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My beautiful wife is really into sex, just like me. There is nothing she won’t try, short of scat. That’s okay with me. She is into bondage, can deep throat, loves it hard, soft, anal, everything. We are so comfortable with each other that she told me all kinds of stories about her past, and they were pretty hot. She is the nymphomaniac I always was looking for!

One of the things she told me about was that when she was younger, she was dating this guy in Vegas, whose dad owned a hotel. Her boyfriend, a buddy, and her used to go up to one of the suites with a hot tub in it, and although she never told me the details of how it all started, she said they often both screwed her in the hot tub as a threesome. Not a DP, but one in her pussy, and her blowing the other. Trust me, that is a hard decision which end to be on! I was never into blow jobs until I dated her, and I had more than a few over my lifetime.

When we were first together, she said “Let me just blow you.” I said no, that doesn’t really work for me.

She couldn’t believe it, and set out to show me I was wrong. Boy, was I!!

She can really do it well, and loves it. The fact that she’s the first that could deep throat me helped a lot!

She’s also submissive, so we ended up a lot of times with her on her knees, me holding all that beautiful hair in one hand, and pumping my cock deep into her mouth. Sometimes I would let her control it, but sometime, you just have to face fuck her. She moans even loader if I pull her hair instead of just holding it. I could blast down her throat, or cum on her tits, her face – didn’t matter. She loved it.

So all of these stories and all of the things we were into brought me to several ideas on how I could fulfill several of her fantasies. As I said, she is submissive, and likes to be out of control and “forced” to do things – things she would readily do anyway!

She didn’t care who saw us fucking, she told me I could post videos of her on the internet and she wouldn’t care.

But she is also into danger, being out of control or forced, so I set up this scenario.

We joined a gym, her to build back muscle after a surgery that left her unable to exercise for over a year. I work hard at construction, so I don’t really need a gym, but I went for the social aspect. It is a medium sized gym, not the trendy place to be seen, and not a hardcore steroid place either, just us working people, trying to keep healthy.

We had been going there for a very short while when this idea struck me, and I set out to put it in motion.

We were going there one night and I told her my muscles were too sore to work out, I needed to just get in the hot tub and soak. She was down for that, and not many people used the hot tub anyway, so it was always nice and clean. There is a bench to take off your shoes, shirt, etc. in the room with the tub. The light switch for the room is on a wall around the corner from the door, something only a construction guy would notice. I went ahead of her, and waited around the corner from the door, by the light switch. When she came in, I waited for her to take a few steps, the turned out the lights. I had been keeping my eyes shut, so my night vision was already good to go, but she was blind. I walked up behind her, wrapped one canlı bahis arm around her waist and one hand over her mouth.

“Don’t struggle and you won’t get hurt.” I whispered, hoping that she wouldn’t know for sure it was me.

She nodded yes, and I let go of her mouth and took her over to the bench mounted to the floor. The only sound was the fairly loud noise the jet pump made, and the bubbling of the water.

She has terrible night vision, but still I worked fast. I pushed her down on the bench, and tied her hands to the pipe it was mounted on with a necktie I had brought with me just for that purpose. Her legs were draped over each side of the bench. Next I tied a tie around her eyes, further preventing her from seeing. I think she thought it was me, and she didn’t struggle or say anything. She also didn’t suspect what would come next.

I went to the door, and signaled a couple of guys I had met in the gym. They weren’t really friends, but just people you start to get to know while you work out or sit in the hot tub. They had comment on how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife. I had taken that to the next level, and told them we were going to gang bang her in the locker room, and she would love it. It didn’t take much convincing.

They slipped into the hot tub room with me, and saw her laying there, tied up, illuminated only by the hot tub lights.

I went over to her, put my hand on her mouth, and said “No words, no trouble”. She nodded agreement again.

I reached down with the other hand, and unsnapped her top, which fortunately was a front catch. Her big tits sprang free.

That was the guys cue. They came over, and both started grabbing and squeezing her bodacious tits. She suddenly realized there were too many hands for it to be just me, and she started to wiggle and moan, but my hand was still over her mouth, so it was quiet. I motioned for one of them to pull her bottoms off, and wham, down they went. He then bent down between her legs, and started running his hands up her slit.

“It’s wet as hell!” He whispered hoarsely.

I wasn’t surprised, and smiled. By now the second guy had descended on her right breast, and was nibbling and sucking on it with gusto, while kneading the other. I just stood there and held my hand over her mouth, as her body responded like I knew it would. I tapped the guy sucking her nipple, and when he looked up, I signaled him to change places, and put his cock in her mouth. He slipped his shorts off, and squatting over her head, brought his dick near her mouth. I removed my hand from her mouth, and she involuntarily opened her mouth to take a deep breath. What she inhaled was my buddys’ dick!

She moaned, but moved her head up to get more in her mouth, so I knew we were good to go. I started squeezing both tits and pinching her nipples as a dick slid into her throat. That was the signal for my other buddy to stand up, drop his shorts, and placing his cock at her wet pussy, started rubbing it around the now wet folds. It doesn’t take long for her to get very wet, so very quickly her thrust himself into her tight pussy. That caused her to arch her back, and a long moan escaped around the mouth full of cock. They were both pumping into their wet hot holes, so I let go of her chest and slipped out bahis siteleri the door.

