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It started with an accident.

Her partner of four years, Marc, was buried deep inside of her, sliding in from behind in that way that shot jolts up her spine. Every time the head of his cock slid across one particular spot she was sure she was going to explode. His fingertips grazing her lips, clit, thighs and nipples didn’t help, either.

Wait a second… they did help. A lot.

Her mind was wandering, as it sometimes did, in fantasy. For some reason, a mutual friend of theirs — a past girlfriend of Marc’s, in fact — had been on her mind lately. A few years before, she and Marie had been housemates. The two of them had heard a lot when the other had someone in her bed. Thin walls. Nothing had ever happened between the two of them, neither had even thought they were curious but, now… for some reason… Marie had started appearing in her fantasies.

As Marc nibbled on the back of her neck, the two of them lying on their sides, he kept a wonderful, liquid rhythm. She began to picture Marie lying beside her — her small, rounded breasts tipped with dark, dark nipples; her wide hips; her full bush hiding even fuller lips. As he let his hand round her breast, caressing up and over the nipple, she imagined Marie’s small hands caressing. As he wet his fingertip with her wetness and feather caressed her vulva, his cock rocking into her, she could see Marie looking deep into her eyes, as her strong pianist’s fingers explored all the right places.

Moment by moment, she was getting closer and — with every passing moment — the feel of Marie’s breasts against her own, Marie’s belly touching hers, Marie’s tongue tasting her lips became even more real.

Marc’s rocking was becoming more insistent. He, too, was nearing climax. Even as she continued to feel him, and imagine her, Tanya wondered what he would think if he knew what she was thinking. Her fingers joined his in caressing her body, her mind’s-eye turning them into Marie’s touch.

So… it almost made sense that when her orgasm overtook her, when it felt like her insides were pouring out, that it was Marie’s name that she cried. What she didn’t expect was, at exactly the same moment, to hear Marie’s name moaned into her ear. Hearing that, another orgasm, even stronger than the last, churned through her, slamming through her body.

They continued to rock together, holding each other close. His fingers played lightly over all the sensitive parts of her body, keeping the pulse going as he continued to slide, he cock softening only slightly.

As they came to a stop, his arms wrapped around her, her hands intertwined with his, they slowly shifted so they could look at each other. Neither were sure what to do, what to say. Both looked slightly stricken.

A tiny smile lifted the corner of his face, as he quietly said, “You’ve got great taste in women, love.”


She had just gotten back from class when the phone rang.

“Hey, you! How goes it?”

“Marie! Long time no hear! Things are great. How are you doing, gorgeous?”

“Comme ci, comme ca, I guess. Work is work. Life is life.”

The conversation continued for a while, the two catching each other up on the past few months of their lives. Tanya asked, “And the guy thing?”

Long pause… and a deep sigh. “Non-existant, Tan. You know the last couple have been complete asses.”

“Yeah, I know, cherie. I’d ship you a dozen hugs, a litre of chocolate ice cream, and the 10 hours of ‘Friends’ I haven’t been able to watch… if I could figure out how to box everything so that Canada Post could get it to you,” she laughed.

“That would be great! Any chance of wrapping Marc up in packing tape, too? I could really use his take on why I seem to be the least desirable woman on the face of the planet… well, in this part of Ontario, at least.”

“Yeah, I could do that… but it’d be a bitch getting it off of him! A full body Brazillian!” With one voice, they both screamed, “OUCH,” and started to laugh.

After they caught their breath, Marie said, “By the way, you two doing ok?”

“Ok?!? Marie, he is the best thing that could have dropped into my life. He’s a great talker. He’s an even better listener. And let me tell you, when he…,” her voice trailed off. “Oh, god. Sorry.”

Tanya could hear a deep chuckle, laced with tears, “I know. I still kick myself for pushing him out the door. I’m really happy for you… but I didn’t realize how much I miss his arms around me… and I always wondered what it would have been like to make love with him.”

“Marie… I always wanted to ask you… but, by the time I got up the courage, I was in illegal bahis a relationship with him and I didn’t think it was my business… but… why didn’t you?”

