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Chapter 7 — Heather’s Cabin

– – –

Ann flopped back on the bed, panting breathlessly. “You and Jen didn’t do ALL that in the back of your SUV did you?” She managed to gasp out.

I shook my head no, but was still breathing too heavily to answer her.

We lay in post coital bliss for a good long time and just as I was beginning to drift off to sleep she jabbed me in the side with a finger, “Hey, no sleeping.” she chided me, “Story!”

I looked at her unable to believe what I was hearing. “You’re kidding me right?” I said in slight shock, “We just went several rounds until we are both exhausted and now you want me to tell you more of the story? You’re just going to get all worked up again and want more sex. I’m beat, I don’t know if I can go another round.”

“You were just getting to the hottest part though. I won’t be able to sleep until I hear the rest,” she said, a whine in her voice.

I looked at her, “The rest? You realize that this story I’m telling you about my past is when I’m eighteen. There’s over a decade of stories before I ever met you. You think you’re going to hear the ‘rest’ before you fall asleep?”

Ann smacked my shoulder, “The rest of this part of the story I mean.” I rolled my eyes, but she continued, “So you and Jen were in the back seat of your SUV, Nina was driving, and the new girl Heather was watching you from the front seat.

I finally relented, “All right, so Jen and I were having sex in the back of my truck as it rolled down the snowy highway. I remember thinking that I had to keep looking at the rear view mirror to make sure that Nina was paying attention to the road. That if she was watching us, she could get into an accident.”

Ann settled in comfortably in the bed and cozied up against my body, preparing to hear the rest of the story.

– – –

My beautiful girlfriend, or one of them I supposed, as she lay beneath me. Her wet sex gripped at my shaft as I thrusted into her. The rocking and swaying of the moving SUV made it a little difficult to get my rhythm down pat, but I was making do. I could see quite a bit of her toned athletic body where I’d undressed her. Her shirt was pushed up around her shoulders, only partially unbuttoned. Her full D cup breasts spilled out over the top of her bra, her dark nipples poking up into my chest. Her skirt was pooled around her hips. She’d worn black stockings today with lacy black elastic at the top that gripped her thighs even as those thighs clenched at my hips. If she’d had on panties earlier, she must have taken them off when she went to the washroom in the diner to freshen up. She moaned and groaned as she rode the wave of pleasure that our frenetic fucking brought about.

I was glad that I’d gotten a SUV with mirror glass on the back windows. Aftermarket tint on the other windows wasn’t as dark or concealing, but I felt confident that most people driving the high way next to us wouldn’t see what we were up too. Certainly Nina hadn’t mentioned that anyone was looking at us as she passed or was passed by other vehicles.

Jen moaned loudly and I felt her arousal drench my shaft as she came. The way was so much slicker and easier as her pussy flooded with it’s satisfied sexual fluids. She reached up and grabbed me around the back of my head and pulled me down against her. Her pussy clenched and gripped as she moaned through her peak.

But after a few moments, she whispered into my ear, “If you can, I want you to pull out and cum in my mouth.” She knew me well enough to know that I was getting close. My shaft had been getting thicker and more swollen the closer I got to my arousal. I nodded my understanding and then began thrusting again as she let go of me.

I looked up and saw that Heather, the redheaded girl from Jen and Nina’s school was watching us very intently. I could tell by the way her shoulders were moving that she was playing with herself, and I gave her a wink and a smile. Then I focused all my attention simply on enjoying the sheer delight of my girlfriend’s hot wet pussy which was gripping and milking my shaft.

After a time I finally felt the undeniable tightness in the core of my body that told me I had a few moments till my own release. “Oh god,” I murmured, “Almost there, almost there, almost there…”

I trailed off and then quickly pulled out of Jen’s pussy. Rolling over to the side I lay on my side and grabbed the base of my dick. I squeezed hard, delaying the orgasm by a few precious seconds. “Now,” I gasped out. Jen rolled over onto her knees and put her mouth on my cock and began jerking the shaft quickly. I let go of the base of my dick and groaned as my orgasm finally hit.

I groaned and shut my eyes. I felt her warm lips close around the shaft of my cock and her tongue swirled around the tip. I swelled inside her mouth one last time, then released. I felt my eyes rolling back in my head even though they were closed and grunted as I filled Jen’s mouth with my hot spunk.

