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This is the first small attempt of mine to pen something.

The story revolves around a housewife and a friend of her’s. Let’s call them Mrs. Poo and Mr. Macho.

Poo is a homely married girl and deeply in love with her husband. They are having a happy married life. Both of them are experimentative and like to explore the intimate part of their life. They are open-minded and don’t mind fantasizing and sharing their fantasies. This is one such attempt and Poo’s husband sharing her fantasy with her.

Mr macho is a friend of Poo’s from her ex-office days. He was in touch with Poo on and off. He was in town for a business visit and decided to meet up with Poo. They never had any intimate moments while they were working in the same office, however, they both admired each other secretly and fantasized as well.

Mr macho had come to visit Poo at her home, while her husband was away at work. Poo was alone at home. Poo made him sit outside while you were making tea. Suddenly Poo slipped in the kitchen and fell down hurting your knee. He came rushing in and picked her up and helped her get to our room. She had one hand on his shoulder, anadolu yakası escort while his hand was around her waist while he helped her walk to the room.

He made her lie down on the bed and started asking where it was hurting. She said her knee was hurting. He touched her on the knee softly and she groaned in a bit of pain. He asked if he can apply some gel to her to which she replied yes. She guided him as to where it was kept. He brought it and then asked her to pull her long skirt up. She pulled up enough to expose her knee and bit of her thigh. He started applying gel softly and gently and asked her how she was feeling. She responded to say it was feeling nice.

Slowly, he started to caress her on thighs as well. She kept her eyes closed and was liking it. She didn’t say anything. He kept on caressing for a minute or so and saw that she had her eyes closed and not resisting or stopping him. He started to move up slowly. She seemed to be like it and kept quiet. After a couple of minutes of caressing which she was enjoying, she slowly spread her legs a bit more giving him hints ataşehir escort that she wants him to go on further. He started moving up and touching her panty borders.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and realized what was happening and asked him to stop, saying this is not good and shouldn’t be doing this. He stopped and then asked her to keep resting while he gets some tea from the kitchen. She kept lying on the bed and pulled her skirt down. He came in from the kitchen with a tea tray and kept on the side table. But before she could say or do anything he pinned her hands tightly on the bed and came on top of her. He put his knees on top of her palms to block the hands and then used a hanky to close her mouth. Once he strapped her mouth, he then tied down her hands.

He spread her legs wide open and pulled her skirt down and removed it to expose her lovely yellow panties with lacy borders. He started gently moving his fingers all over her panties. She was trying to ask him to stop but with her mouth tied, she couldn’t say anything. He then tore off her top and exposed her nice bra. He pulled the straps bostancı escort down and exposed her 34b tits completely. With one hand he was caressing her down and with other hand rubbing her nipples gently. He then took a small sip of tea and placed his mouth on her nipples. She suddenly trembled, feeling the hotness of the tea on her nipples. His mouth was covering her nipples while his hands gently running over her panties.

He kept doing this with each nipple for the next 10 minutes while caressing her down or tapping her down over her panties. As he felt the panties were wet, he stopped and removed all his clothes. She didn’t do anything and lay there down. He then removed her wet panties and spread her legs. He then put his dick inside her and pushed it slowly and inside her completely. Once he was in, he took her legs up and kept on his shoulders and starting stroking you slowly and gently. He increased his pace and starting doing faster and faster. He then moved on and removed the handkerchief from your mouth. After that, he continued stroking you and with each stroke, you moaned yes, yes, yes, yes.

After a short session of stroking, he shot his load into her wet pussy and lay down on her exhausted. He got up, got his clothes and went out of the room. Poo, got up and cleaned herself up and wore her clothes. She came out to see him in the living room. She got tea and they started talking. Nobody talked about what happened.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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