“You know long distance relationships, Tan. By the time we were ready, we were heading to different parts of the country. And, when he was finally able to get the money to come and see me…,” she sighed.

“You and Sol were a thing. How I remember those nights! God! The number of times I came just listening to the two of you.”

Marie’s laugh had a bite to it, “I’m glad somebody got something out of that. All I wanted was to get him off of me… and that meant getting him off.”

“Oh, Marie… I’m so sorry. God, I’m feeling like an ass today.”

“Don’t worry about it, Tan. I’m just really lonely right now. I miss sharing space with you. I miss what could have been with Marc.” She took a deep breath. “I’ll be ok.”

“Shit,” Tanya replied. She was about to apologize again when a glimmer of an idea took light. “Marie… I know you’re out of sync with the school year, working and all… but Reading Week starts in 10 days. Neither Marc nor I will have classes… the most he’ll have to do is grade a stack of first years’ papers. Can you book off a week, hop the train, and spend some time with us?” Her voice sped up, “With Marc a don at the Res, I’ve got the room – and I’m sure that both of us would love to have you.” (“Oh, yeah,” she thought, “I’m sure that both of us would love to have you… as many times as we could.”)

There was a pause on the other end of the line. “Are you sure?”

“Completely! Look, we can catch some movies, go out for dinner, sit around on the floor talking about life – all that stuff we were able to do when we shared the house. C’mon,” she pleaded.

The pause got longer, “I’ve got a month of holiday accumulated. Yes. I’d love to spend a week with you!”

They continued to work out the plans for a while. By the time the call came to an end, and the two of them hung up, both of them were much happier. “And,” thought Tanya, “one of us is much wetter.” She was sure that nothing was going to happen… but knowing that Marie was coming – knowing that she was going to see her – would add fuel to her dreams for a long time.

One leg flipped over the arm of the easy chair, a sunbeam from the skylight warming her body, she laid her head back and closed her eyes. As she stretched her arms and legs, she felt the fabric slide across her breasts, and her jeans push at her groin. A shiver worked its way up her body. Keeping her eyes closed, she ran her fingers through her hair, lightly scratching her scalp. She imagined Marie, standing in the door way, her body back-lit by the light. She could see her standing there, a cotton chemise, covering – but not hiding – the swell of her breasts. She could see her standing there, her hips and strong legs silhouetted in her skirt. She imagined Marie standing and watching, and heard her quiet voice saying, “Come for me, lover.”

Tanya began to rock her hips, soaking underwear rubbing against her mound. With every gentle push and pull, micro-jolts worked to build the tension in her body. Her hands started to explore, sliding underneath her breasts, her fingernails being felt through the material of her bra. As her right hand moved to her belly, to feel the warmth building there, her left hand circled her nipple. The thickness covering her kept the feeling from being too intense. She stopped for a moment… the thickness covering her kept the feeling from being too intense! Undoing the buttons, she slipped the shirt off her shoulders and reached behind to open the clasp on her bra. Pulling the clothing off, she realized that was as hot as the sun bearing down on her. She took a deep breath, her eyes still closed tightly, and popped the button on her jeans, pulling the zipper down. Her eyes still closed, she could feel Marie’s gaze on her. Tanya wondered if Marie would be as wet as she was.

As she worked the jeans off of her hips, she found her thighs wet. Kicking off the jeans, she lifted her other leg, laying it on the arm of the chair, spreading herself to the warmth of the sun and Marie’s imagined view. She sat there a moment, her hands caressing her hips and thighs and belly – sliding up to caress under and over her breasts. She teased her nipples, rolling them with her wet fingers, tugging them in the way that she wished her lover would do – harder than he thought possible, with ever so slight a twist.

“Oh, god… this feels good,” she groaned. She imagined Marie, one hand under the band of her own skirt, her fingers searching through her hair to tease her own pussy. illegal bahis siteleri Tanya began to trace the outline of her vulva through her soaked panties. As she circled her clit, she lifted her hips off of the chair. A second circle brought a moan to her lips. With one fluid motion, she pulled off her underwear and returned her legs to their starting place.

