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Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs. They had all ventured out on their own to make their way in the world.

(*note* Before we get any further in this…the animals in this story are really humans but I wanted to keep the feel of the original fable a /little/ bit…

There is no bestiality implied or intended. These are humans doing kinky things and having sex with other humans. The end.)

The first little pig had built herself a cozy cottage made out of straw. She lived a perfectly contented vanilla life in her sweet little home. She was engaged to her college sweetheart but they lived in separate houses and were ‘saving themselves’ until they were married. That didn’t mean that they never fooled around though. They had seen each other naked and touched each other’s bodies but there had been no penis in vagina penetration. Occasionally, her fiancé would ask her to take things a little further than their normal kissing and heavy petting. He’d tried on several occasions to get her to see how anal sex allowed for penetration but still kept her technically a virgin. She was having none of that argument. As far as she was concerned that was a definite “NO” even after they were married. She had allowed him to finger fuck her once but stopped him before she climaxed because it was too close to “real” sex as far as she was concerned.

The one thing she was always game for however, was the one thing that kept him from breaking things off with her. She loved to suck his cock. She had led him to believe that she did it just to keep him happy, but the reality was that she LOVED it. Being a cock sucking slut was her dirty secret. His penis was perfect for her. It was long enough and thick enough to fill her mouth completely but stopped just short of gagging when she took him in. She loved to run her tongue from the base of it right where his balls joined all the way up to the sensitive slit at the tip. Often, when she had the whole thing in her mouth and her nose was pressed up illegal bahis against his abdomen, she would swirl her tongue around it as she twisted her mouth and sucked in when she lifted her head up. It was a very rare night indeed when he didn’t shoot his hot load of cum straight down her greedy throat.

She lived in complete contentment in her sweet little straw house.

The second little pig had built his house a little further down the road. He was a practical fella and had purchased wood wholesale from the cousin of a friend of his who got him a really good deal. He had built his house close enough to visit with his sister every once in awhile but far enough away that she couldn’t see who came and went from his place. They got along very well but he didn’t need her knowing his business all the time. This little pig, for all of his outward practicality, had splurged on one thing. He had made sure that his house was wired with the most high tech systems possible. His friends and family assumed it was because of his job in cyber security and his passion for online gaming.

The truth was that he also had a side business doing online cam shows for men (and sometimes women) who would pay to see him fuck himself in the ass with his vast collection of dildos. Sometimes they had special requests and he’d dress up or set up scenes at their direction – for an extra fee of course. He had also constructed a small ‘invisible’ room in the back of his large walk in closet where he had his web cam studio set up. From the inside of the house you’d never know it was there. From the outside it looked like an attached shed. It had magnificent natural lighting from the skylight that was flush with the roof so it didn’t show. It was a lush and luxurious space that was in stark contrast to the rustic woodsy themes of the rest of his house. People paid for a fantasy world and that’s what he delivered. His only stipulation was that he never spoke and always wore a wolf mask while he violated himself for their pleasure. illegal bahis siteleri He might nod or shake his head in response to their questions or comments and often he couldn’t suppress the moans of pleasure he felt as he eased a thick silicone cock into his ass.

The money he made from cam-ing had paid for all of his technology upgrades and vacations since he had started.

So long as he could keep it a secret, he didn’t envision ever stopping.

The third little pig had built her house from bricks. It was a lovely two story colonial revival with black shutters and a white fence around it – a suburban dream home. She paid the contractors a bonus to dig an extra deep basement and reinforce the exterior walls. She was a pig with plans. From the moment she had set off to make her way in the world, she knew that she was destined for great things.

She had been a Dominatrix for hire for the past two years. From the first time she fucked a guy when she was a teenager, she knew that sexual dominance was where it was at for her. It had been no small feat establishing herself in that role. Not having a dungeon of her own really had made it challenging to build her empire as well. Of course, it was simple to have her subs and slaves pay for hotel rooms when she had clients to work with. However, not having a place of her own limited her activity. She did a lot of online work but was largely dissatisfied when she couldn’t physically handle submissives. Hotels were ok, but it was difficult to properly cane someone without a bench or some other means of restraint. Tying someone to a table or a bed wasn’t nearly as reliable as having hard points in the concrete walls or reinforced ceiling joists. Additionally, trusting that a slave was properly maintaining protocols and complying with rules was a bit of a leap of faith even with mandatory online check-ins every hour.

She was not someone who trusted easily and had eagerly awaited the time when she could have a place of her canlı bahis siteleri own and really stretch her wings. She was tired of living a secret double life. It was the profits she made from ‘gifts’ from those clients that had largely financed her new house. She had quit her day job as a CPA once the house was built. The location she had selected, just beyond a bend at the end of the road that her sibling’s houses were also on ensured complete privacy. No one could see the house and the driveway curved around the back so that no ‘guests’ cars would ever be visible. She offered complete discretion and anonymity to her clients in addition to complete dominance.

Now that the house was finished she was looking forward to her first weekend client’s arrival. He was one of her first clients when she got started online three years prior and they were meeting in person for the first time today. He was due to arrive in the early afternoon. She was eager and excited to finally meet him. He had a very outwardly dominant “man’s Man” sort of vibe. Tall, muscular and physically fit, it was practically a requirement as an ex-Army officer and current firefighter that he be a “tough guy”. Yet, his primary request was that she bring him to tears through humiliation and pain. In their online sessions leading up to this meeting, she had him place his cock in a chastity device and he had not been allowed to orgasm for a month.

With her instruction, he had been edging twice a day that whole time. The last time they video chatted, he had begged her to let him cum. She denied him knowing that the begging he did in her presence today would be sweet music to her ears and a prelude to the fulfillment of his deepest desires. She finished choosing which impact tools she planned to use from the wall where she had them displayed, then got the leather cuffs and violet wand and arranged them all on the table in the dungeon. First he would feel the deep thumping pounding of her heaviest paddle and then the sweet sting of her crops and whips. Then she would edge him with the tingling pulse of the violet wand before she milked his cock dry as he finally wept.

She was humming with excitement as she went back upstairs to start living life as she knew she was meant to.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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