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Thank you for your comments, ideas, thumbs up and down – they drive more of these stories and are very much appreciated.

For readers that have read previous chapters, welcome back.

If you are picking up this story for the first time, I try and write so you can jump in at any part. Sometimes more successfully than others. Either way, hope you enjoy it.


A New Neighbor – Submitting for Pleasure

Stephanie was seating it the corner of the sauna, sweat dripping from every pore. She had finished her thirty-minute workout and needed to spend another fifteen touching herself, per her admin’s instructions.

Thankfully, no one else was there, and her fingers easily slipped inside her folds, rubbing against her lips, then bumping against her clit.

As much as she wanted to believe that the humidity and temperature were the main ingredients making her wet, the truth was that she had been sexually charged for the past three weeks. Exactly since her lesbian neighbor, Patty, had discovered her penchant for submission and blackmailed her into becoming her pet.

That submission had spiraled into having to serve her assistant at the office as well as playing dutiful wife to her husband.

She paused her finger’s activity as she almost immediately became too aroused.

How did she get there?

Well, her neighbor had forced her to submit to her husband to humiliate her further. It had been a nice surprise for him as he obviously loved the side benefits: he had gone from a vanilla sex life to one where few limits had been set.

Her admin, Ana, had been the trickiest: she’d caught Stephanie with her skirt up and had complained to HR about her boss’ behavior.

To avoid a humiliating and potentially career-ending internal discussion, Patty had been forced to reveal what Stephanie had become. She’d offered the young employee a deal: against her silence, she too would be able to dominate Stephanie.

The executive, using her clout and seniority had been able to cover the complaint to a case of a young woman being confused about her personal life going into disarray and a series of poor choices that could be attributed to a now ex-boyfriend. Stephanie summed it up by stating Ana had projected her anxiety into a work situation that should have never gone to HR in the first place.

It had worked. Amazingly, it had worked.

The VP of HR had asked Stephanie if she was unwell when she asked to keep Ana as her employ. He laughed and said that something must be in the water to turn Stephanie from a lioness into a tamed kitten.

He didn’t know how close he was to the truth but Stephanie’s impeccable history with the firm allowed her to come out of this somewhat unscathed and Ana was only briefly interviewed and gave a similar enough story to assuage the corporation’s internal requirements.

Since then, Stephanie had been dominated nearly 24/7 although her husband was still finding its place with his new position. Ana, on the other hand, had jumped right in.

On Wednesday, Stephanie found her admin in the break room, dressed in a revealing outfit with a short skirt and a plunging neckline.

“Dammit,” Stephanie cursed silently, “How hard is it to lay low after claiming that I sexually harassed you!”

Ana was chatting with a couple of employees, and all shared a “Good morning.”

Stephanie did not want to engage her admin in front of others as she did not know how her new dom would react. She could have slipped and revealed something she shouldn’t.

Instead, she poured herself a cup of coffee and was about to leave when Ana asked out loud, “Can you make me one too, please? I always have trouble with this machine.”

Stephanie stopped in her tracks, surprised by Ana’s immediate demand.

“Of course,” she smiled, “we have a big day today and you’ll need all the energy you can get.”

Ana broke into a smile, “Thank you!”

Stephanie felt the eyes of employees on her back as she was preparing the machine and making another espresso. The noise of the machine covered their voices. Was Ana making a snippy comment?

She turned around with the cup but Ana had remained at the other end of the room, clearly not coming to meet her.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Stephanie walked up to her and handed the hot beverage.

“Thank you,” Ana added casually while keeping her eyes locked on to her colleagues, who was recounting the best jokes of a popular sitcom. Stephanie had to refrain from commenting and went back to her office quietly.

Minutes later, the two were in Stephanie’s office and the tone was not friendly. The executive was arguing that the whole point was not to jeopardize her job while Ana countered that the whole point was to show servitude against her silence.

Ana concluded, “Patty was crystal clear on Sunday and it sure sounded like I would get to control you during office hours. Didn’t it?”

The mention of Patty made Stephanie end illegal bahis the argument and she softly answered, “Yes.”

“Yes, who?” Ana retort immediately.