The friction of her fingers competed with the rays of the sun to warm her. As she caressed her neck, her breasts, her belly, her nipples, her hair, two fingers dipped inside of her. She slid them out, dripping with her liquid sweetness. Lifting them to her mouth, she darted her tongue out again and again, tasting herself. She could hear a groaned, “Oh, yes…” from Marie’s image. Her fingers jumped back down to her vulva, sliding past – sliding deep – teasing on the way back out. She began to speed up, dipping in, going deep, sliding out. Dipping in, sliding out. As her hips began to rock faster, she lay her hand on her bare mound, her two fingers circling her clit – not touching… well, not often touching. As she imagined Marie’s fingers moving more quickly, as she imagined Marie’s view of the pained passion on her face and the flush on her chest, and the swollenness of her lips and the wetness of her depth, her circles got faster – and tighter. With one quick motion she caught her clit between her fingers while catching a nipple between others, and rolled and twisted…. and screamed her orgasm to the sky.

The waves rolled through her – starting everywhere – moving everywhere – returning everywhere. Expanding out of her body. Crashing through her body. For minutes she sat there, her hand trapped between her thighs – every breath causing just enough movement to set everything going again.

Gasping, “ohgod,” she slowly opened her eyes…

to see Marc, leaning in the doorway where she had pictured Marie only moments before. He slowly walked towards her and, leaning down, kissed her thighs, between her breasts, her forehead and… finally… her lips. “That was… glorious, love.” He knelt in front of her, gently kneading her taught calves as she came down.

The silence was warm and companionable. Taking a quiet breath, she said, “Marie called.”

Marc’s eyebrow climbed his forehead. “Oh,” he replied… far more casually than his own erection wanted him to.

“Yes. I asked her to come and spend Reading Week with us.”

Marc’s right eyebrow joined its sibling. “Oh,” he replied… trying to read between the lines. Not an easy task, while kneeling between a lover’s thighs, her scent and excitement a finger’s length away from his body. Tanya took his hands in her own and tugged, pulling him upright. She dropped her feet to the floor and leaning forward. With deft fingers she undid his belt and button, dropping his pants to the floor. As she reached around to grip his ass, opening her lips to take him into her mouth, she paused. Just before she slid down the length of him, her nose resting against his pubic bone, the head of his cock firm in her throat – she said, “Yes. I told her that ‘we would both love to have her’.”

And he came, her swallows urging him on.

Time didn’t pass. It tailgated.

All three of them were excited about the visit. Marie had called both Tanya and Marc a couple of times, wanting to make sure that they really wanted her to visit and this wasn’t pity for the old hag. Marc finally had to say, “Marie! Quit worrying and get your ass up here!” She started to laugh, replying, “Ok, ok… I hear you!”

The morning she was to arrive, Marc was told that he was going to be the on-call guy at the Res that night… which meant he had to be there until 2:00 the next afternoon. When he called Tanya to let her know, she could hear the frustration in his voice.

“Marc… what’s wrong?”

“It’s the fantasies, love. I know they aren’t reality. You know they aren’t reality. We both know that Marie’s world-view wouldn’t allow her to make love with you, or to someone else’s partner, or to us together. But the fantasy is still exciting. I really wanted to be there to see her and to give her a welcoming hug. I figured that would help me to remember that she is our friend, not our lover. The fact that I can’t do that until tomorrow is going to leave me with a raging hard-on… that I can’t even share with you! Frustrating isn’t the word for it!.”

“I know. I know,” Tanya murmured. “She’s due here in a half an hour… and I’ve got to have a shower because I’m so worked up.” They both started to laugh. “I’m thinking the same thing. Once I see her, I’ll realize that I’m not bi- and I’ll click back canlı bahis siteleri into ‘best friend’ mode. But I’m going to miss you, tonight. I figure that part of me is going to have a pretty big let-down, and I really wanted you to hold on to me and let me know that you love me.”

