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Maurice’s Tale

All characters are over 18+


Hello everyone, I’m Maurice Henderson, as you might already know. I know some of you are hemming and hawing because of how my son’s tale ended when it was just getting to the good part; but that is because I thought I should be the one to talk about how I rode the cock I gave birth to. So when I found my son writing about our relationship. I thought I should add my own version of things. As to the matter of Melody well she’ll get what’s coming to her. So that is all I’ll say about that woman. Now a little about myself: I’m thirty-six–at the time of this story took place–as my son has already stated, while I do work out quite a bit, I don’t have the highly developed abs as some of these women I have seen. However, they are noticeable, which has garnered quite a bit of attention from the men at the gym I go to. Now, since my bustard of an ex-husband thought to replace me with a younger woman. I was pretty much put off of men for a while.

Now if I wanted sex, I would have taken one of those handsome men and fucked the living shit out of them in their car’s. Yet this wasn’t about that, this was about finding someone that would treat me like the woman I haven’t felt like in the years of my marriage to Richard. However, catching the interest of men my age that wanted more than just sex was rather daunting when I felt like dating again. Now I don’t know (sighs), yeah, I do know when I fell for my son. It was a month after my divorce. When I was having trouble adjusting to my new life as a single woman. My beautiful son was always there for me when my work, or the fights with his father grew too great to handle. Samuel never asked for anything as I cried myself into a stupor. Yet he was always there to comfort me when my life grew to hectic to handle. My son showed me things that grown men never begun to even think about when it came to me. To them I was nothing more than a notch on their belts. As I have said if I wanted sex that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I wanted more. I needed someone to see me as something more than a hot night of wild sex. Little did I know I would find that in the one person society finds wrong.

I’ve done everything right all my life other than falling for a man eleven years older than I was when I got pregnant with Samuel. You know what doing the right thing has gotten me? Heartache. Anger. Far too much trouble then I care for. So if what happened between me and my son is wrong then fine, I don’t care anymore. We shall be wrong together and be damned to anyone that judges us.

So as I was saying. For three long years I pined over my son. I know. It isn’t something a mother is supposed to do. Yet the longer I watched my son grow into the man he became I simply lost myself. Every night when we talked, I would secretly play with myself. Dreaming of my son servicing me and me servicing him. There were times I had to place the phone on mute as I called out his name as I came. God. The lewd things I made that boy do in my head. However, as much as I loved my son, I would never openly tell him how I felt for him. I am his mother after all. It would be wrong of me to place my son in that kind of position. But I could hope, couldn’t I? So let’s have a recap of what has happened shall we?

There I was spread out on my bed, my blue rubber dildo thrusting in and out of my cunt as I fantasized about my Sammy. God, just thinking about that dazzling smile of his, the luster of his brown eyes got me so fucking wet. I was nearing my fifth orgasm that my fake dreamy son was bring me to as my fingers ran though his jet black hair, only to be interrupted by my damn cell phone. Sometimes I hate that blasted thing.

“What?!” I growled angrily into the phone noticing the caller ID of my ex-husband. I only kept his number stored in case something happened to Samuel.

“Maurice?” Richard’s irritating voice came over the line.

“Make it quick Richard! I’m a little busy at the moment!” I said trying to kept my arousal up, yet his voice was as good as an ice cold shower.

“Melody wants Samuel out of the house. So I was thinking he could come live with you for the summer, at least until his college starts.” My mind raced as to what this might bring about, could I even keep my hands off of my son if he lived here? That question and many others raced through my mind as Richard waited for my answer. “Maurice?”

“Of course, my son is always welcomed here. Better he stay with me then being under the same roof as that harlot,” I said taking a pop shot at his second wife, “you do know what that means right?”

“Yes.” I smiled evilly at the man’s sigh. I knew his love for his money if I could take even one penny from him all the more better.

“So when is my baby boy coming?”

“Melody wants him out as fast as possible. So how does tomorrow sound?”

“Alright, how does noon sound?” I asked nodding as he agreed to the time. Tossing my phone kadıköy escort off to the side once our call was over with. I kicked my legs in the air acting like a schoolgirl at the thought of spending time with my handsome son. I hadn’t forgotten how my dildo was still lodged in my cunt. Mmm…how I rode that facsimile for an hour thinking of my son. By the time I was done my body was coated in sweat, and my bed was supporting a very, very large wet spot. So after I came down from my climax, I phoned my manger telling her I wouldn’t be in tomorrow that she would have to open up the store and prepare for the luncheon we had been hired for the day after tomorrow.