“Yes, Ms. Ana…”

After an uncomfortable silence, Stephanie, almost not believing her own question, asked: “May I speak, please?”

“If this is how you are going to ask, you may as well go full army and ask ‘Permission to speak’.”

The executive swallowed her pride and repeated, “Permission to speak, please, Ms. Ana.”

“Granted,” answered her admin, almost shocked by the small victories.

“We need to tread carefully for a while. I was able to get HR to agree to all of our demands and keep you as my assistant, which obviously they did not want. For this to work, and for you and I to keep our jobs, we have to be discreet in public.”

Ana looked at her for a movement.

“This is not what was agreed. Patty was crystal clear about my ability to get you to do what I want when I want. I don’t have much to lose if they fire me here and I’ll be able to get another job in no time. Worst case, I’ll get the same pay, different boss.”

Stephanie changed tactics and agreed. “You’re right: you can direct me as you see fit. But if you lose this job, you’ll also lose controlling me.”

Her tone was not threatening, nor angry. She just wanted to make a point.

Ana thought for a moment, then added, “Point taken. I’ll think about this and we’ll meet again this afternoon.”

Ana walked back to her desk, fully aware that Stephanie’s point was correct. Embarrassingly so.

“If I’m going to be in charge, I have to be more thoughtful. I can’t act like a brat anymore,” she thought. “Stephanie is my responsibility at the office and I need to show Patty that I’m not taking this lightly.”

She decided that moving forward, she’d be firm but smart and avoid putting Stephanie in too dangerous a position.

As a matter of fact, this new role was giving her pause about a number of things in her life, not the least of which was her current crappy boyfriend. His past attempts at controlling her had been feeble at best and since they both had kept their apartments, this was going to be an easy break-up.

From that moment, a more mature domination approach was initiated: she was all in.

Her demands had started innocently enough: asking Stephanie to perform the menial tasks that she would usually perform as she quickly figured out ways to maintain the illusion of being the admin while giving orders to her boss.

Soon, she grew bolder, and between Patty and Ana, Stephanie’s head was spinning with a constant barrage of requests. Was it her Mistress reminding her to masturbate as she watched her via video, or was it her admin, ordering her to attend a spinning class at the gym downstairs while wearing a butt plug?

With each passing day, Stephanie felt the transformation affect her body and mind. Both her doms seemed a good team together, each with a different set of demands: Patty was more likely to humiliate the executive to get her turned on before asking for sex while Ana wanted to torture Stephanie to see how far she could push her depravation.

With each facet of her life dictated by others, she started to hesitate for the most basic needs. Did she need to ask before going to the bathroom? Had she gone her allotted two times already? If so, she’d need to call Ana and explain why she had to go again.

Her work was clearly becoming affected by it… Stephanie had become increasingly forgetful. It was just that… well, her body was raging all the time. She went to bed horny and woke up excited. A single touch, a single word, would make her loins melt.

By now, her neighbor had fucked her in every position: Stephanie had shown up at Patty’s earlier in the week to celebrate their success with HR and found her Mistress leaning against the wall, glass of red in hand, her open Japanese kimono revealing a massive strap-on between her legs.

“It never gets tired,” Patty had said, smiling.

The mature lesbian knew exactly which buttons to push. She ordered the executive to get into salacious positions, each more demeaning than the previous one.

Stephanie ended up bend at a ninety-degree angle, her legs straight, grabbing her cheeks with her hands to display her holes.

Stephanie knew she was drenched, her pussy likely visibly leaking.

She felt the head of the rubber cock bump against her flesh, hesitating as to which direction to take, which hole to go in with. The sub held her breath.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Patty asked, pressing against her vagina.

“Y.. Yes, Mistress,” blurted her pet.

Patty pulled back a little and rubbed her fingers against Stephanie’s slit.

“Oh yeah… you’re ready… God, you’re a natural.”

The executive could tell that Patty had had a drink. She soon felt a hard ball rubbing up against her, lacking precision. It caught her right lip but found the entrance to her pussy as Stephanie pulled her labia wide open illegal bahis siteleri with both hands. The rubber cock started sliding inside with ease.

Unable to refrain, she let her guttural noise escape her throat as Patty pushed most of the toy deep inside her.