“Nnnnnnnnng canlı bahis ffffffffffffffffffuck….” I said. I normally never came from oral sex. I just didn’t enjoy blowjobs. But this was the result of a good twenty minutes of fucking, and so I came again and again in my dark haired girl’s mouth.

When I was done I lay back on the blankets in the SUV and opened my eyes. Jen’s cheeks were puffed out, almost comically as she held my cum in her mouth. I wondered for half a second why she wasn’t just swallowing as she usually did. But then I gasped as she crawled forwards slightly and grabbed the passengers seat. Then leaning forwards she grabbed Heather’s head and pulled the redhead into a deep kiss. I could see Heather’s eyes open with shock at first, but then she pressed back into the kiss. They kissed like that for long enough for me to catch my breath and then pull my jeans back up, put my shirt back on, and straighten up while laying in the back of the SUV.

When all that was said and done I laughed, “Boy you’re really enjoying that aren’t you two?”

They finally broke the kiss and Heather licked her lips and nodded her head, “Yeah, I’ve never uh…um…”

Nina giggled, “She’d never tasted cum before. I told her how much I loved it and she said she’d have to try it some day.”

Heather’s freckled face blushed a deep red. Jen lay back on the blankets next to me and started to fix her clothing. Heather managed to speak through her embarrassment, “I had a boyfriend last year, before I started hooking up with Jen M.” I assumed that Jen M. must have been the full out lesbian that they told me about from last weekend. I didn’t ask though as the redhead with the wavy hair spoke, “But he never came in my mouth. We always used condoms and he’d always pull out before he came any.”

She licked her lips again, “It’s actually kinda not bad. I mean, if you’re used to licking box, it’s kinda similar.” She paused and I could almost see her running her tongue around inside her mouth, “Kinda salty.”

I chuckled, but Jen spoke with a laugh, “You’ll have to try it straight from the tap, it’s much better.”

Heather nodded and looked at me. I could only smile and shrug. I wasn’t sure what to say. In fact, now that I had just gotten off, I was starting to feel nervous. I was going to have to try to pleasure three women at once? This may be beyond my ability, and it was certainly beyond my experience.

We rode along in silence for a little while, Jen in my arms as we lay in the back of the SUV. Finally I asked, “How much longer till we’re there?” I’d felt Nina turn the car off the thruway, but didn’t really know where we were going exactly.

“Almost there actually,” Heather answered. Then asking the car in general she said ominously, “How much does he know?”

“Enough,” Nina answered. I looked at Jen a puzzled expression on my face. She simply kissed my lips instead of answering me.

A short while later we pulled off the narrow country road and down a long gravel driveway. The driveway was lined with trees and after the blizzard we’d had this winter, it had been snowplowed. The snow was stacked up high on the sides of the road right up against the trees. Nina drove very slowly, creeping along the driveway. I didn’t blame her, the snow was piled up almost half the height of my SUV. I would have been afraid of losing control here too. But then the drive opened up into a large plowed area. Easily big enough for my SUV to do donuts in, she pulled up in front of a cabin with wooden shingles. The sun had already set, even though it couldn’t even be close to seven pm yet. So Nina left the headlights on while we all piled out of the car and stretched.

Heather bounced up the snow covered stairs to the covered porch and unlocked the Cabin. Dipping inside a porch light came on outside followed a moment later by lights inside the cabin. I grabbed the women’s bags and my own and head inside, following Jen and Nina. There was a small ‘mud room’ inside where we took off our shoes, and hung our coats. Then we went into the cabin proper.

I set the bags down and looked around appreciatively at the cabin. The air inside was chilly but Heather was fiddling with the thermostat on the wall and I heard the sounds of a furnace kicking on somewhere. I looked around the great room I was in and took it all in.

The great room I was in had vaulted ceilings and stretched the entire width of the cabin. From one wall to the other it was probably about forty five or fifty feet across. The opposite wall sat about twenty feet from me, making the open area pretty large. One third of the room, off to my right was taken up with a kitchen and eating area. The rest of the room was taken up by two comfortable couches, some overstuffed chairs a coffee table, and a whole lot of other furnishings. A fireplace sat in the middle of the left wall, and I could see that it was one of those propane ones that you didn’t actually use wood in.