“I love you, Lady… and I’ll be there tomorrow night, my arms and my lips making sure you know that.”

“I’m holding you to that,” she replied.

“I know… whoops – pager just went off – gotta run.”

“Love you!”

“Say ‘hi’ for me! Love you – bye!”

As Tanya turned to go up the stairs to strip down for a quick shower – and something to help her relax – she heard a knock at the door. She looked through the viewer and saw Marie’s face. Her body quivering, she pulled open the door. Marie’s face lit up as Tanya pulled her through the door, stopping to pick up the suitcase. Tanya hipped the door shut and pulled Marie into a hug. The two of them held on to each other, laughing and crying – their excitement at seeing an old friend bubbling up. After a few minutes, Marie broke the hug and took Tanya’s hand. She stepped back, saying, “Wow! You look fantastic! That pageboy is perfect on you… and you’ve been working out again, haven’t you? I mean, you were beautiful back then… but.. now… you’re gorgeous!”

Blushing, Tanya thanked her, “I’ve been working out… but the biggest thing was realizing that my body was shaped exactly the way it should be. Once I decided that, I worked on being healthy, rather than tiny.” She paused, “Now… let me get a look at you. I’m still jealous of your hair, you know… all those curls down to your shoulders – with no work! And you’ve lost some w…” She stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Quick breath, “Oh, nothing. I was just saying that you’ve lost some weight and was going to ask if you were happy about it… but then I realized you just got in from a trip and probably need the bathroom.”

A grin crossed Marie’s face, “Oh, yes! That I do.”

“Up the stairs and straight in front of you! God, I’m glad that you’re here,” Tanya smiled.

As she bounded up the stairs, Marie looked back and said, “Me, too!”

Tanya walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She stood, looking out the window, glad for a moment to compose herself. As she had taken a look past Marie’s eyes and face, she realized that Marie was wearing the exact chemise and skirt that Tanya had seen during her fantasy after the initial phone call. Marie was standing in the exact spot Tanya’s imagination had placed her. Marie’s strong neck and beautiful breasts and strong thighs showed in the exact way Tanya’s fantasy had shown them.

In that moment, she also realized that she wasn’t ‘clicking into best friend mode’.

She wanted to be Marie’s lover. Truly. She wanted Marc to be Marie’s lover. Desperately. She wanted Marie to be their lover… completely.

By the time that Marie came back down the stairs, Tanya was all right. Tanya showed her friend around the condo – where she would be sleeping, where she could find everything. They ended up in the living room, curled up on the futon couch, the sun from above warming them even as they looked out at the February snow. They fell back into some of their old patterns, legs tangled together as they talked about their day and some of the things they were hoping to do during the visit. During a lull in the conversation, Marie asked, “I’ve been wondering… where’s Marc? I hope you aren’t barring the door to him, afraid that I’m going to throw him over my shoulder and carry him away.”

Tanya chucked, “No. He got stuck being at the ‘on-call’ desk at the Res. He’s pissed off about it, too. He has a bad case of ‘meeting-friendus interruptus’.” They both laughed. “He asked me to say, ‘hi’, give you a hug for him, and tell you that you wouldn’t be stuck having to be nice to him until tomorrow afternoon.”


“So what?”

“Where’s the hug from him?”

Tanya laughed again, and leaning over, encircled Marie with her arms. “Let’s see. When he hugs me, he snuggles in this way… wraps his arms this way… and holds me, just like… this.” She held Marie, enjoying the intimacy that “Marc’s” hug allowed. After a few long seconds, she felt Marie relax completely. She also felt her own nipples firm… and begin, ever so slightly, to ache.

“Tan… you’ve definitely learned his hug.”

“Thank you!”

They curled in the quiet embrace for a time. It was warm and safe. Tanya could feel Marie take a deep breath.

“Maybe it’s better if he isn’t here, tonight.”

Without letting go, Tanya pulled back, looking into her friend’s face. “Why?”

“There’s something I need to talk over with you… and I think that we’ll both have clearer heads with him not being here.”


(That wonderful and frustrating phrase… ‘To be continued’)

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