“Maurice!” Joan squealed as she came down the stairs. She knew my dirty little secret. It wasn’t hard to given the times I’ve screamed out my son’s name.

“Hey Joan,” I said smiling warmly at my friend. Now I won’t go into what brought her to this place my son has already done that. Though I was a little envious of those E cup breasts of hers as she brought me into a hug. I knew how my son had touched himself to her. I accidentally eavesdropped on him a few times masturbating in my bathroom to her. I couldn’t get mad at him, she is a beautiful woman. Though I did wish he’d would look at me as he did with Joan. So there we were lounging in the sun waiting for my son to arrive. I was so nervous to see him. I know it sounds foolish. But haven’t you ever felt like that before seeing the man or woman that you love? I heard Richard’s car pull up, yet I acted like I didn’t, at least until I heard the sound of the trunk.

“Sammy!” I squealed in joy at the sight of my eighteen-year old son. I know it wasn’t what a normal mother would sound like, but I’ve hadn’t seen my boy in over a month due to his hectic schedule. I heard the gate bang behind me as I ran to my son. How my heart fluttered as I saw that warm smile of his.

“Hmph!” my son groaned as I threw my arms around his neck. “Hi, mom,” he said returning the hug the best he could.

“Maurice, we’ll discuss that tomorrow,” Richard said sticking his head out the window of his car.

“Whatever Dick,” I said. I knew how he hated that nickname. “You can leave,” I said, waving off the wrong man I spent to many years on. “I finally get you all to myself,” I cooed pulling Samuel back into a hug. I just couldn’t get enough of feeling my son’s body pressed against mine. However, when I felt that bulge in his shorts I nearly moaned as it brushed against my dancefloor. “Come. Let’s get you settled,” I said smiling warmly at him.

“Hello Sam,” I heard Joan greet my son rather lewdly I might add. Yet I had agreed not to interfere. I knew she needed a good fucking just as much as I did. So I couldn’t tell her no without my secret coming to light. “I heard you’d be moving in. I do love having a man beneath me.”

“It’s good to see you again Ms. Pasternak,” I heard my son greeting my upstairs neighbor.

“How many times do I have to say it young man,” Joan said in a tsk tsk voice, “To call me Joan.” God. I had to fight myself from turning around as I walked towards my apartment door. I don’t like sharing! Yet Joan had me over a barrel, and I didn’t learn about Melody’s blackmail until after Richard had dumped her for another younger woman. “Mmm…I think something is needing your attention,” I heard the lust in Joan’s voice. “Or if you like,” she said, “I’d be more than happy to take care of it for you.”

“Sammy! Come on!” I called out to my son. My eyes zeroed in on the tent in his shorts. I have to admit I was a little proud of my son, if the size of the tent was any indication. However, I made it appear I hadn’t notice that hard cock of his. “Well, I know there’s not much space, but why don’t you set your stuff down and come join us for a swim,” I said pointing to the vacant space between the couch and the wall. I’m rather proud of myself for resisting the urge to reach out and grasp my son’s hard covered cock. To feel that hot phallus in my hand slowly stroking it, making it purr underneath my touch…sorry, I kind of got carried away there.

“Sure!” my son said a little to eagerly, which caused me to wonder.

“Well, don’t take too long, or we might start without you,” I said walking towards the door, giving my son a view of my taut ass. I rather enjoyed how that thong bottom separated my ass cheeks, and I hoped my son did too. I spun on my heel as I walked out from under the overhang. Knowing my son didn’t know where I placed the clean towels. I hoped he would be changing in the living room when I reentered. Yet I was depraved of seeing my son disrobed. Then I heard a noise coming from the bathroom.

“Samuel!” I screeched as I saw my son stoking that fat yummy cock of his. God. How I just wanted to drop to my knees and take that long thick root into my mouth. To feel it gliding through my lips. Feeling it flinch as my tongue teased its üsküdar escort fat head. To moan around its branch as it flooded my mouth with its seed.

“Mom!” my son yelped in surprise. Then it happened. The most glorious event a mother could ever hope for, well that is if those mothers’ lust after their sons’ like I did and still do. I watched as my son’s cum shot out from the tip of his cock, splattering across my breast and stomach.

