyed seeing a male, they would also be treated as my cock was now erect and bouncing as I moved around to stand in front of you.

“We are on display now sweetness…our debauchery and lust visible to those who care to watch…think of the guys with their binoculars and telescopes scanning and finding this room, your naked body, tied and so clearly in need.”

As the last words left my mouth, I moved the fingertip to between your legs and held it just barely touching below your clitoris. The sudden change caused you to flinch powerfully and a startled “oh fuck” escaped before you could stop yourself. I held the vibrator in place providing a barely there sensation and oh so close to the right spot…you resisted your desire for a brief instant before giving in and rocking your pelvis trying to achieve more direct sensation.

As your hips rocked forward, I aided you ever so slightly and brought the vibrator directly against your clit. The affect was amazing, your head tossed back and you let loose with a guttural moan, incomprehensible except for raw passion and desire. Determined to notch it up even more, I leaned in and took your right nipple between my lips and brought the feather to your left nipple.

Your moans deepened as your brain tried to make sense of all these differing sensations. I shifted the angle of the vibrator to be above your clitoral hood pressing downward and penetrated you with my thumb. Your sexual response now overrode everything else…your moans grew desperate as your body sought only release. I pulled off your nipple and commanded “cum for me Morgan, let the city watch as you cum on my hand.”

Your climax slammed into you with a ferocity that made you cry out with joy and relief. I continued stimulating your clit and penetrating you, the feather still playing your left nipple as my mouth and teeth recaptured your right. Your body shook, and you pulled against your restraints using them to fuel your release even more. Turned on by your inability to escape, your inability to deny me or yourself in the moment and being exposed to the city night all powered an orgasm better than most you’d ever had.

Your mouth opened but only a barely audible whine was coming out for the longest time. Finally, your body slumped into the restraints as you exhaled and uttered “fuuccckkkkk yes!” Wanting to learn and confirm for myself your responses, I kept the vibrator in place but eased off biting your nipple…in less than a minute, you began squirming your hips trying to escape the incessant buzz between your legs…finally you begged “please…it’s too much…too sensitive.”

I stepped back and away, leaving you without any sensation other than the cool air to caress your skin.

“Hey, damn I didn’t mean stop it all…oh fuck…oh god that tickles…oh god you bastard.”

The last came out as you felt the feather now on the underside of your feet, so wholly exposed and vulnerable. I had the ties for your arms in my other hand, having loosened them so that as I pushed the ottoman forward closer to the bed, your arms were coming forward as well.

“Trust me.”

I paused tickling you, moved behind you fully, leaning my body against yours, letting you feel my fully erect cock against your sex but not penetrating you. Reaching an arm underneath you, I supported your body.

“I am going to release your arms enough for you to bring them forward. I won’t let you fall…reach forward now and put them on the bed.”

You gasped as you realized where you were. Once your hands were down and you could support yourself, I stepped out from behind you again.

“Noooo…please…don’t you want to fuck me…we both need it.”

Your words fueled my passion and almost succeeded in tempting me, but I was determined to take you my way. As I reached the other side of the bed, I pulled the first tie forward and secured it to the base of the bed. The effect was slightly uncomfortable for you. Spreading your left arm out and forcing your shoulder down to the bed. Moving back behind you again, I loosened the ties on your legs, not from your legs but from the ottoman, with a light and playful (but still surprising to you) slap to your very desirable and exposed ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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