I went back into the gym, and went up to a group of guys that had just finished showering after a pickup game of basketball. I asked them if they wanted in to the gang bang, and although a couple looked scared and left, 4 of them followed me into the hot tub room. I told them to be quiet, and no talking.

In spite of the instructions, when they walked in and saw her on her back, being face fucked and her pussy filled, they all let out a whoop. At least it wasn’t words so she could recognize their voices. She heard them though, and her moans made the guy in her mouth blast off from the vibrations of her moans, and he pulled out after shooting most of it down her throat, and pumped the last squirt onto her face. It didn’t take long for the rest of the horny guys to move forward. Since I had arraigned it in advance with the first two, the guy fucking her pussy knew what I wanted next, so he pulled out of her dripping pussy, and moved to her face. His dick coated with her juice went right into her mouth, and she started moaning again. She loves tasting her own lube off of a cock, so she greedily slurped his dick deep in her mouth. The next guy dropped his shorts, and put his cock inside her pussy. The look on his eyes told me what I already knew – it was tight!

Her pussy is tight on a bad day, but get her going, and her pussy swells up and gets almost purple, and the swelling makes her pussy even tighter.

He starts sliding in and out real slow, knowing that as tight as she was, he might not last long. His concentration was blown though, between the other guys rubbing their cocks on her tits, seeing another cock face fucking her, and her tight pussy brought him closer to climax. The guy in her mouth beat him to it though, and with a grunt, pulled out of her mouth and shot a huge load of cum all over her tits. That in turn, brought her to her first massive orgasm, and she moaned loudly and started to shake.

One of the guys on her tits moved to fill her mouth again, just as the guy fucking her started to swell up just before blasting a load into her squeezing pussy. He staggered back, and another one quickly took his place. I was standing back watching all of this, with a huge grin on my face, and my dick so hard it was aching and dripping pre cum in to a pool on the floor. Soon another load half on her face and half on her tits, and it was time to switch again. She was moaning loudly, and her legs shaking continuously as cocks slid in and out of both ends.

I reached down and untied her hands, and at first she didn’t notice. I took one of her hands and placed it on the half hard, wet dick that had recently shot a load in and on her, and she got the hint, and started stroking it. Now she has cocks in her mouth, her pussy, and one in each hand, and the guys still were touching her body all over, gripping her tits, squeezing her, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair to tip her head further back so that he could plunge even deeper in her throat.

Just what she wanted, I thought.

Soon everyone but me had cum in or on her, and as the last guy moved from between her legs, I walked over, lifted her shaking legs back, and gazed at her pussy. It was very wet, swollen bahis şirketleri like I had never seen it, and leaking cum in a river that ran down her ass crack. Just what I wanted. My cock was sticking straight out, jumping with each pulse that pounded through my body from watching her get gang fucked.

Having done this before, I aimed my hot cock at her only unused hole, and pushed. An even loader moan escaped around the cock in her mouth, and I slowly slid it all the way into her ass until my hips were resting against her cheeks.

That got the guys interest, and they started getting hard again. Now all of us were around her, guys were switching off between her mouth and her hands, but I kept the slow steady strokes of my cock in and out of her asshole. If she was shaking before, she was imitating an earthquake now!

As if I was directing it, we all started to cum seemingly at once, and multiple gobs of cum rained down all over her heaving chest. Seeing that did me in, too, and with one more thrust I was blasting the only load that went in her ass that night. The guys were spreading the pool of cum around her tits with their dicks, and then bringing it to her mouth. Even in her semi-delirious state, she did her best to lick and suck them clean. I lowered her legs to the ground as the guys filed out of the room, giving me high fives with big grins on their faces as they left.

The room smelled overpoweringly of steam, chlorine, and spunk.

My wife was rubbing her sore abused tits, sliding her hands through the slippery semen that coated most of her torso. I had seen her do that when I came on her tits, but she was coated in it, head to pussy. She was still moaning and she rubbed the slickness all over, even down to her pussy.

I walked around the bench to her head, and placing my hands under her shoulders, lifted her into a sitting position. Then I untied her blindfold.

She turned to look at me, and her face was half dazed, but a big smile came over her as she looked at my smile.

“You set this up, didn’t you?” she asked.

Of course, it took some planning and luck, but mostly horny guys. I nodded yes.

“You were the only one who fucked my ass?” she asked.

Yes, I was the only one, and I nodded again.

She looked at my shiny cock and said “I knew it, I know your moves.”

With that, she leaned forward, and took me into her mouth. The fact that it had just fucked her ass, as well as splashing in the river of cum that was leaking all over my cock as I forced it out of her pussy when I thrust into her, only excited her more.

Her slippery hands reached up, and started sliding all over my balls. It was a warm, wet, slippery feeling that I hadn’t expected or experienced before.

My dick had never gone soft after shooting into her ass, and it throbbed even more with her new oral assault. Her warm sucking mouth, combined with her slippery fingers, didn’t take long to push me towards another orgasm.

I let my head roll back as my cock started to swell in her mouth, as pressure built in my balls. Just as she felt that, one of her slippery fingers pushed into my own asshole, and I erupted a huge load into her mouth.

I literally went weak in the knees, and sank to the bench, both of us panting. We looked at each others half lidded eyes, and knew this was a story we would re-live many times in the future. After resting a couple of minutes, I helped her stand on weak legs, and took her to the mens’ locker room to shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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