“Oh god! Oh god!” I said, staring down at how wasteful it was to cover me in it, and that it wasn’t in my mouth feeding my lustful need. “I’m so sorry!” I said slamming the door closed. I rested my hands on the lip of the counter as I stared down at my son’s cum. I’m not ashamed to say I was drooling as the smell filled my nose. Before I knew it, I was sucking my finger clean of the last drop of Samuel’s sweet cum. I knew then as my finger left my lips, I wanted more!

“Oh, come to join us Sammy?” Joan said as my Samuel joined us by the pool. I looked quickly away feeling my cheeks flush as my son looked at me. I could feel his eyes running down my body as I basked in the sun before him. I did truly hope that my body was pleasing to my son. I was a little relieved that he couldn’t see how my eyes ravished his body, namely his groin area.

“Yeah, I thought I take a dip before lunch,” my son said smiling down at Joan.

“Good. Then you wouldn’t mind applying some suntan lotion to my back?” Joan asked as she rolled over. I could see life returning to that lovely appendage as Joan’s breasts were squeezed out the sides of her top. “Now you make sure you apply a good layer onto me,” Joan said handing him the bottle with her left and while her right untied her top. I tried not to show that I notice that Joan had stuck her hand up my son’s shorts. How my jealousy roared that she got to touch my baby when I haven’t. “Now don’t you forget those thighs need some lotion too,” Joan said. Which made me rather annoyed to hear her teasing my baby before me, but I had to play along. As much as I like Joan, she could be rather absent minded about the needs of others when she had set her mind to something. My son caught me looking at Joan jacking him off in front of me.

“T-there all done,” my son said. My frustration ran high when I saw him squeezing Joan’s ass. How dare he! How dare he do that when I was right there! When my own ass was more than willing to be his squeeze toy!

“Shame and I was starting to enjoy it,” Joan said.

“Sam…honey you wouldn’t mind doing the same for me, would you?” I asked. I was done watching! I wanted my own feel of that cock of his. I was his mother after all! Shouldn’t I be the one that got my son off?! “I don’t want to burn in this heat,” I said, which was true I do burn easily.

“S-sure Mom,” my son said nodding to me. “Why don’t you go ahead and get comfortable,” he told me. Yet my eyes narrowed as I saw his cock twitch as Joan, who I could only assume was licking my son’s wonderful cum off of her hand.

“We have to do this again Sam,” Joan said, “however, next time how about something more hot and wet wrapped around it, hmm?” I heard Joan whisper. I bit my towel that I had been using as a pillow to keep my anger from spilling out as Joan plainly stated she was going to fuck my son. “Excellent. I can’t wait,” she said as my son reached for the suntan lotion.

“So…how was school? Are you ready for college?” I asked. I wanted to throw him off guard before I went on the offensive. Yet Samuel tried to hide his hard cock from me, yet as I peeked below the rim of my sunglasses, I could see that glorious monster.

“Oh, it was alright,” my son said squirting a blob of lotion onto his hand, “as ready as I can be Mom,” he said. A curious thought ran through my mind on how he would react if I just rolled over and exposing my naked breasts to him. Would that cock respond to me — his mother? Would it surge with blood urging him to fuck me? Would it beg me to take that hard phallus into my mouth and devour it whole? So I took my chance to see how my sweet baby boy would respond to me. I needed to know if there was even the slightest chance, he had any thoughts of me in such a manner. While he was distracted with applying the lotion to my bare back. I attacked! Figuratively, of course. How my eyes flared behind my sunglasses as I saw my son’s body stilled. God. I haven’t felt something so sublime for too damn long. I already knew he put his father to shame from the bathroom incident. But to feel that hard, hot, veiny cock in my hand was something else altogether.

“Relax,” I mouthed, “you need this,” I said as my hand slowly moved up and down my son’s member. I felt so naughty jacking my son off out in the open like that. Yet as I felt his pre-cum coating my hand. I noticed my arousal growing. My hot slickness was awakening like a sleeping dragon after years of deep sleep. Then my eyes went wide as I felt the pads of his fingers tuzla escort brush along my sensitive, swollen, hungry lips. I forced myself not to bite my lip as my juices started to soak into my bottoms, yet that didn’t stop my moan from escaping.