Two doors leading further bahis siteleri back into the house were open and seemed to be bedrooms, though the lights were off and I wasn’t sure yet. Finally looking up I saw that the vaulted ceiling gave way to a second story loft that sat over the bedrooms. A railing looked down into the great room and there was a spiral staircase in the corner near the kitchen.

It wasn’t a huge cabin, but it looked very cozy and I felt comfortable even as the air was still fairly chilly. Nina grabbed her bag from me and said, “I get the bathroom first,” Then she dashed off to the back of the house, into the bedroom. I heard another door slam and assumed there was probably only one bathroom based on the size of the cabin.

“Nice place,” I said, blowing air into my hands and rubbing them to warm them up.

Jen moved over to the fireplace and knelt down starting the propane fireplace going. Heather came over and said, “Let me show you the rest, not that there’s a lot to see.” She led me through the door that Nina had dashed through and there was a bedroom that took up a third of the back half of the house. A large bed that I guessed was a king sized bed dominated the room. There was a door in the wall to the right must have been the bathroom. But Heather led me to the back of the cabin and pulled aside some curtains in front of glass doors. There was a back porch that mirrored the front one, covered from most of the snow. But she pointed to a spot through the glass doors.

She didn’t say anything, just pointed. I had to squint to try to figure out what I was looking at in the very dim light, then it struck me, “Hot tub?” I asked turning to the redhead.

She nodded, “Yup, after the house gets heated up and comfortable, we can go out for a dip.”

“I didn’t bring swim trunks,” I said as I looked back out to the tub.

“Oh no!” she said, “You can’t wear a swimsuit in the tub. It’s one of the rules.”

I turned and cocked an eyebrow at her. If she wanted me naked I had no problem with that. But she must have suspected what I was thinking because she put her hands out defensively, “No, I’m dead serious. This is my parents cabin and that’s one of their rules. You can’t wear clothing in the hot tub!”

I wondered for a moment if her parents might be swingers or something, but she explained. “The fabric from clothing gets all infused with laundry detergent. Then when you get in the hot tub the hot water activates it and it gets all mixed in with the water. It can degrade the seals on the tub and worse, it can totally screw up the water’s ph.”

I wasn’t going to argue with having to be naked with some pretty girls in a hot tub, but I’d never heard that before. I just had to ask, “Okay, but I go to a gym, and they have a hot tub and they never said anything about this. People go in their hot tub all the time with bathing suits on.”

Heather nodded, “Yeah, and they spend a fortune on chemicals and have to replace those tubs every few years, as opposed to every few decades. It’s a huge deal, trust me. In fact, it’s even best if you shower off before you get in, that way you don’t have any soap or deodorant or anything on you.”

I held my hands up in surrender, “Okay, okay, I got it. Shower first, only naked in the hot tub.” Heather reached over and flipped a pair of switches. The lights came on outside on the back deck and I heard a mechanical noise start up.

She explained, “Hot tub heater, it’s going to take a while for it to get warm though.”

Then Nina opened the bathroom door and came out. She had changed from her school uniform into sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Big fluffy socks on her feet completed her outfit, and she looked nice and comfy. Heather pulled me through the bathroom and I got a chance to see the furnace and water heater behind a curtain in that room. The bathroom had a small tub with a shower and of course a toilet and sink. Then she pulled me through the opposite door to the other bedroom. This one was very sparse and I had the feeling it was the guest room as opposed to the other one which must have been the master bedroom. The two single beds in this room were made up, but didn’t look anywhere near as comfortable as the king sized bed in the other room.

Pulling me through the door back to the main room she pointed at the iron circular staircase, “and there’s a loft up there.”

I smiled at her and told her I was going to go look real quick. Jen was cursing softly as she had trouble getting the fireplace lit. I went up the circular stairs and into the loft. I couldn’t stand up all the way in the loft, even in the middle at it’s highest point. The highest point had to be about six feet high, just a few inches shorter then I was. The roof slanted away to the left and right in each direction. Against the back wall was a very large mattress, but it was sunk into the floor of the loft. I guessed that it was queen sized mattress, but wasn’t sure. There were walls built into the bahis şirketleri slanting roof and I opened a wooden door to see crawlspace beyond. There were boxes in there, obviously storage space, so I closed it and decided not to snoop right now.