She rose slightly as Patty’s hips were shoved forcefully, the sound of skin against skin slapping each time.

“OH… MY… GOD!!” exclaimed Stephanie in broken breaths as her insides immediately felt filled. Stretched, she was thankful for her copious natural juices.

“Take off your shirt, I want you nude,” Patty instructed, now penetrating more slowly.

Once Stephanie had nearly ripped her clothes off, she felt her Mistress’ hands grab her hips and guide her to another part of the house. She walked slowly and awkwardly, managing to keep the dildo inside her.

They soon arrived at the dining table directly facing her house. She was quickly bent over it, her tits squished under her weight.

“Mmm, mmm,” said Patty, “stay upward. Maybe your husband will catch a glimpse of you.”

Stephanie worried, but only partially as the waves of pleasure were making her careless. She rose and held herself slightly bend, her breasts now swaying with each pounding. Was her husband home and was he going to see her on display?

She couldn’t remember what time Albert was supposed to be home today.

“Little slut wife doesn’t want to get caught, does she?”

“Hnngg… No… No, please, Mistress.”

She was fucked until she orgasmed violently, forced to stare out the window, concerned that she would see the silhouette of her husband pop up.

Patty laid on top of her for a long minute as each were catching their breaths. Stephanie could sense small pecks on her shoulder where Patty was kissing her. It felt good and the executive could not help but think that her relationship with Patty was growing closer.


It was now the end of the week and Stephanie had not been allowed to come since her last session with Patty. She had been on the verge of many orgasms and grown so horny, she felt disoriented. Both Patty and Ana kept her busy, constantly pushing her libido by increasing the number of times she had to edge herself.

To ensure she wouldn’t be able to climax from Albert’s cock, Stephanie had been ordered to only service him with her mouth by claiming it was ‘that time of the month’.

Meanwhile, Ana was really coming into her own and bringing a new dimension to Stephanie’s submission. She had suggested a couple of ideas to Patty who was thrilled about the perverted mind of her pupil but wanted to remain cautious about going too fast. Still, they upped the pressure on the executive, ensuring that each moment away from actual work was spent thinking – or performing – some kind of sexual activity.

Every morning, Stephanie was given a list of porn clips to watch throughout the day. What had started as a chore since the executive did not believe she was particularly prone to appreciate this kind of material had very quickly turned into a habit.

She would watch the clips voraciously on her tablet, enjoying the butterflies she felt in her stomach and the pulse-like throbbing deep inside her pussy. Most videos showed amateur women submitting to multiple partners, fucking strangers, or being used while an off-camera individual coached them on their activities.

She was kept on edge so much that she often found herself pressing her fist against her stomach, trying to attenuate the desire to come. And yet, it never really went away anymore. She was constantly turned on, and by now, begging for releases to both her mistresses.

After thirty minutes, Ana walked into her office and had Stephanie get up so she could inspect the chair for fresh stains. She acted as if she found one, even if it was nearly impossible to tell, and forced her boss to put her nose on it as punishment, skirt around her waist. Stephanie was surprised as to how quickly her admin had developed into a dominatrix and she suspected that Patty had spent several hours coaching her.

As she smelled herself on the chair, she hoped that her admin would want to feel her up, and shove her fingers inside her or squeeze her clit, anything.

How quickly she’d turned from a career woman to seeking physical relief almost at all cost.

Ana would purposely let her hand graze her boss’s ass while she was bent over. Within seconds, the once-powerful and feared executive would nudge herself against the hand, trying to be touched.

“Get a hold of yourself,” Ana would scorn, shaming the executive.

Still, Ana finally moved behind Stephanie and sprayed her cheeks, detailing what she saw aloud.

“Excellent job on the shaving. All seems fine… Mmm..mmm…” She pulled the lips slightly as Patty had insisted that Ana needed to get over her aversion of touching women if she was going to be a proper dom.

Stephanie welcomed the touch even if it was denuded of canlı bahis siteleri tenderness or desire. It felt like a doctor’s examination but when her pussy lips were split, she couldn’t help but let a gasp escape her mouth.

Ana carried on as if she had not heard it.

“Your clit is poking through its hood, you know?”

“Y… Yes, Ms. Ana,” she answered.