Fuck! I needed to cum! And there was only one person I wanted to get me off. So I squeezed his cock hard enough to get his attention. “Don’t you cum yet,” I whispered low, “you have something else to work,” I said lifting my hips slightly. My fingers slid into the side of my bottoms pushing it off to one side exposing my hot wet cunt to my son. “Go on. It’s only fair you get me off too,” I said, on the verge of begging my son to touch me. “You have done this to a girl before haven’t you?” I asked wondering why it was taking him so long. When my son shook his head my lustful demon purred wantonly in my head. However, as I looked into my son’s eyes. I knew I couldn’t be the one that took his virginity no matter how much I wanted to. However, that didn’t stop my smile from showing. “Here. Let mama help you,” I said, reaching between my legs taking hold of his greasy hand. My fingers curled around my towel as I took two of his fingers running them through my wet lips. How it felt heavenly when it wasn’t my own doing that task. I nodded encouragingly as he slipped two fingers into me.

I nearly squealed in joy. However, that would only draw attention to us, and I was determined to have all the time I could get feeling my son fingering me. Fuck! Damn that boy! He may have been inexperienced, but he did know how to move those fingers.

“Faster!” I mouthed. I wanted him to feel everything my cunt had to offer my son. I wanted him to feel my folds, to feel how they gripped his fingers. Hoping that it would lead to him thinking how his cock would feel deep inside me. Then I thought it couldn’t get any more wondrous then it already was. My son had found my g-spot. Something his own father could never do in the long years we were married. “Don’t stop!” she growled at him, “I was almost there,” I bemoaned. I so wanted to coat those fingers of his in my hot cum. I wanted him to know what it was like to get a woman off. I needed him to see me as my honey pot gripped those wonderful, orgasmic, delightful appendages of his. “Come on baby. Make your mom cum on those fingers,” I moaned deep and low. It had been teasing me ever since Samuel sprayed his hot cum all over my chest. Then it happened that glorious event I have waited three long years for. My son. My prefect sweet boy just made his mother cum. How blissful it was too.

“Mom! I’m going to cum!” my son whispered. That was it I wasn’t about to allow that cum to go to waste again. No sir! Not this time. I noticed how his eyes were glued to my naked breast as I pushed down the leg of his shorts. This was it, there was no going back now as his hard cock stared up at me. How my mind melted as my lips slid down that hard tool. God! Did his pre-cum taste good. I knew I’d become addicted to it. I am actually. I make sure I get two or three solid protein shots every day. But that’s a story for another time. As I rolled my tongue around the crown of his head, my hand working that engorged shaft. I knew I had to get him off quick so not to draw unwanted attention. A primal moan roared in my head as my son shot his hot, sticky, delicious seed into my awaiting mouth.

I know my son said I avoided him for two weeks. It’s true I did. But you see after what happened at the pool. I couldn’t trust myself around my son. I knew if there was just the slightest chance, I could make that cock hard I was going to ride it. And ride it so damn fucking well that boy would never forget how I made that cock yield to me. Plus I wanted my son to at least have one sexual partner before I made my move. However, when I awoke every morning to head out to open my catering business. I was greeted by that tent all teenage boys sport in the morning. Being the devious woman I am. I couldn’t let that wood go to waste. That is just a crime against nature. So every morning before work I would kneel beside my son as he slept and sucked that cock dry. I don’t know if he ever caught on, but damn did it fill me with the desire to taste his first load of the day for the rest of my life if he would let me that is.

I rushed home when I should have been heading to the luncheon I should have been setting up for, yet with the new client I had just picked up I’d needed an extra pair of hands. And who better than the man I wanted to spend time with. So when I entered the apartment, I saw the bathroom door closed. I sucked on my lip as I approached that barrier.

“Sam?” I said knocking on the door, cracking it open a little bit. The sight that I saw in that mirror, mmm…what I wanted to do to that boy. I played it off like I couldn’t see him just to see what he would do. It was an herculean task not to stare at that cock in the mirror.

“Yeah?” my son said. I watched as he backed up hoping I couldn’t see him.

“When you get out, I need ask you something okay?”

“Sure Mom,” he said. I took one last peek at my naked wet son before shutting the door. Yet as I paced my living room my eyes flashing over at the clock I couldn’t wait. I had to get to that luncheon, and my mind wouldn’t let go of the picture of my naked son.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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