I crouch walked over to the railing and I saw Heather crouched next to Jen by the fireplace. The redhead had her arm around Jen in a very comfortable way. I felt myself feel vaguely confused, but then I realized, it was because it was the kind of embrace someone gave their girlfriend. I suspected that things might be a little more serious between my girlfriend and Heather then Jen was letting on. It didn’t look like just a simple sexual fling as the two women whispered to each other.

I bit my lip and wondered about it, wondered what this all meant. Then the circular staircase shook and Nina poked her head up to the loft. She smiled then she saw the look on my face and looked back down at Jen and Heather as they spoke quietly and tried to get the fireplace working. She crawled over to the railing where I crouched and put a hand on my knee.

“Hey,” she said, “Don’t feel bad. Try to think of this as an opportunity. C’mon lets get under the covers,” she said as she nodded towards the mattress that was floor level of the loft.

I crawled over to the bed with her and quickly stripped down to my boxers as she shucked out of her sweats. She didn’t stop at her underwear though and quickly was totally naked and she slid under the heavy comforter and sheets of the bed. “Nuh uh,” she said smiling at me, “No boxers, I want skin on skin for maximum warmth.”

I chuckled and shucked the boxers off before sliding naked into the covers with Nina. She slid her body up against mine and pulled my arms around her so that I was spooning her. The blankets were cold and she was shivering slightly. I asked if I was warming her up any. She nodded yes, but then reached up and pulled her hair away from her neck and said, “Though I think I’d warm up quicker if you kissed my neck.”

I pulled the covers up as high as I could around us and then bent to her. My lips traced light kisses, tender and slow on her neck. I had wrapped my arms around her, and my hands were cupping her breasts. I could feel her nipples tightening beneath my palms and she let out a soft sigh of contentment.

We cuddled like that, just lightly touching for a while when we heard footsteps on the spiral staircase. It was both Jen and Heather. Heather spoke for both of them as they began undressing, “We can’t get the fireplace working. The furnace will be enough to heat the place up but it’s going to take longer without the fireplace.”

Jen sighed, “Plus the fireplace is so nice and pretty.”

Heather, now down to just a black lace bra and panties knelt down on the side of the bed near Nina. “We figured,” she said with a smile, “That we could all just cuddle for warmth for a bit.”

Nina spoke up, “I’ve claimed this mattress in the name of Nina the magnificent and I declare that there is to be no clothing in bed with me.” She chuckled, “That means both of you.”

The girls laughed and stripped down to nothing. I got my first look at her fully unclothed for only a second, but I saw a shock of bright red hair between her legs, and noticed that the freckles continued down her neck to her shoulders and arms, but her breasts were covered in clear, light skin. Her skin tone, where not covered in freckles, matched Nina’s. Heather slid in next to Nina, and Jen was kneeling by the foot of the mattress, looking at my side of the mattress and now the side which had Heather. She was obviously torn and I sighed, “It’s okay Jen, if you want to cuddle with her, I really don’t mind.”

Jen bit her lip, clearly caught in her indecision until Heather spoke up, “God Jen, your nipples could put out someone’s eye, you’re obviously cold, just get under the covers.” Jen quickly scampered over to the side of the bed with Heather and crawled under the covers. We had to all shift around so that there was room for us on the bed. It was a bit of a tight fit with all of us laying there, but I wasn’t going to complain.

We talked for a while, but the proximity of Nina’s soft and curvy body against me had me distracted. Also, my hands, wrapped around her body also came into contact with Heather. Heather didn’t mind at all though and in fact took my hand and placed it on the side of her breast. Then she smooshed up even closer to Nina as their breasts pressed together delightfully. Jen was spooning Heather, and her hands seemed to be moving under the covers as well.

“Oh,” Nina gasped, “Well hello Peter, you’re a bit excited about all this, aren’t you?” Nina was of course referring to the fact that my cock was now hard and the head was pressing against her pussy lips. I could feel a slickness there and shifted my hips experimentally. I felt my cock glide along the outside of her moist lips.

“I’m not the only one Nina, you’re a bit excited too.” I retorted.

Heather let out a little gasp and then a moan, but it was Jen who spoke, “I think we’re all excited then.” Jen laughed and Heather moaned again. I had no doubt the two women were getting up to something on their side of the bed.

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