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Looking over at her I smiled, then sat up on the edge of the bed. I felt her fingers scrape gently on my bare shoulders, moving to the small of my back.

The full moon was shining through the open window. I heard a cat meow loudly, and then a dog bark rapidly as the cat apparently jumped the fence.

Looking down at the night stand, I saw a bottle of Kama Sutra Garden of Pleasure lotion, and next to it an average size vibrator shaped like a penis. This lady certainly knows how to take care of herself.

I looked over at Lynn who was looking back at me smiling demurely, probably wondering what I was going to do next. Looking back at the lotion bottle, I reached for it and removed the cap. Holding the plastic bottle over her right nipple I squeezed a short line onto the darkly pink flesh.

She sucked her breath in and said, “Oooo, that feels cold.”

I laid the bottle down beside me on the bed, placed my middle finger on her areola, and began tracing through the lotion, spreading it around her nipple. I continued smoothing it around and around in smaller concentric circles, barely touching the sides of the nipple.

It began to firm up, blush, and stand up like an eraser. I spread my fingers as wide as I could, barely touching her soft breast flesh. I slid them downward ‘til the hollow of my hand barely touched her nipple.

Lynn breathed in, pushing her nipple against my hand. I straightened my fingers and began slowly manipulating the nipple with my hand. Then reaching out with my lotion moistened fingers I began kneading her breast. Her hips wiggled and her breathing increased.

“Be patient love, this may take a while” I said, reaching over for the lotion bottle, taking it in my hand and squeezing a short line on her left nipple.

“Oooooh” she winced.

Getting up on my knees I threw my right leg over her hip straddling her halkalı escort body, lightly resting my bottom on her thighs. My testicles, being tickled by the contact, moved back and forth between her thighs. With a hand on each breast I began to smooth the fragrant lotion into her eager skin, taking gentle trips around her nipples with my fingers, rolling them between the thumbs.

I felt her hips begin to rock back and forth as she flexed and tightened her buttocks. Breathing steadily now, she was titillated by my hands and fingers working her breast and nipples.

I looked deeply into her eyes, smiled, and scooted up, placing my now hardened penis in the hollow of her cleavage. Settling my buttocks into Lynn’s upper tummy I felt my balls nestle against her warm skin, the bottom of my cock feeling her warmth.

As I pressed her breasts over my veined hardness I winced and said “God Lynn, your
breasts are so marvelous.”

Slowly, with my cock nestled warmly between my lady’s soft warm flesh, I began to stroke. With each stroke I whispered “Oooooo! Oooooo!”

Lynn held my eyes in her gaze and smiled proudly, saying,“I love the feel your hard cock between my breasts.”

I wanted to prolong this play, but felt precum oozing out of my tiny slit, so I stopped. I placed the middle finger of my right hand loosely on her slit, and squeezed with my balls, forcing the clear liquid onto my finger.

My semen tipped finger glistened in the moonlight as it reached to Lynn’s lips and affectionately glossed them with the essence of my manhood. Then, leaning forward, I softly pressed my lips against hers and slid them through the silken aloe.

Our lips parted with a soft pecking sound drawing tiny strings of the emollient between our lips. Our lips came together hungrily and opened as our breathing made hollow “meowing” sounds; şişli escort tongues danced sensuously.

I felt Lynn’s thighs reach and caress my back. As our breathing quickened I broke the kiss, saying “You are a marvelous lover Lynn.”

Here was a lady worthy of the best I had to give, and I was not going to disappoint her.

Reaching over, I rolled Lynn’s left nipple between my thumb and forefinger, causing her mouth to pucker and open in a tiny oval. Her breath escaped, bringing forth a sibilant sound, whispering “Oooo.”

Her body tensed as I pinched the nipple sharply, then she looked at me to let me know that she welcomed the pain. She closed her eyes, shuddered and then relaxed.

Rising up on my elbow, with my hand on the inside of her left breast I pulled it toward my mouth, formed a whistling hole between my lips, and began blowing a tiny stream of cool air on the side of her nipple.

She winced pleasurably. Then, directly over her nipple, I blew around the outer rim of her areola, working patiently toward the center-laying down my cooling breath like a coil of rope.

With my left hand, in a reverse path, I traced my middle finger around her opposite areola. As it touched the sides of her right nipple the tiny zephyr wafted the juncture of her left areola and nipple.

My two fingers and thumb were poised over her nipple, as my lips parted, ready to sandwich the other protrusion between them. At the same instant my lips compressed on the left nipple and my fingertips touched the right.

Lynn’s hips thrust upward in response to the sensitive contact, my fingers touching her excited skin so lightly that she could almost feel the whorls of my fingerprints.

Suckling like a tiny baby I was amazed at how large and rigid her nipple felt between my lips, and wondered sarıyer escort if nipples grew this large when babies suck for milk. Her pulse quickened sending more blood to her sensitive nerve endings, which caused both nipples to enflame.

I compressed my lips, touching the center of her raw nipple with my tongue. At the same I rolled her other nipple between my fingers.

“Oooooh!, Ooooh!, Ooooh!” escaped shrilly from her lips. Her legs pulled up and flexed at the knees spreading and coming back together, as her two hands slid down between her legs. I closed my eyes and willed all of my feelings into my tongue and fingers, waiting for her release.

Her orgasm happened with tense stiffening, a long loud “OOOOH,” and a slight shudder of her entire body. Then, totally relaxed her body sunk into the bed.

This is more than I could have ever anticipated I thought warmly as I smiled and lay my head on Lynn’s breasts. I closed my eyes, my ear a stethoscope to the railing of Lynn’s lungs, hearing the shuush/thump/shuush/thump/shuush/thump of her heart.

I must have dozed for an instant, feeling that I was curled up, awash in the protective amniotic fluid of the giver of life. Feeling her fingers lovingly comb through my hair, I knew that I was really here to worship in her temple. Her tender touch confirmed that my sacraments were worthy, and I wanted to be true to the tender longings of this bountiful goddess.

My face, pillowed by Lynn’s rising and falling breasts, felt like it was almost part of her skin. It seemed to me that I was hearing the shushing of blood being propelled through her tiny capillaries.

My mind was so she-oriented that I imagined her femaleness opening and calling out for my attention. Perhaps this was a dream, but never before in a dream had I ever experienced such depth and reality of feeling. Am I really here with her?


Not only had I heard my name spoken through Lynn’s mouth, but it also reverberated in my ear which was pressed between her breasts.

I smiled and said “Yes love.”

“I have to go to the bathroom, so you need to get off of me,” she chuckled.

End of Part II

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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