“And you are nearly dripping on my hand,” she added before rubbing a finger against her slit. She chuckled and rose.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Ana.”

“It’s eleven o’clock, I want you to watch an additional fifteen minutes of porn. I believe your mistress has sent you some more links?”

“Yes, Ms. Ana, but… I think I have an appointment in thirty minutes.”

“You do. Limp dick is coming for a weekly reassurance that you’re going to keep him on the payroll… Before he comes in, you’ll put the plug Patty prepared for you.”

“Yes, Ms. Ana.”

“After he leaves…, turn around, please…” Ana patiently waited for her boss to face her and pointed towards the chair.

Stephanie sat and looked up, clearly paying attention.

“Show me your mouth.”

Timidly, she moved her jaw and opened her mouth slightly. Ana licked her finger and applied saliva onto Stephanie’s lips to make them shiny, even for a brief moment. She then nudged her to open wider and put a finger in her mouth.

“After he leaves,” she stated again, “I’ll want you to touch yourself for seven minutes. You’ll have to bring yourself to the brink three times.”

Her boss moaned disappointingly, pleading with her eyes.

Ana put two fingers in her mouth.

“I bet Albert is very happy with you,” she smiled.

Stephanie remained quiet, aware of the humiliating position as saliva was rapidly building up.

Ana’s fingers lingered, touching the roof and the side of her cheeks. She was thinking. Or acted as if she was.

“Patty and I have discussed a special task for you today. We both agree that you are ready for it.”

“Uhh… ha…” Stephanie answered.

The admin removed her fingers and stated, “Go ahead, touch yourself.”

Patty had walked Ana through how to handle this part.

Stephanie’s hand went to her pussy as she immediately moaned in response. There was only lust. Only pleasure.

A pattern had started to develop and it was difficult for Stephanie to figure out if this was rehearsed or had occurred naturally: Patty demanded physical attention to quench her needs, but she was also using sex to humiliate her neighbor. Outside of their sessions, though, they shared many sweet moments and had developed a close bond. Among other things, they were close in age and had more in common than with the twenty-something admin.

Ana, on the other hand, had taken on the role of the bad cop. She insisted on looking at this situation as a lab experiment: How depraved could she get her boss?

She’d talked to Patty about extending their dominance, forcing Stephanie to fuck other men, service more women, and while Patty had been amused, she’d suggested keeping the situation in a manageable bubble. It was difficult enough for Stephanie to be shared between three people already.

The young administrative assistant, likely high on the power she was enjoying, managed to convince her of at least one meeting, deemed ‘harmless’, but that should have some deep repercussion in their pet’s submission. She went on to explain her master plan:

“At one pm, you will be in your car waiting at the corner of Battery and Columbus. Leave the doors unlocked,” Ana stated.

Stephanie was trying to pay attention as her fingers played against her clit. Her knees buckled slightly.

“A man who knows what car to look for will join you. He’ll be wearing sweat pants and a jacket.” She paused for a moment, to make sure that her boss was paying attention and to let her build herself up, then added, “He’ll proceed to jerk off in your car. You’ll watch him until he leaves.”

The executive’s eyes went wide. Before she could say anything, Ana carried on, “We are not asking you to do anything… We just know it will be good for your ego to be used as a masturbation trophy. I’ll be in constant contact through your phone and headset.”

“We” implied that Patty was an equal party in this decision. Ana knew this would help her case.

The admin put her finger back inside Stephanie’s mouth, adding, “I wonder if this is how your pussy feels like?”

Ana used physical dominance to ensure that her boss would get turned on and accept the exercise. Right on cue, Stephanie moaned, her fingers busy with her clit.

“Do you understand my instructions? They are very simple: Drive. Wait. Watch.”

Stephanie nodded ‘Yes’ and was told she was a good girl.

The executive had been ordered to wear a remote vibrator. One end was as large as an egg and meant to be inside her while a bendable tail came out at a ninety-degree angle and was pressed against her clit. It was one of the latest devices that promised a hand-free experience and could be controlled remotely by phone.

Stephanie had put her phone on the vent of the car and was allowing Ana to see her through video. Her admin, however, was not sharing her screen; only watching.

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